Longing for a David Cover

I’m ready to change the subject of David and religion (even if it is Holy Week!) and just imagine David lending his golden Voice on a current song. We all know David is the King of Covers! 🙂

So, what say you, Soul Davidians? What current song would you most like to hear David cover? Please take my latest poll!


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  1. Can’t pick, want him to cover all three!!!! Heck anything would do, ok , maybe I would like a break from religious songs, lol.

  2. All of me sounds more right for him. As much as I love Happy, Pharrell sings it SO well.

  3. What I would LOVE is a tweet on what he thinks of current music that he has missed. Commenting on “Frozen” was close, but no real cigar.

  4. He did just tweet about finishing a song on Friday…like, 3 days ago.

    P.S. Totally voted for the John Legend song. Think David could KILL that.

    • Some of us are not very patient and also forgetful! We did have two years of no tweets so I’m happy to be hearing from David almost every day.

  5. Lol, HG, we’re TRYING to get the topic back to music. Missionaries often tell their families at home to share their religion with all of their non-Mormon friends, which works pretty well–to cut down on their non-Mormon friends, so the joke goes. I wonder if that’s how this is working for David.


  6. What’s funny is I didn’t see a single comment on twitter from anyone who had an issue with the fact that it was buddies from his mission he was sharing the brownies with. They were just excited by a food tweet. Maybe David is not the one so focused on the mission.

    • I thought that tweet was normal and adding what that were eating was a glimpse of the David we all love, lol.

    • Maybe. I quit, I give up…

      • LOLOLOLOLOL. This song is fitting on so many levels, Peter.

        Random unrelated fact: Many a year ago when I bought my first PC, there was a video from Edie Brickell that came preloaded on it. Fell in love with her voice then and love it still.

      • I still like Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars.

    • Lol. If you think a tweet about returned missionaries isn’t about the mission, fine by me. Maybe it’s a baby step in the direction of “normal” David.

      • P.S. I doubt anyone on twitter has any issues about mission tweets–all very supportive I’m sure–not that I check on it.

      • Good thing that’s countered here by every single thing being questioned as some devious motive to draw us all into his religious web.


        Sorry. Apparently I’m just annoyed tonight. Do we really have to dissect every tweet from David and find fault with everything? Dude’s been home 3 weeks. From a 2 year religious mission. And he’s already tweeted alot about different things and done 2 vlogs AND talked about writing and finishing a song and went to meet with someone who has very real online marketing knowledge. And yet we’ve found fault with almost every one of those things here.

        I must just have the annoyed bug that ram was talking about earlier. Logging offline and hopefully I’ll be less frustrated tomorrow.

      • I am just all about the music. I am not hearing any music so the other things honestly just do not interest me. But that is just me. lol. Also I am not on twitter for that reason. I watched both DWTS and The Voice tonight. Now that interests me.

      • Well if you see it as “finding fault”, that’s in your eyes. Yes, hopefully you’ll be less frustrated tomorrow.

      • Ali, sorry that you feel so frustrated, but really we fans have not really changed, we have always dissected everything that come from David and his camp, lol.

  7. Tweets are ok and yes. That one about the song. No I’m EXCITED to be finishing a song, I know that is ridiculous for me to feel, but can’t help it, sorry, lol. What I really am missing is the excitement in a vlog about music…I do have confidence that we will get one soon though.

  8. This is a great article. Hope David can read it.

    “Building your fanbase with more frequent releases”


    I would just love for David to release a song a month! Love this idea.

  9. Wait! I thought Peter was joking!

    I will never again question if David has “guy friends” he “hangs” with. As we can see, he does and they hang out eating mint cookies and no doubt reminiscing. I wonder if these guys live near David or did they just stop by to visit David?

    The comments/responses to David’s tweet & pic….just too much sugary sweetness. 🙂

  10. Not mint cookies, mint BROWNIES. Yummy.

  11. lol, liking this tweet, baby steps!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie · 16m
    Got up to look at the lunar eclipse and red moon. Cool! Well… Back to sleep. Good night!

  12. I agree CQ!, Nothing that is too sugary nor can be misconstrued. Good ole’ random David again, lol!

  13. Yes- that was a good tweet. For me it does not matter what I comment or think or really what anyone else here comments. To Me-It matters what David’s peers (he needs fans his own age IMO) and what the music industry folks think. After all that is the industry he wants to be in-I think. lol.

  14. maybe something music related or not but at least it is nothing about his mission!
    Gina Orr just went on a follow spree.. does it mean anything no clue but a lot of them are David’s old crew like Eman and Claude Kelly . JT as well plus many song writers etc! Jewel , Kate McPhee & Allison I too.
    could mean nothing but Jackie Boyz is now following Kari and if not mistaken he worked with David and LadyVMusic she still works with him. she said on twitter she will be back to LA in June!

  15. kimak- All very interesting. Thanks for the info. I see that as a very positive sign.

  16. Music information and random tweets are encouraging. And I like the conversation here even if I’m sometimes stressed by it. More often, I find people who are thinking more like I am thinking, and that helps/is interesting.

    • checked a lot of the new follows and a lot of them are related and following each other. think Lady V has worked with The Writing Camp or is it Joy Williams just remember that name. heard it before!
      has my attention!

  17. Going against the “let’s not talk about religion” theme, 🙂

    David is not the only “religious” celebrity, but he does show up as #18 on the list:


    • I’m glad they remembered to include him. They’re lots of other religious celebrities who didn’t make the cut, so maybe it means something that David did? 🙂

  18. I want to see him dance, loving this!!!! hahaha!!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie · 29m
    I was just dancing to #Happy like you’ve never seen me with my family last night. @Pharrell is a good soul. http://elitedaily.com/music/pharrell-sobs-tears-of-joy-while-watching-the-world-dance-to-happy/

  19. There seems to be a general consensus here that David needs to “snap out” of his Mission trance and return to being his regular, fan pleasing, self again, and that his recent tweets seem to be heading, thankfully, in that direction.

    You can no more “wish the Mormon away” any more than the homophobes who think you can “pray the gay away”. David has always been, still is, and probably always will be a devout Mormon. His deep faith will always be part of his music, just as it has been been, with great results, in the past.

    Like all of you, I am also anxiously waiting for David to resume his recording and performing career. There’s been a lot of referencing on this site to being “realistic” about David and his music, and I have been cited as someone who has his head in the clouds about David. To some extent, that may be true, but one area in which I am very realistic is the area of the influence that David’s faith and religion will have on his music.

    IMO, anyone who does not think that his strongly held religious beliefs will be a factor in David’s music may not have their head in the clouds, but they sure as heck have their heads somewhere else, somewhere where the “sun don’t shine”.

  20. Peter, instead of lazily mocking me, why not actually read the content of my post. Some of it may actually make some sense. I notice that some people here are very quick to “ITA” with each other when it comes to anything that belittles the Mormon Church or David’s career, not to mention anything I post that annoys them. You may view the Mormons as some far out religious cult, but the lockstep agreement some folks have on this site regarding certain issues has a cult-like feel to it too. Some of those ITAs could easily be “Amens”.

    Just my humble observation.

  21. Haven’t read this thread yet today, but I should apologize to Bliss for doubting, in the past, his assessment of the emotional investment fans have in David’s career. You were right, I was wrong. People are very on edge about all of this.

  22. Shanny in Australia

    Cq, you should stop doubting your writing ability. Ok, you don’t get everything perfect all the time but big deal, most of us occasionally make a mistake of some sort. What’s most important is that you certainly manage to convey your message clearly enough.

    I know someone personally who has always felt inadequate with words, which sounds absolutely crazy because they are so full of wisdom, and while they may sometimes use to many words, they always explain things beautifully. Come to think of it, that’s a perfect description of David too – slightly rambly at times, doubts his ability but nevertheless very wise and often very eloquent.

    Enough with the un-necessary insecurity! lol

    • Thank you Shanny for your kind words. I do kind of ramble and yes make a lot of mistakes, but I always try to put my view point across. I have been refraining myself because unlike so many of you wonderful commenters, I at times, don’t seem to be able to write what is in my head.
      I’m a very passionate person and yes, I’ve stuck around because I’m enjoying all the wonderful people that I have exchanged conversation with, but mainly because I’m very passionate about David’s voice and want him to be successful with a music career. I still feel that he can be a devout Mormon and still have a successful secular singing career. Maybe I’m wrong (believe me, I often am, lol), I just think that anyone’s not just David, personal life should stay private and there professional life should be separate.

  23. Shanny in Australia

    And FWIW, while I’m commenting, I’ll go out on a limb and say, thanks Bliss. I so often agree with you. Not all the time and not always with your style of delivery but I agree often enough with your perspective, that I ought to say Thanks.

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