Happy Easter!

Not only is it Easter Sunday, but this is the first time I’m celebrating my birthday on the same day! 😀

Will keep the music of David in my heart throughout the day…



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  1. Just because I like this:

  2. cc halo Nice video.

  3. Shouldn’t David be around other musicians having informal jam sessions singing and playing the piano if he was really focused on his music career? That does not cost anything to do that. There was that one video of him at the piano in his living room but that is not a jam session. Did he maybe mention working on a song. idk. My nephew lived in CA and he plays the guitar and goes to coffee shop every week for an informal jam session with other musicians and singers . idk. I would just think that you would want to be around other musicians to work on your craft at this point but what do I know. That is exactly why he should live in Nashville, LA, or NYC if he wants a music career.

    • did David ever just jam with musicians?

      Nashville has my vote!

    • Marie, good point. I understand David needing time with family and friends, but what I find kind of strange is of all the tweets (he has done more than I though he would during this reconnecting time) really almost non that seems like he was getting back to the swing of music. I know that Utah is his home and of course, no place like home, as the saying goes, lol, but spreading his wings would help him with his music career, omo. I vote for Nashville or LA, probably more Nashville though, sense he has said he really loves the city. I know that he asked for patience, but really let’s face. He’s back, he said he would return to music and now, practically nothing regarding him returning to music…makes me wonder….is his passion for a music career still there or has these last two years put out that passion, we’ll see, hopefully soon as to what direction he will go.

      • I’m sure the passion is still there. How could it not be? I would just think that after 2 years of being away from home, he is not particularly anxious to leave again so soon. Gotta think that day will come, but it is understandable it is not yet. When the time is right, and a plan that makes sense for the direction he wants to go comes together, I also hope Nashville fits in. It just seemed like a creative, relaxed place where David felt inspired.

    • Imagine there’s no music career.

  4. InnerCircleQueen

    Sierra- Are you referring to Anna and Ashley Kaelin?

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