Could Have Been a Contender?

As we await David’s return and wonder how he will fit in today’s entertainment industry, I’ve been looking back at some of the songs his former label Jive had released.  And I’m still wondering: why didn’t singles like “A Little Too Not Over You” or “Something ‘Bout Love” take off the way “Crush” did?  There really is no “formula” for success, is there? Or, when looking back, do the songs still hold up?

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  1. TOSOD is my fav album so far. I like SBL but there’s a sadness to it that makes me think it wasn’t destined to be the next “Crush”.

    From the previous thread, Marie, you’re right about the Housewives, lol. They get far too much media coverage to me.

    Misc., as a reminder, David fan “Embe” was competing on Finland’s “The Voice”. If she’s still around it would be fun to hear her comments on what it’s like to compete on a talent show. Below is a Google translate article I found on her; I think it means she left the show in Feb.
    Ostrava Egyptian Emmi fell from the Voice of Australia

    Wendy Ruoppila
    02/21/2014 21:16 21/02/2014 21:27

    Ostrava Egyptian Emmi Ahonen , 27, fell on Nelonen rotating Voice of the UK program duel battles. The jumper’s case, it was indeed a three- fight , when he sang the song Give Wood Rules for love in one of the other two elastic side with a competitor.

    The early qualifiers Ahonen assured the judges , and elected valmentajakseen elastic . Remembered he was in a duel section of incense , although Elastic Ahonen chosen not to continue in the team .

    – You have a great genuine type and operating your new record attendance today is really, really good , Elastic praised the jumper’s motion.

    Ahonen announced early in the interview after the qualifying Jämsäläisen welcoming the fact that has got to be the competition.

    – I think it’s been very nice to see how a television program is made. It has been wonderful to explore the fine people and music professionals , such as Ville Pusaan , Lenni – Kalle Taipale and Kimmo Laihoon , ie the elastic .

  2. Very interesing and thought provoking post,hg. I am not sure what songs hold up. I believe that Crush does-It was the perfect pop song for David after coming off of AI. I will always like SBL so not sure why it did not take off. I do know one thing- if David wants to have success on the pop chart again he has to have the right team behind him-producers,songwriters, music label, music management, ect. Then his fanbase will increase. They all need to be able to tap into what is a current and relevant sound for him IF David wants success on the pop chart. Maybe he doesn’t. idk.

  3. I still love ALTNOY. I would love to know what happened behind the scenes regarding that song. It was number one on Z100’s noon countdown one day. After that, they never played it again. I blame Seacrest. lol

    • Wow, that is interesting Astrid! It makes you wonder since the song (also SBL) was great and had a superb music video! They went all out producing that MV! Did someone step on someone’s toes or did David nix something they wanted. Wonder if we’ll ever know

      • It was the strangest thing. And so very frustrating. We know David will never tell.

        I remember reading an article (think it was posted here) a few years ago about Ciara. She spent her own money promoting her single, even calling radio stations herself. She said Program Directors told her Jive instructed them not to play her single. Shady business.

  4. The music business is very shady.

  5. I think that ALNOY and SBL are real good songs, who the heck knows why they didn’t achieve the fame as Crush, yep no formula for success. Of course I’m going to put my two cent in and this is coming from a fan that knows NOTHING about the business, only speculating a perspective. lol. Crush met his target audience, I’m thinking teens (I know he also had his AI older audience, but leaving us out of the formula, lol), catchy, angst love, relatable, current and of course coming out of AI popularity, great formula. By the time ALNOY came out maybe his target audience had moved on..for singers that maybe had a bet more edge, catcher, and so on. I do like ALNOY very much, but did it have that WOW factor, maybe not. Now comes SBL, a great song too and about love, but maybe a little tame for his target audience and really when the video comes out, it was really sweet, but no romance at all. There’s my perspective with no knowledge whatsoever, lol.

    Moving forward, David is coming back as an adult with, if possible, an even better voice…let’s hope that he finds the formula that will work. It will be an exciting ride!!!! David back on USA soil next week…happy dance!!!!!!

  6. First live show of The Voice UK. There will be spamming.

  7. The amazing Sally Barker:

    • Thanks for posting the videos- peter. I always enjoy them. I wish that AI had even close to the talent that the voice UK as this year. I am liking Sally.

  8. WHAT,S THE NAME OF THIS SITE>and somebody,hab the nerve to say bliss was rrying to take ove r the site,HA HA HA

    • Well, you of all people should know that, as a disgruntled former American Idol contestant who is just JELLUS, I’m interested in this type of stuff.

  9. As to why David’s music and videos were not promoted, I have to think someone high up decided to undermine his career for political or personal reasons. After the success of Crush, why would he not be played on the radio? He was still very popular and getting lots of requests. Something Bout Love is a great pop tune. The whole thing seems really weird to me.

    • how about David wasn’t willing to go along with the pop image they wanted for him?
      I don’t know like what say all that Bieber did?

  10. Olive Oil, you say, presumably seriously, “As to why David’s music and videos were not promoted, I have to think someone high up decided to undermine his career for political or personal reasons”.

    What on earth are you talking about? High up where? Undermine his career? Political reasons? This is David Archuleta we’re talking about here. When did David become a figure worthy of such drama and sabotage?

    Any theories? I’m stumped myself.

    • I know it’s far fetched, but wasn’t prop 8 an issue back then and there was a big LDS opposition. Just a thought.

      • Olive oil- I do think that might have played into why some in the music industry might have had issues with David in 2008. Prop 8 was a very hotly debated issue in LA in 2008. Not fair and I am not sure but I did always wonder. It was very obvious that they(music industry folks,ect.) did not like his dad-again whether it was fair or not. Good news is that is all in the past. At least I hope it is anyway.

  11. maybe Bieber’s team paid off the radio stations to not play David’s music. I know far fetched but it is a cutthroat business and music bizz is all about the money.

  12. Anon (the other one)

    Interesting theories. Here’s another one.

    If (I say IF because of course I don’t know for sure) David was not agreeing with JIVE’s wishes in HOW he should go about being the next teen pop idol, perhaps their attitude was a my-way-or-the-highway type thing. A “you don’t back down, we don’t support you” kind of thing. It is not beyond possibility that TPTB at JIVE were angry and pulled their support, made sure his songs weren’t played. Sometimes people in power do strange things for revenge when they don’t get their way.

    The radio station near me actually played Crush in heavy rotation for a long time and ALTNOY regularly for about a week or two. Then suddenly I just never heard it, or any of David songs, ever again. They never so much as mentioned his name again, as if he never existed.

    Poof! Gone. Why? I wish I knew.

  13. I would agree with that theory too Anon(the other one). I think TPTB at JIve did not understand David and did not want to try to.

  14. It’s all water under the bridge now. Radio is a cutthroat business so my theory is jive just didn’t push hard enough after Crush to get David’s other singles played. Probably lack of money at Jive because soon after david left Jive the company disbanded. I don’t think it had anything to do with David being Mormon or because David didn’t want to be a teen idol. We will never know why, but I do know that it is really hard for a new artist to get played on pop radio.

    • I agree, Grammyj. The music business is all about money. It’s notoriously difficult to have a second hit record and I think they probably didn’t play ALTNOY due to factors like lack of money or lack of demand for it. Brandon Flowers is a known Mormon, and I don’t think anyone was refusing to play his music due to his religion.

  15. Really enjoyed reading about everyone’s theories. I also agree with Grammyj, it’s about the money, after all it is a business. Let’s face it a business has to make money to survive. As far as ALNOY not be as popular as Crush it could be as simple as the company not having enough funds to fully support the money it takes to give it the right push and by the time SBL came around, the company was already drowning and had no means of giving the proper push.
    I’m thinking all that has happen to David during that time will be valuable lessons he learned and will help him moving forward with his career when he returns.

  16. Cq- I’m sorry too. Is just….I wasn’t expected to get a negative reaction. But , then you maybe right.

  17. I would like to thank SOUL,FOD AND VOICE for keeping the fan site open for the fans. It keep us entertain, past time, and most of all to release tension cause by ODD syndrome. I really enjoy all the comments and everyone who post. I learned a lot from everyone. Cq,Bliss, marie,candy, anon,cchalo and everyone. You guys are one of the reason why(luckers like me) are still here, you guys are keeping david alive in our hearts. Thank You !!

    • Thank you archielety. I personally really enjoy posting and feel it keeps David name going, but it has been said that we are doing nothing to help David. It’s nice to read that some feel that we are.

    • archielety-I have learned alot about the music industry by following David’s music career and this blog-SD. The good, the bad, and the ugly of the music business. lol. It is always interesting but frustrating too. I agree that the comments are always interesting here even if I don’t always agree. I have no idea where David’s music career is headed but we might have an indication soon. I keep my expectations low and hope for the best when it comes to David’s career.

  18. Who knows what happened? I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that the label stopped pushing because of a lack of funding or even that they tried to get David to do something he refused to do, and then stopped pushing. I know it happens in the entertainment industry, period.

  19. The question now is what will David do to start up his music career once he is back? How soon after he is back will he start tweeting, blogging, singing public ally? How much patience do we need as we just got that word of the day video which was patience. I had hoped that he would ramp up quickly, but I might have been unrealistic. He does need to work on that foundation again.

  20. ♫Tomorrow, Tomorrow…its only a day away! ♫ OMG can you believe it…The Eagle takes flight tomorrow!!

  21. I’m more in Candy’s camp. For a good while, I’ll be happy with current communication from David himself, in whatever forms he chooses. I can wait for music and career promotion.

    • Oh I will be happy with communication from David too. I think he needs to embrace social media upon his return like he did before he left. He could also add some new platforms like Instagram. Best yet he could do a StageIt show which is online concert that has gained in popularity since he left.

  22. I think one admitted personality trait of David’s–his indecisiveness–may have affected his success. He needed to stay on message and push, push, the newest single, but he sang different songs on the different chances he had to perform. Perhaps the new David he brings back will have matured to be decisive and focused.

    • cc halo, ITA, decisive and focused. I may add with the right team, right songs that fit David, but are catchy…I know he has said before that doesn’t matter, but heck, I really do like songs that are catchy. They could be inspirational, have a great dance beat, even just plan fun to sing…but all really need to be catchy.
      I’m with all that is extremely excited for his return to music and yes, can’t wait for him to start communicating with us fans…after being spoiled with such direct communication while he was working on his career, being cut off (I understand why, no need to remind me), it was hard for sure.
      Let’s hope that all falls into place for him and we get that fun ride back…quirky, handsome, funny and foremost, phenomenal singer that we all love.

  23. Love all the fun stuff Kari has thrown our way, but that last one with David giving a patience lesson was a little puzzling to me, why now when he is with a couple of days of returning, why not give us that video earlier, lol…like I said not complaining…just happy to have him back.

    • CQ, I was wondering about that too. It almost makes me think it’s more about the time that has already passed than the time left. I mean, if he was talking about being patient it would have made way more sense to post it 2 years ago. Sooooo to me that means it was like, hey you’ve been patient…now here comes your reward! Hello, wishful thinking 😉

    • And maybe it was even more internal than that. Maybe he was talking about himself being patient for 2 years, not being able to make music and really communicate with fans? Lol there are so many ways to interpret it. If there is one trait about David that drives me crazy, it’s how vague he is. I need things in black and white, David! I’m no good at riddles! haha.

    • I was kind of taken aback by the idea of him giving us a talk on patience now. But I watched it, and he’s just so charming he always wins me over.

      • Yep that’s our man…Prince Charming!

      • You’re right, cchalo. I found myself feeling puzzled, yet I couldn’t help but chuckle through the whole thing. Such a loveable dork.

        Agree with Ali, too. Lots of ways to interpret the video. He may have been talking about himself. It’s not always about us. lol

    • I haven’t watched the video and don’t intend to. Patience? I’d have more than enough patience if the drip, drip, drip strategy hadn’t been so dumb.

      Didn’t Skari and LadyV tweet something about patience when DRA was “serviced to all radio formats?” (I don’t care enough to go back and read their tweets for direct quotes.)

      Let’s be real. It’s obvious there’s not going to be any proper announcements about anything. It’s going to be twitpic this and tease that and guess what? It’s the cover of a Christmas box. In terms of his future…it’s back to the Philippines. If that makes you happy, wooly bully.

  24. Heck, I was mostly just charmed and missed the message.

    • Yeah, a little hard to follow what he was trying to say. I’m sure he did it off the cuff; probably a last minute opportunity to film something for us. For that, I appreciate him and the video.

    • It’s interesting to read all the interpretations of why the “patience” video was released now. It could even be that Kari forgot about it and found it when looking for stuff left to post. It has been nice to get a post almost every day or so the past week. I’m sure we all can use more patience in our every day life.

      Yes, it did remind me of how charming, charismatic, and dorky David can be. And he has the most engaging smile. He will be back in the U.S. on Tuesday.

  25. One thing about the timing of the “patience” message: it’s probably a little easier to hear, “be patient” now, just before his return, than it would’ve been two years ago, when so many were either angry or emotional.

    • lol, KH good way to look at….
      lol, Anon, one thing I can say, you know how to bring down a mood, slap us into your reality or however those sayings go, hahahaha!!!! yep wooly bully! however you do make one point that I agree, I’m a bit tired of the riddled messages, but while he was away, I do understand the need.
      I have confidence that will change and we’ll be given real clear announcements along some fun riddle messages.

  26. Oh hey, I just noticed that there’s a description on that patience video. I overlook things a lot. It says:

    “Word of the day — patience

    We know this word very well! It’s a word we all have had to be during this time David needed away. Thank you for your “patience” and continued support!”

    So from that it seems like the video is referring to the time that has already passed. Or at least that’s my interpretation. Even the description is kind of open to interpretation though lol.

    • Oh my gosh Ali, I didn’t read the description either, now it does make more sense to me for it to be released now.

    • I thought that the description made it even more of a puzzle. More like Grammyj said, “Oops, here’s a video we forgot. Now how can we make it appropriate? That’s it! We’ll thank the fans for their patience.” Lol.

      • lol, that too. I really don’t think there was a big plan in place as to when to release stuff, Kari pretty much winged it.

      • How do you know “Kari pretty much winged it”. It’s more likely that David orchestrated everything since he is her boss and they were in contact a lot during his mission. She has said everything she did is with his approval, direction, permission. Because we don’t think it was done in a proper manner, then she must have “winged it.”. It couldn’t have been planned this way? Sorry if some didn’t approve.

        See what I mean. The stuff you say sometimes lol

  27. Regarding the whole idea of “patience”, I think there will be 2 basic groups of fans:

    1)Those who accepted David’s Mission as part of his life and his choice to make will show patience when David comes back. They will not see these past 2 years as “lost years” in David’s career and will not have a problem with David taking whatever time he takes to get his footing, as he decides what he’d like to do going forward. They will not feel “entitled” to have David “get with it” ASAP to make up for “lost time”.

    2) Everyone else.

    • Bliss, how wonderful you to categorize David’s fans, hum let me guess, I’m thinking you belong at the cream of the crop fan group #1. sorry, a little snarky. just excited for him to return to his music career, so I guess puts me at group #2, hahaha!!!!

  28. I don’t feel entitled to David getting back to his music career, but I am hoping it is soon not a year or two later. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s just a hope because I missed him and his music. Hoping is okay. But we really have no choice do we? He’s going to be back pursuing his career when he decides, and when he has the opportunities to do so.

  29. CQ, if the group fits, wear it, lol. Just expressing my humble point of view (sound familiar?)

    • I don’t really think many of David’s fans feel entitled to David getting back to his music career pronto. We just are anxious to see and hear from him again. There is NOTHING wrong with that. I’m sure he will be glad that he has fans so he can get back to a music career if he chooses.

    • I wear it proudly,lol, as far that thinking that the last two years are lost years is ridiculous to even mention, of course without a doubt they are NOT lost and I truly believe that no one thinks that way,
      David doesn’t own us anything, but he does need us in order to have a music career…or who else besides his fans would buy his music?

  30. GrammyJ, don’t worry, there is no way we will have to wait a “year or two”. I have missed David very much, and look forward to whatever he chooses to do professionally when he gets back. I just don’t feel that David “owes” me any particular time frame to “get back on the horse” just because he was doing something unrelated to his career for the past 2 years. There is no question that some people feel that he does owe them a quick return to form , although they will spin it into something more face saving when confronted on it.

  31. ok just watched the “patience” video. if david wasn’t so darn cute i would be pissed off. he does not need to define that word for us. we know very well what it means. i want to know-when was this video made? and why is it being posted now? does anyone know or is this just another mystery in a long line of mysteries created by his team. hope it doesn’t mean he is going to tell us it will be 2015 before there is new music and/or tour. i’m scared now instead of excited.

  32. Cotton Candy, “patience” is not a dirty word. It’s actually a very good quality. When it comes to David, we will all need to cultivate it. David does not live on FST (Fan Standard Time). David is not our employee. He does not answer to us. Why are you “scared now instead of excited”? I’ll tell what’s scary. Some of David’s fans attitudes about David are scary.

  33. Or maybe he will do a vlog this week thanking us for our patience and telling us that he is going to BYU for the next 2-4 years. nothing would surprise me at this point in time.

  34. get real bliss. david does answer to his fans if he wants a successful career.

  35. Lol. We were discussing David, his past career, his “new” video, hopes for the future, and suddenly someone wants to talk about “good” fans and “bad” fans again. Whatever.

  36. CCHalo, it’s never been about “good fans and “bad fans”. That’s childish. It’s about how we, as fans, can best support David. I am posting my point of view on the subject. Nobody here has any problem posting all sorts of notions about David. I’m doing the same thing everyone else here does, yet when I do, someone, usually you, makes it about me and not what I am posting. It’s all about David. It always has been, and, I promise, always will be.

    • Sorry. Number one group of fans and number two group of fans. That’s completely different. Not childish at all.

  37. Cotton Candy, you say “get real bliss. david does answer to his fans if he wants a successful career.”

    I beg to differ. Artists do not structure their talent to the whims of their fans. Those who do are called “flashes in the pan”. Fortunately, David does not do that. He may lose some transient fans who are only interested in immediate gratification, but, in the long run, he will secure a fan base of people who appreciate what HE creates, and not what appeals to some people in the very short run.

  38. I think anyone still calling themselves a fan of David Archuleta after 6 years of what I will tactfully call a rollercoaster ride has earned a freaking gold medal in patience, and does NOT need a video or instruction from David’s team or other fans regarding how to emulate,model or cultivate it. Fans of David in the broadest sense have been extraordinarily patient, and if some want to see a return on investment of sorts for that patience, I see nothing wrong with that at all. That old saw about Patience being a virtue, or somehow noble? Horsehockey. Comes a time when one must XXXX or get off the pot. Either you do, or you don’t. Either you will, or you won’t. Shouldn’t take a long time to figure it out.

  39. well i guess we will find out very soon!

  40. Bliss, I’m a little confused because I thought the comment you made was about David fans, not about David, if I misunderstood, I apologize.

  41. well said beauxcefus!

  42. I took the patience video as a glimpse of what David had been thinking in relation to himself, and wanted to share it with his fans. As to the timing , I don’t think there’s any secret meaning. What a cutie !!!

  43. oliveoil- i seriously have to wonder, whose idea was it to release this video and when was it made? of course our questions will probably go unanswered. i’m tempted to ask kari but am afraid of her reply, lol. she has to know we are wondering-wtf???

    • It was made right before he left on his mission. I’d say the same day the Matt Clayton photos were taken since there’s a pic of him in that outfit. I don’t see anything wrong with the video but I guess everyone reacts to things differently.

  44. Lordy, anything can turn into an argument.

    After two years of waiting I’m just pretty freaking stoked that David is about to be done with the mission. Literally in a matter of hours he’ll be heading home. Right now I don’t have the inclination to be too caught in angst of the what was, what will and what might be.

  45. How did you people find each other, lol? This is the only site where people who call themselves fans of David come together to talk about all the things that bother them about David, including a harmless little video showing David being his adorable, lovable self.

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