Strumming on the Old Banjo!

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  1. A fun lighthearted tweets, yes!!!

  2. I hope he was just being polite and will not be taking career advice from that shaycarl guy.

    • Just glad that it seems he is starting to get back into the music career path, maybe?!?
      Have no knowledge regarding this shaycarl guy, but from comments I read, it seem every is excited because he is LDS, lol.
      Hum that could be an option for David, but really is it moving from beyond the Disney version?!?!
      That might be his comfort zone to only work with peeps that have his same beliefs, although, I think I read a comment that Kari might not be, so who the heck knows.

      • who says David wants to move away from the Disney version.. way I see it most likely be going in deeper.
        clean wholesome entertainment.

      • I actually had no idea Shay Carl was LDS until last night. I knew of him from various YT things but I had never watched his family vlogs. Not sure if he mentions that there or not. Just saying, from the things I saw of him it’s not like he walks around with a big Mormon hat on. (that’s just a joke, before anyone gets upset lol)

        Also I’m fairly positive that Kari is not LDS.

    • I goggled that shaycarl guy and read this article. He is very involved in the LDS church. Nothing wrong with that-just saying. lol. I hope that David explores all options and does not limit himself but it is on him now. I just do not care. lol.

  3. ITA-peter.

  4. Hm. Well, Alison Krauss has a gorgeous voice and I like bluegrass by her, so … (I know he was kidding. Yay! So am I.)

  5. I feel like anyone who does not at least consider their options as far as record label vs independent in the current environment is not really doing their due diligence.

    Would I like David to sign a huge contract with a big label that will fully support him? Absolutely. Do I think that will happen right now? Probably not. Would I like him to sign a contract (again) with a label that will put his music out and then do nothing to promote him as an artist yet still take the lion share of any profits that may come out of it while restricting what he can do under the terms of the contract? Nope.

    There are successful music acts who use YouTube as a great avenue to reach millions of fans and make good money. And tour. Without a major record label involved.

    I’m not saying this thing with Shay Carl is David’s best option because I don’t know what all his options are but I have to say I’m glad to see him responding back if only to get some people to calm down about whether he is planning to come back to music at all. I think this gives us a pretty good hint that he’s considering his options.

    P.S. The YouTube network that Shay Carl cofounded, Maker Studios, was just purchased by Disney for $500 million dollars, plus the option to increase up to $450 million more if certain performance targets are reached.
    That’s nothing to sneeze at 😉

    • I’m with you Ali about calming down fans about not returning to his music career, present company included, lol.
      Insomnia and commenting on another site got a fan upset at me because of the way I was interpreting a tweet from David, lol. Of course because I want him to return to his career, I’m going to analyze like crazy anything that comes from David or his camp, lol. Got to stop that and go with the flow.

  6. Indeed! Thanks for the information, Ali!

  7. One of the Lowe sisters was married in the SLC Temple on Monday, he was probably at the reception when they took the pic, maybe even sang a little something for the newlyweds 😉

  8. I agree with Ali. The music industry is changing and being an Indie artist might be the way to go for David right now. At this point maybe David doesn’t have the option of signing with a major label so he is going to have to get his name back out there. I believe he will need to “think outside of the box” and use social media to his advantage. There is nothing wrong with a good you-tube channel and it sure would provide us entertainment from him. Below is a video that Shay Carl did. You will see that it is not a video he did in his bedroom with a webcam!

    • OK David, maybe you can take business advice from ShayCarl, just don’t take artistic advise from him, lol.

      • lol.

        would love to see David on YT.. heck anywhere!!

      • you guys check out Stuart Edge yet? lds singer comedian on YT.
        been trying to get a hold of David too.
        funny guy.

      • Yes, Kimk I’m sure every LDS person that is in entertainment is after him, don’t have any worries when it comes to people that are of his same faith. As I said, it just might be where he is comfortable with, that’s cool, I just hope that he will be able to spread his wings no matter where he lands and have no limitations.

      • To add to my comment…if he does have other options, I’m hoping that he is opened at least put them in the mix.

      • could be signing with a label.. terms and conditions he might not be comfortable with?
        talented enough but as we know with Jive they want things their way.

      • Very true about Jive, hum maybe someday we’ll get that whole story from David as to what really happen. Yep, he might feel a lot more comfortable with an LDS label, after all, no conflict. Really if he’s happy that’s all that matters. Now as far as labels wanting there way, it there right and I’m sure that a LDS label would also have say on what there artist can do, I do know that it wouldn’t be a problem for David, but I’m sure if they signed on another artist that maybe wanted to put out music that didn’t set well with them I’m sure that would be conflicting, just saying. Declaimer, in no way am I defending anything that went down with JIve, lol.

    • Perhaps the situation with Jive also had to do with AI. I think the recording contracts are designed to make as much money as possible out of the contestants’ immediate post-show popularity, which they know will soon wane.

  9. It’s the LDS folk that have him on their radar. I can’t imagine that many outside show business people are paying any attention to him coming home from his mission, let alone being able to sympathize with the difficulty of getting re-started in his career, like these ex-missionaries do. On his part, it’s probably true that he would have more trust in these guys–kind of like fraternity brothers who often do business together.

  10. Sally Barker is charting in the UK:

    • Thanks for posting ,peter. Great that Sally is charting. So talented. I honestly have never heard of Shay Carl prior to his little twitter exchange with David. No further comment from me. lol. cq-Imagine Dragons is signed to a major label-Interscope Well I am watching AI tonight – David Cook is the mentor. Wish it was the other David but Oh

  11. Guess who’s now following @shaycarl on twitter *cough* David *cough* lol

  12. Kimak, Being that you are an Imagine Dragon fan, do you know what label they have? Maybe that would be one that David could explore.
    Hum, am warming up to David being a youtube sensation, lol. Hum how does that exactly work, is it a monthly fee, one time fee, can I just subscribe to listen to David or do I have buy the whole package that would include other that I wouldn’t want to listen to, hahhahahaha, yep over thing!!!!

    • They make money from advertising on their videos. If you get enough views, they invite you to become a YouTube Partner, and then send you money, based on the number of people viewing your videos. I had a video of David that had over 12,000 views (or more, now?), and they contacted me about it, but you need to have original content in order to get paid, I believe.

      • Just checked, I now have 20,000 views on my video. Too bad I couldn’t have had them put advertising on it and gotten paid, lol.

      • Thanks cc halo. Do you think this is a good thing for his career? Would he still tour?

      • Technically, they pay according to the number of clicks on the AdSense ads on your videos. I never got that far, because I never post anything except for David or my puppies, lol.

      • No idea, cq. I guess some bands do.

    • yikes, should be THINKING, which most of the time I don’t, lol.

    • Interscope Records.. but honestly their CD is amazing. does David have that type of music to bring to the table?

      • No-Not right now.

      • Thanks kimak, yes, right I’m thinking that David doesn’t even know what kind of music direction he is going to go. Was kind of excited from yesterday’s tweet fest that maybe he was back in the swing of things, but really don’t know if his head is ready to except normal life. He still needs time, but then again I’m speaking about David always unpredictable, lol.

  13. cc halo-Can you post the link to your video of David? Just curious.

    • Good idea Marie, yes cchalo.

    • Ha ha, I’ll try a little later. I want to change the name on it, if I can figure out how to do that. (It’s now under my husband’s name).

    • This was the duet with Charice at The Grove, Hollywood. I think that most of the views are from Filipino fans of Charice. There are better vids with way more views than mine.

      We went up as a family, and while the boys roamed around, played video games, etc., we girls stood and waited and waited, with security occasionally trying to chase us away. We thought that we were waiting for the actual performance hours later, but surprisingly, he came walking out to rehearse. As soon as he finished, security got serious about shooing us away, so we went to dinner at the Farmer’s Market. When we came back it was sooo packed that we couldn’t get anywhere close for the actual performance. (I couldn’t figure out the name change, but oh well, it’s not his real last name anyway).

      • Oh, the cute part was when the director motioned them to stand closer together, and they got all bashful.

      • cc halo-Thanks for posting the video. I remember this one. That has always been one of my favorite vids of David. I just loved his performance with Charice. Great Job!! Wow- Things have really changed for both David and Charice since that video.

    • Here’s a cute moment from the same event. I combined some other videos onto one YouTube channel, so if you care to see them, check on YouTube and then on the name. One is a really close up “Melodies of Christmas” another is “David and the Blue Whale”

  14. OK. Don’t worry if you can’t. No big deal. lol.

  15. Good luck to David Cook to try and do something with these contestants on AI performing 80’s music. lol. Are you kidding me? I just do not get the Cook and 80’s music connection at all. I know that Simon Fuller is his manager (AI Producer) but Cook is not signed to any music label-Is he?

    • I don’t think he is signed to any label, and neither is Glambert, even though Shirley wrote several months ago that a deal with a major label was “imminent” because of his “high-profile appearances,” or something along those lines.

    • Cook is not signed with a record label. He is currently producing his own album and then will have to find a way to get it distributed. Obviously an artist that can sing, write and produce their own album keeps most of the profits of whatever they sell. I bet our David will want to learn to produce his songs.

  16. lol- Shirley always was their biggest fan. I don’t think Cook is signed either- although I can see Adam getting signed to a label. Cook looks so different now-not bad just different.

  17. Yes-That is true Gammyj -that is where the money is.

  18. I think that Alex might be my favorite as he seems like a true musician. Interesting that he mentioned getting advice from Jason Mraz as Jason would have made a really good mentor. Very current and relevant music artist. Maybe Jason would not be interested. I get that. lol. I am not so sure about the judges or the contestants this year. lol.

  19. The rocker guy- Caleb -by far gave the best performance last night. Maybe he will win this. Strange show last night-I thought. Was there something in Harry’s drink. lol. No tweet from David about AI- Interesting.

    • I hope he will stay as far from AI as possible.

      • Agree, there is a few places I would like for David to stay far away from as possible and AI is one of them. Still to early to tell, but at this time it does not seem like not a lot of options are pouring in other than from lds folks, I’m thinking he is a superstar of his church right now, so it does stand to reason why that is happening.

      • There is always Enrique, but I think “I’m a Freak” might be too much for him.

      • Was thinking about him too, really never thought that something was up, but really if there was something in the works, hum doubt the new David would be aboard…Stilling holding hope though.

      • I personally would love to see “Shay” (Why does the word “porcine” come to mind?) produce a snarky video about AI, starring David. It would go viral. Unfortunately, I think David is too loyal.

      • LOLOL, Anon. That’s a good description.

      • Looks like an AI appearance did not do much for Cook. He only sent out one tweet about being on AI (so I am guessing he was not that excited about it),the ratings were really low, the contestants performances from 80’s songs were mostly bad,the judges acted kind of strange, and AI did not even bother to have him perform. lol. Also Cook has not aged well. I still think that Cook should have stayed true to his original rock roots from before he was ever on AI.

  20. Anon (the other one)

    I agree about staying away from AI. Not only because I’d like to see him stop being mentioned as the “AI Runner Up,” but because for some reason being on the show seems to be extremely stressful for him and makes him too nervous to be comfortable performing. lol Competition flashbacks maybe?
    (Of course I say that based on one or two post-Idol performance and he’s much older so, that could change.)

    But I think it might be too early to assume that offers aren’t coming in for him. I don’t want to judge based solely on what comes across twitter. I’m guessing that most people in the industry would contact him through more direct channels, probably through Gina or Kari. Plus, David is not one who typically shares the behind-the-scenes activities with us. If we go by past history, we won’t find out anything until it’s a done deal and something is ready to happen.

    I’m just taking a “wait and sees” attitude until I know more. I still think David has unlimited potential and believe he will be a rising star in the music world. As for if it will actually happen and how long it will take for his star to truly rise to the top, I think it’s going to depend on the decisions he makes going forward.

    Just my 2 cents. 🙂

  21. Well said. He’s not one to share those kinds of things with his fans, probably because we’re so neurotic, lol.

    • ha! Totally laughed out loud on that one cc. He does know us fans 😉

      And I agree — well said, Anon the other. I would assume that David is looking at all his options right now, as he should.

      • Anon (the other one)

        LOL CC, They don’t call it ODD for nuthin’!

        Like some others, my ODD has settled comfortably for now. However, if he starts touring and there are late night videos coming in, all bets are off. 😉

    • I laughed too. We are such a neurotic bunch. We can be all gloom and doom, and then David tweets a banjo picture and everything is alright again – for awhile.

      I did see a quick tweet on twitter this morning that someone saw him at the airport. Of course I don’t know if it is true or whether he is going somewhere. I am just hopeful that he is off to LA to get the ball rolling on his music career. ***disclaimer – this is just a HOPE not a demand****

      It is a mystery what David will do next, but I like a good mystery so it keeps me here.

      • GrammyJ – just saw that tweet about the airport. I just can’t believe David went somewhere without telling us where he’s going!! hahahaha. I’m gonna hope with you about LA. Or Nashville. Either one works for me.

      • Plane ticket???? Hope that means Nashville! 🙂

    • 5-6 yrs ago, I was so neurotic I would have been asking the “airport tweeter” what D was wearing, who was with him, what gate was he at, did you take a pic, etc, etc, lol

      • LOL! I would have been there with you. I will say that this many years as a fan has allowed me to relax a bit. In my case, it’s not because I like David any less, it’s just that trying to sustain that level of crazy is exhausting. And I’ve learned that what’s gonna happen is gonna happen whether I freak over it or not. Ahhh, the strange bits of real life wisdom you learn from being an ODD fan.

  22. Wow Ali! LOL I couldn’t have said it better. Doubts surface but my visits to utube odd hours of the day /night and they are squashed. That is until the next time. That voice of his has me hooked. That is it in a nutshell for me.

  23. Just saw twitter that David had breakfast with Shay Carl. He posted a picture on Instagram and tweeted it out so I know it is true. I think Shay now lives in LA. David wasted no time getting in contact with him. Well, Shay Carl is all about social media so we might be seeing lots of David if he follows Shay’s advice.

  24. shaycarl ‏@shaycarl 33m
    Just had breakfast with the handsome and amazingly talented @DavidArchie

    There it is lol. David’s looking good! And wow that pic already has like 13K likes on Instagram. Someone sign David up for one of those.

  25. This may result in disastrously amateurish music videos.

    • Then again, he may just be getting Internet marketing tips.

      Enrique, where are you???!!!!!

    • NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, David deserves so much better than that. I’m going say it, he needs top notch people in the music industry that match his talent, dang it, lol. All these people need to do is believe that David can make them oodles of money for them, it is a business after all.

  26. I just watched a video of Shaycarl’s about going to a David concert and I was not impressed.

      • Oh, I remember that now. I thought there was a reason I kept thinking about Rexburg, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Lol, peter, good description.

      • peter -good find. I remember this video now. Yes- good description. LOL. This guy really made that much money? Hard to believe. lol. Did he lose weight?

    • From snarky (2009) to smarmy (2014).

    • Do you think David’s getting “artistic” advice, business advice, or both?

    • I was never that impressed with Shaycarl to begin with. lol. He does need people that match his talent but idk what is going on. Who know with David. lol. Wouldn’t he be going to CA to meet with his manager Gina Orr. At least you would think he would be. cq-I agree with you. That is the way it looks to me but it is David’s career. Not mine. lol. Sure wish David was spending time with JT and Kari.

      • lol, Marie, yes would love for him to spend time with JT and Kari, actually would love for him to open for JT…of course, outside the box dreaming big time, lol.

      • Click your heels and repeat this 3x: Enrique!!!111 JT!!!!111 Skaaaari!!!11

      • You got that right Anon. lol Proud to say I am a fan of JT and Enrique. I would think that majority of folks are. lol. I am so jealous of Kari. I would love to be on tour with JT. Who wouldn’t? No offense- but I like Anon(the other one) comments better than yours. lol.

  27. Gotta say it. I was sooo relieved he was not still wearing the white shirt & tie! Crazy to be thinking that way I know but there it is. He looks good, still too thin to me but happy. Does he have a little bit of a mustache fuzz? 🙂

    Did he go alone? Did he meet with Shay Carl alone? If they were talking about a possible partnership wouldn’t his “manager” be with him unless David was just getting some pointers about how to get started on his own YouTube business then I guess he would have gone alone. I still can’t get it through my head that David can do that…go out in public anywhere & no one bothers him.

  28. Well, well, well…don’t know where this is going, but for sure a very comfortable safe path for David. Only work with people that have the same beliefs as you, never mind if they’re not as talented as you, they belong to the right church. Don’t see that David is spreading his wings at this time and really putting out music that fits his talent, but then again, only going by what he himself has aloud us to speculate about by putting it out for all of us to see. The man he brought back sure is very handsome and seems to be assured of himself, but am thinking a lot more religious than when he left…so it seems at this time….

    • Sadly, I completely agree.

    • I dont for a moment assume that David’s growth as a person means he will only do religious themed music or keep to an LDS crowd. He’s been home a whole 2.5 weeks. He’s probably still a little jet lagged. You want him to have leapt off the plane with a music video already made and a single topping the charts. Preferably shirtless.

      When I watch CTS I see an adult man, full of energy and excitement about LIFE. Comfortable in his own skin, articulate, bright eyed and ready to fly. Did you see the Christmas vids? Did that look like a pious person with no personality, chained to the safe and familiar? No way.

      Let’s all just sit back and enjoy what promises to be a terrific ride.

      • Of course not Smanda that’s just silly to think that should happen. Lol, David shirtless, not interested one bit, but very interested in his music career.

  29. WTH was up with that video dissing David? If was supposed to be snarky it didn’t come off that way. It was insulting!

    Maybe I’m too sensitive. 😦

    • Wow, all the jumping to conclusions has my head spinning!

      • Sorry, jus’sayin’, not replying to you.

      • Lurking, the folks here loved it when David went to the Philippines and did a soap because there was a hooker and a flaming stereotypical gay dude in it. That didn’t match David’s talent by any means, but it showed he was “enlightened” and progressive in their minds.

        They’re jumping to conclusions because they are bigoted against LDS. Shay is LDS. OMG!!!!!111

        If Shay was a gay Filipino dude they would be squeeing and having heart palpitations.

      • Maybe you didn’t notice, but a lot of people here didn’t like the idea of the soap opera, but we understood David’s reasoning for doing it. If you think that ShayCarl is a potentially wonderful mentor for David, good for you! I feel so warm and cozy hearing that you think we are all of a single mind here.

  30. Peter, I’d be curious to hear your opinion on what folks David’s worked with in the past who match his talent.

    – Bestor/Hancock, Eman, Orla Fallon and MoTab/Choir Director (can’t remember his name)

    These are the only ones that come to my mind.

    • I’m not Peter, but Joy Williams? Toby Lightman/Daniel Bedingfield? (I love Works For Me)

    • Anon, are you LDS?

      BTW, I didn’t particularly like the soap but I did think David showed potential as an actor. I didn’t like the clothes he modeled either although he wore them well. The only thing I liked from his trip to the Philippines was the album of love songs. I understood his reasons for doing the soap & everything else he did while there may have been financially motivated since he would have no income to speak of coming in while on his mission. Though it was a bit puzzling why a “soap” with as you said, not me,
      “there was a hooker and a flaming stereotypical gay dude in it”. Even more “shocking” & typically for “soaps” there was also death, lies, betrayal, child abuse, fighting, interracial marriage, and OMG!! a love triangle! So far removed from the movies David watches which seem to be Pixar type animations only. 🙂

      • OMG, I thought I was the only one wrinkling my nose at the BENCH clothes. He sure did make them look good, though.

      • Also, other than the presumed financial benefit, he said that it was a chance to try out his beginning acting skills. We also guessed that doing a soap in the Philippines was a safer way to go than a more visible debut.

    • Yes, all of them (although I feel that, at places, Begin was more about Bestor’s arrangements than it was about David’s singing). I also liked WFM.

      I would just like to see him in highly professional productions.

  31. Well-If he(shaycarl) can help David with the social media (twitter,you tube, instagram, ect) and encourage him to use it more often for entertainment and getting fans attention- then maybe that would be helpful. The guy has had come success with that.

  32. I just don’t get. Maybe it will all become crystal clear soon??? Or maybe

    that dude in the video Peter posted is really The White Rabbit in disguise. ; )

  33. Here is something a little surprising about Shay Carl from Wikipedia:

    “In February 2013, actor Matt Damon made a guest appearance in one of Butler’s vlogs after he and Damon had collaborated on a video to promote a project.[16][17][18] Butler sometimes creates sponsored videos, in which he promotes brands or companies in exchange for financial benefits.[19] Examples of such so-called “brand deals” he has made are with General Electric,[20] Foot Locker,[19] Kia[21] and Skype.[22]”

    So, there could be all manner of reasons for David to meet with him – perhaps to promote a charity. We might be surprised.

  34. Actually marlie7 I have been checking him out more and I did notice the Matt Damon was in one of vids. David does need help with dealing with the social media. I just tend not to agree with Anon. lol. I am sure Anon could care less. lol.

  35. Its ironic to me how based on the Carl Shay – z103 video in 2009, David was the one being pursued by this guy, still fresh with AI success. Now, ” this guy” (annoying or not), is a huge mover and shaker with Disney, and David is flying to meet him for breakfast. Just goes to show the fleeting nature of fame.

    Like or not, I like that David is unafraid to take matters into his own hand to find out what Shay can offer with regard to internet success. In a way, David already has already been the subject of sooo many YTvids, from a child singer to recording artist, both professional and fan-made, that it is not unthinkable that he can learn to better harness its potential.

  36. Sorry – One too many already’s, lol! You can figure out what I meant to say.

  37. Anon (the other one)

    I checked out a few of Shay Carl’s videos and the ones I watched were definitely not my cup of tea. But, if he can give David a few pointers on how to get the public’s attention, I think it would be a start.

    I’ll admit I don’t know enough about him to weigh in on whether or not it would benefit David to work with him, or in what capacity. But if there is one thing I hope he can impress upon David, it’s the importance of positive self-promotion.

    • I watched some of ShayCarl’s family vlogs, which I kind of liked. The other humor-type videos, not so much. His playful personality and (thinner) look reminds me of my brother, and I can see see what attracts people, though a half an hour or so every day would be just too much personality.

  38. ITA- So true.

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