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  1. It’s hard for me to pick one favorite album from David or to say that I want him to make this certain type of music when he resumes his career because there’s no single answer. I like certain songs from each album and there are songs that I dislike from each album. The kind of music I want him to make when he gets back is… that I respond & connect to. Music that many people respond to. That’s probably broad enough lol.

  2. well said OO!!! 🙂 i concur!

  3. “… waiting for David’s music to catch up to his talent..” Astrid put it exactly right, I think.

    It’s funny how subjective music is. I love Beauxcefus’ posts, and yet I feel the opposite about almost every song/album that she/he mentioned–I guess I agree more with Grammyj’s taste in music.

    Agree with Kim & Bliss on Kirk Cameron, no surprise. But the point is that we want David to continue to appeal to all of us–not be divisive, like Kirk is. I think David wants that too.

    • feel the same way as Astrid.. waiting for David to grow into his talent!

    • You’re right – David will never discuss publicly what he religiously believes. Kirk decided to take a different road and he is paying for it.

      • think it is more the way you talk about it.. kind and loving goes a long way. look at the new Pope and how popular he is now.
        love him and I’m not even Catholic!

      • True. Even though it caused a ton of controversy, I think David’s request for respect (often interpreted as privacy), was a good sign. It meant that he wanted to come back as a primarily secular artist and sing for all of us, not just religious folk.

      • I guess kind and loving is great, but what they are saying is important too. I never thought of Kirk Cameron as not kind. And I don’t agree with some of what the Pope says. But that’s just me…

  4. CC, I don’t think we need to worry about David being devisive. He ‘s all about the music. Ali, what you said is just how I feel about David’s music.

  5. I can’t believe we’re actually referencing Kirk Cameron here, but, for the record, he did the following on his sitcom”Growing Pains”.

    1) he insisted that one of his co stars be fired because she had posed for Playboy in her earlier years

    2) he insisted that Matthew Perry’s character be written out of the show because he thought that Perry was possessed by the devil.

    His stance on Marriage Equality is that there shouldn’t be any.

    Enough said on Kirk. He is so 25 years ago. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, if ever there was one.

    • I know your said “enough said” but please forgive me. “Growing Pains” ended twelve years ago so yeah let’s forget about that. That is a long time. As far as his views and activism on marriage equality, he has a right to have those views and act on them. I’m sure he’s heard the same words you have stated from MANY others. Good thing he’s not a popular singer that we love; then we would respect his views. Just sayin….

    • Hey Bliss- I really agree with you about Kirk Cameron. Very well stated. His stance on Marriage Equality and on gays is one that I strongly disagree with. He is OTT in his beliefs. This is what Kirk had to say about homosexuality in 2012-” During a new interview with Piers Morgan the “Growing Pains” heartthrob who transitioned from a “teen-idol-atheist in Hollywood and became a devoted follower of Jesus Christ in the middle of [his] career” explained that he believes homosexuality is “unnatural… I think that it’s detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.” Are you kidding me Kirk?

  6. Bliss, you speak as a liberal. You are entitled to your opinion. I guess I must be a right wing nut job.NOT!! Anyway, you are fun to talk to . And I totally agree with your feelings about David.:)

    • There are more right-wing nut jobs NOT than people think. lol. They are just not as vocal & exposed positively and don’t have the media and Hollywood on their side. I’m kidding…see my happy face 🙂

      Enough said – I agree on David, too.

  7. Olive Oil, Yes, I am a liberal, especially when it comes to civil rights. People who would deny anyone their right to live as they please, and use religion as their justification for doing so, is both a scoundrel and a coward. I’ve seen Cameron interviewed on TV recently. That smile cannot hide the evil within.

  8. Bliss, things get tricky when people try to force their beliefs on each other. Civil rights should be for everyone.

  9. Kirk who??? Oh yeah. I had forgotten all about that guy. I watched his sitcom when I was in high school & I thought he was so cute but was not a big fan so I never gave him another thought when his show ended. Sorry to hear he became a religious nut according to some people, but whatever floats his boat. I can’t see David becoming another Kirk, although I can see David becoming the head of the Mormon Church when he’s 50 or 60 years old. It’s not beyond the realm of possibilities, especially if a long lasting career like Tony Bennet’s isn’t in the cards for Him.

    BTW, I agree wholeheartedly with Beauxcefus. I liked David’s first album more than most of the other music he put out after including TOSOD. Actually the songs I really liked were the bonus songs like, Somebody Out There, Waiting for Yesterday, Let Me Go, Works For Me & Falling as well as Your Eyes Don’t Lie, Desperate, Barriers and Running. What’s really amazing is he recorded the album on the fly while on the AI tour. Hard to believe he was 17 years old when he recorded these songs. Just really amazing to me. 🙂

  10. i’m confused. so we should hate kirk because of his beliefs but we should respect david even if they share the very same beliefs?! what?!

    • The problem that was raised was Kirk’s actions, not his beliefs. It would be terrible IMO, if David became a spokesman for denying rights to other people.

      • cchalo, HI! I understand your point. As far as Kirk’s actions are concerned, all the dirt that Bliss dug up on him, I don’t believe. I’m guessing his info. comes from slandering gossip columnists of the past.

        What you are talking about specifically however, is a political issue. The fact is, just as there are people who believe vehemently that marriage should be permitted for same sex partners. There are those who strongly believe in a Biblical view of marriage. Those that believe as you do are very vocal about it. They are activists about it. Since we’re talking law here, some who believe opposite of you feel they too need to be vocal about there beliefs of marriage. They make a stand for a law they support, and one that at present, still stands in most states. Kirk Cameron has a right to do what he can to garner up support which may translate into votes for a law that is important to him. I don’t see this as being hateful, just as I don’t see people picketing and advocating for same-sex marriage as being hateful.

        Truth is though, that is not all that KC is about. People label him a hater because of small aspect of his life.

      • I would suggest that you google Kirk Cameron’s name to read some articles about him.

      • gossip. columns. slanderous. They say things such as he “pimps” his own movie. He is a man that stands for what he believes. He doesn’t hide for the sake of being popular and/or successful.

    • Uh,,,I doubt they share All the same religious beliefs. Mormons have beliefs specific to the BOM & the reverence of Joseph Smith as a Prophet. Kirk it seems, believes like all the world’s Christians that ONLY the Bible is the inspired word of God. I would think if you asked Kirk his opinion about the LDS, he would not be very complimentary but just a guess on my part.

      • I’m sure his opinion on the “LDS” church doctrines would be unfavorable. However, his opinion of the “LDS” people would be that he loves them and is very concerned for them.
        I’m giving my point of view based on a Christian perspective, which he has.

  11. Hmmmmmmm. Good point. I guess we can have our beliefs, but some of us just can’t express them.

    • No, you can express your beliefs all you want, you just can’t try to force your hateful beliefs on others.

  12. Now. that sounded kind of hateful.

    • I’m sorry, it’s just plain hateful to deny rights to OTHER people’s families, just as it was hateful to deny interracial marriage a few years back. If anyone doesn’t believe in gay marriage, don’t have a gay marriage.

  13. in the end times Christians will be persecuted and now we see that happening right here in the united states. maybe that’s why david wanted to go to a foreign country.

    • I agree, cotton candy. It has begun in our own country.

    • Christians are being persecuted by not being able to outlaw other peoples marriages? How so?

      • there was a story recently out of arizona i think about a bakery owner who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple and they sued and court said they had to bake cakes for everyone and owner then closed his bakery rather than go against his religious beliefs. so these gay people ruined this man’s business just for their own political agenda. they could have gone to another bakery.

      • Again I think it is OK for everyone to post their different opinions, beliefs, ect her on SD. Express your beliefs all you want.To be honest who cares. I know I don’t. lol. But I still state that David needs to be careful what he says if he wants a music career in the music industry. He needs to be P.C. and that is being gay friendly. Just the way it is-Like it or not. Again David will not have a problem with that ( I would hope) so that is all that matters IMO.

  14. Botton line, David Archuleta has an impressive history of inclusion and acceptance. I cannot imagine that 2 years as a Missionary in Chile has altered that point of view one iota. Like everyone else, I anxiously await the return of this exceptional person, so that he, and only he, can answer all our questions about the “person he became”.

    • I sure agree Bliss that not only David but everyone else should try to be inclusive and accepting and tolerant of others even if you might not totally agree with their lifestyle. I have stated this before that the entertainment/music industry is very liberal and gay friendly and pro marriage equality. Like it or not- it is.That is the industry that David is in and I trust that he is very accepting.

  15. bliss- true, we will find out very soon! part of me is scared thinking maybe david now wants nothing to do with the music biz given how sleazy it can be 😦

  16. My brother and many of my close friends are gay. I just have no patience with intolerance and IMO bigotry even if you do not agree with someone’s lifestyle. Kirk needs to keep his beliefs to himself. Bliss- I guess we have found common ground on a topic. lol. Anyway that is all I will comment on this topic. lol.

    • My nephew is gay and my daughter (who is very much a Christian) is out with a gay friend tonight. So please.

      “Kirk needs to keep his beliefs to himself.” Lol. Wow. That’s not something David would say. David’s not keeping his to himself right now.

      Is this not America?

      • That is what I believe. I don’t know what David thinks. I am not him. lol. Anyone can believe whatever they want but that does not mean you have to make public statements about it. I follow many music artists but I could care less what their religious beliefs are or aren’t. Just does not interest me. That includes David. I just think that if you are a music artist/celebrity you need to be a bit politically correct and watch what you say. Just the way it is.

      • Older Fan, the American culture has changed. Traditional Judeo-Christian values are no longer mainstream or politically correct. It is what it is.

      • When people came to my door, years ago, to get me to sign a petition against gay marriage (Prop. 22 in California), I told them that since I was a religious person and didn’t believe in sex outside of marriage, if one of my children were gay, I would WANT them to be married.

        As many of the court decisions have stated, there are no benefits to society to disallow gay marriage, the only reason to differentiate between gay and straight relationships, is animus–hatred.

      • Marie – just wow – unbelievable

        I know Oliveoil. It’s a good thing we don’t get our help or strength from the people around us. 🙂

      • O.F. what would you want for your nephew, or anyone you love? To have a stable monogamous marriage and family? Or to play the field his whole life?

      • cc halo- ITA with your comments. Like this one – ‘I’m sorry, it’s just plain hateful to deny rights to OTHER people’s families, just as it was hateful to deny interracial marriage a few years back” Could not agree with you more cc halo that there is no difference. Older Fan, ALC,ect: I think it is fine for everyone to post their different beliefs and opinions on this site. But David as a music artist in the music industry does need to be careful what he states in public and online. Like it or not :He needs to to be P.C. Hope that he has good PR people and not family members involved in his management to avoid issues. Again music industry in very liberal and gay friendly. It does not matter what you or I think BUT it does matter what they think as in any job or industry. I think David is nonjudgemental and accepting so there will be no problem.

  17. Cotton Candy, David has never really wanted much to do with the Music Biz. If he did, he would have allowed himself to be used in the way they wanted him to be used after his triumph on AI. David remains the most popular contestant in the history of that show, and, during his season, was arguably, the most famous person in America. Many people in the Biz lost out on making a lot of money because David refused to be marketed as a teen idol, so he is, by no means, beloved by TPTB in the U.S. JB, on the other hand, gave them their teen heart throb persona on a silver platter, and we all know how that turned out.

    This is what makes David so interesting. David is a pop singer who is essentially uninterested in fame or fortune, yet he wants to sing, record and perform, and has a fan base of people, old and young, who adore him already. This is going to get really interesting, really soon.

    • I guess I am just in a mood to be kind of opinionated today. Bad day at work. lol. idk if I agree with you Bliss about David being so smart about not wanting to make some money and have financial security. I sure would not put him on a pedestal for doing that. I can’t stand JB and think he has no talent and is arrogant and will self- destruct. However -I do think that sometimes music artists need to be flexible and open to things today. That does not make you less of person. There is nothing wrong with making relevant and current music that appeals to the masses and making some money off of it. See Bliss we just do not agree on everything and that is OK. LOL.

    • First of all, David was not & is not the most popular contestant in the history of AI. That would probably be Kelly Clarkson with Carrie Underwood as a close second. He was also not the “most famous person in America” during his AI season outside of his fan base. lol!

      So David just wanted to go on AI so that he could do what? What does anyone who auditions for these singing competitions want and why would we think David would be any different? Why is it so hard to believe or think it would be beneath him if he actually hoped & wanted to win & be a hugely successful recording artist which is why he went on AI in the first place? Why is it so hard to fathom that David would want to be financially successful not only for himself but for his family as well? Do we really believe David would not have been thrilled to be as successful as Kelly or Carrie Underwood or Daughtry or Jennifer Hudson all of who have earned & continue to earn millions more than other AI contestants? If he had been as big as Kelly or Carrie, making 10-15 million a year or more, I do not for a minute think it would have corrupted him or made him go to the dark side.

      Maybe he didn’t expect to go as far on AI as he did, but he worked his tush off to be competitive just the same. He wanted to win for the doors it would open for him & the financial independence it would bring, just as much as anyone else on the show. Otherwise why bother going through it all? Why not stay in Utah & be a wedding singer?

  18. well said bliss! goodnight everyone 🙂


    • I’m ALL about this.

    • Sounds so good, I really hope it won’t be to long after he is home that he connects with us fans. Doesn’t have to be anything big, just to have him DIRECTLY contact will make all his fans that waited for his return go ballistic with happiness,

  20. Senseless, I love how you love to contradict my posts. If this was a male-centric site I would tell you what you “have for me”, but I will refrain in the name of propriety and good taste.

    You say ,”First of all, David was not & is not the most popular contestant in the history of AI. That would probably be Kelly Clarkson with Carrie Underwood as a close second. He was also not the “most famous person in America” during his AI season outside of his fan base. lol!”

    When I said he was “the most popular contestant ever on AI” I was not referring to eventual sales, which he clearly is not. I was referring to his relative popularity on the season he was on. Neither Kelly or Carrie were the clear favorite from the start of their seasons, and emerged from the pack to win. From there, both of their careers took off, and the rest is history. David was the front runner and fan favorite form Day 1 on S7, and remained such throughout the duration of the show, the AI tour, and TV/ radio shows for months to follow.

    As for his fame in America that year only being, as you say, with his fan base, AI had a viewership of 25-30 million people every week back in 2008 tuning into a show that featured and showcased David weekly for 4 months. His name was everywhere in the media, and I’m sure he was all the rage around the water coolers of America as well. You would be hard pressed to find someone who never heard of him in 2008.

    Keep staying on me, though. It keeps me on my toes.

  21. Yes he was very popular while a contestant. It should have resulted in him becoming one of the most successful artists coming out of AI and for a while it did seem as though he was on his way. But it didn’t happen for whatever reason as his hardcore fans hoped it would. However, you being the expert & his number one fan in your own mind would know the answer. Or at least have the last word as always.

    I still have high hopes for David. I still think he can have a long, successful career but it’s all on him & the risks in the name of artistic freedom he will be willing to take. We shall see.

    Have a plane to catch, so adios for now. 🙂

    • That’s the way I see it too and I also very high hopes for David, but it is all out of our hands.
      As a fan I feel the only way to help David is to buy his music and if possible attend his concerts.

  22. good morning senseless! are you off to utah to organize david’s homecoming party?! 😉

  23. Wow, I missed all the discussion last night when I didn’t check into Soul David until this morning. My reaction is that we will have to agree to disagree. As I’ve stated before, no one is truly tolerant and open minded. You all have who you will tolerate and who you won’t thus the sometimes hateful reaction to someone who disagrees with your opinion. In the past David has successfully managed to present himself as a good role model, and I would guess he will not have changed into a “religious nut” as a result of his mission. I do hope he is more confident, willing to take risks and really goes all out for his music career.

    • Lol Grammyj, yep agree to disagree. I do agree with you about every being not tolerate of others views at times, including myself. The feeling I get sometimes is that if you are viewing your intolerance as a religious person, it’s ok because it’s your belief system, but if you are not religious it’s prejudicial and judgmental.

  24. David is not “the most popular contestant in the history of AI”. This is obvious to anyone who is not delusional.

    • To me the ones that have stepped away from that show, even if it was where they got the most exposure, are the most successful. To me David is so much better than a cheesy reality show. Sure it helped to expose him to the public that watch those kind of shows, that he still had it (from his Star Search days), but he really needs to be viewed as the great talent he is, not a kid from a cheesy reality show. Time will tell if he will ever meet his full potential and find a direction that will give him the successful career that I feel he is capable of having.

    • Thank you, Dr. Peter, for that diagnosis. Since you’re the one of thinks David will only have a “local Utah career” when he gets back, you’ll excuse me if I seek a second opinion.

    • Most popular AI contestants are Kelly and Carrie- IMO. I think that the majority of AI contestants in the past 13 seasons are really not doing that great- music career wise. Some of the AI judges on the other hand have really helped their careers. lol. Hope that David does well when he returns but you just do not know at this point what will happen. Good Point-cq. I agree.

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