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Quite apt considering how many of us are thinking of David “a thousand miles” away (or coming closer!)


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  1. I saw a little bit of interview with the person conducting the Biebs’ deposition (not sure that wording is right) and he said the question was asked because Bieber was with Selena on one or more occasions when JB directed his security to attack a paparazzi. Maybe the same was true for Usher. I also read that this kind of questioning is common for deposition trials. Bieber is obviously done with it all. He hasn’t been helping himself any. I think a part of his problem is that he got rich when he was still young enough to need lots of guidance, but everyone around him became reliant on his money and stopped giving him any real guidance. (And/or the people he surrounds himself with are the kind to give him bad guidance. (Jeremy Bieber, I’m looking at you.) Now, if anyone as any influence on him at all, they ought to try really hard to get his ear and tell him to go lay low for AT LEAST two years. Get his head on straight.

    I’ve been watching the Voice, off an on. I enjoy it, and enjoy the talent as well as the judges. I wonder, however, if the contestants ever get tired of waiting through all of the judge banter to pick their team. 😉

  2. Why even bring anything about JB over to David Archuleta’s fan site. It’s almost like saying look how bad he is and how good David is in comparison…doesn’t feel right to me. Putting David in a ultra goodness place is not going to do his career any good, Imo.

    • Btw, in no way I’m defending JB behavior and I do think that some of that bad behavior is for publicity. So sad no matter how you look at it.

  3. Cq# , HUH ?

  4. Other than suggesting that JB could use a two year break, CQ, I didn’t see any suggestion that David is angelic or good in comparison to JB. (I’m one of the ones who dislikes the angel references as regards David.) But JB’s certainly been compared to David often enough, negatively and positively. I don’t know if I’d give JB any notice at all if I weren’t a David fan, (because of those comparisons.)

  5. Sorry for my comment, I guess I just don’t like to have David compared to JB, so anytime that he is brought up, it just gets to me. I’m sorry if I stepped out of line.

  6. You weren’t out of line IMO, CQ. Just stating your opinion, and I followed up with mine. I can be sensitive to certain topics too. Hugs to you.

    • Thanks KH, I’m trying to be careful with my comments. I don’t mind at all being challenged, but because of my lack of writing ability its hard for me to convey things correctly sometimes, lol.

  7. I like Justin bieber, I was disappointed to what happen to him. I actually feel bad for him because his out of control and sometimes fame and fortune can change people.

  8. I’m not comparing david to JB. I’m just wondering what happen to him .

  9. I’m not gonna lie, I’m proud of david for being who he is.

  10. No reason to feel bad for JB as he has made a ton of money with little talent. Just saying. lol. I am also proud of David for being who he is.

  11. I’m very happy that David is a nice guy, I can’t say I’m proud because I don’t know him personally.

  12. OK. Going to try and watch AI tonight. The performances have to improve tonight. I think. We will see. lol.

  13. That rendition of “Benny and the Jets” reminded me of Jason Castro singing Marley’s “I Shot the Sheriff”. 😐

  14. Even though I don’t know David personally, I can honestly say he always makes me proud to be his fan. There are a lot of nice people out there, but David is really something special.

  15. Idol was much better this week IMHO.

  16. bliss- were you kidding about the underwear? i seriously would like to know because it’s very hard to believe anyone would do that. read about it but thought it had to be a joke. lots of misinformation out there and don’t know what to believe!

  17. bliss- well apparently you are relaxing in front of a cozy fireplace, enjoying a cigar and possibly a goblet of expensive bourbon so i will not wait for a reply from you on this very strange evening, lol!

  18. Google “garments lds” or some such.

  19. The problem with this entire discussion (and always has been) is trying to discuss sacred subjects with people who hold nothing sacred and see nothing wrong with ridiculing someone’s sacred beliefs. You find wearing a temple garment strange, I find it a comforting reminder of the covenants I’ve made with God that I’m thankful for every day. But I’m not upset by the lack of understanding. Many of you have publically proclaimed your disaffection from your religion so I understand how you don’t understand the whole mindset and see religion as evil. I don’t as do many of he more liberal- minded fans – even those who aren’t religious. I’m confused at who exactly you’re trying to convince with the videos from disaffected Mormons and the insistence that asking people if they want to hear a message about the gospel is offensive and despicable. No one I repeat no one has been forcibly abducted and baptiZed against their will yet some of you act as if David were out pushing drugs on innocent children. People have free choice and some people freely choose to join the church. Your relentless campaign to convince us otherwise over the last two years only makes me think you’re somehow threatened by this fact.
    While you are googling why don’t you post the same amount of videos from those whose lives have been changed for the better because they listened to the missionaries or stand up comedians who joke about their missions in a less caustic way (no profanity). I understand it wouldn’t meet your agenda, but at least it would be balanced.
    Cotton candy, a temple garment is a symbol of the covenants we make with God, much like a Jewish talithh or someone who keeps rosary beads with them all the time. You can find references to the holy garment in the Old Testament and some even believe Joseph’s coat of many colors was a symbolic religious garment. Understandably, it’s not something we take lightly and don’t appreciate when we’re mocked for it.

    • Wheatgrass, thank you for your comment. I have had many of the same feelings but stopped commenting long ago because it seemed to only spark the fire.

  20. thanks for explaining but still don’t understand why God would care about such things as undergarments. we focus on the new testament (Jesus dying on the cross and believers going to heaven because of that, not by deeds or covenants, but by faith only) not the old testament which is more an historical account of the times. also, i’ve never seen anything in the Bible about not drinking coffee so that’s the other thing i find strange.

  21. thanks for sharing that cc!

  22. Wheatgrass, in Judaism we circumcise our baby boys as a covenant between us and God. I guess some people might think that’s strange as well. I think its important to respect people even if we don’t agree with or understand how they practice their faith.

  23. I generally stay out of discussions of David’s religion, but I will say that I’m quite liberal (and dislike how in argument, we all start lumping groups all together in our wording) and I feel that most religions would look strange to folks outside of that faith — including Christianity.

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