Videos for “Called to Serve”

JR4DA, as always, is a Tech Godsend for this fanbase! 🙂 Thank you for your devoted work!

Here are the videos (as an aside, my heart is so full knowing that David broke down the way he did b/c he expected “Boos,” not cheers, when he announced his decision to do a mission. He cares sooooo much! Love him! Still!)

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4


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  1. HG, I love him still too and probably even more than I did before.

  2. hell0g0rge0us



  3. hell0g0rge0us

    *Comes to.*

    I promise to post a more thoughtful, meditative post…once I get my emotional bearings…I’m a puddle of tears.

    What’s contained in this program?

    The Voice! (Check)

    His Generous Spirit (Check)

    THE VOICE!! (Check)

    Pearls of Wisdom (Check)

    I thought I could not love him anymore. I was wrong!! 😀

    And WHAT exactly were we afraid of with David sharing this special with us?

    David Archuleta is no ordinary Mormon Mission Boy to slay me like he does! Everything that we ever loved about him is contained here. I’m soooo glad he did not let anyone (especially his fans, who he thought would BOO him!!) stop him from doing what he felt he must.

    Welcome home, David! You’ve been missed and we’ve all been blessed just knowing someone like you exists. 🙂

  4. Without a doubt David is an exceptional human being. I’m very excited , AGAIN, lol, for his future music career.

  5. Here’s one nugget contained in the program that David said that was posted on twitter:
    @DavidArchie — “There are times when we don’t think highly of ourselves, we feel like there’s a lot that we lack and we don’t trust ourselves. But I realized, you know what? God made us in a way that we HAVE to rely on him. He knows we’re not perfect…”

    There are a lot more.

  6. I think if there were a Catholic-style priesthood in the Mormon church, he would be the “Singing Priest”, and stay in that non-secular zone always. But marriage is the next step, apparently, so sacred singleness won’t last forever.

  7. This is so touching and beautiful. Dean Kaelin really summed it up perfectly when he said that David is “a ray of light in a dark world”.

  8. If he were a Protestant he would go into Contemporary Christian music like Jason Castro and Mandisa. There are a few Mormon singers but their opportunities seem fairly limited. We will see what happens next. I really would like to see him do something with the Piano Guys.

    • I’m clarifying my comment. When I said Mormon singers I meant Mormon singers that mainly sing sacred songs, hymns and such.

  9. HG: I just watched the whole thing again. I am so with you. How could you not love this young man. He is such an inspiration. I’m not LDS, heck, I’m barely a practicing Christian. But his conviction is admirable and I only hope I can be as kind and thoughtful in my day-to-day dealings with people as he is.

    I understand his intent to convert. That is fine (I’m not susceptible LOL). But even without the particularity of the religion, he raises people up, lifts them up. I can’t help it, I just feel that way. I know he’s no saint, not perfect. But he is so good at heart. And his Voice is so beautiful that you can’t help but close your eyes when he sings. (Then you have to open them up to cast your sights on that gorgeous face.)

    • Marlie, beautiful post. David is such a wonderful guy, so authentic and sincere. This is what separates him from the other humans. Who cares what religion he belongs to? We’re all born into some religion. It’s his humanity that needs to be celebrated. David is not just some mouthpiece for his religion, or a celebrity to be used by them to drum up more converts. That is cynicism of the worst kind, and an insult to David’s integrity and intelligence.

  10. Just watched all the clips. In all honesty, initially I thought I’d be bored and give up after a few minutes. I feel so proud of David for having the courage to do what he felt must be done. I see a maturity that wasn’t there 2 yrs ago. Also, I see swagger in his walk. This new level of confidence will take him far in life.

    With the exception of Dean Kaelin’s comments, I was somewhat put off by the senior males who spoke about David. Wherein David, his missionary partner, and Kaelin seemed sincere, the others seemed like they were going thru the motions when they spoke of David. I’m projecting, but I also felt the people he converted seemed to believe in him perhaps more so than what he was actually telling them.

    • I’d better not post my full opinion on your last paragraph, but I agree–it’s not just here where we worship in the church of David, lol.

      Here’s a replay from an elder that replaced David in his area and position: “All I heard last week was about Archuleta. Every time we went to a members house, or an investigators house, or someone we just ran into in the street, they would say, “Oh, and Elder Archuleta, where did he go?” Elder Hill would say that he got transfered to Baquedano. “Oh… darn.” I just wanted to say, “Sorry! I’m here. I know I’m lame.” Haha not really.”

    • Come to think of it, that’s actually the plot of the “Book of Mormon” musical. *Spoiler* They go in to convert people to the Mormon church, but a very kind elder ends up converting them to the “Church of Arnold”.

    • Hi desertrat! Full-time lurker and rare poster here. Interesting comment and so true. I think that’s the thing about “converting” people. If they like you then that’s half the battle but, unfortunately, unless they really believe in the content you’re selling they won’t stay faithful for long because at that point it’s more about personalities than God. That doesn’t take away from David’s sincerity but it’s true.

  11. Maybe not a full album from our man this year, but how about a song or two, one English and on Spanish, but take you time, David (hurry up) no take your time, hehehehe!!!!

  12. CCHalo, in the last thread you said this in response to an Older Fan post:

    “I can’t believe I’m being such a baby about this (crying), but the personal comments do sometimes get to me. I don’t make negative comments about other posters, so why do you think it’s okay?”

    Did you write that with a straight face? While you’re wiping away your tears of self pity, allow me to remind you that you have made numerous highly personal “negative” remarks about poor little ol’ me, mocked and LOLed my posts ad nauseam,, agreed with anyone else’s post designed to mock me, and slammed, and continue to slam, the religion that David was born into to such a relentless extent, the founding fathers who wrote the Constitution are rolling in their respective graves.

    Free speech is free speech, but, let’s get real. You’re on the wrong site if all you can do is dish it out.

    • When you savagely bash other posters, it has gotten to the point that I do try to respond to it. If you see it as unprovoked, I can’t help that.

      • Savagely? Go look at my original comment. You need to take a look at yourself. ( Ok. Where’s Senseless….)

    • Thank you for your comment, though not directed to me. Her response to my comment came out a left field. The – I’m so innocent and you’re so mean you’re making me cry – response made me ask myself what kind of person am I dealing with. Very childish. My orig. comment was merely an assessment of a comment she made herself. Then jumps in Senseless calling me a bully and I should be ashamed. Others said they felt bad for her pain and hurt. I felt like I was on a school playground. “WTH? I could laugh if it weren’t so sad. Yes, her responses to your posts as you mentioned as well as others beat mine by a mile. I have mentioned before here that I feel you were being piled on. Anyway, I can’t deal with people who are on such a different wavelength. Good luck to you. Always love your posts and agree with most.

      • Your response to my post was to attack me, not to disagree in a respectful way. I realize that we have a lot of unique personalities here, but why are we constantly talking about other posters and their supposed bad motives?

      • Older Fan, thanks for your support and understanding. There is definitely a ” girls in H.S.” group dynamic on this site. Whenever one of them is called out or has any of their posts challenged, the others immediately rally to the defense of the one who cries “bully”. You saw that clearly when you dared to challenge CC Halo. Above your comment here, CCHalo uses drama queen language such as “savage” in order to avoid the substance of my response to her. They do this to try to eliminate anyone who is not on board with them, so I hope you will “hang in there” and not let that happen to you.

        I fully expect her “girlfriend”, Senseless, and the rest of the “in crowd” to chime in with their support for their “injured” and “bullied” buddy. These are very childish people, who, when they can’t deal with substance, resort to whining and cry “victim” about the person who is exposing their hypocrisy. The fact is that CChalo, Sennseless, etc. have posted some of the most insulting and downright nasty remarks ever posted on this or any site that I have visited. When confronted, however, they reach for the Kleenex.

  13. CCHalo, you say, “Your response to my post was to attack me, not to disagree in a respectful way. I realize that we have a lot of unique personalities here, but why are we constantly talking about other posters and their supposed bad motives?

    My intent was to point out your hypocrisy. I dislike hypocrisy even more than you dislike the Mormon Church.

    • I’m a little confused. When I respond to Bliss, O.F. responds as if I was talking to her and says look at my original post, and when I refer to O.F.’s original post, Bliss responds as if I was talking to him. I’d almost think that you’re the same person, lol.

    • Lol. I think I’m being gaslighted here.

  14. I loved the movie and that song, too. Glen Hansard came to my daughters’ college town, but alas, at a time when we could not attend.

  15. lol, had to listen to the song again after everyone comments about how great it is, but still no, nice though.

  16. Songs I would like to hear David sing: Hijo de la Luna

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