Today: “Called To Serve”


Just a reminder that David Archuleta will be featured in the KLS and LDS program, “Called to Serve,” 3:30 PM EST (1:30 PM Mountain Time).

Here’s a link to the KSL LIVE STREAM


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  1. Unfortunately I won’t get the chance to view this until later tonight. Looking forward to reading everyone’s comments.

  2. It’s an hour and a half before time, but I’m there already…just making sure I can get it, lol.

  3. hell0g0rge0us

    My Live Stream feed keeps breaking up! 😦 I hope this will later be available.

  4. I had it then it went out. I really hope it woks for someone

  5. hell0g0rge0us

    Totally and completely lost the connection! Oh well, there must be a moral to this story.

    I wasn’t really watching for the LDS Church but just to hear and get a glimpse into David’s spiritual mindset. I’m so not trying to convert to Mormonism – only Davidism! A church that I already belong to. 😉

    For my spiritual wrongheadedness, I’m being made to pay for my sins! I mean, this is part and parcel of a “General Conference” that I guess I really shouldn’t be attending if I’m not checking for the LDS Church. I guess I’ll have to check for the video when it’s made available at a later time.

    On the other side of things, KLS really shouldn’t be capitalizing on David’s ODD fans to draw a larger audience for their conference now, should they? 😛

    • hg- is really getting good mileage out of this thanks to David. I just find it very entertaining. LOL.

      • hell0g0rge0us

        Good mileage, yes, but at least be tech-savvy and tech-ready when the hordes come a-running!

  6. livestream not working for me either 😦

  7. hell0g0rge0us

    Oh, and before anyone decides the fault lies at David’s feet for daring to promote his “Called to Serve” segment, this is how I read his tweets:

    1. My initial thought was: “Hmmm, he’s not afraid to broach his faith in public, I see.” My follow-up thought to that was: “After 2 years, he’s immersed in that mindset. That is to be expected.”

    2. After learning how to proselytize (or to put it in more secular terms – MARKET/PROMOTE) his religion, David learned a valuable lesson: HOW TO PROMOTE HIMSELF! Yes, folks, the same David who would be shy and modest and sometimes downright mum about the projects he’s involved in, is finally learning the invaluable art of SELF-PROMOTION. It may not be new music, but he’s learning to confidently promote his BRAND (and his faith-based identity is part of who he is). GOOD FOR HIM!

    3. He’s back to involving us into parts of his life (including watching “Frozen” with his sisters and, yes, following his church’s General Conference). He’s TWEETING. This is what people do on Twitter. If I can follow a celebrity or a regular person tweeting about regular tomfoolery, David tweeting about a big event in his church is not a big deal. Not to me anyway. And again, it’s what’s he’s been immersed in.

    4. If he’s serious about abandoning his music career, why involve us in his life at all? I’m not ready to freak out as some fans have.

    5. I still want to see what he has to say about his mission, so I hope this program will be made available later. And, I’m glad that David “isn’t afraid” to share his faith, if indeed he was afraid to do so in the past. For someone who was sometimes afraid to offend, this is a different layer of maturity that I can appreciate. Whether I agree with his viewpoint or not won’t matter (that is, if he’s not giving us new music and new performances)

    • Well put HG. Thank you.

      • Loved reading your analysis HG. I agree with you and see it as a positive step forward. He has no one holding his hands anymore when it comes to self-promotion. Most in his family have moved on with their personal lives and Kari has to manage her other clients as well. Personal and professional self-promotion may be the new norm. After all, he is the master of his own career.

  8. The tv station KSL did reply that a taped version would be made available. Also Geri from Utah is recording from her TV. From my twitter feed, many tears were involved including David’s.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      So is KSL saying their live stream didn’t work because too many folks were on it? Heh. I hope that news bodes well for David, at least with the idea that plenty of folks are still checking for him. Even if it’s religiously related (See? LDS Church knows what they’re doing! And as far as promotion/marketing goes, I can’t say I wouldn’t be doing the same thing).

  9. I think that tweeting about “General Conference” is the kind of thing people tweet to family and friends. Many of his over one million followers won’t know what that is. Perhaps most famous people tweet about specific religious events, on tweets directed at their fans, but I don’t follow any of them, so I don’t know.

  10. I actually liked the fact that it crashed – goes to show just how Archies from around the world regard David. He can still mobilize his fans in a heartbeat, lol! When KSL said earlier they could handle the requests, yeah right. They completely underestimated just how ODD his fans are, and especially after such a long absence.

  11. I was able to see most of the program. I thought it was very well done and I loved hearing David speak about what he has learned. Regardless of how i feel about the mission work, it was so evident that this made David happy that I couldn’t be anything but happy for him.

    A few things I noticed…David did say music would always be a part of his life (not his whole life, alas), and the President of the church said he could only see David rising to the top, and the last photo posted of David was on him ONSTAGE at one of the Asia tour venues (in that little maroon jacket). To me that seemed to imply…..that is a part of David.

    I’m always an optimist, though, so ….we shall see.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Thanks for the update, Marlie! Did he say anything that made you worry that 1)he was abandoning music or 2)that he was moving exclusively to a religious focus? What exactly did David say about the mission?

  12. He didn’t say anything that definitive. He said it was important that he went and it was the right decision. He learned so much. It showed him singing to his “converts”. he said his communication skills are not good, so he’d sing to the people because the lyrics to the songs had such an important message and people didn’t interrupt when he sang ( 🙂 )

    I didn’t hear anything about what he was going to do next. At the end he said that you have to just keep moving forward and not fret over every decision. That things unfold and you have to just keep going (or something to that effect.)

  13. No, I’m really not worried about him abandoning music. I cant say why. I think that last photo with him on stage in Asia was a clue to me that he would be going back to performing. Otherwise, why show that picture?

    • hell0g0rge0us

      So true! So that’s David’s strategy, is it (singing b/c people don’t interrupt you when you sing! At least when The Voice is on!)?

      David’s got this! Always has and always will. Wish his fans had more faith (in HIM, not in his church or the industry).

      Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to see the video for myself! I’m totally back into ODD mode, even though I’ve got catch-up work to do this Sunday. Oh well. It’s my day off, and I will surrender always to the Archulator! 🙂

  14. Is anything EVER easy with David, lol! Again we are left holding a bag of riddles to solve. If only he were not so engaging to stick with….smh.

  15. Thanks for all the updates, Marlie! Had no luck on the livestream but glad that someone was able to keep us updated. Can’t wait to watch it myself!!

    HG, gotta say I love what you posted about David and promotion and being unafraid. While I’m not LDS, it has bothered me for a long time that David seemed to reluctant to actually put out there his love for his church for fear of upsetting others. Sometimes I think our society has moved so far to the “don’t offend” side that we lose the true feeling. Not saying I stand behind all the beliefs of LDS but there are very few religions or organized belief structures that I can say that I agree with 100%. People are too complex for that. But I think for all things we should not be so quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater, to use a horrendous old phrase. lol.

    • Thanks for your comment, Ali, always a voice of reason and tolerance.

    • Not trying to bash in any way, but here goes…in my humble opinion….

      That would be sad if David didn’t put out his love for his church because he was afraid of being judged, but the narrative of the speculating fans was that he was being respectful to fans of other faiths. If he wants to be bold about his church, that’s fine and who he is, but it’s just inevitable that the conversation will be different–more contentious–because that’s what happens when people talk about their religion or politics. The conversation about his church has come up because of certain events: Prop 8, the gay club controversy, his dad’s arrest, mission rumors, and the proselytizing mission itself. What’s controversial will be discussed, here and elsewhere, and just because we love David, doesn’t mean we have to agree with him on everything.

      • Obviously that’s true with David or anybody else. We don’t always agree……

      • I don’t think I said in my post that we have to agree with him? I think I actually said that I DON’T agree with some LDS beliefs. But that doesn’t mean that I think David should not be able to send out a few tweets about his church and mention things about it. I think people should be true to themselves. The church obviously means alot to David so I’m glad he feels freer expressing it. As he hasn’t mentioned anything about some of the more controversial topics that have been discussed here, I don’t know his position on them.

      • Not trying to argue with you Ali, just using your post to respond because it started my thought process. My point is that religion (and politics) are controversial, people can’t be expected not to respond to it. I said, “that’s fine and who he is”. If the conversation HE starts is about his religion, we have to decide if that’s what WE signed up for.

  16. No Jeff or Daniel?

    • I would love to know what’s going on with that situation. I know it’s not my business, but I’d still love to know. It makes me sad. They were all so close.

    • I am curious about that at this point too- cc halo. Where are Jeff and Daniel? They do not seem to be part of this family reunion since David’s return. Are they in CA-maybe? l think that for folks that are interested in this show they should be able to watch it and enjoy it. On the flip side those of us not interested are OK to be not interested. Simple at that. lol. I also like when peter and others post the videos of other music artists performances here but if others don’t -then they can just ignore them. KH-I think agree to disagree is a good way to put it. You want the best for David’s music career but at the end of the day it is in his hands not the fans. I just hope that he is media savvy. I have my doubts but again it is on him.

      • Maybe that was a reason for Kari’s trip to L.A. two days after David’s return. She might have taken David to visit his dad and brother in California, where they are rumored to be living. Just speculation.

  17. HG- I liked what you wrote about how David is more willing to speak up and out. Though I hated the idea – I feel David going on a mission has helped him to trust in himself and not be so fearful. I have enjoyed David’s songwriting skills (I think ‘A little too not over you’ is extremely clever) and with this new level of maturity and confidence, I believe David will be a force to be reckoned with on the music scene.

    And, I tried to give the producer of the show heads up on how people are extremely interested in the program, and she assured me that they believe that they could handle it. Hmph; maybe next time they’ll believe me when I tell them about David and his legion of fans. 😉

  18. Smanda, I saw your post to me in the last thread and I truly, truly appreciate your kindness 🙂

    CCHalo, I also saw that you had a moment of hurt in the last thread, and I want to say that so often, you speak for those in need of an advocate, and I notice and appreciate your efforts.

    Since my post, I attended my own church, where the guest minister spoke of working with other ministers and worship leaders who don’t believe as he does about gay marriage. Basically, he said that they agree to disagree and then get on with the business of healing people and congregations. Good to hear today.

    • Thank you so much, KH. I appreciate your posts as well and I wish we had a “like” button for the posts you and others make that don’t always get a response.

  19. On moving on to his career: One poster on FOD said that this conference is a big deal (I knew that, lol), but that once it is over, the big LDS events in David’s immediate post-mission life would be finished and he would be once again heading west to resume his career. A guess, I’m sure, but I’m optimistic that that is the case.

  20. ALC, I left a comment for you, too, since I saw your comment very late. Said that I agree, and I hope neither of us finds ourselves needing to move on.

  21. hell0g0rge0us

    The video is now available:

    • hell0g0rge0us

      OK, might have spoken too soon cause I’m still having trouble viewing the video. They just need to get this baby up on You Tube!

  22. The whole program is now on you-tube and the KSL website. It’s very well done and gives a glimpse into what David did on the mission. It made me have a lot of respect for David in that he followed his heart and did what he felt he needed to do to serve and help people (whether you believe as he does or not). I loved that he sang to the people to get his point across instead of talking. There was only one picture with Jeff and Daniel in it, and I think that picture was taken just before David left. There was someone on FOD that thought Jeff and Daniel live in LA, but have no idea if that is true. Daniel is 20 so he could be living anywhere. David did say that he would always do music because that is his gift. He did seem to gain confidence through his mission especially since they gave him a leadership position.

  23. David thought when he told the audience that he was going on a mission that he would be booed off the stage and that is why he cried when they cheered. Also it was when his mom said that she was converted because of the missionaries not Donnie Osmond is when David decided he had to go on a mission.

    • Can’t imagine he would be booed off the stage even in New York or California, lol. Maybe silence and sobbing.

  24. Here’s the you tube link to part one of four:

  25. A sincere question, especially to those who have problem with him preaching to you publicly. After watching this program, in scale of 1 to 10, how strongly do you feel he was preaching to you and that he wants you to convert to be a Mormon?

    • Have only watched the first half, now going to catch the finish, but yeah, 10. He’s so wonderful, but saying that he went on the mission because his mom was converted by the missionaries, makes it pretty clear that he wants to convert, not just help others. He believes that it’s for the good of all of us. You can’t hate him for it.

  26. hell0g0rge0us

    New post featuring the Called to Serve videos! 🙂

  27. I’ve been checking in every so often to this site for 3 or four years. I enjoy it. Here are my 2 cents. “Called to Serve” is a program mostly viewed by Mormon folk, particularly young people who might be considering a mission and want understand what would be expected of them and what challenges they might face. David, I am sure, wanted to speak to that audience and encourage them to go.

    David related to his regular fans in an entirely different way and will continue now to do so. We are all here trying to be the best human beings that we know how to be. I think that we, including David, have a lot in common in that respect. David tries– mostly through music–to bring out the best in people. I have always thought highly of his fans no matter what their personal beliefs because they are drawn to David’s good intentions–which speaks volumes about them.

    For two years David has been fully immersed in his calling as a missionary. His contact with his family has been limited to weekly emails and two telephone calls a year. His contact with popular culture–music, movies, etc. has been very limited, if any. It has been up at 6 and to bed by 10:30 — or some such regimen. Now he will be returning to regular life –family, work and the world. His religious life will be a part of that. The next challenge for him will be to able to maintain a good balance between temporal and spiritual concerns. You could consider the mission like a two-year retreat. David had an intense rewarding experience and fulfilled what his church asked of him–two years of service. He will still continue to serve in other ways, but as only one facet of his life. I think David is looking forward to returning and reviving his music career. It will be interesting to see how his maturity and experiences will influence his music. (more soul, less pop?) I think that David would find a music career limited to religious music way too limiting. On the other hand, good people, good values and good music opens up limitless possibilities.

    It took faith to leave a rising career and hope that after two years away he could revive it. I know that his fans are waiting to help him. You have been helping where you could for the past two years. God bless you all (or substitute the higher power of your choice).

  28. Thanks for your comments. I was a little nervous to check back. :).

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