Called to Sing


So, as I said yesterday, my heart was full watching David in his church’s special video, Called to Serve. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the video – especially once regular posters expressed concern about his “proselytzing.” I was just hungry for more David because he’s been out of our lives for two years. If this is his first video, I’m going to check it out, regardless.

David (meaning: “Beloved”) was back, and his joy is so apparent. And I laughed and cried in his joy.

Before writing this post, I decided to sleep on it.


When a Beloved (if I can use the analogy of lovers to describe the fan’s relationship to her idol) leaves the Lover and goes off to some far away land, there are usually one of two responses the Lover harbors:

  • Out of sight, Out of mind
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Keeping Soul David open these past two years was about feeding the heart so we would always feel the Beloved’s absence, even when we got distracted with other issues, other artists, other music. Whatever little nuggets of information out of Chile, we fed on so our heart would not starve and, eventually, leave to find satisfaction elsewhere. It’s understandable.  Such distance has typically broken up the most secure intimate relationships, let alone a relationship between a Fan and Her Idol.

It had gotten so that I was so busy living my life and tending to my work that I missed the moment of David’s Return.  But these past two weeks since David’s return has been a patient reintroduction to the man and why we love him.  Whatever speculations there might have been – from his first vlog to his first few tweets – nothing takes away from the reasons why you fell in love with the Beloved in the first place.

Hence, my overwhelmed emotions when watching Called to Serve.

I was already pleased to see David embrace this part of his life, unafraid to mention his religious activities on Twitter (i.e. watching the General Conference his church puts on) and, most importantly, self-promoting this special video about his two-year mission.

Watching Called to Serve gave me an instant flashback to the first time I saw him sing “Heaven.”  The context was entirely different, but elements of David’s Spirit manages to shine through no matter what. His sincerity, his generosity, his light.

His emotional breakdown when announcing to his fans that he planned to do a mission took on a different light for me. I had an inkling that his tears were about relief that we supported his decision and didn’t turn on him. Hearing him express relief that we didn’t “boo” him, however, is a whole other pressure he felt that I must contend with as a fan: Imagine our own expectations as Fans almost got in the way of David wanting to serve a mission.

He cares so much about others, and if this was a simple way for David to give back to his faith, who are we to judge him (STILL!) for doing what he felt he must? It’s because I care about David more than anything else why I supported him in his decision. How horrible would it have been if he gave up on this for some secular career in music, just to please his fans?  How do we honor his Spirit when making such material demands on him?

This sacrifice is worth it; whatever happens from hereon in, he stepped out on faith, and I think I can give back to David the same level of faith that he followed in pursuing his convictions. That he would follow up such an emotional homecoming with his family to speedily vlog to his FANS that “I’m Home” is real testament that he’s still committed to our relationship.  How will we, as fans, reciprocate?


Finally: I hear confidence! I see swagger! I see maturity! We’re getting our old David back but with a new twist: He’s more mature and stronger and better!

Oh, there were definitely glimpses of the David we have come to know and love.  Anyone else burst out laughing during his “Omigod Ashley!” moment trying to reach some new converts in church but awkwardly trying to open a locked door? 😛

I’ve always liked how he’s not afraid to show his dorky side; he never has been caught up in a “cool pose.” He’s just David, and as he said, that hasn’t changed, and from watching the video, I believe that.

I especially saw how he was the same David watching his return (which brought me to tears) and seeing how much older his sisters look while David looks the same.  Did anyone else swoon over the new swag in his walk when he was walking through the airport? GAH! That WALK! STILL. GETS. TO. ME. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!


Yes, I’m going to have to remember this quote, especially when I’m getting ready to beat myself up over some personal flaw.  I learn so much from an individual almost 20 years my junior.


I love how David decided his music career was NOT the place to do his church’s mission, realizing that his career really is about him and not about serving the people.  Although God knows David keeps serving his fans, over and over, because he knows how much his Voice has meant to us.  Still, watching David apply his greatest gift of singing in the service of his mission was something wondrous to behold.

This is a guy who is humble enough to know his Voice comes from a higher source and that it is a source of good, that it’s his greatest asset and rather than try to do a conventional or traditional mission, he simply used his Voice to preach the Gospel.

“Singing allows people to focus instantly.”

Ain’t that the truth! We wouldn’t even be debating the pros and cons of his church had his Voice not already drawn us into his sphere.  We know its vocal power, and some folks really work at resisting it. I say: SURRENDER TO ITS GRAVITATIONAL PULL AND LET IT WORK ITS MAGIC! 🙂


This is why I don’t worry about David “proselytizing,” even if that’s what his mission work has been about.  He’s not there to tell us what to do. He’s showing. He’s doing. He’s singing!

More than being “Called to Serve,” David has been “Called to Sing.”  And through his songs, we get a glimpse of the Spirit.  Another moment of tear-shedding happened for me while listening to David sing “Spirit of God” during his missionary training at the end of the video. Such a vivid and visceral moment of watching a young man “catching the Spirit” – as my Black Church tradition calls it – and succumbing to its power.

We may not always agree with the channels David accesses to reach that Spirit, but what I mostly care about is that he can access it: a rare gift some of us have never mastered (and some of us don’t even try to).  David puts me in the mind of Music as a Divine Source, and it’s the kind of testifying that I truly respect. It’s why I feel he will always make music a priority in his life.

It may not lead to a career of international stardom or even to a local career of musical gigs. But for someone so young to understand the power of music and its channeling to others, we will be hearing more from The Voice. He at least understands that he’s been “Called to Sing.”


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  1. goodkarmaseeker

    Oh my gosh, HG, I was waiting for this post and your ability to share your perspective, which is always fair and honest and inclusive. All those qualities you have recognized in David are those, you yourself, must truly have. You see his generosity, his spirit and his “soul” and I feel privileged to have
    been a part of this blog for the past years and to have read and reflected on your thoughts!!

  2. THIS. POST.

    Wow HG, everything I wish I was eloquent enough to say and then some! Thank you!!

  3. WOW, HG, BEAUTIFUL!! It always been about the David the singer for me and because of that I have angst about him choosing another path because I wanted him to always sing. Now I have come to the realization that was a silly thing for me to think, he will always sing and so what if it’s not what I want, it doesn’t matter at all.
    I didn’t watch the show, it was a personal choice, but from this article and a lot of fan comments they were touched by it, so I’m sure the people that put it together really did a great job with the show.
    I think David is a wonderful human being and I wouldn’t want him to do anything that he didn’t want to do and I’m glad that he followed his heart.
    Now as a fan nothing has changed in the way I feel, I still am about David the singer and want a singing career for him and I still want him to keep his personal life private and separate from his professional career. I’m thinking that might not happen and that’s ok, it’s his choice and I either have to expect or not, it’s as simple as that.

  4. Beautifully put hg!

  5. Shanny in Australia

    I completely enjoyed reading this HG. Well done and Thank You! 🙂

  6. great job hg ,totely agree now if other poster will read and try to understand, ,not read just to reply,you have made progress THANKS for keepeing this DAVID site up, ,i will alwaws support you and david , again thanks for putting up with me

  7. Thank you, hg. Loved it. And, cq, I think you should watch the documentary. There is so much beautiful singing with that beautiful voice, I think you would like that, if nothing else. The whole thing left me feeling very peaceful. And the incident with the locked door and David getting so excited that he reverts back to English….”let’s go”…… is priceless.

    • Oh I don’t doubt that Mango, after all it’s David, real as can be. I’m sure it was done very well, but the reason is very personal and nothing against David at all, from the comments all that watched seem to have become even more ODD, lol, if that can even be possible.
      I want to move forward and see what is next for David career wise.

  8. “We may not always agree with the channels David accesses to reach that Spirit, but what I mostly care about is that he can access it: a rare gift some of us have never mastered…”

    I like that insight, HG. Whether you believe that the Spirit comes from within us, as I do, or from “out there”, there’s a reason that hearing David live always brings you to tears. You find yourself wondering,”Wait, why am I crying? That wasn’t even a sad song, lol.”

    Could they possibly have found a cuter couple to interview as an example of David’s converts? No, definitely not.

    For a long time, my ruminations on why he *really* went on a mission went something like this: David is a man with a conscience. He knows that there is terrible suffering in the world. At his final concerts, he talked about the thousands of children who won’t make it through that day. He went to India and washed leper’s feet. He visits dying people in the hospital and in their homes.

    But despite having the kind of personal hardships most of us have, his is an incredibly blessed life. He has known from an early age what he wants to do, and he has the talent and ability to do it. He has thousands, or millions, of people who love and support him.

    He fervently believes in a loving Heavenly Father, so how could this disparity be? I know he justifies it with the belief that trials strengthen us, there will be rewards in heaven and similar, but (just projecting here), it has to be hard to bear for someone so compassionate. So, my theory goes, he has to make the biggest sacrifice he reasonably can and leave his career and family, and go on his mission to help others in the way that matters most–eternally.

    I don’t know if my theory plays a part in it (the disparity theory), but from the program, it’s unmistakeable, his goal is to convert us to his church for our own good. He goes to his temple faithfully to convert the dead for their own good. The thing that made him decide to go was that his mother was CONVERTED by the missionaries, not just influenced for the better by LDS artists. He just has the purest heart of anyone, but as a person almost 40 years older, I’m just too set in my ways, lol. Not gonna happen.

    • cc halo-I agree with your last paragraph. Anyway- off topic but I am watching DWTS and The Voice tonight. I enjoy both shows. Rumor has it that David Cook will be a mentor on AI this week. Honestly- that is what interests me this week.

  9. Love your post, HG! You said so eloquently what I would have liked to say. Thanks for keeping this blog open the two years he was gone.

    Also, cc halo, I like your comment, “He just has the purest heart of anyone”. I’ve been wanting to say just that – out of a pure heart he went on this mission because he believes this is the way to “help others in the way that matters most–eternally” like cc halo said.

    Like David, I’ve also felt closest to God through singing. It can give you that “tingley feeling”.

  10. (((((HG))))))
    Amen!!! Beautiffy expressed!! I really appreciate this post, and thank you for it.
    “David puts me in the mind of Music as a Divine Source, and it’s the kind of testifying that I truly respect. It’s why I feel he will always make music a priority in his life.”

  11. HG ……I love this wonderful post! I agree with all that you said about the video and David’s beautiful spirit. You expressed it so eloquently and perfectly…as always. Thank you again for providing this gathering place , especially over these past two years.

  12. HG, thank you for that wonderful post. David is proving to be everything we have always loved about him. I really don’t need to add anything more to what’s already been said. Just thank you for saying it.

  13. HG, thanks for your eloquent and insightful article. I applaud your refreshing celebration of what David’s Mission meant to HIM. David made it crystal clear in the “Called to Serve” video why he went on the Mission, his fears about how his fans would react to the announcement, what it was like to be on a Mission, and how he feels it has helped him grow. From what we saw and heard directly from David, the experience was profoundly positive, and he emerged a more confident, grounded young man than he was when he left.

    This bodes well for the future, as confidence is the cornerstone of all success in life. Now that we have heard directly from David that his Mission was a wonderful, positive experience, this will, hopefully, at long last, put an end to the hand wringing that we have been reading daily about what is “wrong” with David’s decision to go. It was , obviously, the absolute right decision for David.

    David followed his heart, and I am so very happy for him that by doing so, he has received the benefits of “going for it”.

  14. Brava, HG! You’ve been phoning it in — no proper “Welcome Home” post?! — but you’ve more than made up for it with “Called to Sing.”

    Did anyone wonder why they went down the road of “soul man from Utah” on Star Search vs. pop stylings on AI? Why even go there?

    And where oh where was O Ven Emmanuel?

  15. Excellent article HG, thoroughly enjoyed your insights, thanks!

  16. HG, I was uplifted by your post. Beautifully said! THIS is why I keep coming back here. 😀

  17. hell0g0rge0us

    Thanks, everyone, for your comments! I’m very well aware I did not do a proper “Welcome Home” bash here! I just absolutely did not have the time, AND I missed the moment.

    • Yippee, more worthless polls that don’t proven anything lol. There were polls fans voted on when he was gone too.

    • peter-I saw this poll and thought of you. I almost posted it so I am so glad that you did. The polls are back. LOL.

  18. Such an insightful and wonderfully written post. Thanks, HG.

  19. This is interesting….

    If you missed Justin Timberlake the first time around, you’re in luck. It was announced on Monday that he is extending his The 20/20 Experience Tour with 14 more dates in North America, including stops in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Brooklyn this fall. Is he coming to a town near you?

    11/20 Portland, OR – MODA Center
    11/22 Oakland, CA – Oracle Arena
    11/24 Los Angeles, CA – The Forum
    11/28 Las Vegas, NV – MGM Grand Garden Arena
    12/1 Houston, TX – Toyota Center
    12/3 Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center
    12/5 Oklahoma City, OK – Chesapeake Energy Arena
    12/8 Chicago, IL – United Center
    12/10 Toronto, ON – Air Canada Center
    12/13 Uncasville, CT – Mohegan Sun
    12/14 Brooklyn, NY – Barclays Center
    12/17 Philadelphia, PA – Wells Fargo Center
    12/19 Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena
    12/20 Atlanta, GA – Gwinnett Center

    Does this mean Kari will not be available for David until next year and no trip to Asia for David this year either? And *gulp* no mini-Christmas tour by David we were all wishing for. So what exactly did Kari mean when she said “The best is yet to come”? 😦

    • Hmmm, that is a lot of speculation from a tour schedule. If David has touring scheduled, you can bet that Kari will figure out how the manage it. Who know that David isn’t the opener for these? Why not speculate in a positive frame rather than a hand-wringing one?

    • David has toured and traveled to Asia without Kari before. I do like Kari alot but I don’t think her availability to David would preclude him doing shows, if he wanted.

      • Yes, his first tour manager was Ray. I think he had one named David and there could have been another one. Kari is not the only tour manager out there.

    • I just do not see a tour for David this year but I could be wrong. What do I know? I have to admit that-I did vote in that poll. I just could not resist-not that it really matters. lol.

    • Maybe he has a shot at the pre opener to the opener?

      • I would think that David would have to be signed to some sort of record label (non religious label) to be an opener for JT. I am sure that he will do local appearances and performances and maybe go over to Asia. Looks like Cook is the mentor on AI this week. That is because Cook is still being managed by Simon Fuller who is very involved with the show. it is the needed “connections” but I do not believe that David cares about that so it is all good. lol.

  20. HG: Thank you for this eloquent post. He’s called many of us back to the writing sphere, hasn’t he?

    “More than being “Called to Serve,” David has been “Called to Sing.” And through his songs, we get a glimpse of the Spirit.”

    Perhaps this is the essence of what draws us all to David – whether your definition of spirit is “The Holy Spirit”, the Universe, or the human spirit, you feel it. He makes us feel the connection we have to him, to one another and to something bigger than ourselves.

    • marlie7: “Perhaps this is the essence of what draws us all to David – whether your definition of spirit is “The Holy Spirit”, the Universe, or the human spirit, you feel it. He makes us feel the connection we have to him, to one another and to something bigger than ourselves.”

      Yes, no matter your belief system, we feel it…the power of David.

  21. Sorry, where are my manners?

    HG, a beautiful, heartfelt & as usual, brilliant post.

    I’m one of David’s fans who’s more interested in David the Artist. I didn’t become a fan because of his beliefs & religion. It’s all about The Voice. 🙂

    • YEP, the VOICE!!!!!

    • I didn’t become a fan because of his religion or beliefs, either. But I am moved by his voice and similar to how I feel when I see the ocean, or a beautiful mountain range, I feel awed (and no, I’m not speaking of any religious feeling, as I said, I’m not religious at all.)

  22. I learned a looooonnnng time ago to keep what I deemed important to me about David and put aside that which I found unimportant as far as how it would impact my life. Since I don’t believe as David does and never will, I do believe in David. Not the inspirational, full of the Spirit David but just David The Voice who gave me much pleasure each & every time I was lucky enough to see him live on stage. I hope to see him again on stage in the not too distant future. The news about JT extending his tour was not welcomed news unless of course, though highly unlikely, David is an opener for JT. 🙂

    Not wringing my hands. Just think we’ve been very patient and will continue to wait. But hope the wait is not for another year. That’s all.

    • ITA!! Jus’ Sayin.

    • jus’ sayin’ – EVERYTHING you said is exactly how I feel. I do not worship at the church of David or any PERSON…wrong on so many levels imo. He’s a great guy with an amazing voice. That’s it. I’m moved by him just like I am any other talented artist who has that gift to encourage and inspire…and there are many. Looking forward to seeing David the Artist be the focus, whenever that may be.

      • ksf, although I think that every fan that seem to worship are really sincere in there awe of David, but it does seem like a bit of over kill at times. I’m in the same mindset as you. His voice and his career journey is what keeps me interested.

  23. Beautiful and thoughtful post HG.

  24. I agree with you- jus’ sayin’. Well stated.

  25. My theory is David will tour or at least do some shows this year. I don’t think Kari’s availability will be a factor. I seem to remember that his OS had a contest while he was on his Mission where the prize was a ticket to a David concert in 2014. That would be a clue that there will be a concert.

  26. HG – Well Done, my old friend, you were “called to write”! 😀


  27. I LOVE THIS POST HG! I read it 3 times and got more out of it each time. You pretty much summed up almost exactly how I felt when watching “Called to Serve.” This mission was exactly where David was supposed to be these last two years and for us to think otherwise would mean that we really don’t understand David at all. His faith is very much a part of who he is and we must always respect that. Also, I see him as a leader by example. His actions have always “spoke” loud and clear. I look forward to what is to come, and I most definitely think it will be amazing. He has grown and matured and has much more confidence now, and I think we will see that confidence in his music and on the stage. Hold on tight, because I think we are in for the best ride of our lives!!!

  28. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS POST HG!! THANK YOU! You totally nailed it!

    I couldn’t focus on the interview when it was on TV because we had a houseful of people. For some reason, a momentary lull occurred when David stated he was worried he’d be booed off the stage when he made his mission announcement. Everyone in the room (college girls but no David fans, except me) all cried out “Aaaawwww!” and commented things like, “That breaks my heart.” My favorite part was when David talked about his mission not being about him. I turned to my daughter (recently returned from her mission several weeks ago) and remarked how similar that was to an email she wrote a few months ago. She loved how her mission “gave her a break from herself”. Hope you all don’t mind me sharing that. Anyway, I’m very curious to see what the future holds once David has caught up with friends, family, movies and food. (He ate lunch at La Cai last week.)

  29. BEAUTIFUL HG!!! You write with your heart. Thank you for this and thank you for you!

  30. Oh forgot to say, thank you also Utahmom for sharing that about your daughter.

  31. cq – Agree. I’ve never doubted the sincerity; each person’s experience is their own. However, over kill does come to mind. I’ve said it before but I often wonder how comfortable David would be with some of the comments made about him, sincere as they may be.

    • I think of that, all of the time since he returned. Not just comments, but all of the adulation that’s being heaped upon him IRL.

  32. hell0g0rge0us


    There are actually fans of David on here who are NOT over-the-top and over-the-moon for our Beloved?!

    Just Kidding! 😛

    I also hope folks realize in general that not only am I joking around when I say I worship at the Church of David (What?! You DON’T want to convert?!), but that I’m trying to be POETIC in using such over-the-top language to discuss our fan love for David. Of course, I’m only speaking for myself.

    Yes, I know David would be uncomfortable with such “worship” (but I suspect that’s because he has a tendency toward literalism – something I hope my more discerning readers are beyond).

    I’m merely subscribing to a poetic tradition in which Lovers use over-the-top worship/adoration language to describe the Beloved when I invoke this “church” (plus, the metaphor works as double entendre, considering David’s own religious devotion).

    I’m always ever tongue-in-cheek about it, so no need to get uncomfortable with our FANatic exaggerated expressions.

    The only thing you should ever take literally from me is this: I ABSOLUTELY UNHESITATINGLY ADORE THIS MAN!

    That’s it. Nothing else. I recognize his flaws and all (but not going to go all poetic and over-the-moon about THAT now, will I?). 😉

  33. Hey HG! I wasn’t talking specifically about your post but a general sense of fan over-the-topness I’ve felt for a LONG time. I understood the poetic imagery behind your words, however, it was not to far from some of the everyday fan comments that are not at all tongue-in-cheek. That is what your post reminded me of. It was also a response to another poster’s comments as well. But, as I said, looking forward to moving on to the music and seeing what David will do with his career! 🙂

  34. In a way, watching this program is an antidote to my ODD. It makes me see him more as he really is (OK,, much glamorized with artistic film techniques), and less as the Imagine-image I have had in my head. He’s a wonderful young man, but this show cemented the impression that I got so strongly when I met him–we’re strangers to one another. When you follow someone almost daily for years, you forget that you don’t really know them–only the image of them, centered around the parts that resonate with you. I think it helps me to (try to) get a healthier, more balanced view of him.

    • So very true. It’s easy to lose perspective…to the point where the statement ‘You don’t know him’ can become offensive lol. 🙂

    • (The Imagine-image: the one who sang “Imagine no religion…..” lol).

    • That’s an interesting perspective, cc halo. Although I didn’t watch, it was for other reasons than David himself, but really in the back of my mind I guess I didn’t want that image in my head to disappear. I’m hoping that he will be the David that I truly enjoy listening to, but as I said before, if he changes to the point where it effects his music and I don’t like the road, hey simple decision to make.

  35. I apologize if this has already been discussed, as I’m sure people noticed, but this is really bugging me. Does anyone know where Jeff and Daniel were during David’s Homecoming? Were they just staying out of the camera shots? Not trying to start a controversy here, but barring an emergency, I can’t imagine a parent not being there to welcome their child home after a mission. I’m hoping they were there, but just laying low?

    • I don’t know, of course, but the rumors are that they live in L.A. (with Jeff’s girlfriend??? whom David supposedly doesn’t like???). It’s pretty out there, but since other, more distant family members travelled from as far as the East Coast, some kind of rift could explain why they wouldn’t come from nearby Southern Califonia, if that rumor is true.

      • P.S. I’ve speculated here once or twice, that maybe when Kari came to L.A. two days after David’s return, that they were both here, visiting his dad and brother.

  36. Not that I doubt this particular rumor — I really have no clue but what you said is believable — but I always wonder where such rumors come from, since I feel that I read the fan sites often enough, and never see an original comment about such a thing, but instead see people saying “rumor has it that…” LOL. Is there some place where people are actively discussing David that I don’t know about? I can’t imagine!

    • No, just some young “trolls” on FOD posting where we old fogeys can see it. I think that conversations between friends of friends of friends on social networking can sometimes unearth insider information.

      • P.S. The L.A. rumor has been around for a long time.

      • Those kind of youthful hijinks were the source of the mission rumors, so maybe they do know something.

      • I just remembered that the younger sisters used to have a joint twitter account where they would give out teasers and stuff.

        OK, I’m done now. 🙂

  37. Well, believable except for the part where “David doesn’t like her.” David gets along with everyone has been the saying thus far. (Haha.)

  38. So they really weren’t there? I can understand a young adult sibling not being able to make it to a Homecoming (although in this case even cousins from out East were there), but a father not being there? As you speculated, cc, maybe David visited them later, but that, too, suggests something less than rosy. For David’s sake, I hope that he is at peace with whatever is going on (which is none of my business, so I’ll just leave it at that).

    • I noticed a comment on the YouTube video taking about David “and his brother” proselytizing for the faith, but that’s even more off-the-wall to me, doesn’t explain Jeff’s absence from the pictures. Perhaps Jeff was there, IDK. He was there for the send-off.

    • Your comments are a little amusing to me because it seemed that it was the greatest wish of some folks that David’s dad disappear. He wasn’t in the documentary and folks have something to say about that. Where is he? Why wasn’t he there? What’s he up to?

      Can’t win, can he? But then it is none of my business, so I’ll just leave it at that. ;o)

  39. Could he and Daniel have chosen to remain off-camera? They may have learned that any sightings ignite renewed discussions of past transgressions. IDK. It isn’t my business and I’m really only mildly curious about where the rumors come from. CC Halo, your explanations make sense.

    • That’s possible, of course. But they were in the photos at the send-off, and that was two years closer to the “transgression”. I wouldn’t mind reading a warts-and-all biography of David someday, but I’ll likely be long gone if that ever is written, lol.

  40. I have somehow completely missed this. It was posted a year ago:

    • peter-I don’t recall this video either. OK- I am going to mention it-His hair looks great in that video. Yep-It is the “hair comment”. lol. I think David should go on at least a 3 week vacation to a very warm weather location. Just relax and sit in the sun. lol. He deserves a vacation-Doesn’t he? I do wonder where his dad and brother are-Why wouldn’t you?

    • I remember it. I think it was even posted here, but I could be wrong.

  41. I wonder if David is going to be watching AI tomorrow night as David Cook is going to be the mentor on AI. Maybe David will send out a tweet on twitter if he does as those two always appeared to have a very good relationship.

    • Would love any tweet that is light, humorous and random, but not going to lie, still have a chip on my shoulder about, DC, hahahahaha!!!!!!! But a tweet about him would be way better than a religious one.
      Hey Marie, how did you like the partner switch on DWTS, I liked more that I thought I would. I absolutely love Derek Hough dancing and choreography, I love it almost as much as I love David’s voice, lol.

      • I really enjoyed the show. I liked the switch-cq. I was a little annoyed with Julianne Hough’s (she was a guest judge) remark to Maks about his” dialing” it in. I think Julianne might have said it for attention but still it was kind of rude. Not the sweet Julianne she tried to be when she way younger. lol. I am a fan of Maks and his brother. Lots of good performances last night. Amy Purdy is just a inspiration to others with disabilities. Derek is always good-I agree. I still like The Voice too. Watching tonight.

      • Yep Maks and his brother, two hotties, really like them too, just like dancing in general and yes, love the sensuality of the dances, there I said it, lol. Ong you got that right, talk about inspirational, that’s Purdy for sure, I’m mesmerized every time she is on stage.

  42. HG,
    I don’t post here often but needed to add my thanks for your wonderful post. Not only was it exactly what I was feeling (not thinking) put into thought and words, you did it so quickly.
    In response to the “Beloved” discussion; I remember years ago when you called David “My Beloved”. It brought tears to my eyes. I had pictured you as so logical, articulate and cool. Yes, you are of these, but you are also just one of us that “just adore this young man”.
    Thank you for being a voice that applauds David, the entire person.

  43. Ok being that we are back on wait mode and really thing it’s going to be a while before we hear anything from David regarding his career plans (secular, religious, part time, etc), I keep going back to that interview that he said that he has already some things lined up when he returned. One thing that might of been was Call to Serve, not that it was already planned as to how, when, but was discussed as a possibility. Of course, I hope that wasn’t the case and that maybe there is something in the works that was already discussed before he left. I know, pointless to even speculate, but heck, going to do it anyway, lol.

  44. Just want to clarify which David I’m looking forward to seeing on stage again. David’s last USA tour MKOC before he left is THE David I hope returns to the stage. The confident, not afraid to put it out there, oozing sensuality without even trying, the soulfulness, the hair, the outfits…..the whole package. After reading the comments from all who watched the documentary, I have to wonder what persona will emerge when David returns to the stage.

    Watching the video of David singing Be Still My Soul for the MoTab Choir, he is of course sublime as always when singing hymns and inspirational songs. But this video from MKOC is THE David I’m dying to see again. Whew! To think after this, he went on a mission! What??? 🙂

    • I didn’t watch the special either but from the comments he has grown in confidence and, dare I say, swagga lol. So, we should probably prepare ourselves to be even more blown away than even the MKOC tour, if that’s even possible!! 😀

    • Anon (the other one)

      jus’ sayin’, ditto. THAT is the David I am hoping to see again as well.

      The whole package!

    • Yep the whole package!!!
      He tweeted a fun picture!! I’m so happy right now.

  45. “what persona will emerge when David returns to the stage”–Very good question.

  46. Well maybe he’s going to play the banjo in a bluegrass band per his funny tweet and picture with Kendra and I think, David Osmond. He’s back with his unique tweets!

    • Ok, I know way too much, but I think that’s Kendra’s brother–they’re in a family musical group. They’re in white shirts, so it’s probably church-related.

      • Yep probably a church thingy…but still a fun picture…David come back to us please!!!!, lol.

      • cc-I am sure that it is church-related. I am looking forward to seeing David in more casual attire-like in that vlog he posted recently.

    • so apparently, he’s going folk/bluegrass? plot twist, lol

  47. David now seems hooked on “winking” to us, lol, but I like it a lot, lol. Who is this new, playful David emerging who’s not afraid to tease us in jest? Instead of tweeting about funny things that happened to him, he is now happily participating in tweeting the funny as it happens in real time. I can’t wait to see what happens next, lol!

  48. HG,
    I sometimes read here but don’t usually post and
    I know I’m late to read this and comment, but just had to echo what others said here. You’ve summed up, so eloquently, many things I feel about David, about his mission, his music, his spirit, and why he has my unconditional respect, love and support. He teaches me, by his words & fine example.
    I watched his “Called To Serve” over and over…touched me greatly. I loved that he shared, once again, a piece of his soul with us, and what going on his mission meant to him. Didn’t surprise me, but still impressed me to no end. And I too noticed the swagger, the self-assurance, “the walk”, and yes…the lol comic relief in church that was good ole David. 🙂 I can’t tell you how many times I played him just saying…”I’m still David, but I feel SO different.” He said it with such gentle conviction. He’s a gentle spirit, with a backbone of steel and heart of Gold. What else is there to say.
    I’m copying and pasting this article so I can reread it and possibly even show it to friends who still “don’t get it.” (Poor misguided souls.) Anyway, thanks for the beautifully expressed article.

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