David’s Post-Mission Message

Here’s the promo on Called to Serve (I’m actually glad David is actually willing to talk about the motivation behind his decision):


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  1. As I said in the previous thread, words cannot even begin to express the outrage with which this fills me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Even though I am all about David the singing star and am waiting for him to get back to his career, I did watch out of curiosity. His speaking voice and even singing voice just seem so much richer.

    Putting religion aside, non fans might be moved by his inspirational move, sacrificing a singing career to serve his church. I say that because all these video popping up on twitter/facebook might get others attention.
    Hum will having all these religious videos exposed to the general public help or hurt his comeback to his music career? That is if he want to return to a secular career.

  3. Sounds like some commenters are trying to get something started, and then get OUTRAGED when it does. People are allowed to respond remember.

  4. Ha! I guess I missed the unofficial “outrage” inducing video.
    This one, however! The part where his family is greeting him!! Wow, seeing him so happy makes me happy for him, and they’re thrilled to have him back. So sweet!

    I love the part where he says God has called him to music. He knew it in the past and still seems to know it. How uplifting is that! And, like was mentioned on the other thread, the outrage thread, lol, when he says he wanted to do something that had nothing to do with him, Wow!, his character blew me away, whether or not I agree with what he’s been teaching.

    • I believe it’s the one I posted near the end of the last thread. If you like to hear every single note David has ever uttered, watch it, but it’s mostly young missionaries acting like typical goofy 19-year-olds.

      • Yes, I checked it out. Didn’t really enjoy seeing a bunch of 19 yr. old missionaries unknown to me, so probably won’t watch it again.

  5. Peter, I caught this post of yours from the previous thread, ” I was outraged only to humor Bliss.”

    You need to get a Bliss-ectomy, bro.

  6. Hum just had a thought, wonder if this show, Call to Serve, was what David was talking about before he left that he had planned. I guess with all that he is doing right now (totally understand it’s his life and can do whatever he need/wants with it) pessimism creeps in that he will not have a secular music career. oK, lol, got to stop that…..PATIENCE, lol…………I have faith he will let us know of his plans regarding his music career…he doesn’t owe us anything, but if he wants a music career, he will need us to buy his music. Now as far as his private life goes…it’s his private life, he don’t need to tell nothin’.

  7. CQ, Archuleta fan cop here to bust your chops.!…. Saw your post on FOD that said “Just like David being conservative doesn’t mean he wouldn’t tackle a meaty role if the message was a good one.”

    There are many definitions of conservative, but this one was mentioned first:
    a person who is averse to change

    David is far from adverse to change. In fact he embraces it. He is full of surprises and not only is he not threatened by differences in others, he celebrates them.

    David is also way too intelligent to sign on to the ignorance and simple mindedness of modern day conservative attitudes.


    • It also says conservative – holds to traditional values.

      I would say David is more non-judgmental than not adverse to change. I think Jive probably wanted him to change or compromise his values and he wouldn’t. But I may be wrong, I’m simple-minded and ignorant. Lol

      • Older Fan, IMO David does not change for the sake of change. Jive probably wanted David to “reinvent” himself so they could market him to their target demographic for maximum profit. David does not allow others to define “change” for him.

        The definition of “conservative” has changed quite a bit over the years. Conservatives used to be ones who wanted people to make their own choices in life, and to take responsibility for those choices. Now, Conservatives want to impose their “traditional values” on everyone. Conservatives used to be the smartest people in the room. Now they think “Duck Dynasty” is educational TV and Fox News is journalism.

        David would never think to impose his values on others. There would have been no “Nandito Ako” mini series if David were conservative. I mean characters that depicted a homosexual, prostitutes, horny young guys lusting after Anya (including Josh, btw) and unwed mothers were front and center in the show, and David interacted with all of them.

        David always gets a bad rap. I truly hope he is able to purge this false notion that he is uptight and conservative, because it”s just not true.

      • I venture to say liberals’ focus has changed dramatically too in the last few decades. Thus, it highlights the beliefs of conservatives whose beliefs really have not changed but are now considered “hateful” and “bigoted” . Examples: pro-life, traditional marriage, etc. Of course, I and as you did earlier, speak in general political terms.

    • Bliss, good grief, lol. Why didn’t you reply to my comment on FOD? Also bring over the whole comment if you are bringing it another site and what might of prompted me to comment in the first place. Again if you are going to give a lesson on the word, won’t you want to give all the definitions?

    • Bliss, David did say he would have endorsed Romney, if asked. Not sure what that says about his attitudes.

  8. I know him so weeeeeeeellllllllllllll…

  9. David is so wonderful that he attracts both liberals and conservatives alike, and we all want to claim him as our own. LOL.

    • KH, you are so right. David is beloved by NYC liberals such as myself as well as mid America Conservatives. He is the Universal Donor of good will and I am yet to encounter a more decent human being in my lifetime.

  10. I am a mid-American liberal. 🙂

    And he tweeted “Hola!” a few minutes ago!

  11. KH, mid America liberals are the best kind, IMO.

  12. Aw. That was sweet to say. It can be lonely, and voting can be frustrating, but a person believes as they believe, right?

    That tweet pretty much made my night. And twitter D fans are now debating whether or not it was him, because it is April first. LOLOL!

  13. His first tweet!!! Is anyone jumping up and down and squeeeing like I am???!!!!!!

  14. i’m quite sure most mormons are conservative republicans. no way david would be a liberal democrat, as they are known to be pro-gay, pro-abortion, and anti-gun.

    • Most Mormons are, indeed, conservative Republicans. I think Romney carried Utah by 80% of the vote in 2012. As for David, he has remained apolitical, but he certainly has interacted with gay people in the Biz without any problem. David doesn’t divide people up into groups. That’s why he has such universal appeal. He’s all about unity, and finding ways to connect with people.

    • David strikes you as someone who’s pro-gun? JK. (Not trying to start a political debate, lol). But he did say the classic “I have friends who are gay”, so I doubt the anti-gay label is good either.

  15. No one is pro abortion — pro-choice is the wording liberals use. 🙂

    • KH, ITA. The far right uses terms like “pro-abortion” as a way of demonizing liberals as some kind of baby killing advocates. They want every pregnancy, whether it’s wanted or not, to result in a birth, but then they want to limit access to Food Stamps and quality health care for the very same babies they want to see born. Their interest in the well being of the unborn far exceeds their interest in the well being of the born.

  16. That was a perfect first tweet since his return for David. I would think that Kari might give him some good tips about tweets. Just a guess.

  17. Bliss, your description of ” conservative” is pretty insulting . I would consider myself conservative because I conserve (hold on to, believe in) the values embodied in the Bible. Things such as treating others as I would want to be treated, working hard, obeying the law, being a good steward , respecting all people , and I won’t bore you . My family are all very liberal , and I value what they believe even though I don’t agree with them about certain core issues. I don’t call them names or mock them because we see things differently.

  18. Hola today and maybe a vlog tomorrow? Just a HOPE.

  19. I’m with you on that, GrammyJ. Hope! Wonder if tonight, David is watching the news about the earthquake/tsunami watch in South America.

  20. Olive Oil, people within specifics groups can be as diverse as people of different groups. Stereotyping is never a good thing, nor is it factually correct. I’m sure there are people who think that all Jews are alike, which is ridiculous, unless you’re talking about my family, lol.

  21. Just want to clarify what I said about David being conservative. What I meant was the way he dresses and acts personally, nothing wrong at about that. I wasn’t referring to his attitude toward other people and the world in general.

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