I’m Back!

Great to see David vlogging again! 😀


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  1. Previous comment disappeared. Oh well. I just said that he looks and sounds great, and that the blog was a welcome bit of happy for me this week.

  2. Is it my imagination or David looks very thin in recent photos and videos?

    ¿Es mi imaginacion o David se ve muy delgado en las últimas fotos y videos?

    • Other fans have commented that he looks thin. To me David has always looked thin. Now that he is home and not constantly walking he can put on some weight. He must have a great metabolism. Wish I did!

      • Chilean food is very varied. In Chile a lot of beef and chicken, seafood and a lot of vegetables are eaten. There are many avocados in the Chilean diet and also many fruits … So, even a walking David must have been eating well there in Chile. But I hope he is enjoying home food now.

    • Yes, he looks thin, IMO.

    • I was surprised to see in the video how much thinner he looked than he did in the photos and videos from Chile. They say the camera puts a few extra pounds on you but I don’t see that on this particular video. His face in Chile looked much fuller. His body slenderness could be the result of wearing a slighty oversized shirt made of fabric that drapes rather than having more stiffness like cotton.

      But as usual I feel he like we worry a lot about him even though he is a grown man. 🙂

  3. David does look a bit thin, but not unhealthy, so I’m sure he’ll be fine. What I have always loved about David is his total lack of “hamming” it up for the camera whenever he records a Vlog. He’s a celebrity, talking to his fans, but he makes no effort to be anything but “in the moment”, and authentic. In this Vlog, his first in 2 years, he seems very subdued, doesn’t feign enthusiasm, and keeps it real. He doesn’t feel any need to “rally the troops”. In his mind he still just David Archuleta, which frankly, is more than good enough for me.

  4. So wonderful to hear “it’s David here’ He is amazing and I’m so grateful to get a vlog from him.
    After listening to this vlog, one thing I’m sure of is that it’s going to take a lot of time for him to get back to his career. It does warm my heart that he knew that his fans are (after a two year wait) so ready for him to get back to his career. I took this vlog as him saying…I am still on track with my music (clue, front of a piano and playing a few notes), but it’s going to take a long while before I’m ready to tackle that part of my life. For that, thank you David for always thinking of others.
    There is some things that I would like to express that makes me angry (not at David at all, nothing but love for him), but won’t, no sense of stirring things up.

  5. CQ, in keeping with my policy of dissecting your every word (LOL)……

    You say, ” but it’s going to take a long while before I’m (David) ready to tackle that part of my life” (career)

    Uh, where does he say that? Sounds like you are projecting your fears on to David.

    Then, you tease us by saying “There is some things that I would like to express that makes me angry (not at David at all, nothing but love for him), but won’t, no sense of stirring things up”.

    Please share. “Stirring things up” is what we do here. Unless it has anything to do with the Mormon Church, which we already know pisses you off.

  6. CQ, let me assure you that what you say here does matter. You’re a fan of David’s with a point of view about a range of issues associated with him. When someone like me comes along and challenges what you post, it doesn’t diminish the importance of your opinion. It’s called “lively debate”. I may not agree with some of your posts, but they certainly have value to me and others.

    • Omg bliss, thank you. My insecurities about expressing myself sometimes get the best of me. I’m always in aw of how well everyone here and other sites, are so good at writing and expressing so eloquently what they mean exactly. Even though at times it gets the best of me, it’s not going to stop me from commenting, lol.

      • CQ, you say ” it’s not going to stop me from commenting, lol.”

        Good to hear. Keep doing what you’ve been doing. I look forward to your posts.

  7. The hair needs work.

  8. Once there was a way to get back homeward.
    Once there was a way to get back home.

  9. Kind of interesting that David’s first short video he posted upon his return- “Words we have been waiting for”- now has almost 200,00 views. This new vlog- “I’m Back”- he posted only has 18,000 views right now. Oh well. Probably does not mean anything-I guess. I do think that David needs time to adjust and grow some of his hair on top out and gain some weight. I could not resist the “hair comment.” Sorry. lol.

    • The first one has almost 200,000 views because it was posted by lots of major news organizations and entertainment sites as well as trending on FB and Yahoo for an entire day afterward. And it was the first time David was actually “in public” for 2 years. Generates much more interest than him getting back to his regular vlogs, which is more like what was uploaded yesterday. Plus add in the fact that the new one has only been up for one day.

      As far as the hair goes, I’m actually pretty amazed by how much more hair he seems to have in this vlog than in the one from the airport. His hair really must grow fast.

      • Ali – This is true. When the airport video came out & was picked up a lot of news outlets, the views multiplied rather quickly.

    • Yes, I agree with you, Ali. His hair is already longer and looks better than his recent Missionary picture.

    • Yes, Marie that is interesting, it was almost anti climatic, oh, he’s home we have to do some more waiting, back to wait mode, lol.

      As far as his looks go, yep hair needs a little growth or just a good style that compliments his handsome face. As far as his weight, he does look a bit thin, but it could be the shirt is to big. I love it because it’s so good to see him out of that white shirt/tie (not even cool ties) combo, lol.

      Another thing I thought about was that he might already be working on his career comeback, but after this vlog, I’m thinking that might not be the case. One thing for sure, I’m as confused about David’s future in music (direction, when we will have anything from him professionally, etc) as ever.

      • Yes, cq to be honest I am a bit confused too but maybe that is due to David not really knowing. I love seeing him out of the suit and tie in the vlog. He is just as cute as ever-of course. Now I have the exact opposite issue that David has-I really need to lose weight. lol. Think it is much easier to gain it than lose it -It is for me anyway.

  10. I thought the vlog was great and the fact that David posted one so quickly after getting home and so quickly after the airport video is actually indicative to me that more than ever he’s looking at resuming his career. Yes, he still needs time to settle back in. And then, yes, he will need time to more forward on whatever is the decided next step. But the fact that he went to the trouble to make this video after being home only a week and he’s sitting at a piano plunking out a few notes, no less, well to me that speaks volumes. I don’t expect him to come back and be announcing a concert within 24 hours though or shooting a shampoo commercial either lol.

  11. David did seem a bit tentative in the video – Bliss said subdued and that fits. But David has not been focusing on “David Archuleta the celebrity” for two years, so it seems reasonable for him to have to step back into that role a bit slowly.

    Ali – I agree with you that David just posting that video so quickly is indicative that he’s looking at resuming his career.

    His hair (HAIR!) is growing – I love that hair. I can’t wait until it looks like chocolate frosting again – you know, that longish, wavy, messy look. 🙂 (That comment was for Bliss LOL)

    David’s face even looks thinner. It’s not the shirt, I don’t think. It also may be the result of David being two years older and growing into a more mature muscle structure.

  12. Marlie, how’s it going? Lots of hair talk tonight. That’s fine. I also love that messy hair look on David. It offers a nice contrast to his public image that he is uptight and “not cool”, which we all know is totally false. David has a tendency to took a little thin in the face, but once he starts stuffing his face with good old American food, he will return to his “Spazzworthy’ self, lol.

    Peter, I went out for the night, and just got back, or I most certainly would’ve taken the bait offered by you at 4:39 today., lol.

  13. Mom of four missionaries

    I have been an occasional lurker here and really enjoy reading everyone’s comments. Since I have had four sons serve a mission, I feel like I have something I can add to this discussion. It is really a difficult thing when a missionary comes home. It takes quite a while for them to ease back into life again as they knew it before a mission. In fact, life for them is never the same as it was before they left. They change is many ways and the carefree teenager that left home returns a very confident and mature man. The transformation is a rather amazing thing for a mom and dad to see! You have to realize they have been living in a world that is focused totally and completely on spiritual things. They don’t watch television, see movies, listen to the radio, etc. They have been immersed in studying scripture and sharing their message with others. They also have been with a missionary companion 24/7. Once they get home, it feels strange to them to be alone and not with their companion. This has been the norm for the past two years. When they get home, they are suddenly hit with real life and the decision of what they are going to do with the rest of their life. Also, many friends have gone on with life while they have been gone on a mission, and they come home to a different norm. Lots of the friends are gone away to college or have jobs and have moved away. As for David being thin, that is not uncommon for missionaries who serve in foreign countries. Two of my sons served in third world countries and both came home very thin! Rest assured, the weight comes back on but it takes awhile. Slowly but surely they start to gain weight and begin to acclimate to life in the “real world.” All four of my boys did this at a different rate and there was no set timetable. It seemed to my husband and I that the boys were in a bit of a depression after they had been home for a couple of weeks, because they missed being a missionary and missed desperately the people they came to love so dearly in the countries or states they served in. A missionary has a very structured schedule for two years, and it is hard for them to come home and be able to sleep in, do nothing if they feel like it, have normal food to eat again, and be back home amongst family and friends. Eventually things began to fall into place for each of my sons. They enrolled in college, found jobs, and eventually married. They came home different but a good different. It was a great experience for each one of them, and they learned more about themselves and how to handle adversity and hard times and lived in places they never dreamed they could live in…and they survived and grew up into amazing men. David just needs some time to ease back into the world and then make decisions about what he wants to do. Sorry to be so long here, but I actually have lived this with four boys and wanted to share my experience with you. It is all good. It just takes time.

    • Thank you so much for your insight. You should know, 4 missionaries!

    • Mom of four missionaries – We have been talking about the weight loss, it seems to have occurred since Christmas where he looked heavier. Could the anticipation of coming home or missing Chile cause such weight loss rather than the food he had to eat. He seemed like he ate very well in Chile. Also you mentioned you thought your sons seemed “depressed”. To me, David looked melancholy or in a daze. But those are just my observations.

    • Wow, thank you so much for sharing your experiences here. Very enlightening!

    • Thank you for your insights! I feel compassion for him and will definitely be patient with him.

    • Great insights. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Mom of 4…..thanks for that insight. I remember Ann Romney always saying she sent five boys on missions and got back five men.

  15. Thank you for sharing MoFM. Although I think that David was a bit immature for his age at time, he was not a teenager right out of his parent’s home and into the outside world. He had a music career that gave him some very hard life experience already. Now I’m with you about David having all the time he needs and really by anyone expressing that they want him back really doesn’t put any pressure on him. He and he alone is in charge of his destiny.
    We are fans that have waited for his return and we’ll still wait (but will still speculate, talk and share stuff that maybe are silly, sometime heated, etc) and I really don’t think that is much different than other artist’s fan sites I’m guessing.

    As someone that isn’t lds and is not at all abroad some of the aspects of mission (BUT, respect the right of anyone to do what they want), explaining some things just doesn’t make it any better for me.

  16. Mom of 4, in one post, you managed to answer every question anyone could have about what to expect from a returning Missionary. David may indeed be a little depressed, and that is why he is asking for patience. There has to be a pretty fair degree of culture shock after spending 2 full years completely away from the intensity of American life, and then returning to it without any transition period. Heck, I need a week to recover from an afternoon in New Jersey.

    Thank you for sharing your personal experience, your insight, and your optimism. As a fan of David’s who loves and admires him, I greatly appreciate your generosity in doing so.

  17. Here’s a story of Tyler Glenn of the Neon Trees, coming back to resume a music career after his mission:

    “When he left high school, Glenn did something that surprised even his parents: He announced he was doubling down on Mormonism and going on a two-year mission to convert people to the faith. “I was like, ‘I’m 18, I’m either going to go to college, which I have no interest in because I want to be in music, or I have to go on a mission,'” he says. Overnight, he went from a punk whose hair was slathered and spiked with Murray’s pomade to a clean-cut proselytizer in a standard-issue suit. For two years, he lived as a hungry vegan in Hastings, Nebraska. He rose at 6 a.m. and knocked on doors offering lessons in the faith and ultimately baptized 17 people. He held on to his music dreams, though: “You’re not allowed to listen to secular music, so I would go into the closet and jam,” he says.

    Before he left for Nebraska, Glenn had gotten amped about continuing to write songs with Allen, who he says was “my other half,” musically. “We knew the band name, we knew the sound we wanted to go for. It was 2002, and the whole post-punk New Wave thing hadn’t really come back yet.” But when he returned, 30 pounds lighter and brimming with ideas, the revival was in full swing without him. “Bloc Party, the Killers, the Rapture – I was pissed,” Glenn says. “This is the sound I thought we would have.” Devoting himself to God hadn’t erased Glenn’s attraction to men…..”


  18. Our David is back, lol last tweet from from:
    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie · 59m
    My 3 sisters are showing me the movie “Frozen”. Watching it with them now. “For the first time in forever” I am watching a movie, haha.

  19. When I moved back to the US from living in Australia for a few years in the 1990s, I was reeling from culture shock, and I wasn’t even in a country that spoke a different language (for the most part, haha). But so many other parts of the culture were very different, as they are where I live now from the US. I’m glad that David seemed to have a very positive experience abroad.

    • It’s funny though, from reading the missionary blogs, I think the positive experience is almost entirely all about their attitudes. They have the most difficult and heart-breaking things happen, but they’re able to see it as positive because that’s what’s been instilled in them.

      For example, two female missionaries in David’s mission were suddenly transferred back to the states. One got TB (a group of “sister” missionaries were exposed) and she was in David’s group going home. Both were clearly devastated, but accepted it, and cheerfully wrote about their next chapter in the mission.

      • Forgot to say that the missionary was sent back to the states so she could be treated for her TB, but was still able to continue as a missionary.

      • Yes, I know some fans preached against reading the Missionary blogs, but I really learned a lot about Mormonism and about Chile by reading them. It gave me such a respect for the young missionaries leaving home for a foreign country with a different language having to be totally unplugged and totally devoted to their religion. It had to be really hard to do.

      • I agree, Grammyj, but there were some major head-scratchers too.

    • Shanny in Australis

      Freo, hi! Obviously having lived in Australia and New Zealand but never been to the US, I’m intrigued as to what differences you feel there are?

  20. Shanny in Australia

    Thanks HG. 🙂

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