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  1. Got that right gh, but oh so welcomed, lol. Let’s get this party started!!!

  2. nice first tweet; short and sweet. 🙂

  3. hg-Exactly. lol.

  4. At least it wasn’t adios – lol.

  5. Sweetest hola I ever did see! 😀

  6. I have never commented on this site before now but I do lurk now and again. I just felt the need to address what I felt were Blisskasden’s rude and insensitive comments he made about conservatives. I would have posted this in yesterday’s comment section, but I see a new thread has been started.

    In one posted comment from yesterday Blisskasden says, “The definition of “conservative” has changed quite a bit over the years. Conservatives used to be ones who wanted people to make their own choices in life, and to take responsibility for those choices. Now, conservatives want to impose their “traditional values” on everyone. Conservatives used to be the smartest people in the room. Now they think “Duck Dynasty” is educational TV and Fox News is journalism.” Are you serious? Could you possibly be more ignorant??

    In a few comments later he states, “Stereotyping is never a good thing, nor is it factually correct.” That comment struck me as funny coming from the man who apparently has a disdain for people who don’t agree with his “liberal” views. Oh, and how would you know that David is “beloved by NYC liberals”? How do you come up with this stuff?

    Bliss, instead of mocking people who may have a different point of view than you, maybe you could try to be more like the man you seem to so highly look up to. To quote you, “David doesn’t divide people up into groups. That’s why he has such universal appeal. He’s all about unity, and finding ways to connect with people.” How about taking a page out of his book?

  7. Very pleasantly surprised we got a tweet so soon, hum, is a vlog not to far away, hum, take your time David, (hurry up) no, no take your time (hurry up). hahahahaha!!!!

    • Couldn’t agree with you more cq! Yesterday the tweet was “Hola” and it set the David ODD fans on fire. How about if the word tweeted from David today is VLOG – with a link, of course.

      Disclaimer: this is just a HOPE not a demand. Don’t want to be labeled a bad fan lol.

      • GrammyJ, IMO, there is no such thing as a “bad” fan of David. David is blessed to have a fiercely loyal and avid fan base of people of all ages and backgrounds. This bodes well for him moving forward, and like everyone else, I anxiously (but patiently) await his return to being the best singer of his generation.

        Once David starts singing, recording, and performing, I believe that all the angst and doubts of the past 2 years will melt away like this winter’s snow. I love the symbolism of David returning in the Spring, a time of renewal and hope for the future, because David is the very personification of hope and optimism.

        “Hola” may be just one word, but the message it sends speaks volumes.

      • Nicely spoken Bliss! A little ott for me there toward the end, but what a nice thing to say.

    • lol, cq! Grammyj, you too.

  8. Kari is in London now with JT:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 1h

    The travel in the last week is now just hitting me! ORL>SLC>BUR>LGB>SLC>ORL>LGW #aching #jetleg

  9. I read somewhere that the average active Mormon spends over 20 hours per week on church-related activities. Right now, David’s especially involved with his church, with the homecoming service, MTC performance, and Mormon movie premier, that we know about. My point is that it could really be a while before he can devote himself to his singing career. I hope I’m wrong.

    • I think that you might be right -cc halo. I hope that is wrong too. I just think that he is going to lay low for awhile for some reason.

      • Right now David probably has or will have many opportunities to sing and speak at Mormon events. This week-end is their conference which appears to be very important to all active Mormons. I’m quite sure David will attend that.

        I have no idea what non-Mormon opportunities David has at this point. We shall see. Patience is the word. Guess I will watch Idol tonight although it’s my least favorite season.

    • I would wager that the average “active” David fan spends over 20 hours per week repeating themselves ad nauseam on blogs, watching AI & DWTS, and clicking on teen music videos (just for research into the music biz of course).

      My point is that it could really be a while before fans can devote themselves to any sort of a meaningful existence. I hope I’m wrong.

    • I’m an active Mormon and I rarely spend more than 5 hours a week with church-related activities. It does, however, vary with the different capacities people serve in, such as the leadership of various organizations, who would be investing a bit more time. Even in those cases, 20 hours is quite a stretch.

      • I’d bet since it was an average, the lay leaders push it up quite a bit. They were talking about stuff like Scouts, all of the youth activities, family home evenings, teaching–probably depends on the stage of life you’re in.

  10. IMHO, although David is a Mormon, that in no way portends how his career will play out in the coming months and years.

    Donny and Marie have been Mormons throughout their lives, and they have had and continue to have robust careers in pop, secular music. Heck, they are currently all the rage in Sin City itself, Las Vegas. IMO, David’s religion, and the fact that he went on a Mission, will have little or no effect on his career path for the future. David was a devout Mormon before he went on his Mission, and that didn’t prevent him from lighting up stages in the U.S. and Asia. I don’t think he will have to “deMormonize” before resuming his career. IMO, he will be up and running very soon, and will still be every bit the Mormon he’s always been.

    David is a great multitasker. Nobody can “walk and chew gum” at the same time like David.

    • Lol, Bliss, I wonder if Donny and Marie do all of those Mormon things that keep my LDS friends so busy. I bet the famous people get a pass on a lot of it.

      I mentioned before, that my brother almost converted because of his LDS business partner (but once he met with the missionaries, we was…WTH?) I don’t know how they do it all, especially with their typically large families.

  11. All I can say about that “Call to Serve” trailer (or whatever it is) — those folks should do David’s music videos. Just a few seconds and it grabs you, creates a mood, defines David in a unique and personal way, leaves you wanting more, etc.

    Road Manager
    David Archuleta
    October 2010 – Present (3 years 6 months)

    I guess opening the mail and tweeting bored fans counts as part of the 3 years and 6 mos as “road manager.” ;o)

    You folks will have to learn everything — everything — the hard way.

    • Anon-Hate to tell you but I am more impressed with Kari’s resume than I am with your comments. LOL. It impresses me that Kari works and tours with JT(she is with JT now I believe) and all the other music artists she works for. For sure. And I can only comment for myself but I don’t just watch AI and DWTS-I watch The Voice too- so there. lol. By the way not offended at all -find you kind of, just a little bit- entertaining. lol. It is David’s career not mine but if he wants one he needs fans-all kinds of fans.

      • I also work well over 40 hours a week at my job so I wish I had time for the teen music vids- but I just don’t. lol.

      • Me too plus I also work 40 plus hours a week. Don’t have 20 hours to devote to my David ODD, but it is a nice diversion.

    • Maybe David should utilize the marketing company used by the Mormon Church–Heart Sell:

    • “You folks will have to learn everything – everything – the hard way.”

      Thanks Mom!

  12. David probably is very busy with family and having church activities and the coming TV showing of the documentary is probably helping him decompress slowly from the two years he spent completely immersed in his mission duties. It’s just wishful thinking that he would put the last two years on the shelf and get started immediately on his career.

    If Kari is in London with JT, does this mean she will be with him throughtout his tour? Probably, so where does that leave David? What about all the speculation about David going to Asia? If Kari is committed to be with JT (& I don’t blame her) on his tour does that mean David will not be making appearances any time soon other than maybe locally in Utah? As a Tour Manager, even as competant as Kari may be, how can she manage JT’s tour & David at the same time. Now I’m just wondering why Kari was in Utah with David making us think they were making plans! 😦

    Of course it could mean David will use the time Kari is with JT to work on NEW music. He can keep the excitement going by staying in contact with his fans via twitter & Vlogs.

    I don’t have twitter so I have a question. He tweeted “Hola”, one word on April Fool’s Day. Was it confirmed the tweet WAS actually from David? Just wondering.

  13. Since you brought up Barry Weiss-David needs to sign with a music label-be it indie or major-a music label. If he can.

  14. Barry Weiss, you’re fired! Or as they say in the music industry, you decided to “part ways”. As you can see, I have no sympathy for him.

  15. First vlog:

  16. Awwww! Sweet! Thanks Marlie!

  17. David is the same warm, humble. sincere, handsome, guy he has always been. No worries here. He thanks us for our patience, and asks for an extension of that patience while he acclimates himself back to life after his Mission.

    Your wish is my command, David. Take all the time you need.

  18. As gracious as always, thank you David for the wonderful vlog. Once again I’ll say it, he loves us, he really loves us, lol.

  19. From a perfect first tweet to a perfect first blog. He sounds more mature to me here, but also as genuine and caring as always.

  20. I noticed that David introduced himself as “now David”, to signify that he is no longer Elder Archuleta. He’s back, he’s “David” and when he is fully acclimated , he’ll be newly energized to do the gigs that I’m sure he has already lined up.

  21. Really nice vlog. It was very well done.

    • It was short and sweet. David is as charming as ever and thankful for us, his fans. Of course it takes time to adjust after being gone two years. I love his smile.

  22. I watched it maybe once or twice 😉 . desertrat -It will be interesting to see if Jeff and Daniel show up in the CTS video, or if there is a mention of them.

  23. I noticed that instead of saying ummm a lot David is now saying well. Do you think that is what he has said in Spanish for the last two years? (Did that make any sense?). Would it be a Spanish way of talking?

    • In Spanish, he would be saying “entonces” instead of “well”. When he said “warm greetings of coming back”, it’s like he thought of it in Spanish and had to translate to English. Also when he said “years, it was with a “s” sound instead of a “z”. He’s probably getting mixed up with his English, at least for a while. It will all come back to him.

      • Very interesting, Older Fan. Thanks for explaining that.

      • Yes, I was thinking there may be a language transition he’d have to go through, in addition to the mental and emotional transitions. I just really felt for him during this video. He’s seems tentative, like he’s not really sure how to approach things, although more mature and well-spoken.

        The use of the word “well” may have been his way of pausing to translate in his mind. He may think more in Spanish now! Bet he’s having fun talking to his mom in Spanish. I’m sure she’ll help with that transition.

        That sweetheart can take as much time as he needs as far as I’m concerned.

  24. I also noticed that the camera work was very professionally done – rather than David on his webcam. Wonder who took it?

  25. Should have put quotations around “ummmmm” and “well”……..too lazy. Might have made more sense.

  26. And lots of editing, too, marlie7.

    • Yes, this video was done with video camera and edited instead of a webcam like most of David’s vlogs. Could be that Kari filmed it before she went to Europe.

  27. I have to say that watching this video reminded me again how David looks each person in the eyes when you are talking to him and he gives each person all his attention….And there it was in that video!

  28. “Que esten bien . . todos.”. Trans. “Be well everyone.”. Nice to hear from David.

    I agree Older fan. David definitely has an accent going on. Very obvious inflections from having spoken Spanish for the last two years. I hope he uses that comfort with the language to share some more songs in Spanish.

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