Good Friday Meditation

I thought I would devote this Good Friday to one of those sacred moments when David is honest in his faith and in lending his Voice for that purpose:



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  1. Very appropriate song for Good Friday, HG and sang from his heart and soul by David.

  2. In keeping with your theme, HG:

  3. One of my all-time favorites:


    Are they all local LDS artists? Anyone know?

  5. Maybe he is reconnecting with the many people both LDS and not in the industry.

  6. Love this tweet!!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie · 2h
    Visited some neighbors (and some fun ones at that!) at the Murray Greenhouse Foundation today 🙂

  7. Peter, thanks for the video. Great performance by these guys. The problem with these talent shows now is that they constantly show phony reaction shots by the judges that really undermine the performances. The camera just happens to catch Simon or the other judges at the exact moment they are either smiling or expressing astonishment. It’s all very manipulative, and frankly, insulting to the viewing audience. All these shows do it now. It’s very staged.
    Also, since when does Simon give a standing O to a performance? David deserved many such reactions during S7.

    • Nothing is real about these “reality” shows, but some of the performances are enjoyable. I think The Voice is the only talent show where contestants are not mocked (and I hope that is one of the reasons why it is so popular right now).

    • I agree re. The judges fake reactions. Often, the hosts are just as phony too. And re. Simon, he’s still trying but his relevance in pop culture has seriously waned over the past few years.

  8. Just checked out the dancing video. Amazing stuff, but the same set up by the judges to not expect anything and then be amazed at what they get to see. Both performances are top notch, though. Keep ’em coming Peter.

  9. I think what is scripted is who these reality talent shows want to win. The judges start to throw the other contestants under the bus and just heap the praise on the one that they would like to win. The manipulations became clear after you have watched for years yet I still watch. lol. Great performances in those videos -Peter.

  10. The dancers were amazing. Actually the lady was the amazing one. Goes to show if a person has a real passion for something whatever it may be, age is just a number when it comes to reaching for and achieving it. It’s never too late.

    The young guys were good too, but the dancing queen was great because it was totally unexpected.

    Thanks Peter. 🙂

  11. WOW!!!!!!!That dancing lady was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LOL, one by one, David’s friends learn just how obsessive his fans are.

      • This is funny. LOL. I agree that the girl probably had no idea what was going on with her twitter and fb to cause such a reaction. In a way it is positive news as David’s fans remain very active and involved.

    • Lol, poor girl. Maybe David was going to Seventy3Music just to visit a friend and not really business. But then again who the heck knows. Maybe next month something will come from his camp or even from David himself (vlog) regarding his music plans.

  12. Re: Jabari Parker mention on the last thread. I saw this funny video on pressure to go on a mission (watch to end to see relevance). (Don’t bash me, this is a faithful Mormon guy at BYU).

  13. The pic of David with the “mom” looks like he was picking up some food at a restaurant? I really hope he’s eating a lot of good & nutritious food. He still looks way too thin to me when you consider photos usually make people look bigger than they really are. His hair looks just slightly longer but I’m thinking he may decide to keep it the length it is now. It’s natural, needs no messy products & is a lot easier to manage I’m sure. I loved his longer hair like most of his fans but the length of his hair isn’t really all that important in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes his fans, me included, stress about the most trivial things regarding David.

    He’s been home now almost four weeks. Funny how we were counting down the days for his return from Chile, now we’re counting down the days to when he will let us know what his plans are for his musical future, He doesn’t look or seems in the least bit stressed in the photos we’ve seen or his tweets since his return. He’s may know exactly what he wants & is waiting for the right time (for him)
    to give us that very much awaited vlog. We may learn about his plans via the all knowing Internet first then he will expand via a vlog. Speculation as ususal. lol.

    Wishing everyone who celebrates the day, A happy Easter, & a great weekend for those who don’t.

    • Other fans have indicated that the bag is from The Cheesecake Factory, so it is either leftovers or he was picking up “to go” food. He’s been spotted at several other eating establishments. As long as he is in Utah people will spot him and tweet about it. He always seems to enjoy eating but has a good metabolism that keeps him thin. All you have to do is look at his tiny mother to see why he is thin and looks so young. I wish I had that problem!

      David has been tweeting almost daily but no music news except that he was trying to finish a song. He seems to be reconnecting with family and friends which is as it should be after being gone two years. Maybe after Easter he will give us some music news or at least sing in a vlog.

    • Senseless, yes, now the count down is to hear music plans. It’s funny, I thought that having him home would be so much better because he would be able to communicate, now I do think it is better that he communicates with his fans, but it’s still so frustrating because we still don’t know a dang thing about what is happening with his music career. I’m hoping we get some sort of idea from David maybe by next month. Patience, wait, it is what it is, time will tell……lol.

  14. I knew that our dear friend Lyndsey likes whoever she is paid to like, but… Jedward? Really, Lyndsey?

    Oh, well. It is what it is.–jedward-grow-up-on-new-single–free-spirit-193527816.html

    • Lyndsey likes Jedward? Are you kidding me but not really surprised. lol. Lyndsey was such a huge fan girl for Cook that she could never be supportive of David. Not very objective. That is for sure. Cook’s career has not exactly skyrocketed.

  15. Who is Lyndsey Parker and should we care?

    • Lyndsey Parker is an original ArchEnemy.

      But no, you don’t have to care. Just ignore anything that does not interest you.

  16. Peter I just didn’t know who she was, thought maybe she was some big wig or something, Thanks!

    • She is one of the entertainment writers who specialize in reality shows and can never find anything positive to say about David.

  17. Oh , she is one of those. i’ll be skipping over her/

  18. Senseless, you say, ” Sometimes his fans, me included, stress about the most trivial things regarding David.”

    My work is done here, lol. Just joshing.

    On the other hand, until David starts doing what he does best, namely, singing and performing, the only thing folks will have to talk about his how he looks. Regarding his appearance,imho, he looks pretty dang good, and that smile of his has not lost one watt in its ability to light up the nighttime sky.

    • Yes, David didn’t get the Teen Coice award for Best Smile for nothing lol. He only had the fake smile for the Mom fan.

      The big question is when will he publicly sing again? I understand more and more why the patience word of the day video was sent out.

  19. The Mom fan. lol. I agree Grammyj that is the question. I am not so sure that David does know what he is going to do.

  20. I think that the college-in-the-fall rumor kind of makes sense. It would take the pressure off of him to try to launch a huge career right away. He would have a structure and a plan, not unlike what he’s had for the last 2-3 years, and he could just do small performances here and there to please the fans and make a little money.

    We’ve speculated that the person he brought back from his mission, might have developed a lot of maturity and decisiveness, but it’s also possible that the highly structured and rule-oriented environment he’s had for two years could have made decisions more difficult for him. Unless he’s got some surprises up his sleeve, it just may be that he kept so busy leaving things for the fans before he left, that there wasn’t really a big plan for his return. We think he’s superman, but he just might be an ordinary man with an enormous talent.

    • cc hala, ordinary man with an enormous talent, hum. I really feel he should, by now, know what enormous talent he has (God given or whatever you believe) he would be comfortable with that and not continue to down grade it. Still not sure the man he brought back from Chile, hoping he would be more confident, freer, willing to take the world by storm and not stay in his comfortable bubble. I have faith that man will be what we will see and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

    • You might be right, cc halo. Since David left so much music when he left I thought he would come back and take off touring right away with a Begin Again tour. So far that hasn’t been the case as there has been nothing at all regarding his music career. Maybe there is no plan yet. David could even start college in the summer. Who knows. Time will tell.

  21. JR posted a rumor of a 4th of July appearance. I’ll follow up and try to get more details. I thought maybe Stadium of Fire.

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