Processing My Feelings through Music

So, now that the news has sunk in a bit more, how do I really feel about David being back home?

Well, I’m feeling a certain type of way:




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  1. Yep, I’m happy too.

  2. LOL Love it! This song says it for me too. Welcome home David. Perfect :)))

  3. goodkarmaseeker

    Yay! Nice to hear from you HG and that you’re “Happy!”

  4. OH YEAH !!!!! Like a room without a roof !!!! 😀 😀 😀

  5. Peter, you said this on the previous thread, “I was positively surprised to see that Ryan Seacrest had tweeted about his return.”

    I think you should be prepared to be surprised time and time again in the coming days and months.
    For some reason, you have expressed very low expectations and pessimism about David’s professional future, including one time that you thought he will have “no” career’ when he comes back. Like everyone in this world, David needs encouragement and support. As fans, we can buy his CDs, attend his concerts (multiple times, if possible) and speak well of him on fan sites and twitter to encourage new people to become fans. That is how David will become more successful and, as you think is lacking, “play larger venues”. Speaking poorly of him and giving counter arguments to positive posts will work against your stated wishes for David.

    We are entering into a new phase in David’s career. IMHO, it’s time to replace the pessimism and worry with hope and anticipation. There’s really no reason not to. Have you heard David sing? He sounds pretty good to me.

    • “Smack dab in the center of media attention” is not a “positive post”. It is an exaggeration (and then some).

      We can buy his CDs and attend his concerts. However, blog comments are meaningless in terms of his career, as are tweets, no matter how positive or negative. Trying to convert people into fans will just drive them away.

      Small venues are fine. It’s just that exaggerations should not be stated as facts, IMO.

      • “Trying to convert people into fans will just drive them away.”

        This made me think of the plot in Nandito Ako, where Josh Bradley was attracted to the girl who didn’t fawn all over him.

        I agree that it’s far more attractive to be real about David, appreciating his wonderful voice and potential, but not getting all obsequious about it.

      • ITA, wouldn’t want to have anyone else try to convert me to like another singer, so will never try to convert anyone to like David. It’s really up to David to build his fan base. I have faith that he will put out music that will do just that…

  6. Love that song HG, it says all…HAPPY DANCE.

  7. This is one of the first songs David should be introduced to and eventually cover at some point. It’s absolutely terrific and upbeat at the same time.

  8. I have a poll:

    a) Now that David is home, the good fan/bad fan discussions will end. We will discuss David, his career and music, we will agree and disagree, but commenting on other fans and their shortcomings will become rare or non-existent.

    b) Same ol’, same ol’.

    c) Increasing heights of fawning over David will be even more frequently defended as the only acceptable way to interact on this site.

    Lol. NVM.

    • lol, Can’t wait until he is back working on his career..I know, to early to even mention that, but so excited for the possibilities.

    • Good Poll CC- I think b. is the obvious choicebased on comments on this new thread. Same ol, same ol. The again it might be c. 🙂

  9. CCHalo, I have never used the term “good fan/bad fan”. That is a term invented by defensive posters in an attempt to trivialize the discussion I have tried to raise about appropriate ways in which to celebrate David. You use it as part of your limited arsenal of mocking and degrading me personally in order to deflect from the substance of my posts.

    I like your poll, though. How about adding:

    d) engage in only adult discussions of issues that directly impact and advance the career of the only person here that matters, David Archuleta.

    • Appropriate ways in which to celebrate David? Good grief.

    • So it’s c). Continued fan policing re: “appropriate ways in which to celebrate David”. Sigh.

      • Wait – if it’s a poll – don’t we get to vote? So you are the only one voting.

        Can I add: e) not being the pot calling the kettle black

        f) not using a poll to criticize another fan – Since there are no good fans/bad fans

        g) not being negative about EVERYTHING

      • How about a? You don’t like that option? It’s somehow negative? I vote for a. You’re welcome to join me, if you want, or not.

  10. Well, shucks. I missed the responses to the “Happy” vid — exactly how I’m feeling, too — and got here for the continuing argument. Oh well, as Pharrell says, “Bring me down … can’t nothin.”

    • Pharrell is so very talented and if there was only one person I could choose for David to work with it would be him.
      Happy is outstanding and fresh.. hope David gets to see this video or in the least Despicable Me 2.
      great movie. great message.

    • Every great song I hear on the radio, I think, “David could be hearing this for the first time! I wonder what he thinks of it? Which ones will he choose to cover, if any?”

  11. Yes, I’m absolutely looking forward to hearing his impressions of music he missed. I don’t know anyone could miss the ear worm that is “Happy.” I guess Pharrell is a long time producer — oh man, what I’d give for that collaboration! But I imagine that Pharrell’s stock has skyrocketed lately.

  12. Senseless4Dagain

    Oh yeah! I would love a Pharrell Williams/David Archuleta collaboration! I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought “Happy” would have been a perfect song for David. I wonder though if it would have been as big a hit if it hadn’t been used in the movie “Despicable Me”. And of course it wouldn’t have been nominated for an Oscar either. No matter. It’s a great catchy song. Can’t help but turn up the volume when it comes on the radio in my car. 🙂

    BTW, Adam Lambert & Miley have had collaborations with Pharrell according to Wikipedia.

    I too look forward to hearing David’s impressions of today’s music. Wonder what he thinks about his past duet partners…Miley & Charise. Bet he wishes both of them the best cause he’s never been judgemental.

    I’m still so relieved & happy David is home & looking forward hearing from him again but this time with a little more “patience”.

  13. We all know how absolutely awesome David does covering any song, but what I’m most excited about is what kind of original songs he will come up with, now with a new fresh start, the foundation (I’m guessing) set and all else in place (label, team, etc)….that’s what I’m waiting to hear!!!! ok, yes, want to hear covers too, lol.

  14. hg you should change the name of this site to. only negtivety alowed on here,,good greif pete wake up, life is to short to be negetive over everything david

    • Oh, look: a rainbow! And a unicorn!

      • 😆

      • Peter and Whoever it applies to – Your comments are not following cc halo’s recommended option a) on her poll at 4:38 and 6:06 – 3/26. This is the option she is following.and recommends all commenters do likewise. We “agree to disagree”.

      • Lol. It’s backwards day today. Ray is allowed to attack, but Peter isn’t allowed to respond.

      • Read my comment – I said and “who ever else it applies to”. And I think you mean “Ray is allowed to attack so Peter is allowed to ATTACK. Doesn’t it work both ways!

      • Hello? Not fair to single me out, but whatever.

      • Amendment to the rule: “a) Now that David is home, the good fan/bad fan discussions will end. We will discuss David, his career and music, we will agree and disagree, but commenting on other fans and their shortcomings will become rare or non-existent. However, if posters are nevertheless attacked, especially if by name, said posters are allowed to defend themselves, particularly if it is humorous and witty.”


      • ITA-Peter. No it is not fair and it needs to stop IMO. If you do not like a comment then just ignore it. No one is forcing anyone to read someone’s comments. lol. It is way too soon to assume what is going to happen with David’s music career. I want to see how motivated David is for his music career but I think he will lay low for awhile. He is coming back from a very different lifestyle and it will take time to adjust-so that means more time away from his career.

  15. “Clap along if you feel that happiness is the truth.
    Clap along if you know what happiness is to you.”

  16. I have tried to let things slide when coming here as I thoroughly enjoy the thought provoking articles HG as taken the time to write. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I dont. So rather then muck up the site with comments that will only add fuel to a fire that Bliss doesnt seem to want to let burn out, I will just say…Thank you HG, its been real.

    • Dang Candy, I love when you comment here, don’t stop!!!!

    • Senseless4Dagain


      Senseless here (just changed my blog name to Senseless4Dagain :). Hope you don’t leave because of one poster. As for me, even though I’m not really a “regular poster”, I am a frequent lurker and I have had my share of insults but have decided to ignore the bullying if at all possible. It’s hard but you know what? These last couple of days have been what we all have been waiting for so why give a one or two posters the power to bring you down or worse keep you away.

      Some people just have this thing about always needing to be right and always have to have the last word. It gives them power in conversations or in this case, blogs, because they probably feel inadequate in other areas.

      Wonder how David is doing this fine evening? 🙂

  17. Love “Happy”! I hear lots of gospel overtones in the song production, esp. the clapping. I wonder if Pharrell wrote it.

  18. Great choice for a song- hg. “Happy” is my ringtone for my cell phone. I entertain the folks I work with by playing the song when I am actually stressed out by work. lol. Watching AI but so far no breakout performances. I wonder if David is watching AI? He was always a big fan of the show.

    • Yes, he always has been a fan of AI and hasn’t been able to watch it for two years. I’m sure he will be watching if he can. He must be enjoying doing all the thing he couldn’t do for two years – watching TV, playing video games, being with family and friends, listening to music, etc.

  19. Yes, Pharrell wrote “Happy.” Such a talent.

  20. Hmmm, I wonder if David is watching AI tonight. I wonder when he’s going to start tweeting! 🙂

    And I wish Idol this season had some good contestants for David to appreciate. This year’s crop is sooooooo mediocre. I’m embarrassed to think this is the same show that gave us The Voice!

    • lol, I don’t even watch AI anymore, but somehow it makes me so happy that David might be watching.

      Yep wonder when he will start those fun tweets again, love his dry sense of humor.

    • I wonder too when David will start tweeting. Not yet, obviously. I noticed the last two days links have been posted on his Facebook to articles about David. I’m pretty sure David didn’t post them. He definately deserves a break, but I am looking forward to tweets from him.

    • ITA-hg. Very mediocre. The rocker guy Caleb is the best entertainer and I am not even that into rock music.

  21. Candy, this is at least the third time you have bid farewell to a fan site. The next time you actually mean it will be the first, lol.

    Why leave? It’s a fan site, and you’re a fan. Share your opinions. That’s all anyone does, including me. Like they say, Opinion are like a******s, everyone’s got one, lol. Mine are just mine. Like everyone else, I think I’m right. To quote David “maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right”. Time will tell. I hope I’m right because that will mean that David will have a great career. If I’m wrong everybody loses, especially David. David is home. It’s a happy time. Don’t let some poster (in this case, me) on a fan site, who has a different point of view, ruin it for you.

  22. Awesome blog title HQ! Love Pharrell’s Happy… When I read of David’s arrival back home this song rose up in me soul… I process lotsa my feelings via music, so here it is… from IMO one of the most underrated singers/artists in rock/pop – R.I. everlasting P. Gerry Rafferty…

    • I used to like Rafferty too. Just googled him and hadn’t realized that he had recorded with Stealers Wheel, “Stuck in the Middle With You”.

  23. Senseless, you say, “I am a frequent lurker and I have had my share of insults but have decided to ignore the bullying if at all possible.”

    May I remind you that you have doled out more than your share of insults to me, but unlike you, I don’t play the “poor me I’m being victimized and bullied by mean old Senseless” card. Who do you think you’re kidding?

    Then, you say, “Some people just have this thing about always needing to be right and always have to have the last word. It gives them power in conversations or in this case, blogs, because they probably feel inadequate in other areas.”

    Thank you Dr. Senseless for that psycho-social diagnosis. Frankly, I think you’re at your best when you’re lurking.

  24. Someone sang “Long and Winding Road” on AI tonight. Ooooooo. Big mistake !! Advice to the contestants. Watch all of David’s AI performances and promise yourselves NEVER cover them. Just sayin.

  25. Now that the excitement of his return has kind of, somewhat, lol, died down, the next waiting game starts, lol (before anyone gets postal, I know he needs personal time and he has the right to take as long as he wants) what will be his next professional move? has he decided what direction he wants to go with his music? will there be more acting in the mix? has he landed a major/minor label? will he put out a new song this year, Spanish or English or both? hum a lot to think about….back on that career track, yippee!!!!

  26. CQ#, the ODD just never ends, does it? I guess we will just need to be …………….patient . haha

  27. Hum, patience, didn’t we just get a lesson that word, hahahaha

  28. Funny, in a way it was easier to wait when he was gone, because we didn’t expect anything at all. Now, we get to wonder, “What’s next and when?”

    ( I’m going to attach your disclaimer to all of my posts from now on: “before anyone gets postal, I know he needs personal time and he has the right to take as long as he wants”). Lol.

    • I agree. The rumors are starting to swirl big time again, college, marriage, sainthood, lol. Don’t get me wrong, I do think he is a fine young man, but geez, could we just think of him first as the singer we all love and talk about him returning to his music. I’m sure he will do marriage, maybe college, ok maybe not sainthood, lol, but he still can have a singing career, so I wish everyone could focus on that, ok, back to waiting.

      • Oh, I had to laugh at your comment about the rumors, CQ, college, marriage, SAINTHOOD. I’m trying to be patient. I think we are all wondering when he will start tweeting again? When will he start up his singing career?

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