Remember David’s Long Farewell?


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  1. Older fan, of course you are right. It wasn’t a surprise. But it was interesting since there were some LDS posters a while back who said marriage was no longer pressured or viewed so much as priority for returning missionaries.

  2. Even if he does marry shortly after he gets home I don’t see the problem. Many artists with a music career are married and have families. He can do both. I also don’t understand why fans are afraid he won’t do music any more. Of course he will unless something happens to his voice. Music is his passion and his biggest asset. A person can do music while doing other things. Scotty McCreery does music and college. Many artist have jobs and do music at night and week-ends. We will get more music from David I am sure.

  3. I wish support for David wasnt catergorized by how much you invested financially, or how vocally supportive you were. I would like to think that just being here for two longgg years would be enough. Why the need to lump fans into groups; good fan, bad fan, repsectful fan, not respectful fan, spent a ton fan, coudldnt afford to spend a ton fan, failed fan. I just dont get it. For me, if you have supported David in anyway over the past 6+ years, then props to you! And I would think David would feel the same.

  4. In regards to the picture. I love his forhead!

  5. I think that there are things that even David didn’t anticipate. For example, he said that he would try to stay in touch with his fans during his mission, and would ask his mission president. But the reality was probably that missionary life was more intense and all-encompassing than he realized. He couldn’t really know that he would eventually be spiritually led to go on the mission, while saying that “music is my mission”. He anticipated getting married at around age 29, according to interviews at age 19, but who knows how much the “strong encouragement” might change him?

  6. Candy, everything about David is categorized, dissected and analyzed by his fans. The only thing that appears to be “off limits” are the fans themselves. If David is fair game, so should the fans.

    • We love David, and discussing him and his music and career. If that’s so objectionable to you, why are you here? What do you get out of being rude to people’s (online) faces? If someone says something about David that you disagree with, why not just disagree nicely?

      • CCHalo. Have you read some of the responses people have given me, including some of yours? All of my posts are in defense of David. This is a David Archuleta fan site. Unlike the other sites I’ve visited, where people share their love and respect for David (sometimes a little too much love, lol), this site has a bunch of people who continuously bash, berate and question David’s motives, integrity and personal choices. Nothing I have said to anyone on this site can hold a candle to the abuse that David has been subjected to by the very people who claim to be mistreated by me.

      • The nature of this site has always been that of open and honest discussion. If you only want a certain type of fan site, you could always go to those sites instead. After all of this time, you should have noticed that your “defenses” of David aren’t working to squelch people’s free expressions of their opinions.

    • I enjoy dissecting his face 🙂

  7. Peter, you say “What is your need to continually present your impressions, exaggerations and generalizations as facts?”

    In my post from 3:51 PM, I said ” In the 3/12 years prior to his Mission,, he released no less than 6 full CDs, wrote a best selling book, made countless personal, paid appearances both in the U.S. and abroad, starred in a 25 episode Mini Series which was written specifically for him due to his star status, and was a model for a major clothing manufacturer.”

    Which of the above are “my impressions, an exaggeration, or a generalization”? In reality, they are all facts. Isn’t THAT true?

    • Yes, and they are the only facts you have ever presented. Still, his latest album sold just 5,000 copies. He needs much more than that in order for his career to be “lucrative.”

      • Album sales aren’t what they use to be for just about all artists. This isn’t just a David problem. Most have had to diversify just as David will have to do. We will see what he will do.

  8. Wow peter, you are really into this show, which contestant is your pick to win?

  9. Peter, you say “Yes, and they are the only facts you have ever presented”.

    Well, that is a recap of his career so far. Not too shabby. His latest album was essentially a gift to his fans to enjoy while he was away. You know that. I still don’t understand why you seem to relish pointing out all of what you see as David’s shortcomings, and balk at hearing about the positive aspects of David’s career. Why are you so bummed out about David?

    • I’m not bummed out by David. I hope he will be successful. IMO, he should be a megastar because he is exceptionally talented.

      I’m just trying to be realistic: I don’t think he will go from selling 5,000 copies to selling platinum or selling out large venues overnight, after a two-year break. Also, I don’t think he will make a triumphant comeback, just like that. Each one of his albums sold considerably less than the previous one. He will have to work very hard.

      But that is just my opinion. Perhaps I’m horribly wrong.

  10. i think peter is an dicruntal ex america idol contestent who didnt make ti and is JELL US of david,he shure an<t no fan

  11. Peter, you’re killing me with these videos. Such great vocalists and all vying for that coveted trophy and recording contract. Wouldn’t want to be on that panel of judges.

    Being a fan of David, his voice, his live performances and after having a few years of professional experience, then taking a leave of two years from secular music, I must admit I’m not real sure how well he would do against these stellar performers. I’m just being honest & it doesn’t make me feel very good. 😦

    • Sometimes when we’re so familiar with something, it’s hard to see it. And we let doubts override the enjoyment of why we became fans to begin with. But when I pull myself away from the fandom worries and angst and just listen to what brought me here to begin with, it’s undeniable. I heard it again in December during those Christmas performances from Chile.

      For me, when it comes to David’s career there are a lot of things to wonder about. How commercial it will be, how motivated he will be to play the game, what type of music he will make, if he will find a supportive major label, if the songs will be quality, etc etc etc. I can honestly 100% say that his vocals and sheer ability to sing have never been in doubt. While I think some of the people Peter has posted here have real talent, David can hang with them every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

      Of course, that’s just my opinion 😉

      • I love you response, Ali. It’s what I have been thinking. We just need to enjoy his music and quit stressing about how successful he will be. David does know how to get inside a song just like all the mentors tell the contestants to do.

      • To me anyway, talking and speculating about David’s career isn’t stressful at all, but just fun.

    • I don’t know what has happened, but the performances are amazing this year, IMO.

    • Lol, Senseless. To me all good vocalists, but none that will tear me away from David. Btw I’m hoping that’s not what peter’s intention is, lol…just joking.

  12. There are lots of great singers in the world, no doubt about it. David is not the only talented person out there, of course. I love music and am glad for all kinds of music and artists that I can enjoy. David really enjoys diverse kinds of music too. No one has a crystal ball to see into the future as to what will happen in David’s career. I think we are all hoping for the best.

  13. OMG, I ‘m going to agree with Bliss. David has had a pretty good career since Idol. No, not a huge career, but a good career. I personally suspect he had the brakes on a little, knowing himself that he was going to go on a mission.

    And I think he has a pretty good team. Kari represents Justin Timberlake – I think she has a handle on the industry. And we don’t know what is going on in the background – there could be a label hovering or one in talks or even an agreement with one. We just don’t know. But I do think David intends to resume his career (and without the brakes on) as soon as he settles in after this long time away from family.

    Can David compete with these singers? I think without a doubt he can. We’ve seen his live performances, we’ve seen him kick it into high gear with energy and charm on stage. And there isn’t anyone in the industry that doesn’t like him once they meet him. I suspect he has plenty of contacts to reconnect with.

    Take a cue from Kari: The Best is Yet to Come.”

    I have no doubts about David’s desire to get back to it in the music business. I think he loved it, he just loved his God more and made a choice to fulfill a personal commitment. That commitment is almost over and David should be able to make his commitment now to his career without feeling like he let anyone down. Like many of you, I was not happy about that decision, but it really was his right to make it. And now it is fulfilled.

    Hang on for the ride of our lives!

    • Love your comment Marlie7, thanks, I needed that, lol.

    • Also Mormon missionaries are encouraged to work hard at a secular job when they return from their mission. I believe David will work hard at a music career. Yes, he has built up contacts in the biz before he left, and he has a core of ODD fans that are still interested in him.

    • Marlie7 – Thanks. That’s it in a nutshell.

    • Now that’s the Marlie7 that I knew and loved! I’m having a Montclair, NJ moment., lol. Great post.

      • Let’s resume our Montclair connection. We agree more than we disagree. I just like to talk about David’s hair more than you do LOL

    • I’m sure he had the brakes on big time when he fired his management. They were all about pushing his career bigger and bigger, and it would have come to a sudden halt for two years not long after. I never did understand why people went on and on about all the things wrong with them, especially after David said that they didn’t do anything wrong.

  14. CCHalo, you say, “The nature of this site has always been that of open and honest discussion. If you only want a certain type of fan site, you could always go to those sites instead. After all of this time, you should have noticed that your “defenses” of David aren’t working to squelch people’s free expressions of their opinions”

    It is not my intent to change anyone’s mind about anything. I am doing what everyone else is doing. I am posting my views on a range of issues concerning David. When I read something that I agree or disagree with, I post accordingly. It sounds like you are trying to squelch my free speech just because you don’t like some of the things I post. This is a site that has a number of people who clearly are dissatisfied with many things about David, and have no problem stating it time and time again. I am not dissatisfied with David, and choose to post all the ways that I feel that way, and question why others feel differently. What’s your problem with this?

    • Like Marlie, I sometimes agree with you–and probably far more than I disagree. But what’s the point of being rude and sarcastic to some posters, and then claiming that we’re trying to stop your free expression when we call you on it? And whyyyy are you trying to squelch my free speech to complain about your free speech, dissing others for their free speech, who are objecting to your free speech????? Sniff….

      • CCHalo, please feel free to say anything you want about anything you want. I do not want to censor you in any way. I also do not want you to be intimidated by me in any way. As Marlie will attest, in person I’m the 2nd nicest guy in the world, lol. In other words, let ‘er rip. It’s all good. I’m from NY. I’ve had more heated debates at Starbucks over my Cafe Grande.

      • I will be sure and take you up on that, and let you know if I think you’re being rude–(which of course is always justified, because somebody, somewhere in history on this site has bashed, berated and abused David, and is just so dissatisfied that they spend hours daily talking about him, lol).

        If you were as nice on line as you are in real life, I doubt you’d be accused of taking over the site, and get such a negative reaction. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, advice I can use myself sometimes.

  15. I wanted to post one more thing about album sales….see this article from last November. Album sales are wretched. The concert is the money-maker for musicians these days. Sure, David has been playing to small to mid-sized venues, but he’s not reduced to smoky bars (do they still have those?) I personally would give him a year to make a full comeback. Then we’ll see what happens.

  16. Marlie, I was starting to feel disloyal and not a very good David fan. Of course you are right and made sense on some of the points you made. I still have some doubts about Kari though & how if she is on tour this summer with JT, she will manage to give David her full attention.? Will she leave JT for David? Or can she work for both at the same time? And I was wondering how difficult it may be for David when he transitions to secular music after almost two years of singing hymns and inspirational music. I guess we will all find out in a month or so. 🙂

    Maybe I worry too much. 😀

    • Senseless: Why would you feel disloyal? I think we all worry about something, don’t we? I do, but I try not to voice it – that might make it come true! 🙂

      We’ll have to see how Kari handles things. I suspect that agents and managers handle more than one person at a time and figure out how to make it work. Maybe David isn’t planning a tour till fall and JT will be doing TV shows then. Maybe she has an assistant that can do paperwork while she handles the big things for both of them.

      David has sung more than hymns in the past two years. He has done fun secular songs at the devotionals. He sang that donkey song with his friend at some event (did you see the video?)

      And I like to imagine him humming along during the day to his own songs that might play in his head now and then. David is a musician – and a living jukebox – he won’t forget how to “hunker down.”

      I think he looked about ready to jump out of his skin during the 2013 Christmas concert (in a good way). He seemed so comfortable, moved a bit on stage and got right out there in front, moving the mic stand out of his way. He just seems ready to me. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

  17. Kari is his tour manager, not his manager. Of course, if he tours (and Kari indicated it might only be appearances) he would need her. She has stated “JT for now, David always”. I believe her. Unless he decides to change.

  18. Also, Kari has been in “the business” a long time and knows A LOT of behind scenes people. I’m sure these connections can only help.

  19. Marlie, , you say,”Let’s resume our Montclair connection. We agree more than we disagree. I just like to talk about David’s hair more than you do LOL”

    I’ve been misunderstood about how I feel about David’s “looks”. The notion that I have a problem with David’s fans enjoying David’s looks is not true. I have always admired David’s appearance, and I can quote many posts of mine through the years that clearly documents that. My issue has been what I saw posted on a nameless site that clearly portrayed David in ways that he, himself, stated made him uncomfortable. I am no prude, believe me, and my newly appointed job as moral police for David is not a job I applied for or one for which I am qualified.

    As a result of this campaign, however, my stock has plummeted from “the darling of YouTube” to box office poison, and I haven’t made much of a comeback on this site either, where I am affectionately known as “that old troll”.

    Anyway, David will be home soon, and we can all exhale and enjoy the next phase of David’s career. If he performs in the NY area, let’s meet up. If it’s Montclair, I could go for that Chicken Parmesan again.

  20. Bliss- I never have a problem with you disgreeing with anything I say, for me its that tone with which it is said. At times it comes across as a personal attack more then a disagreement, And yes, I know you have also been on the receiving end. You’re a NY kind of guy and Im a Jersey Girl through and through…aint nothing gonna change that . I have tried recently to be very mindful of how I respond to others, especially you. Would like to see that go both ways.

  21. Candy, it’s a deal. I admit that occasionally I do sound like I’m doing my best imitation of Tony Soprano.

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