“I’m Home”

That’s all we need to know! 🙂


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  1. Trending No1 on Facebook right now.

  2. YiPEE!!!! He is home safe!

  3. Yep, so cool of him to do this video, class all the way. Now the wait for him to get back to his music career really will be a breeze. So happy he is home with family and friends and I know he will need time to get back to speed. Now the next big thing, which I’m sure will create buzz, will be when he does his first vlog with HI/HOLA, David here, that to me will be a sign that he is back working on his music career. Lol, really didn’t realize how much I missed him, so happy he’s back.

  4. Amazing how that short and sweet video has been able to create buzz inside and outside the fandom. So happy he’s back, and his obvious joy is contagious.

  5. http://www.eonline.com/news/524759/american-idol-cutie-david-archuleta-returns-home-from-2-year-mormon-mission-in-chile-watch

    Eonline calls David a “Cutie”. “The super cute 23 year old singer (those dimples!)….”

  6. My wish for David for the next few days is to sleep in, wear only comfy clothes, eat his favorite foods – Thai, etc., reconnect with family and friends, surf the web and listen to LOTS of music. Oh that would also be the wish for myself too! He definately deserves some days of rest and relaxation.

  7. This is a reply for Senseless from previous post. My thoughts was like you as time approached for his return, but really after seeing that golden 11 seconds video and seeing that kind of buzz it created, I was wrong. David did it with class and his way and BONUS it created all sorts of buzz inside and outside of the fandom. Bravo David!

    • I think that since David was still technically “Elder Achooleta”, a fan greeting would have been unseemly. He’s not officially back to his public career until he’s formally released, which I assume has already happened.

      • You’re right of course. He is still Elder Archuleta, still a missionary until he’s released in a day or two. I don’t know what I was thinking! duh.

        He does still look so young, though. 😀

      • I’m told that usually the missionaries are released right away, as in that same day. 🙂

  8. Dear HG,

    I just wish to take this opportunity to thank you for providing a place for fans to keep the discussion and interest in David going these past 2 years. You could have packed it up and closed down the site but chose otherwise despite how heated the discussions got at times. So for your perseverance and diligence, I say – Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!

  9. Good idea, Joymus. HG, joining with Joymus to offer a big thanks for your hard work and dedication. It may get “hot” around here at times, but I love that we have a place for this type of discussion!

  10. On You Tube that video I’m Home has over 81,000 views- in less than 24 hours. Some of the comments on you tube are interesting. lol. The good news is -obviously there is still an interest in David. Glad that David is home and good that he is taking some time to relax with his family.

  11. Just checked and now it is over 83,000 views. lol.

  12. David’s #2 on Trending Now on Yahoo! Yes! https://www.yahoo.com/

  13. You know it’s leaving an impact when you start to get a few trolls in the Youtube comments.

  14. barbsmsl-Isn’t that the truth. lol.

  15. lol, my thoughts too, barbsmsl and Marie.

  16. I just checked Idol Forums — so good to see that site come back to life with David’s return!

    HG, ditto what Joymus said. Thanks a gazillion for keeping this site going.


    • Oops … didn’t get to finish:

      CQ, I want to thank you to for inspiring people to continue posting on the various sites. About 1 1/2 yrs ago, all the sites were really quiet. Some of us hadn’t posted for several days. You came here and asked where was everybody. I forgot exactly what you said but you emphasized how we needed to keep David’s name out there. Your comment was a major influence on my decision to keep posting (at least semi regularly, lol) even when I had absolutely nothing to say. Thanks for the encouragement. 😀

      • OMG desertrat thank you so much for your kind words, you don’t know how much that means to me. I truly believe that it did help, if not that much for David’s career, it did help all us fans with the wait. I believe with all my heart that David will achieve the success he so deserves. We have been here for that ride and it’s only the beginning, it’s just wonderful!!!

      • Good Point desertrat about- cq. I agree. Thanks to hg for keeping the site going. Peter- thanks for that link to that article.

  17. “In 2012, American Idol star David Archuleta decided to put his music career on hold for a two-year Mormon mission trip to Chile. On Tuesday, March 25, we were happy to see the slightly older but still baby-faced singer return home with a smile on his face. Archuleta never won “Idol” — he was season 7’s runner-up — but he’s just as famous as many of the reality show’s champs.”


    • Thanks for the link, Peter. It was interesting that David was the first picture and then all the rest were the winners of each season. I do love the buzz that David is currently getting.

  18. I’m with Joymus’s comment @6:17 p.m.

  19. Trending #3 on facebook right now….yay baby!!!!!!!!

  20. Dear Joymus, Desertrat, Rae, GrammyJ, CQ, and everyone else who’s been a regular visitor:

    THANK YOU FOR COMING HERE! There would be no point in keeping a blog if there wasn’t a community congregating here. Thank you all for joining me in keeping the fireplace burning!

    Now we just need to wait and see what will follow the “I’m Home” greeting (the YouTube video now has over 100,000 views – is that in less than 24 hours?).

    • HG, if not for SD the last 18-20 months would have been BORING! Thanks to you & all the posters here it’s made this time interesting & tolerable. I don’t comment every day or even every week but I do visit just about every day. So I want to add my thanks to you as well. 🙂

  21. The video now has over 127,000 views (by tomorrow, it will have many more). Whoever said that David “should be grateful to have any fans when he gets back” owes David and his army of loyal fans an apology. David came back without any fanfare , put up a 10 second vlog, and has lit up the internet and twitter, trended on Yahoo, Facebook, etc., and has put himself smack dab in the center of media attention, without a snippet of promotion.

    As to the question of “will David have a career or fans when he comes back”?, it has taken David exactly one day of having to do nothing but say hello at the airport to answer all the doubters and naysayers, and close that discussion forever.

    David doesn’t need me to wave his banner for him. He’s a one man marching band by himself.

  22. Bliss, you’re kinda making it about the fans again. Time to move forward from that, in my opinion.

    I was really, really delighted to see David mentioned in so many places, especially the trends on Yahoo and Facebook which I hope were organic and not just created by those sites filtering to my own interests.

    I would ask one question of Bliss, though. How do you know David had “not a snippet of promotion”? It’s my guess that his oft-maligned team sent press releases to many of the outlets that are reporting on his return. But maybe I don’t know what counts as promotion?

    • Press releases probably were sent out. You can’t just count on the media seeing a Youtube video. Of course, they did not have to pick up the story. And the way it just spread was exciting; frankly it pleasantly surprised me also. I venture to say there are lots fans out there who laid low for two years, choosing not to get involved with what we are doing lol, and are now re-appearing. Also, the buzz yesterday reminded people of David who maybe had forgotten him. And hopefully, they remembered him fondly. He has “sown a lot of good seed” the past 6 years with people and hopefully he will reap the harvest.

  23. Miss Bianca, granted, we don’t know what kind of advance notice was given media outlets prior to David’s return, but the “buzz” given his return has exceeded even my lofty expectations. Regardless, it appears that David remains a “person of interest” in the entertainment community, and his return has been met with one could describe as “wild enthusiasm”, especially on the all important social networks of twitter and facebook.

    As for the naysayers, their 15 minutes are up, thank God. Now it’s time for David to get out there and show the world what they’ve been missing. I don’t doubt for a second that he will do just that.

  24. It is absolutely great that he was mentioned on the CNN website and the E! Online website, but that is not “smack dab in the center of media attention.” As for “closing that discussion forever,” it is too early to say anything about his career, but I hope he will become megastar.

    I was positively surprised to see that Ryan Seacrest had tweeted about his return.

    • I was surprised by Seacrest too. On Seacrest’s website, David is in the center of the page surrounded by Kanye, the Biebs, and Selena Gomez. I believe it helps that the clip was very short because it leaves one curious as to what’s next for him.

  25. Gina Orr might not be on twitter a great deal but I do think she has many connections in the music industry. Gina worked for AI and the record label Jive and was a publicist for major music artists like Britney Spears. From my uderstanding Gina was well respected so the woman has to be well connected. Gina just does not manage any body that high profile expect David. Crystal B. is not that well known. I agree that it turned out to be a good move that the video with short. I would credit Kari for that. Peter-I agree.

  26. HG, I want to thank you for all your hard work and commitment for keeping this wonderful site opened while David was away. Although I do comment at times on other sites (all sites are great with their own personalities) but this site is where I call home. You given us such wonderful articles that I truly always look forward to reading. I look forward to the future now that David is back and will soon be back on track with his music career, to continuing this fun career ride with you and all the awesome commenters here.

  27. Press releases probably were sent out. You can’t just count on the media seeing a Youtube video. Of course, they did not have to pick up the story. And the way it just spread was exciting; frankly it pleasantly surprised me also. I venture to say there are lots fans out there who laid low for two years, choosing not to get involved with what we are doing lol, and are now re-appearing. Also, the buzz yesterday reminded people of David who maybe had forgotten him. And hopefully, they remembered him fondly. He has “sown a lot of good seed” the past 6 years with people and hopefully he will reap the harvest.

  28. One of my fan friends tweeted that a snippet about David’s return scrolled across the screen during E! (the TV show) so that was pretty exciting and a smidgen higher profile than just being online. (I guess — I may just be aging myself. My teen and young twenties daughters never watch TV: all entertainment comes via their laptop, basically.)

  29. College??? He has been in a better place than college. He earned his degrees a long time ago while becoming worldly and known around this world. Let’s see what David has been studying while at college. Well, he has been in the music department taking voice, piano and guitar with his major in music being his “voice” while minoring in piano. Well done David. He has performed on stage in front of world class professors for years! I also heard he has done some conducting and directing, classes!

    Then he took up a language or two or three or four or more! Spanish became his major language. He even took Spanish immersion!! Well done David your Spanish is impeccable. But then when you sang in Latin, French and all the other languages you became well accomplished.

    While we are visiting the arts department let’s check up on his acting and writing classes. Well done David! Your stage appearances and first book have been most enjoyable, viewed and acclaimed by thousands world wide!

    David has taken history for years now but at a university that had the hands on education where the student immerses himself in countries around the world. Now that course has been priceless, no really priceless because no text book or time in a study hall could ever match his travels.

    Sociology, yes he has taken courses in sociology placing himself into different cultures seeing their daily living, their beliefs and ethics. Ah excellent again David. Wow he has gathered a few degrees by now while contributing to humanitarian efforts along the way. Oh yes, he has been studying finances, learning how to earn, invest, spend, give, plan and save.

    I must not forget religion. In travelling the world and spending time in different societies he has learned about the religions of the different cultures. How wonderful to see the churches of various religions in different corners of the world and have the opportunities to hear about their beliefs directly from the people.

    The course in caring and giving, well there is not a text book on that or a university course that I know of to take. You learn best through living, so congratulations David your marks are the highest, well done!

    The need for a university experience meaning being with people your own age? Done.


    The courses David has taken are endless and he has spent years taking them. No better courses in this world can be found than the ones he has bern already immersed in that will give him insight into life well beyond what any hard covered text book studied in any cold desk and chair study hall could ever give him.

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