Happy Earth Day

I thought this video would be apt for the day! 🙂


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  1. Message to MUSIC CAREER from David Archuleta:

  2. Don't worry...

    Oh, my…. all this fretting and conjecture. I’m with Bliss and others who feel David will let us “in the know” when he is good and ready.

    • I’m bored with David Archuleta nostalgia, the watching and dissecting of his music and videos from days gone by. It’s a rabbit hole I refuse to get dragged down into, because I consider that living in the past – a not too distant past when anything with this young man seemed possible. I don’t need a formal announcement from David, he doesn’t have to get “good and ready” to tell me anything… it is not that big a stretch for some to conclude that a career in music isn’t that high on his priority list right now. It’s as credible a conclusion to draw as any other posited here. In lieu of proof, or that elusive word from David, I feel all conclusions drawn and commented on regarding David’s lack of a career or any future career plans are equally valid. The ball is in his court to let his remaining fans and those others interested hear it from his own mouth.

      • Same here. Tired of the old videos, as brilliant as his performances are.

      • Beauxcefus, great comment, living in the past is never a good thing, but not having anything new, I totally understand fansites bringing these performance up. Yup, the ball is in his court as to what he wants and when he wants his remaining fans to know.
        Peter, old videos are brilliant performances, but I want to move forward and see new things from David, will it be what I envision his career should be, probably not, but I’m sure we’ll get something. The only thing that I feel is a bummer is that he will not have the high quality team working with him that match his genius voice (which I’m sure I will get slammed for this statement, lol), but can’t help it, that’s how I feel.

      • ITA- Beauxcefus- Could not agree with you more. Great Comment. I am honestly just bored with it too. I also do not think that a career in music is a big priority for David right now based on his actions. I just do not see that burning desire that you need for a music career as it is just so competitive. Maybe it will change. idk.

  3. Beauxcefus, Thanks!

  4. Truer words wore never spoken…David will let us know when he is good and ready!!! He has always done that in the past, I don’t see that changing in any way, lol.
    Now, IF, and I truly believe it’s NOT the case, he has made the decision to put his music career on hold, than I do believe that he should let his fans know of his plans, but even then he has a right to hold off as long as he want to make that announcement, but I still feel that would be wrong.

  5. I think David will continue to do music whatever he does. He did music on his Mission. If he goes to college he will do music there. It just won’t be the big touring music career that some fans have envisioned. That could happen later. I don’t think David will give an announcement that I’m not going to do music unless he can’t sing any more.

    I took a look at the BYU music courses at the link Missbianca provided above. Yep, he could teach some of them like “intro into the Music Business”. I would like to see him take guitar ensemble or be part of Vocal Point the A Cappella singing group. If David goes to college he could major in something else. He could use some business courses – especially marketing.

  6. That girl who posted that on twitter about david going to BYU next year, I bet david is gonna have cow…?????

  7. “Same here. Tired of the old videos, as brilliant as his performances are.”

    David and his career is too young to be encased in amber, but that’s what it feels like at times when the most excitement comes from what he did 6 years ago, and what he may be doing/want to be doing/won’t be doing is open for speculation. Like I’ve said before… either he does, or he don’t. Either he will, or he won’t. Some will keep waiting for any crumb of info that keeps their hopes and dreams and wishes alive, some will say fare thee well, wish you well and move on. That’s why I so relish the snark, the humor, the discussion of music from other artists and other music related shows on this forum, along with HG’s interesting and thought-provoking articles. It makes the slide down the nostalgia rabbit hole more palatable. I’m off to purchase tickets to see Jack White and Sir Paul McCartney this summer. The ever present past wrapped up in these two.

  8. Seem like David is ready to make some decisions, maybe?!?, lol. good quote.

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie · 12m
    “There comes a time when wishing, wanting and hoping is over; It’s time to do it. Whatever we do, no regrets.” – Larry Gelwix

  9. Feeling more and more like I really did fall into that rabbit hole. just call me Alice.

  10. no regrets, lol I feel another announcement coming our way, lol. Oh David, lol.

  11. In other news, lol. Lupita Nyong is the cover for the new People’s magazine most beautiful (inside and out) person in the world, couldn’t agree more.

  12. It’s easy to forget that David is only 23 and that he didn’t grow up in the entertainment industry. Most of David’s peers are probably in college right now (except for the Hollywood “friends” he’s made–they’re mostly heading for rehab right now).

    He’s always said that he auditioned for AI with the hope that he would learn from the experience and perhaps open a few music industry doors. I think his life plan always included a mission and college with music on the side after his AI run, but Idol threw a huge (but amazing) curve into his life. As his career stalled, maybe he decided to go back to his original Plan A while it was still feasible. The reality is that there’s probably not a lot of music industry opportunities for him right now. He may as well attend college while he works on building his career back up. Much more productive for him personally than beating his head against the music industry wall 24/7. I think the Idol fast track just wasn’t for him, and now he’s taking a slower route. Frustrating for fans who want music, NOW! FINALLY! I know I’d sure love a new CD. It’s his life, though, and if college is his next major step, that’s a great life decision. Much better than the road to rehab. 🙂

    Meeting with Shay Carl indicates that David (and Gina, I guess?) are looking into releasing music independently through the internet, something I imagine he could do while attending college as well. So, even if he doesn’t completely immerse himself in his career, there may still be music to look forward to. We’ll just have to wait and see. Again. Still.

  13. He can join BYU Vocal Point:

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