Where is the Video for This?

In other news, most Soul Davidians are dying for The Voice’s cover of John Legend’s All of Me:

Can’t you just imagine? *swoon*


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  1. YES video please, lol, what a fun tweet!!!!
    YES, Davie covering All of Me, totally SWOON worthy!!!

  2. Don't worry...

    Is this the one?

    I prefer:


  3. Follow up to something in the previous thread, re: 20 Religious Celebrities article in starpulse website. I find it interesting that although David is listed at 18th, he is tagged in the article (at the bottom) as second, following the person that was listed as #1. It was not an alphabetical listing. Is the writer’s a secret fan?

  4. luvDJA. I was wondering the same thing because Kirk Cameron was down on the list and I thought he would have gotten preference over his sister, some of those name on that list surprised me.

  5. I just saw this post from the previous thread, written by CCHalo, and would like to respond”

    “Haven’t read this thread yet today, but I should apologize to Bliss for doubting, in the past, his assessment of the emotional investment fans have in David’s career. You were right, I was wrong. People are very on edge about all of this.”

    First of all, I accept your apology, and respect your coming forward. As I’ve discovered, that can be a daunting task. I have never been about being “right’ and other people being “wrong”. People are different and they view things differently. When I post, it is only my point of view, and I try to show why I feel the way that I do. I am not on a Mission, so to speak, to change anyone else’s mind about David. David has had a very positive effect on my life, and that is more than enough for me. I just don’t understand what is behind all of this angst about David’s religion and his career.

    It is ironic that while the fans are all bent out of shape about what David will do, he’s sitting around with his friends munching on brownies. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

    • I’m sorry, what the heck why are we still here if we don’t have an emotion investment in David’s music career? I don’t get, it’s not an, OMG, if he doesn’t do what I want it going to ruin my life, it’s opinions like yours. So to slam other fans opinions and yes, even if it’s against, I just don’t think you are being fair, imo.

    • Love this video. Pharrell was so touched by how this song affected people all over the world. And radio would not play it unto this video went viral. And I too would love to see David singing and dancing to this song.

    • Love this video too. Happy is my ringtone on my phone. lol. Watching The Voice. Team Usher has had some really great performances tonight. Bria was good. Glad to see David out there continuing to send out tweets. Way to go.

    • This made me tear up, too.

  6. CQ, I don’t get why you responded the way you did to my last post. What do you mean by this:?

    “it’s not an, OMG, if he doesn’t do what I want it going to ruin my life, it’s opinions like yours. So to slam other fans opinions and yes, even if it’s against, I just don’t think you are being fair, imo?”

    What does CCHalo now understand that you still don’t?

    • First all sorry it should be angst not against. No I don’t get. I’m happy for cchalo, I guess.

    • Sometimes we have to agree to disagree and let it go. Eventually we will see what David is going to do as far as music goes. Until then we can enjoy or have angst about each of his random tweets.

  7. CQ, By using the word “slam” you are saying that I am trying to suppress or eliminate opinions that disagree with mine. Nothing could be further from the truth. I welcome and encourage all honest disagreement, and if I’m shown to be misguided, I would have no problem changing my thinking on the subject.

    People here have strong opinions and everyone lets everyone else know what they are. In “real” life, we tend to surround ourselves with others who agree with us. That has the effect of reinforcing the notion that what we feel is “right”. I have been shocked at some of the reactions I have gotten here, but that has caused me to rethink (but not necessarily change) my positions. IMO, all people, including me, need to rethink a lot of the locked in positions that have gone unchallenged for years, and see whether they are still valid. I mean , we change the motor oil in our cars when it becomes outdated, so why not a point of view.

  8. Fabulous video of John Legend – I’ve loved him for ages. And, yes, I’d love to hear David do that song. Scrumptous.

  9. CQ, that is a fair question. Here’s what i think:

    From all indications, including David’s own words, becoming a big star is neither a priority or a goal for him. So be it. I will be a fan of his regardless of his level of popularity. It says nothing about me or my judgment if David becomes mega popular or he doesn’t. For me, as long as I can hear him sing and see him perform, I will be a very happy fan.

    I want the best for David, but it is his and not my business to decide what that is. Like everyone else, I am anxiously and patiently awaiting what is next in the life of this extraordinary young man.

    • Our comments, opinions or wishes have no effect whatsoever on his life or career in any case, nor does the fact whether we are happy or unhappy fans.

      • ITA- peter. That “ITA” was just for you- bliss-LOL. Although I really do agree with that comment from peter. It’s the truth. I had a very busy day at work and am very tired-So later peeps. lol.

    • It is what it is regarding his career, bliss no one has control over his career except David. We all know that, I’m hoping that you don’t think you are the only one to has that knowledge.

  10. Shanny in Australia

    Lol, so I see everyone was over here and I was still back on the old thread. Lol
    Bliss, I left you a lil message over there,

    Cq, thanks. I saw your response too. 🙂

  11. Shanny, I went back to the previous thread and brought your comment over here. Here it is:

    “And FWIW, while I’m commenting, I’ll go out on a limb and say, thanks Bliss. I so often agree with you. Not all the time and not always with your style of delivery but I agree often enough with your perspective, that I ought to say Thanks.”

    I thank you very much for posting that. My “style” can be described as “basic New York”, which is to say, a bit “in your face”, but I can assure you that everything I write about David comes straight from my heart.

  12. Peter, you say “Our comments, opinions or wishes have no effect whatsoever on his life or career in any case, nor does the fact whether we are happy or unhappy fans.”

    That is true, yet we still find the time and interest to post out thoughts and feelings here. Obviously, you feel the same or you wouldn’t be here reminding us how irrelevant our posts are.

    • Yes, the discussion is interesting, yet it has no effect on his life or career, which is one of the many reasons why there is no point in trying to control anyone’s opinions.

    • Also, our posts are irrelevant in terms of his life and career. Otherwise, I enjoy reading them.

  13. Shanny in Australia

    Thanks Bliss. 🙂

    Peter, actually we have no way of knowing if our thoughts, opinions have an effect on David or not. I can see evidence that they do but if I’m being fair I can also see evidence that they don’t.
    I personally think the answer is somewhere in the middle – that fans in the past HAVE affected David and influenced him but in some things he has chosen to do it his way regardless.
    Whether what we say or do has an effect or not, I think the right thing to do, is to always speak respectfully of him. That’s human decency.

    • Actually, we do. We don’t know him, so our thoughts and opinions are meaningless. He is not making decisions based on what someone says here.

      • lol, yes, peter, our importance as far as David’s career goes is only that we buy his music, go to his concert, etc. I would venture to say that no he isn’t paying attention to a handful of fans that happen to like discussing his career. David is a very strong man and from what I have felt from him sense he has been back, he is even stronger and is not going to be influence by anything that he doesn’t want to do, Now if he choose to visit or actually have someone look into what fans are thinking because he want to get that input, that is really up to him to decide. I will be respect of David, but I’m also not going to wake on tip toes and be afraid of voicing my opinion.

      • cq, great minds think alike, lol. I think we are on the same wavelength. (see below).

  14. We are people who like to discuss a common topic. Who’s to judge who’s opinions are right or wrong or respectful or disrespectful? There is just no point in getting upset at people’s opinions, they carry little weight. What if David were to be reading these discussions (and I’m sure he doesn’t), so what? Peter is right, he is his own man, and we don’t have to act like he’s a China doll.

  15. Shanny in Australia

    Let me do like Bliss and quote ya Peter. Lol.
    You said…”Actually, we do. We don’t know him, so our thoughts and opinions are meaningless. He is not making decisions based on what someone says here.”

    Exactly. Like you said…we don’t know him.
    So we don’t know if what fans say effect him or not. We can’t just assume they don’t. They may.

    • With respect are you saying that we never voice opinions that he might not like? Now if he is going to be effected by a handful of fans, I think he needs to change his career and I’m not be sarcastic, I truly mean that. Really for all we know he might be struggling with that as we speak, what direction he want to take. I really hope he want to still go for a music career, but if that’s not on the cards for him, it really is his life and he will be ok. He has his church, his family and he will find his way in life, I have no doubt. I also have faith in David that when he does make that decision to change directions, he will let his fans know.

    • Would that be a bad thing if David DID read our discussions and know what diverse, real people think? He’d probably be embarrassed at all the adulation, but people’s real thoughts and opinions shouldn’t be so scary.

    • We are just strangers to him. Random, meaningless people.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Peter We are not random meaningless people if he DOES read what his fans are saying. And we don’t know if he does or not.

      • Hi, David. After almost three years, including the “mission rumors”, some of us random, meaningless people are tired of hearing about your mission and religion, and are grateful and excited to hear about how GLAD you are to be back among your diverse group of fans.

      • Shanny in Australia


      • lol, cc halo, hoping that we get a vlog in the future that he is excited about returning to his music career, if it doesn’t happen, oh well…still had a hell of a good time, lol.

      • No, that’s what I would love to hear.–Hey, we’re your fans, too, David. Is that okay?

  16. Shanny, you say,”Whether what we say or do has an effect or not, I think the right thing to do, is to always speak respectfully of him.”

    David is always (and mean 100% of the time) respectful of every person he comes in contact with, in all situations. Whether a person agrees with his music, his life choices, or his hairstyle, David is deserving of being spoken of in the same respectful manner that he speaks of others. IMO, this is not an option, it is matter of treating David in a manner that he has earned. Having an opinion does not give a person a free pass to disrespect someone like David. He’s not Ted Nugent.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Like I said, I agree with you so often Bliss.
      Sometimes it feels like some of us are on one planet and some of us are on another with no satellite between. lol

      • The feeling is mutual.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I know Peter, that’s why I said it. Lol. I didn’t point out who was wrong or right, just basically inferred that it’s like we see things from completely different perspectives. It’s like we’re speaking different languages. It’s kinda crazy. Lol

  17. Shanny, once David starts singing, making appearances, and turns on that charm of his, we will all meet on Planet Archuleta.

  18. No music from David means… JT.

    • lol, love me some JT. It would be a shame if David has changed directions and no longer wants to pursue a music career, really don’t think that’s the case, but heck plenty of talent out there for us to enjoy. David loves to sing, he really doesn’t have to make it a career, he can always sing, lol., heck I’m singing right now, thank God, no one is listening thought, lol.

  19. Uh, new tweet from David. Don’t know what to say so I won’t say anything except Good night.

    • Don’t be shy about it. It is what it is.

      David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 2h

      “Remember that all men have their fears, but those who face their fears with [faith] have courage as well.” – Thomas S. Monson

    • Has he heard “Brave” by Sara Bereilles?

      • Actually, never mind “Brave”. It’s written about coming out of the closet–don’t need any more controversy, lol.

    • I decided to check the replies to that tweet. Salamahafifi asked him for skincare tips, lol.

    • Our mantras:

      1. Time will tell.
      2. It is what it is.

      • WYSIWYG, as someone recently said.

      • ITA-peter. I would hope that David did read this blog and other fan sites and twitter and that he is on the internet. I think that it is a good thing for him to read diverse opinions. Not everyone thinks alike and David should read and hear the varying opinions. David is an adult now and can’t live in a bubble where he is just surrounded by others that have the same beliefs and opinions-that to me is not growing and learning. He needs to embrace change. It is a big and diverse world. I would love to see him in a Broadway musical in NYC and be able to explore that city. Now whether that actually happens is a whole other issue.

      • In response to Marie (since I’m never sure where hitting the Reply button will land me) well, I guess he could still insulate himself from the world, to a large degree, if he chooses. His choice affects the choices of others, and such is life. Peter is right: time will tell and it is what it is.

      • Marie, I agree with you although I also doubt that he reads fan sites. I know that a lot of times it’s been said, because of some controversial topic, wouldn’t it be horrible if David read that comment. Whenever that comment happened it always reminded me of a parent scolding his child, lol. David is a big boy and believe me, I think that reading anything that would go against what he belief in, would only make him dig deeper into his beliefs.

  20. The party’s over?

  21. How could anyone not love this site, with lots of opinion sharing, and tons of humor, too? Thanks for the smiles, Marlie, (and others.)

  22. Hope this doesn’t offend anyone & I’m not Catholic but this is stunning…I must also say the accoustics in this church are amazing!

  23. That video has more than 27 million views in one week! I guess the lesson is it matters not where it comes from or who sings, it’s all about the music!

    With David, it is what it is and time will tell. 🙂

    • Love this video. Had not seen it. Thanks to all that post vids as I enjoy watching them. KH- I agree that who could not love this site. I have always loved the humor and the varying opinions on SD.

    • I had only seen an abbreviated version of this on Facebook. It’s great to see the bride and groom’s reaction. Really touching.

  24. I do believe that David and Gina and Kari read the comments on FOD. and i’ll tell ya why 😉 hehe

  25. So-Why. lol.

  26. oh sorry lol! cuz someone made a comment awhile ago about david not replying to his fans on twitter and then the very next week he tweeted to not one, but 2 lucky fans! coincidence? i think not! now next thing david should do to cause more pandemonium and sheer bliss is to start followinf fans, then we gonna see some major freakouts! LOL! c’mon david, just do it! PLEASE 🙂

    • I think that sound reasonable for management to get an idea as to what fans are thinking, not that it would have to much barring on David’s career decisions but always good to know what your target audience might want and yes, I hope that they are looking at this absolutely wonderful site too. Hey, you take the good, you take the bad and there you have…the facts of life, hahahahaha!!!!

  27. OK. Thanks.

  28. Think your right cotton candy.

  29. BTW, thanks Marlie7, peter and senseless for the great videos.

  30. I don’t think David reads FOD or any other fansite but wouldn’t be surprised of Kari, Gina may check out FOD when they have the time to do so but not the other sites. Too bad because THIS site is the only one where comments are real and not always syrupy-sweetness or rainbows & unicorns where David is concerned. This site is where there’s honest debate at times with differing viewpoints from fans who at the end of the day, all care about him and where he may be headed musically & career-wise.

    FOD though, I believe is still “owned” by a “friend” of David, or maybe a better would would be “music collaborator” since RP has worked with David on his music in the past. And Kari is very friendly up close & personal with the FOD staff. Wouldn’t be surprised if Kari & maybe Gina read FOD. Oh and RP is LDS & lives in Utah. Need I say more? “Angelica” from The Voice is also LDS but I doubt she knows David or Kari personally & she lives in MS I think.

    As for David EVER following “fans”…not gonna happen. David would think it would be rude to show “favoritism” of a fan. He doesn’t even follow friends or family members does he? I undersand he follows celebrities or music industry peers only and very few of those.

    • Interesting information Senseless. I really like all the Mods on Fod site and use to comment a lot there, but had to step away. I still comment occasionally, but this is my home, lol.
      I sometimes feel that fans that share David’s beliefs seem to think they know him better than fans that don’t. I would never presume to know what’s inside David’s head, no matter what he posts, but I do get a feeling they do, but again, you all know me by now, I could be totally wrong, lol.

  31. Pardon my typos. I really need to start using spell-check before I submit.

  32. ITA -Senseless. I also highly doubt David reads any fan sites but he should. Especially Soul David as the comments here are very real-You are right. Some really good and interesting points-Senseless. Back to watching AI-I know it is not that good this year but I can’t help it as there is nothing else on. lol.

  33. I have not watched AI at all since David’s year but I thought I would take a peek. WTH????

    What happened? The format seems to be so different now. Are those the “best of the best” singers this year? I just watched a few singers and I was not at all impressed. I’m confused about how much it’s changed but not surprised about why AI’s ratings have declined every year since David’s year. Especially this year.

    Now watching the kid who resembles Meat Loaf & the girl with jet black hair. They were pretty good.

  34. Sorry, but Demi Lovato’s talking voice is so irritating like nails on a chalkboard. To my ears anyway.

    • She added nothing to the show. She either needed to be a mentor this week or a fourth judge. Ryan kind of had her judge some of the contestants. David Cook actually did a really good job as a mentor last week. They should have had another former contestant as a mentor this week. I’d love to see our David as a mentor sometime or better yet, sing on Idol.

      Hey, David if you are reading this very great fan-site of yours all you really need to do right now is sing a song in a vlog and we will be happy. Are least I will because I just want to hear you sing!

    • Not watching, but cannot stand her. Fake fake fake fake fake.

  35. I think that the rocker guy Caleb might win as he is the only one that knows how to perform and entertain on the show. That includes the Judges and Ryan. lol. I do like Alex too. They did a really awful job of picking contestants this year and the ratings are lower. What is Demi Lovato doing there ? lol. The show is actually much better this week then it was last week because they are singing more current and relevant songs.

    • Last year was 80s week so of course the weren’t singing current songs. They could have picked better 80s songs and made them sound more current. Yes, this isn’t a very good cast. Probably my least favorite season.

  36. Is Caleb the one who looks like Meat Loaf (the singer)?

    For me to be watching AI at all means I’m bored out of my mind. lol! It’s no wonder David hasn’t mentioned AI at all. He may not be watching it either. But I guess he may have other more important or relevant things to him & his life to do now than to watch AI.

    ps…if David tweets about watching AI tonight I will have to rethink my speculations that David does not read the fansites. lol!!

  37. Yes- that is Caleb. lol. What is the deal with having Demi judge as her voice is annoying and X Factor is over. lol.

  38. thanks for that info senseless but like u say david does follow celebrity friends so he needs to follow fans too in my opinion, like 10-50 a weel or moth maybe, i think that’s doable. why not? fans who don’t get followed won’t feel hurt they will just wait for their turn. it would be good PR for sure. if david is only gonna follow celbs makes fans feel like we don’t matter and i know david doesn’t feel that way. hey david~ hi if you’re reading this!

  39. Thanks Marie. I hope Caleb wins then. 🙂

    Didn’t I read somewhere that Demi & Simon didn’t get along? Yeah X-Factor is a 0-Factor in the USA but Simon is busy with his new baby now anyway. 🙂

  40. The Voice is a better show. I think that they are trying to get that last girl to win. Her name is Gina? idk. Not sure. She is OK but the push is really on for her for some reason. Hey David- what do you think- Is The Voice or AI the better reality talent show now? lol.

  41. cotton candy, I think David will continue to respond, reply, or answer tweets from fans, but Follow? I just don’t think so.

    But as the saying goes, never say never. David’s been known to surprise, shock & awe. He’s always been unpredictable (although not so much lately) and an enigma which made him so interesting. I’m hoping his missionary state of mind, publically at least, will diminish as time goes by.

    As Peter said, it is what it is and time will tell.

    Sure was a quiet day today. Good night. 🙂

  42. I remember reading before during the Nandito Ako shooting break there was a fan who showed David n Kari n the other casts all the DA fansites (FOD, The Voice. Soul David, TDC, Snowangelzz and other international sites) and the fan said they n David were very impressed. And one (cast or production staff can’t remember) even commented few times at The Voice not sure if it was during the time David was still in the Phil. or after.

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