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With all this speculation about David’s career and having breakfast with the likes of ShayCarl, I think it’s time for a new poll! 🙂


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  1. I’m reposting this from the last thread – responding to all the angst and panic. (sick of all the angst and panic 🙂 )

    I dont for a moment assume that David’s growth as a person means he will only do religious themed music or keep to an LDS crowd. He’s been home a whole 2.5 weeks. He’s probably still a little jet lagged. You want him to have leapt off the plane with a music video already made and a single topping the charts. Preferably shirtless.

    When I watch CTS I see an adult man, full of energy and excitement about LIFE. Comfortable in his own skin, articulate, bright eyed and ready to fly. Did you see the Christmas vids? Did that look like a pious person with no personality, chained to the safe and familiar? No way.

    Let’s all just sit back and enjoy what promises to be a terrific ride.

    • I’m with you Smanda.

      • Me too. I’m actually glad that David had breakfast with Shay. It means he’s getting back to working on his music career, and is looking for ways to get himself out there. We’ve had two years of not seeing David except for the Christmas concerts. Now if he takes Shay’s advice we could see a lot of him on You-Tube and through social media. I’m happy that David is working with talented, successful people. Doesn’t matter to me if they happen to be LDS.

        Also Christian music doesn’t have to be boring. I went to a Casting Crown concert last night at the U.S.Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids. They had some rocking songs with full production – lights, hugh video screen, band, etc. I don’t think David is going this route, but it was great concert.

    • ITA! David has never lived his beliefs & religion in quite this manner before. It’ll take time to internalize everything. I believe in him as a person & an artist! If he gets our patience now, everyone will be happy. David is back to looking out for himself again & I’m almost positive that he has questions no one else can answer for him. All in all, I’m encouraged to see him seriously exploring options so soon.

  2. I would like to see something like this from David:

    • would love anything like this from David!!

    • ITA-peter. JT made an amazing album. I voted sign with a major music label. No surprise there. lol. JT even has his own label. Wish David would be talking to JT instead of shaycarl (although tips on using the social media are sure more than OK). Do I think that it will happen that he signs with a major label? No- Not that way it looks for David right now. There does not seem to be a plan in place at all. Again no surprise to me at all. I have very mixed feelings about the type of indie label David might sign with. I am all for David taking a 2 or 3 week vacation and just relaxing by the beach. He should do that. But I still think there is no plan in place for his career. The adjustment back from his very strict religious mission is going to take time-Unfortunately for his music career. JMHO. I am an “older fan” and feel that way. I can just imagine how his younger non lds fans feel (the ones that are left-just keeping it real). ) Have David’s twitter followers increased since his return? Just wondering. Not that it really matters to me as I am not on twitter.

      • Yes, “they” seem to be winging it. In other words, nothing has changed. David says he has changed, though.

      • Yes, his twitter followers have increased by about 3000 since he got back. That’s after several months of small declines. His Facebook page followers have also increased by about 15K since he returned; FB never saw any decline but new followers increased quite sharply after his return.

      • Thanks for the info- Ali.

    • Love this song and video and yes, would love for David to do something like this, song and video.
      The quality of people that took to put out great song and video are the type of people that David deserves working with him. Yes, he isn’t close to being there yet, but am hoping that happens for David.

      • The quality of people that took to put out great song and video are the type of people that David deserves working with him.


      • I agree. Exactly. It does not just happen and David can’t have success by doing it alone. You need to have very talented and relevant folks that know what they are doing helping you craft your music. That is in order to produce a song like JT or Bruno Mars or even Adele has. Those are some of the artists I listen to. But to each his own.

  3. I adore that song and the vid.

    Not only would I love to see something like that from David, I expect it.

    For me, part of the fun of this six year (and counting) journey is watching him grow and unfold as a person. I lack panic. I don’t need him to be any particular sort of artist. I just enjoy the process and trust that he will go where he needs to go and arrive when the time is right for him.

    • true all that but doesn’t quality people in the business take a lot of money?
      maybe no one is interested in helping/ supporting/ or making offers?

  4. Smanda I truly respect your view point and yes, of course it’s to early to tell where he is going with his music. I guess I was just taken back that he might be going the cheap reality way (Honey Boo Boo, that’s what Shay guy show reminds of ) and I just think he is to great a talent to go that route. I guess I did jump to soon assuming the reason for the contact was because of their shared beliefs. I really didn’t know what heck religion this guy was until I read comments on another site about that information as though it was a big deal and of course, again took it as of well maybe that is where he will be comfortable with. Yes, to soon to tell and still excited for David’s music future although I angst at times, lol.

    • LOL. Honey Boo Boo David would be interesting.

      I would like to see him in highly professional productions, which is why I was disappointed to learn that he was meeting with someone who basically makes home videos (only a day or two after having been tweeted by this person). But perhaps he is getting tips on online marketing.

  5. Funny, I’d actually seen the Shay guy (after viewing one video) as a similar type of online phenomenon as Honey Boo Boo and Duck Dynesty are for TV. I mean, it is working for them. That type of thing doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest, however. So I agree with those who say they hope if he takes tips from Shay, that it is about the hows only.

    I am not willing to believe that that’s all David has up his sleeve, however. I’m sure he’s exploring options, and maybe only just beginning to explore options — it is still so early after his return.

  6. Of course I think that David deserves the highest quality production and support from the biggest and best record labels. However, the reality of what is currently available to him is probably a different matter. I think it’s about building things at this point and social media is a great place to get started with branding (or rebranding) himself for the music industry.

    I think David is not afraid of hard work — at least he’s shown in the past that he’s not. I’m glad he’s being proactive and talking to someone who has know-how in marketing online. Whether anything else comes of it, who knows. I think people should keep in mind that Shay doesn’t just make these little family videos. He couldn’t have gotten where he is today by only doing that because there are tons of idiots on Youtube who post videos but aren’t in nearly the position that he is. He co-founded his own company and made good business decisions to get where he’s at.

  7. Anon (the other one)

    Interesting conversation this morning. I agree with Ali. Shay Carl is not your typical crazy vlogger. He’s obviously doing something right to be where he is from a financial standpoint.

    I think two more elements need to be in place for David’s success. (I say two “more” because he already has the talent and charisma it takes.) One, those who are good at what they do have to be interested in working with David. Two, David has to be willing to invest in his career, financially. Working with the best doesn’t come cheap. He would need to be willing to pay the cost of working with the best. You need to be willing to invest in yourself, in your future.

    I also hope that when the time comes he’s willing to invest in a good stylist, someone who can help with the professional image of himself he wants to project.

    David is the man, “David Archuleta” is the brand. As with any product, packaging counts. It’s part of the marketing process. Anyone who disagrees with that is kidding themselves. Jus’ Sayin’

  8. I just don’t get it, I guess maybe putting music out on youtube from a channel would be different than all the videos that are out there of David already. the way I feel about it, at least David is giving us something to talk about regarding his career, lol. WAIT/PATIENCE…our mantra, lol

  9. Wish ShayCarl,would at least get his facts right on the latest youtube him talking about having breakfast with David and saying David was the winner of AI and instead of signing with a label going on a two year mission.

    Patience for David to do his thing I have no choice but to grant. Patience for Periipherals I don’t have so much. Call me crabby on a Friday afternoon. Ugh

    • Shay added a comment to the video:

      “Awww crap! I forgot David Cook won that season. Well David Archuleta won in MY HEART! They miscounted the votes I bet!!! ”

      Hahahahaha I feel ya, bud. But yeah I would recommend a fact checker…although he seems like a guy who is very off the cuff. And how much am I laughing at all of our debate about this Shay guy and it seems that all they did was chat a bit about using Youtube videos and exchange mission stories. The things we find to get worked up about are pretty funny. Wonder what good things David has in mind, re the tweet from Kari? Hmmm.

      • Lol. Well we have to get worked up about something, or things would be pretty dull.

        One thing I noticed about the video–stereotypes are sometimes true: So, David, when are you getting married? Ha ha. Shay seems to think it was the mission that made David so stand-offish with girls. I guess he never followed him closely before the mission.

      • Yes, Ali but how much does it do for our wringing of fan hands when peeps just through whatever out there.

        Lol still feeling crabby. Going to visit youtube for some solace.

      • Throw not through. Sheesh, I must need a margarita and No Me Queda Mas to get the weekend off to a good start.

      • lol, omg, can this shayCarl guy be more irritating,(I guess I just don’t care for used car sales man barker types, lol) but if by putting out this video it helps David because he is a success, I guess it’s all good. David putting his private life on youtube, now that would be a big turn around for
        That tweet from Kari was very reassuring.

  10. For all of us wishing to be a fly on David’s wall, imagine how cool it would be if he went the Shaytards route (wish they would change that name, no matter what the origin). He could do a complete 180, from keeping everything close to the vest, to letting it all hang out, lol. We could be in on his career decisions, meet all of the famous people he meets, get the inside scoop on his family (I watched a ShayCarl episode where he discussed, by name, his friends’ divorce), and hear him go about his day singing snippets of songs. I like it!

    I know people who had a reality show about their lives for several years, and their group of friends/acquaintances were very dubious when we first heard about it. It turned out to be a great thing for the Little People community, but I’m not sure if it was a great thing for the family themselves.

    • I may have watched that show if it was on TLC — and heard news recently that that couple is divorcing. 😦

  11. I don’t understand why people think that David needs some sort of gimmick to be successful. David has the greatest gimmick of all. It’s called talent, and plenty of it. This Shay guy was very taken with David, which of course, speaks well for him. He did seem a tad OTT, and he’s the kind of guy I dread sitting next to on a long flight, lol.

  12. By “speaks well for him”, I am referring to Shay.

  13. I liked Kari’s tweet. David posted some cute tweets on twitter with his sisters. Glad to see him using twitter with his family. David does need some down time with his family.

  14. Well at least David is tweeting now, and we’ve had plenty to talk about. Way better than arguing about whether it was okay to read missionary blogs. Yes, it really would be something if David did a 180 and put his life out on you-tube like Shay after being off the grid for two years. I don’t think David will do that, but I will be watching if he does.

  15. I think David should make use of all the social media available-twitter,you tube,ect. I can’t even keep track of all that tech stuff out there. lol. Good for him if he does that.

  16. I think his sisters are helping him get to know the new social media apps out there. David used snapchat for his tweet of the picture battle.

  17. Wow, lots of tweets from David today! I feel like maybe he’s really starting to transition back to normal life after the mission now? Well, as normal as his life can be lol. LOVE the last tweet:

    Finish a song!!!

  18. I second that—–YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! cq

  19. Yep, David is back – at least on twitter. He even did a selfie of his hand playing the piano and said the magic words “finishing a song”. He actually is doing some self- promotion! Now I am trying to be patient waiting to hear that finished song. Hey, actually he could just sing a snippet of it and put me over the moon.

  20. I’m very glad D is working on music but the neurotic in me would be even more pleased if he was seated at a piano in a studio in Nashville. Maybe a him singing a snippet would calm my nerves. 🙂

    • lol, desertrat, yes, me too, but of course, understandable why he is home. Of course, from that picture I could of over analyzed like crazy, lol, but just choose to freak out because I’m so happy to see just see him doing music and a snippet would really set all us ODD on fire, lol. Wonder when we will get another vlog, hum…wait/patience mantra…

  21. I actually wouldn’t be surprised for David to sing something for us on you-tube soon. He seems to be embracing social media as a way to get himself back out there. He and Gina met with Shay so that leads me to believe he wants to figure out a way to use you-tube more effectively. I say go for it, David! I will be watching.

    I was thinking that he and his sisters could make some “reality type” videos. They seem to have fun being goofy together. Could appeal to some of David’s younger fans. I doubt this will happen, and I’m sure people will disagree with me. It was just a thought.

    • Good points Grammyj. The only thing that I would want if indeed David goes the youtube route would be that it would be top quality to match his voice. Now as far as the reality thing with his sister, I just think that is so cheesy cheap and I totally him in a more classy way. I know that I’m in a minority, but I don’t fine him and his sisters banter all that appealing, actually ok for one view, but after that just annoying.

    • Ha ha, I think that David’s siblings have always had a love/hate relationship with David’s fame. They enjoy the attention for a time–with public twitters, Facebook and appearances in his vlogs, and then it goes private again. His older sister says that going on AI was “not worth it”.

      • Like I said, it was just a thought. I doubt Lupe would allow it. Yep, it probably would be too cheesy.

      • Jeff seemed to be the one pushing David to perform. Still seems a bit strange that we have not seen him at all. Maybe he is off David’s team.

      • I don’t agree that it would be cheesy. They’ve got very cute personalities, and I for one, would enjoy it.

      • Since I was the one that brought it up, I would watch it too. Even if it was cheesy I’m sure his ODD fans would love it.

    • Grammyj- Gina was with David when he went to breakfast with Shay and not Jeff? Interesting. That Gina is so low profile and I think David likes that.

      • I was a bit curious about Gina being at that breakfast, must of missed that tweet or information, lol. but if indeed it wasn’t just a casual meet and it really was business, I wouldn’t understand her being there.
        So now, it lead me to believe that it wasn’t just a casual meet and that indeed maybe that’s where we might see direction going. Like I said before as long as whatever he puts out via this type of vehicle is high quality to match his talent, I’m for it, we’ll wait and see…

      • dang, that’s would understand.

  22. I happened to see that this was posted on that Disney Dreaming site. lol. I would think that Gina would have has something to do with it being posted there or maybe Shay did. I still favor him signing with a major label- if he can and that is a big if. Although I read that many of the indie labels are actually connected or distributed through a major label anyway. I will agree that it is hard to know what is available to David at this point.

    • Disney Dreaming has been posting information about David all along and has posted some of his tweets and homecoming vids.

      If you watch the first part of Shay’s video about his breakfast with David Archuleta he tells how Gina called him to set up the meeting, and then she and David had breakfast with him.

      • Gina was also listed in the credits on David’s TV show “Called to Serve”. She is definitely working for him.

  23. Oh-very observant Grammyj-I did not catch that. Thanks.

  24. Maybe eventually David will be the voice of an animated character, he has to start somewhere and he sure has the voice. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    • potluck8, I would take that over a cheesy reality family show any time.

      • So would I and all the major stars are now doing animated movies. That would be a good career move for David if he could get into an animated movie. No -I did not know that peter-I thought it was an actual Disney site. OK then maybe Gina has nothing to do with it-probably a fan. David’s choices just might be limited right now. Who knows.

  25. Yep didn’t catch that either from Shay’s video, but than again wasn’t paying to close attention, lol.
    So, ok maybe this this what David was talking about when he left that he had already some things in the lined up.
    Hum Marie, sadly it really might be the only opportunity opened for him…I guess wait and see how everything unfolds. Just don’t understand how it all works, I guess a new frontier, so who knows maybe it will be good for David…Great quality, well produced and arranged fabulous videos with a kick ,,,ss song and that phenomenal voice front and center…hey then you got something.

  26. Perhaps everyone already knows this, but Disney Dreaming is a fan blog not actually associated with Disney.

    • Yes, I did know that and why I think it always seem to pick up anything David related..there fans like us. So for Gina to be part of posting in a fan blog, hum, just don’t get it, just doesn’t seem to professional to me.

  27. Gina might not be any part of it if it’s just a fan blog.

  28. IMHO, David needs to “lose the family”, figuratively speaking , of course. With all due respect, I do not find anything about his family engaging or interesting. I’m sure they are all very nice people, but there is nothing really buzzworthy about them, and I think they are featured too prominently in David’s persona. For David to move to the adult world, I believe he needs to be seen not as someone’s older brother and son. David’s has been infantilized enough in his short career. It’s time for him to grow some facial hair, move out of his parents house, and start to allow the public to see and appreciate the “grown up David”.

    It would also help if his fans would end their preoccupation with his family members, which contributes to David being seen as a “kid”, and not as the 23 year old man that he is. Hopefully, once David starts putting out current music, all the “kid stuff” will fade away. If it doesn’t, David will never be taken seriously as an adult artist, which would be a damn shame, and a waste of his enormous talent.

    • I’m totally with you, Bliss, on this.

      Also, I don’t understand why some are saying David has no options, has to start all over, should use youtube to get noticed…huh? The guy has been gone for two years, granted, but don’t for a minute think people forgot him. Not even people “in the business.” He’ll need to do some appearances/performances for a while to show that he’s still in the game, but that kind of talent won’t be ignored. And with David’s social media presence – even while he was gone – the PTB know he has at least a small, loyal following.

      Do you all remember the industry team that went to David’s CFTH concert at Irving Place?

      We need to give this a little time to emerge. I have none of the thoughts that others do that David and his team have/had no plans. I suspect David was meeting Gina and they took the opportunity to meet with Shay. I don’t think David hopped on a plane just for that.

  29. I don’t even want to THINK about David ever doing anything like a reality show via YouTube videos with members of his family involved like Shay Carl & his family. It’s beneath David & his talent as a first class vocalist. Personally, unlike many if not most of David’s fans, I don’t care to “know” his family any more than we already do. Not meaning to be insulting, but only his mom & brother have any kind of musical talent & pretty mediocre at that. Mom sings & dances and Daniel plays guitar & sings too but I doubt either one could make a living doing it.

    But David? We all know what he can do if he puts his mind to it. I always thought having his dad on his team was to make sure David would never be taken advantage of. David said he trusted his dad to always have his back. I hope Gina is doing the same for David. I would hope Gina believes in David & his talent to know his place is on a live stage, even if only in small intimate venues. David was born to sing & perform & I would rather see David perform on a small intimate stage setting with a few hundred people in the audiences instead of arena size audiences than on reality YouTube videos.

    Not that I think only small venues is David’s destiny but if it is, that’s OK. There are many great singers who appear in small venues for example casinos across the country who have the best performers in their showrooms. In fact, one of the top singers today, John Legend is touring and appearing in rather small venues, most sold out. David can & should do the same when he’s ready.

  30. I would agree that small venues are the way to go but still an expense. I think it is worth it but David is the one that would have to come up with the money. Wouldn’t he? idk. I believe John Legend is signed to a record label- not sure that is an option for David.

  31. I think that David can trust Gina and his dad struggled trying to co- manage David and that was coming off of the huge popularity of AI. Gina has her work cut out for her. You tube is something David should explore.

  32. ITA , bliss and jus’ sayin

  33. Crystal Bowersox, Gina’s other client, tours small venues. So does Kris Allen, David Cook and Lee Dewyze. I’m sure David has enough of a following that he can go this route too. I have been thinking that this is what David will do to get back to his music career. We shall see.

    I believe that all the Archuleta siblings sing. Jazzy also plays the piano. Not sure if Amber plays the piano too. I still vote for the you-tube videos. Most artists have them and it certainly isn’t beneath David. Right now he needs to try the avenues available to get him out there again IMHO.

    • FYI – Kris Allen and David Cook are not signed to labels. Crystal and Lee are signed to small! independent labels.

    • Youtube videos aren’t beneath David, heck he has thousands of them out there already and so does every artist out there, what I feel is beneath him is the family reality show route and as far as being the only avenue to get his music out there, I do admit I don’t know how that would work more than say signing with a label that could promote him to all different avenues, tv, magazines, special appearance on huge tv shows etc., so it’s a wait and see what happens.

      • Of course there are many many videos of David on YouTube. I didn’t mean music videos. I meant the kinds of reality, family type videos where anything goes which Shay Carl & his family put out there. David does not need that kind of exposure. He needs to do what he does best, SING. That’s what I meant by my comment. The videos of David’s performances posted by his fans are great and I’m sure fans who have never seen David’s live performances are very thankful to have them. Believe me when I say the videos, as good as they are do not compare to his live performances. If all he did was stand there with a mic, look pretty and just sing, he would still WOW me. His voice is out of this world. Just my opinion. That’s all.

  34. Re. John Legend, he has acknowledged that while he can sell out mid size theaters in large metropolitan cities like Chicago and NY, he has a hard time drawing people to his shows in smaller cities. I think great that he will perform in all areas, even if it’s a small performing arts center or a casino stage.

    Bliss, I’ve had some thoughts about David publicly distancing himself from his family too. I have no issues re. what I’ve seen in the past 3 weeks. However, 6 mos. into the future, I hope he’s not sitting up under mom trying to create music.

  35. David Cook still has Simon Fuller behind him but that is not helping him much. I think that mentoring thing on AI did not do much for Cook’s career but I do not really care. lol. Does Kris Allen still tour at all? I just never followed him much. Don’t record labels sometimes help pay for tour supports for the music artist ? I thought they did. David for sure should play small venues. Why not.

    • No respect to those artists, they do have talent, but imo, nothing compared to David. Of course talent doesn’t equal success, but somehow I just think David has a lot more going for him and he just needs that combo to get him where he belongs, at the top baby, lol.

  36. I realize that we live in an age that everything about everyone in the public eye is “out there” to be discussed everywhere and anywhere. However, in David’s case, I believe that there is way too much other “stuff” about him that is talked about and cared about. This tends to dilute his importance as a singer and a performer, which is after all, his primary talent.

    Anyone who has seen David perform live knows that he is unmatched as a stage talent. Venues like Westbury are perfect for David. I saw him at the Prudential Center in NJ, a huge arena, and it lacked the intimacy that is so special when seeing David live. It wasn’t his fault. The place was just too big.

    I know many people want David to become a mega star, and his talent level would seem to reinforce that. However, as the saying goes “Be careful what you wish for…”. A David concert at Madison Square Garden would lack the “living room” vibe that one of his shows at a smaller venue provides, and I for one, would miss that.

  37. I think the You-Tube station would be for David singing, music videos and behind the scenes musical “stuff”. I don’t think he will do a reality show with his family. I assume he is still decompressing and will not continue living with his Mom.

    • David owns his own home. I have no idea if his family lives with him, or he goes back to his own home at night.

      • In Utah or LA?

      • No clue. I’d guess Utah. It was on FOD.

      • I wonder if the home he owns is the one his mother, step-father and sisters live in. When his parents were getting a divorce the house went up for sale but after a bit it went off the market. I always assumed David paid the mortgage on it. Obviously this is none of our business.

      • I think he’s been a financial savior to his family since he was twelve.

        His religion is all about “Family First”–it’s the main attraction. As long as his focus is on his church, he’ll likely continue to be a huge booster of his family in his public persona.

      • I thought he had a condo in LA. Maybe just rented it. Any way I would say LA,Nashville, or NYC are the best places to live if you want a career in the music industry and then obviously visit home often. I agree with you cc halo.

  38. Yes- that does make sense Grammyj for David to have a You Tube station. This is all going to take time. I can see that now.

    • I wonder what happened to David’s YouTube channel from years ago, where he would post his favorite videos, like “Charlie Bit My Finger”, etc. Probably deleted.

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