Could Have Been a Contender?

As we await David’s return and wonder how he will fit in today’s entertainment industry, I’ve been looking back at some of the songs his former label Jive had released.  And I’m still wondering: why didn’t singles like “A Little Too Not Over You” or “Something ‘Bout Love” take off the way “Crush” did?  There really is no “formula” for success, is there? Or, when looking back, do the songs still hold up?

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  1. ali- thankyou! if he made it back then, then that’s great! actually makes sense! why didn’t kari tweet that so there would be no confusion?

  2. Maybe it’s as simple as Kari just sending things our way to stoke our excitement these last few days. 🙂 Works for me!!!

  3. You gotta ask yourself… who and where is his “audience”? For him to have a sustainable career, he will need far more fans than what I suspect is left now that those “transient” fans have seemingly departed from the fandom… It’s simple to me…. he needs to make music that people will like, want to hear and buy – and give them reason to go see him live, or on tour. My opinion is that he will need far superior music material than he has put out the last few years and a superior, committed, more focused and professional PR and management team for him to have a chance to entice new fans or garner any attention beyond these boards and his base. The Good fan / bad fan meme’s are as childish as they are redundant, but they are real in this fandom. David is going to need all the GF/BF he can get – the ones that want to BUY his material and PAY to want to see him perform it in the secular music arena. That’s what it will boil down to after he returns, and we begin to see what his “team” and he plan to do. It’s gonna have to be better than giving away pieces of curtain from a 4 year old tour.

  4. HAHA – David is a grown man, and by golly we must treat him as such! How dare he be referred to as adorable! (gasp) and lovable! (grasps pearls).. how will anyone ever take this po’ chile seriously if we keep infantilizing him?

    *bats eyes and winks at the same time – because I can*

  5. it appears that david’s picture is being snapped throughout the video — weird. i enjoyed the clip and don’t think the video has anything to do with fans. did kari tweet the link to it? of so, perhaps she had her own intentions for posting the video.

  6. Anon (the other one)

    Ali, I agree. I just want him to step down onto U.S. soil again.

    As far as the Patience video, his explanation was a bit of a mess but done with such charm that it didn’t really matter to me. What it did do is remind me what a charismatic personality he has. I sincerely hope that charisma (assuming he still has it), along with his amazing voice, will take him places.

  7. Beauxcefus, you can mock me all you want. The more I’m mocked, the more I know that there is truth in what I say. We’ll all see what David will have in store for us when he gets back. To those who feel that the wait wasn’t worth it, hey, that’s life. Time to move on. For the rest of us who enjoy and appreciate David for who he is and what he does, it’ll be a pleasure just to have him back.

    As someone who loves to write about David, it will be a relief to have him to write about in the present tense.

  8. “The more I’m mocked, the more I know that there is truth in what I say.”

    Whatever gets you through the night (tm John Lennon) Bliss, LOL… I see it more as if you dish it out, you gots to be able to take it.

    “To those who feel that the wait wasn’t worth it, hey, that’s life. Time to move on. For the rest of us who enjoy and appreciate David for who he is and what he does, it’ll be a pleasure just to have him back. ”

    *Bravo*!! I think this is called allowing fans of differing opinions and manners of expressing their fanship to “agree to disagree” – without sounding condescending or belittling.

    I believe in “keeping it real”. I don’t like mincing words, but have learned the hard way that one can disagree with others without being disagreeable.

    There’s hope for you yet 🙂


  9. Beauxcefus, I have always said that I welcome all commentary on my posts, pro or con, even from catty, childish pseudo- adults like you. Please tell me that you are not older than 17.

  10. Anon (the other one)

    Bliss, you said: “To those who feel that the wait wasn’t worth it, hey, that’s life. Time to move on.”

    I do not understand how you and I can read the same comments and come up with such different interpretations.

    Where exactly did you see/read someone say they think this two years of waiting for David was a waste of their time and/or wasn’t worth it? Where exactly did someone say they ” feel “entitled” to have David “get with it” ASAP”?

    And do you REALLY think there are only two types of fans? Seriously? Do you honestly think you can categorize fans from around the globe into only two types? It’s more likely that there are as many types of fans as their are fans since two people rarely agree on everything.

    Fans have hopes and dreams for David when he returns. I don’t get why that’s a bad thing. Fans here want him to succeed and discuss what they think it will take to make that happen. They have been here for two years, waiting patiently, discussing all aspects of David’s career (what they believe to be good and bad) while David did what he felt he needed to do. I see no need to need to criticize these loyal fans for the way they discuss things.

    SMH I just don’t get it. I really don’t.

  11. Tsk, Tsk – Is this the best retort you can come back with? You disappoint me sir, lol. For such a worldly man as you proclaim, it appears the concepts of wit, snark, sarcasm and irony escape you. Most of the 17 years olds I DO know have no problem grasping them, lol. Oh well. When you’re ready to have those kind of adult conversations – the ones that don’t devolve into cowardly name calling when nerves are hit? Call me. Or continue calling me a meany poo poo head – I really don’t care, LOL. I like playing with you 🙂

  12. Whatever way David is going to garner fans, doesn’t look like it ought to involve spending much time on his Facebook page. I found this depressing video. Even if David’s team hasn’t paid for FB likes, I bet a lot are from the kinds of places this guy reports on.

    We know David has significant vocal fan populations in the Philippines and Indonesia, but how large are those fan populations?

  13. Beauxcefus, Believe me, I’m not about you, I’m about David. If you’d like to discuss David, I’d be happy to share your views, as I would anyone else who cares to do so. If not, we’re done. This trip back to my Junior High School cafeteria with you has been mildly amusing, but like everything else about you, tedious and frankly, a public embarrassment. You have many people here who think your posts are brilliant. I’m not one of them . Please preach to your choir.

    • I recommend the post by Anon (the other one) above. Says it perfectly and very kindly.

      • Anon, your post is refreshing, and I appreciate your thoughts. Although we disagree, you do so in an adult, sincere manner that I can respect. Thanks for your input.

    • Awwwwwww Bliss, you sound kinda jelly… Your last three sentences are classic projections, and gives me all the more insight into what makes you tick. I ought to start paying you Bliss, you have given me some serious lulz AND excellent case study material these last few months – Thanks! Anyhoo, I really do think you are an excellent disher outer, but a VERY poor taker, which makes your entertainingly defensive posts all the more hilarious. It’s obvious the sense of self importance in them far outstrips the sense of self awareness. I DO look forward to seeing how David’s return will progress, and I especially look forward to engaging in conversations with you and others in the future here about David and other interesting things. I’m versatile, I can be and own being silly, cerebral, bitchy, irreverent, FOS and gully if need to be, but I’m always REAL. Toodles till the next time! My other choir awaits *wink*

  14. missbianca, thanks for the very honest & yes, disturbing video.

    It makes sense now as to why there are so few views on David’s videos on YouTube as compared to his FB & Twitter “followers”. It just never made sense to me. because if David has over one million ligitimate “followers” on FB you would think any & all videos of David would have at least half as many views/likes but that has not been the case.

    Anyway, the video was very interesting & telling.

  15. ITA Senseless. The truth will always out, and it ain’t always pretty… here’s some more to chew on for those interested in this kind of thing… I have read reports that record labels engage in this practice quite openly, so it begs the question of what is “real”, if anything, in the entertainment industry… food for thought as David’s possible return to secular music is almost here…

    • Wow, I guess this could explain how David could have over a million followers and yet only sell a few thousand records.

  16. Anon (the other one)

    Blisskasden at 1:10am. While I appreciate the compliment, you didn’t answer any of my questions.

    I would like to read the comments I mentioned, so if you could please tell me where you read them? I’m curious to know if I would see the same things in those comments that you do.

    I’d also like to know if you honestly believe that you can categorize ALL David’s fans into only 2 categories as described above. Or was it just a gross exaggeration trying to make a point?

    One more question. You said you disagree with me. What exactly in my post do you disagree with? I’d love to hear what it is and why.


  17. Wow – there’s really some junior high name calling going on. Give it a rest; we all think you’re cute.

  18. The good news is that David is flying home sometime today – probably tonight. He will most likely be on U.S. soil tomorrow. Not sure when he will get back to his public music career but I’m thinking soon. Then we will finally have something new to talk about which will be great.

  19. Maybe this will change the mood, David is on his way home TODAY!!! Should arrive sometime tmw!

  20. Anon, you ask, “Where exactly did you see/read someone say they think this two years of waiting for David was a waste of their time and/or wasn’t worth it? Where exactly did someone say they ” feel “entitled” to have David “get with it” ASAP”?”

    If you read through the posts and articles in the past 6 months or so, you will see what I am talking about. On a daily basis, there are posts criticizing andf chastising David’s management, song choices, potential, CD sales, venue sizes, etc. etc. etc. The essential message is clear. “We waited 2 years after he “blindsided” (actual word used) us with this unexpected “detour” (actual word used). Now, it’s time to make up for lost time, get back to doing what we expect him to do, and do it ASAP.” The only people who would not draw this conclusion are the “entitled” ones themselves, who always claim to have their agenda “misinterpreted” and “distorted”.

    To these people, however,the greatest villain of all, has been the Mormon Church and Missionary work itself. They blame everything short of 9/11 on the Mormon teachings and lament that David will have become so poisoned by his Mission’s religiosity that he may never sing a pop song or,worse yet, shake his hips on stage again, an unthinkable calamity.

    I hope this answers your question about what I have been talking about these past months. Now that David’s Mission is complete, my hope is that our focus will return to what David has clearly earned, which is the unconditional support and appreciation of the people who he works so hard to please, namely, fans like you, me, and yes, even the “entitled ones”.

    • If you interpret people’s normal way of conversing as “wrong”, I guess that’s up to you, but it makes for a contentious fan site, which doesn’t do David any favors.

    • He tours small venues. Saying that he tours small venues is stating a fact, not criticizing or chastising.

    • I think we should all thank HG for providing this wonderful website to allow David Archuleta fans to converse about topics approved by Blisskaden in a manner approved by Blisskaden.

  21. HE’S HOME…..YIPEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE DAVID AND KARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  24. OMG !!!!! I’M about to cry !!!!! It is soooooooooo good to hear your voice and see your face !!!:):):)

  25. Tears of pure joy!

  26. Welcome back David. He looks great and was obviously eager to greet his fans. David has done what he needed to do in his life and now will have nothing to keep him from fulfilling his unlimited potential as both a singer/performer and a human being of the first quality. The best is yet to come, or my screen name ain’t Blisskasden, lol.

  27. goodkarmaseeker

    Streaming down tears when I saw this!!! As much as I thought I’d be happy, I didn’t expect tears!

  28. Oh my heck, why am I crying???? I’m sooooooo happy!!!!!! DAVID’S HOME!!!! Celebrate good times, come on!!!!! The wait is over 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Can’t wait for what’s next!!!!!

  29. April — come she will

  30. Awww. Welcome Home David!!!! He looks and sounds great.

  31. I have a big smile on my face. I’m so glad that he’s home.

  32. I am too -Grammyj.

  33. So happy. So sweeeeet to get that “I’m home” message. I’m smiling through tears.

  34. Yeeeeeeeeeees!!! HE’S HOME!!!!! I LOVE YOU DAVID!!!

  35. So so so happy to see David’s smiling face and hear his voice today! Surprised and happy!!

  36. Welcome home David! Totally unexpected & sweet surprise!

  37. Welcome home David ! Can’t wait for new music, new videos, tweets, etc (i can’t beleive he’s finally back #euphoricvibes lol)

  38. OMG!!! What a wonderful welcome back video! David is actually back on U.S. soil. I missed him so, so very much. Well done David and Kari!!

  39. Words for the day “I’m home; I’m home”. YIPPEE!! Now we can all get along and live happily ever after. 😉

  40. just saw a link to this beautiful pic on fod:

  41. I’ve seen THE VIDEO over & over. Is it just me or has David NOT aged at all? Maybe it’s just the camera, but to me he looks thinner & even younger than when he left even with the short hair!

    His family must be overjoyed to have him home. He’s still Elder Archuleta until he’s released so I think it was very thoughtful of David to post a video for his fans as soon as he landed as it’s apparent he was still in the airport.

    I look forward to seeing his first vlog as “David” but can wait until after he’s spent as much time as he needs to be with his family & friends and to get acclimated to the changes at home AND in the music scene. No doubt he will adapt. I’m just glad he’s back. 🙂

  42. Hit and Run, I just saw your post when you said, “I think we should all thank HG for providing this wonderful website to allow David Archuleta fans to converse about topics approved by Blisskaden in a manner approved by Blisskaden.”

    LOL, I like that. Actually, I totally appreciate HG for maintaining this site, and hope she will continue to do so in the future. Of course, I do not set the agenda here, nor do I “approve the topics” to be discussed. I merely respond to what I read and welcome others to do the same, pro or con. As you can see, this site is not for sissies, and the interaction can get quite feisty and downright nasty at times. However, having grown up in the Bronx and New Jersey, it’s nothing compared to taking the subway during rush hour or being stuck on the Jersey Turnpike trying to get into the Lincoln Tunnel.

    Anyway, David is back, looking fit as a fiddle and flashing that mega watt smile, so I’m a happy camper, as I’m sure everyone else is here. Now, we’ll really have something to talk about. Stay tuned.

    • Interesting article cc halo. Thanks for posting. Senseless-I strongly believe that was David’s call not to have any fans at the airport when he arrived. I would bet both Kari and Gina would have loved to have fans there for the PR. That was David- IMO. I agree that it would have been good PR to have fans at the airport.

    • Yes, thanks for posting, CC. I enjoyed the comments he made and will be interested in following his story.

  43. Just a thought before I leave for work. This is where I think Kari made a huge mistake in not giving fans the heads up about David’s arrival time. I think having even a small group welcoming David home & having a reporter there as well covering his arrival would have created some bigger media buzz. I think deep down David would have loved seeing even a small group of fans there. Otherwise why have a policeman there just to follow him to his pickup vehicle? What a wasted opportunity IMO because even a small local buzz at the SLC airport could have created a larger regional & eveb a national media buzz. There was something in the local paper but after the fact.

    I dunno, maybe I’m wrong. Glad he’s home & enjoying time with family. Think about it…no more getting up before dawn unless he wants to!! 🙂

    • was what he wanted.. Kari commented that on twitter.
      he has always seemed to try and avoid the spotlight and this was a personal moment. not a career one.

      his I’m Home vid has over 60,000 views already and I think it was fabulous he actually made this for his fans.

    • Senseless: Please notice it was his idea, NOT KARI’S. I guess you are saying David made a huge mistake. HE wanted the privacy. Hello – she works for HIM. I guess some people need to look for something negative in everything.

      MarthaPB ‏@mlpb3 19h

      @DavidArchie Welcome Home David!! You surprised us!! Thanks, @kariontour !

      Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour

      @mlpb3 just the way he wanted and we did it! Have to thank everyone involved in that with us!

  44. Pretty cool that when I’m on Facebook, David’s return video is listed on my sidebar as trending. 🙂 ❤

    • KH I don’t have FB so thanks for letting us know that

      David looks almost the same maybe a little skinny but still just as gorgeous and charming as ever.
      way I see it he is still the same David as he left
      lol I don’t know kind of expected Enrique to pop up.

  45. i am so excited to see what happens next!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Just checked my yahoo email and in a side bar I see that David is the #2 trending topic. YAHOO!! Lol, when u click on his name, you see a pic of 17 yr old David and his height is listed as 5′ 2″.

  47. Love that David is getting so much BUZZ, doing his way!!!! Just goes to show what superstar potential he still has…so exciting to be aboard the David Archuleta rising music career train. Nothing but very exciting stuff coming our way. I’m glad he is keeping his personal life as private as possible…want David to be know as a great singer first and foremost, not a kid from AI or a nice Mormon kid. He is an adult and should be respected for his amazing talent.

    • I agree, CQ – time to talk about him as an adult in comments on news articles, etc. (not “such a nice kid” or “nice young man”-even if those things are true). I prefer “what a great voice” “he seems like a great guy” skipping all the age/youth references in my comments. He is 23 and has seen a lot of poverty and illness and has been in the business essentially for at least 14 years or more and so I want the world to see him as 23 but not a “young kid” even if he still has a young face.

  48. senesless,your sreen name fits you VERY well.

    • Aren’t you breaking the rule: “Any comments containing personal attacks WILL be deleted.”

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