Two Years Ago: “It’s Not Goodbye”


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  1. Anon, good question. IMO, David has yet to find his niche genre in music. As we’ve heard over the years, David has an uncanny talent to sing and interpret all kinds of music, and the results have been outstanding. Going forward, I think David would benefit from being known to the public for one specific genre of music, and building up a fan base of people who are fans of that form. The more generalized David’s song list is, the more his fan base thins out, which cannot help him professionally.

    David’s musical talent seems to have no boundaries, but to be successful in today’s fickle music business, David will have to “pick” a genre and make it his main focus. As a fan who loves all of his music, I look forward to seeing where this takes him. Whatever the final destination, I’m sure it will be well worth the journey.

    • Anon (the other one)

      Blisskasden, thanks for your reply. And surprise, surprise, I agree!

      Next question, (if you’re willing to keep going on this topic) since this is a topic that fascinates me regarding David.

      First: What genre would you think best fits his voice and his character as we know it so far? and why? Any ideas?

      The reason I included “his character as we know it so far” is because I believe it could be a factor in his decision making about what market he might want to target.

  2. Not meant for you Peter 🙂

  3. CCHalo, enough already. This site is a “no hissy fit zone”. Do you have something you’d like to share about David? Remember him? He’s that cute kid with the warm smile and loving nature.

    • No, not enough already. This is just too bipolar (no offense if it applies to anyone). It would be nice if a fan site for someone as accepting as David could be free of sudden attacks and judgements for people’s opinions. My advice–just roll with it and figure out how to disagree respectfully without attacking the person. And don’t confuse defense with offense.

  4. Peter, you say, “Your direct style is “absolutely besides the point,” but everyone else’s direct style, in response to your direct style, is not only appalling, but also harmful, and will potentially kill people?

    If I were a young person and every time I posted I was attacked and mocked by numerous people, as took place to me today, I would be at risk. Young people today use the internet as their primary source of socializing, so it can be devastating to be mocked online. I’m from an earlier generation, where we met people and developed relationships in the real world, with people with real names and real personas. My social life takes place in that world, thank God, not the imaginary world of the internet. As a result, I’m not looking for any emotional support online. If I did, I would’ve blown my brains out already from the inappropriately hateful treatment I have received by some screen names here.

    Anyway, time to go to dinner with some of my “real world” friends. HIT AND RUN, you can come out now.

    • Again, why is your “direct style” not a problem? Why doesn’t anything you say apply to you? Why does it only apply to others?

  5. I agree with her advice, Bliss, and I’m saying this as someone who has tried to remain neutral in this ongoing battle. To me, you are a dedicated David fan who sometimes says things I wholeheartedly agree with and who sometimes says things I don’t agree with — like everyone else in the fan world. But in your need to celebrate David, you seem to forget that you are talking to people with perspectives that you can also learn from, or can at least attempt to understand. Most everyone in the David fan world is attracted to similar qualities that we admire, right? I thought GrammyJ’s explanation of what she said on the other site was quite valid. It helped me “get it.” Can you not see that part of this whole discussion? And how your defense of him then just causes more upset?

  6. (Referring to CC’s advice, as Peter and I must have posted at the same time. Didn’t mean to step over his post.)

  7. I absolutely believe David needs a direction of his sound to broaden his fan base. I keep going back to that foundation that David spoke about…maybe he has his vision and is ready to hit the ground running with a consistent direction with his music, but will that direction be what people embrace, I have faith that it will happen. Give something fresh, catchy and a cool different sound and your chances are pretty good (of course if all planets, stars and luck are in place, lol). David has got it all and deserves a successful music career, only time will tell.

  8. Anon (the other one)

    My apologies for addressing my original questions directly to Blisskasden only. I didn’t mean to exclude others from the discussion.

    Since it appears he’s now leaving the party, would anyone like to share their opinions on the subject? I’ve been a long time reader here and have only recently started commenting but I really enjoy the honest dialogue here. Now that David is home, I’m excited about where his career might take him (and us) next.

    My question was: What genre would you think best fits his voice and his character as we know it so far? and why? I’d love to hear everyone’s ideas?

    Or, from past “David history” what genre do you think he’ll target?

    The reason I included “his character as we know it so far” is because I believe it could be a factor in his decision making about what market he might want to target.

    • Anon (the other one) very interesting comment. For me he could go in almost any direction and I would be happy. I say almost because that one direction wouldn’t interest me even though I absolutely love his voice, but that direction might be where he wants to go because of his character.
      I’m guessing only….David’s safe and comfortable place to be. Nothing wrong with that at all, it’s his life of course, he is the only one that knows where he belongs. I won’t lie, yes I would love for him to want the direction that I want, only natural to want the singer that voice you love to put out music that you enjoy listening to.

  9. most people do not listen to understand. they listen with the intent to reply

  10. Again- if someone does not like someone’s post or comment for whatever reason than- just ignore it. Or post an appropriate reply that states your opinion and move on. It is as simple as that-to me anyway.

    • I agree. Totally my philosophy. Unfortunately, continued personalized attacks make it hard not to be sucked in over and over. I think you know a little something about being attacked online, so I know you’ve come by your wisdom through experience.

      I was just going to say that I find it ironic, looking at Gina Orr’s Facebook and Twitter, covered in Crystal Bowersox/David Archuleta promo, that David once supported Crystal’s competition, because he, Lee DeWyze, was a good role model (unlike Crystal?). How things change.

      • You are right- cc halo. I do know about being attacked online. I agree with you. The good fan/bad fan is just so getting so old. lol. Yes-things do change.

      • I think those who had issues with me were when I would state that David needed professional music management and not family/dad management. I actually do still feel that way. I think I was right. lol. Or that I did not think his 2 yr. mission would be that great for his music career. College and continuing the music career was the better choice. IMO. But who cares what I think anyway? lol. We all want David to have success with his music career but- we may differ on what level of success he needs.

  11. Senseless4Dagain

    In response to Anon (the other one) about what genre would be the best fit for David’s voice AND character. Taking both into consideration, it would be have to be Religious/Inspirational music. Now if you had asked what genre would best fit only his voice I would say Adult Contemorary/Soul but that’s only because it’s my preference & my hope that he leaves the “pop music” behind which IMO he has outgrown.

    The truth is in order to reach out & attract a larger & loyal fan base of his peers (age 20-30), collaborations with the best songwriters & producers is just as important as the genre or direction he choses.

    • There are so many artists who have strong religious feelings and that does not mean that religious/inspirational music is their genre. David is at his most inspirational putting his own twist on music and making all music meaningful to the listener whether it is Crush or Crazy or even Desperate. Turning David into only an “inspirational” singer would confine him into a tight box and considering all the cool music he listens to and talks about and funky artists that he likes to listen to and new artists that he introduces us to, I can’t see him ever closing himself off from the joy of all that other music and giving us the joy of listening to him. David doing only inspirational would shut him off from a good part of the music-listening world and what a waste that would be.

  12. Enrique Iglesias performed on the The Voice UK last night. A duet would certainly be interesting.

    • That was a fun song, but somehow I doubt returning missionary, David is going to duet with Enrique on a number like that. Now I’m not saying that David won’t do upbeat songs though.

      I like that David does a number of genres. I think he could and should always do a Christmas tour. He excels in that and can combine genres in a Christmas show. My favorite genre for David other than Christmas would be adult contemporary that highlight his vocals. As I’ve written about before he most likely won’t do “Christian” music as he would not be accepted in that genre since he is Mormon.

  13. Thanks for posting this vid of Enrique-Peter

  14. It seems like Kari is still in Utah with David as she just posted the weather forcast in Murray, Utah. David and Kari must be talking about more than just the weather. lol. Hope things are in the works for David. I do like Kari.

    • David had his Homecoming talk at his church and received his missionary plaque today according to pictures on twitter. He is probably having a family party today too. Kari’s probably their for that today.

  15. Anon (the other one)

    I was thinking Adult Contemporary too, because of his voice. The second reason is because of his character, but not because I think he’ll go the religious route.

    My thoughts considering his character were more about what compromises some genres would require to make it big. These days, it seems to take going to performance extremes to get attention in the POP Music world and I just don’t see David going that route. (Anything is possible, I guess, but I would be totally shocked.) That’s why I was thinking AC.

    But, perhaps I’m wrong about what constitutes Adult Contemporary. Since I’m not as up on current music as many of the posters here, I’d like to ask a question about Adult Contemporary. Would the Adult Contemporary market accept music without the use of profanity, heavily adult themes, or the types of behavior that the POP music world seems to crave?

    For example: The video Peter posted of Enrique. It doesn’t have any profanity, but it does have a distinctly adult theme to the lyrics. What genre does that fall into?

    BTW I really like that song. I would love it if David recorded a song with that type of feel, that type of rhythm. Thanks for posting the video, Peter.

    • AC would be a good route for David if he so wishes, but even though I think he likes all kinds of music, I’ve only heard him say pop is his genre, so who knows what direction he will take. I just want him to be successful at a singing career. Adult themes doesn’t have to have profanity or rouchy lyrics to be current and catchy, imo.
      If indeed he has a team in place to reboot his career, I’m sure they are working on it at this time. I for one would love for him to put out a single that would skyrocket him back on top and of course, that would take a major record label.

  16. Below is a link to a song David sang today at his church. Since videotaping is not allowed part of the video is of the ceiling, but the song is very sweet. David’s tone is so soothing. He will be great singing lullabies to his new niece. I just love hearing David sing Spanish as the song is a combination of English and Spanish.

  17. I would just suggest Spanish language contempory as in addition to anything English language. The way he sings the words in Spanish is so filled with emotion, passion and sometimes aching tenderness. Sigh. We shall see.

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