Throwback Thursday

Have we forgotten this little detour David took before preparing for his mission (or is this one aspect of his career some would rather forget?)


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  1. Thank you Hg for that wonderful throwback Thursday video. For me that detour showed the biggest potential of David’s super star possibility.
    My wish is that everything falls into place for David in 2014 and his career takes off in a big way. I still say the right song (catchy, current and highlights David’s voice) with the right team would do the trick.

    • And, that team needs to create BUZZ so that his fandom will widen and be big enough to sustain a successful singing career. From what I’ve seen even the biggest stars have major buzz before a new album, movie etc comes out, I’m thinking that buzz is important in todays entertainment landscape.
      I thought that some sort of plan would be in place by his team to create that buzz of him returning to his music career, but now I know that’s not going to happen. Have no idea what kind of buzz could be created, but that’s for the RIGHT team to figure out.

  2. He truly surprised me (in good ways) with several aspects of that little detour. Excited to think of the many possibilities for him and his fans in the coming months and years.

  3. Gah-I just watched the video HG posted and burst into tears…WTH, I am so not a crier!! On one hand its been a longggggg two years, on the other the time has flown by. I too hope he has more wonderful opportunities like NA!! What a special time that was, at least it was for me.

  4. He sings this song so well and I have no freaking idea what he’s saying. I also have to say that the album version of it is excellent — best sound production and vocal on that album for me. Also one of the best studio vocals of his that I’ve ever heard. But then again I’m notoriously more fond of live than album for David …so I’m actually very impressed with how well they did with the song in studio.

  5. I love his rendition of this song also. Sung with such feeling and emotion and I understand perfectly pronounced in Tagalog. I also am hoping for a successful trip to the Philippines or the area for more TV, movies, concerts, etc. It seems the opportunities there are endless; they seem to appreciate him and his music more there. Hopefully, great popularity there will translate to opportunities here.

    I also love his outfit. But he may be tired of suit coats by now. lol

  6. While some might view David’s projects in the Philippines before his Mission as a mere “detour”, I saw it more as an expansion of his talent, and bodes well for his career paths for the future. David showed real promise as an actor, displaying an ability to become a character and interact with other characters and actors. This was not just a guest appearance on an established show. David showed some real acting chops in “Nandito Ako”, and I hope he is able to build on that experience to land more challenging roles in the future, both in the U.S. and abroad.

    Also, if he can become a spokesperson for a line of clothes, or other product, like he did for Bench, that will make him more visible and get his name and face out there, so when he does put out a CD, people will already know who he is.

    David “has it all.” Let’s see how that translates professionally for him. It may not happen overnight, but, IMO, it will happen eventually. How could it not?

    As for David singing “Nandito Ako”, it remains, to me, one of the best pairings of singer and song I have ever heard.

  7. Did someone drop a set of plates in the middle of the “Chasing Cars” cover?

    I’m glad I called what is going on right now. Nothing. I dunno why, HG, you’re saying so little these days and being coy about “detours.” More like blueprint and the road to no where.

    • I loved that David had the opportunity to act, model, sing and record when he was in the Philippines. I hope he has more opportunities there as well as the U.S., of course.

    • Could you be any more pessimistic, Anon? Well, whatever… I guess we will just have to see what happens. David will be home soon.

  8. I like the song Nandito Ako but not so much the English version.

    Saw this pic posted on Twitter: 😀

  9. Watching AI tonight, there was so much hoopla during the performances to make up for the lack of quality vocals . Sorry J Lo as well as the guest band. David ‘s cover of Chasing Cars , even with the background noise , was a thousand times better .

  10. Oliveoil-I agree. There is also just no standout contestant this year. Candice’s (the winner from last year) music career is not going so well. AI is in trouble. The Voice is just more current and popular of a show.

  11. Hi Marie. I think it’s because Candice lacks personality. It’s like Simon said to David after he sang Heaven. ” You are likable,good looking. And have a great voice.”I think the person needs all 3 qualities in order to be a successful performer.Amertcan Idol is not making the right choices.

  12. I totally agree-Oliveoil.

  13. Hum, I too wonder if David will be a guess on AI this year, I’m thinking maybe not…I’m kind of torn because I really miss seeing him on tv (so much fun knowing that I would hear him every week on tv singing when he was a contestant, good times), I do want him to go on tv shows for the exposure, but I also want him to distances himself from AI and develop a wider fan base than only AI audience. Heck what I’m I thinking, I would take any thing right now, lol.

    Also, was just thinking about him saying before he left that he already had some things on the works for when he returned?!?! One thing that I’m sure is that he will be involved with his church right after he returns, I just hope that was not what he was talking about (I think there is an important LDS thing call the conference), but I still feel that is part of his private life and not part of his music career. I just hope that he gets back to his career very soon after that and that he does have something in the works career related.

  14. I doubt if he would’ve mentioned to the fan base that he had things in the works when he gets back, meaning the conference! I believe he was often involved in the conference (I don’t know) but he rarely if ever mentioned that. Maybe people saw him and mentioned it, but he always kept that part of his life separate. I’m betting that will continue.

    Gosh. It’s really getting close!

  15. Well he is going to be the subject of a documentary of some sort for the Mormon church the was videotaped while he was on his Mission. I’m looking forward to seeing it even though I am not Mormon.

  16. CQ, you say “One thing that I’m sure is that he will be involved with his church right after he returns”

    I think you’re confusing what you dread with what you think you’re “sure “. Of course, you may very well be right, but, so what? Don’t you want David to be involved in things that satisfy him, even if it doesn’t satisfy you?

    • My gosh bliss, I really didn’t say that was anything wrong with that, what I meant and said was that before he left he mentioned that he had a few things lined up, I was just saying that I hoped that it was involving his music career. He has every right to be involved with his church as he wants. Why wouldn’t the church use David for PR,(and I know David wouldn’t do anything that didn’t want to do) he is a shinning example of the perfect Mormon.

  17. “….I’m sure is that he will be involved with his church right after he returns”. I’m thinking…yeah..he just went on a two year mission for his church. My guess is that, you know, he will probably stay involved. Hello – it’s a priority with him. He’ll keep it as private as he did before. No big deal.

    Maybe he’ll sing at Conference!

  18. What I find hilarious is that both of you are just waiting to ponce on me. You have every right to challenge of course, but still very funny.

  19. The thing is that David, just like every other person, will remain involved in the personal aspects of his life and that means church, friends, family. The professional part of his life is the part I care about. I only care about his singing at his church if I get the benefit of hearing his voice singing any song on youtube, etc. Other than that, I don’t care what he or any other artist does on their own time. Sometimes I feel like there are people who feel that David has to account for every minute of his life. Give me a tour and David making music and I am happy!

    • I’m right there with you, the professional part of his life is the part I care about, but yes, if a video of him singing at a church function, heck I will that’s for sure, lol. Been enjoying all the video that popped up from Chile, this wouldn’t be any different.

  20. Anon (the other one)

    Like Cq and collegemom, I am interested in his secular music career.

    To be perfectly honest, I’m not particularly interested in hearing more of the religions songs he sings but that’s simply because I’m not interested in that type of music. (Nothing against David) I love his voice but what he sings DOES matter to me. It’s a matter of personal preference. To each his own. What he does in his private time is his business and doesn’t really interest me.

    I became a fan of an artist who I believed would have a POP music career before I ever knew anything about his religion. I see nothing wrong with hoping the artist I first became interested in returns to a secular career and hope he has plans in place to move in that direction.

    It’s wonderful for David (and his fans that are interested in his ethics and character) that he is such an upstanding young man. For me personally, that is not a requirement. As long as he’s not grabbing himself, twerking, or wearing his pants hanging like Miley and Bieber, I’m good. I just want him to have a secular career and tour.

    PS If anyone doesn’t understand what I mean, please ask and don’t make assumptions about what I’m thinking. Thanks.

  21. Anon (the other one)

    typo: That should say “more of the religious songs”

  22. Cq-Now you know how I feel when I posted Justin Beiber deposition, I wasn’t comparing lDavid to Justin. I was wondering what happen to Justin.. he seems like a nice kid. Anyway, we all know david will always choose goodness over money. I feel much better now:)

    • I apologize if I was rude to you archiefety, I understand what you were saying when you posted that video…I also thought that JB, although lack (imo) vocal talent and David can sing rings around him, he was however, was a really cute kid with lots of charisma and it really is a shame that he went that direction. Don’t wish bad thing for anyone and I really hope the kids gets back on track.
      btw, a weird ODD confession….I think that if Biebs didn’t come on the scene when he did, maybe David’s career would of been more successful, hahahaha….so, I know you weren’t comparing the two, but just having anything about the Biebs gets to….yep weird. Once again sorry if I was rude.

  23. CQ , American Idol is so lame this year that I really don’t think it would help David to perform on it. But of course,if he did, I would definitely watch !! haha

    • depends.
      Phillip Phillips performed this season on it did great and his new song shot up to #5 on itunes.
      have to deliver.

  24. You’re right about PP. But he has a record label.

  25. For the past few years, Amer Idol has rarely received buzz on the social blogs that cover black pop culture (eg, Bossip, Necole Bitchie, etc.) I think that fact has impacted interest Candice Glover’s music sales and press coverage. As a matter of fact, Miley, Biebs and the Kardashian’s receive more coverage on those blogs than Candice and Jordin Sparks.

    • edit …

      … has impacted interest in Candice Glover, her music sales and her press/media coverage.

      • Great point desertrat. I would add that all of the social blogs cover that cover pop culture do stories on the reality TV stars (Kardashians ect.) and that does not include AI contestants any more. Real Housewives of Atlanta celebrities ect. are very popular on the blogs. Here is the sad part-For the most part they have no talent expect for seeking attention any way they can get it.

      • Candace Glover… but who is her target fanbase? does she have one?
        personally think she sings well but just doesn’t have that ‘it’ factor.

  26. That’s what it’s all about…..that “it” factor.

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