Coming Home!

With all the rumors out there, just had to do another poll. What say you, Soul Davidians?

Here’s my ode to David coming home finally!

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  1. Older Fan, I have to disagree with you. I think David gets a bad rap over his squeaky clean image. It’s true that he is modest, and his physical appearance is hardly rugged (is JB rugged?), but the notion that he is timid, asexual, and too nice for his own good seems exaggerated. When David takes the stage, he transforms into a powerhouse who reigns over the stage, his audience and the songs he sings. David may not try to be “sexy” but that ship has sailed. As for being “too nice”, let’s face it. David is one of the nicest people anyone has ever met. Because it is real and organic, it doesn’t seem pretentious, and, IMO, does not diminish his appeal to his audience, which, as we all know, is enormous.

  2. Older Fan, remember the commercial from the 1970s which said “It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature”. That’s how any poster felt who dared disagree with the “gospel according to Rascal”. He called me an idiot so many times, I started to believe him, lol.

  3. Whether you liked Rascal or not- I do believe that he was right on some things. Maybe he did not express it the way some liked but he did have a point on some things. The whole Charice gay bar incident was not handled correctly by his management team at the time which I believe was his dad. That is all I am going to say. It is all in the past now. lol. JMHO. I never posted on his site but I did read it and always read his posts.

  4. Older Fan, that was his M.O. Because he didn’t welcome other points of views than his own, he would resort to trying to intimidate people into not posting. I’m sure you were certainly smart enough to post on his site. Your posts here prove that.

  5. I must have come to the fandom after Rascal {had a dog named Rascal]\ what ever happened to him>

  6. potluck8-he belittled fans, berated them, called them names, until the fanbase mutinied, left and started their own site!

  7. But until the end he wrote some damned good, insightful and creative articles that I enjoyed reading. Didnt always agree, and when I didnt I emailed him privately rather then do it on “his” site.

  8. wow, I am glad I didn’t know about him,

  9. Candy, I always enjoyed reading his articles about David. Unfortunately, when I wrote an article on TDC in March 2009 about how David was redefining masculinity, Rascal read it to be anti-gay, which could not have been further from my intent. Rascal was a great writer, but he could find homophobia in a ham sandwich, and once he posted his point of view on my article, his “followers” turned on me in alarming numbers.

    The fact that you opted to E mail him your disagreements rather than post it on the site itself is indicative of how unpleasant a response from him could be. Simon Cowell could be very caustic in his criticisms of contestants, but there always seemed to be a twinkle in his eyes. Rascal had contempt for anyone who disagreed with him, and let it be known that his was the “word of God’ in the Archu-universe.

  10. Potluck8, if ever there was someone who was a legend in his own mind, it was Rascal. He did have a faithful following of David fans however, as long as they agreed with everything he said. Those who didn’t got slapped around pretty good, including some very nice folks who unfoirtunately were bullied into silence. Obviously I didn’t get the memo, since I’m still here and haven’t shut up yet, lol.

  11. Bliss , He doesn’t sound like a very nice person, his way or no way.

  12. I was a frequent lurker on Noting David, and I remember the roller coaster ride when David was spotted at the gay bar. Rascal was triumphant: It was proof that David was the open-minded, Imagine-singing wonder that Rascal felt him to be, but David’s response transformed that image instantly from genius to Jesus freak. I don’t think Rascal’s adoration lasted much longer after that, if I remember correctly.

  13. It may have lost him some, but I’m thinking not a large number. I consider myself to be pretty liberal and that was my last straw with Rascal, not David. But the mission announcement may have lost David a few more who realized he wasn’t exactly as they’d pictured.

    I was just thinking this week that I’m really read for some new David music. Can’t imagine that would take very long — David has always been wonderful (better than most ex Idol contestants) about providing fans with new music.

    • Me too. I remember that David had two original songs recorded for BEGIN, but we have only heard one. I keep hoping the other one will surface as a single or several on an EP when he gets back.

      • Grammyj, love that idea and I am so ready for some new music from David.
        KH, yes he has been generously given us fans a lot of music in a short time and I’m thinking we will get new music in 2014.

    • I don’t think David lost fans. He just caused bitter in-fighting, as I do remember having some exchange with Rascal. I had disagreed that David was expressing homophobia, and some of David’s gay fans also debated that they didn’t think he was (though some disagreed). I really think other factors, and not that particular incident, caused Rascal to die down on his ODD.

  14. That sounds accurate to me hg. That is what I think too.

  15. Hg and Marie that probably is more what happen with fans. Now that I think about it, fans just want to have music that they love and the artist private life really doesn’t come into play for the most part.

  16. I still think that the incident was not handled correctly from a PR standpoint. That was not David’s fault as how is he to know how to handle the social media for celebrities. That is why it is good that Gina Orr is on David’s team as she has a background in PR for some big name celebrities. Of course Kari knows it too. It is important to have the right team in place to protect David-so to speak. -JMHO.

  17. I find it amusing that Bliss has no idea how alike he & rascal are. Not in his writing because he can’t touch rascal when it comes to writing ability. But when it comes to being caustic & rude & downright mean to David’s very loyal fans, he & rascal could be cut from the same cloth. Another obvious similarity was how both grown men were/are so obsessed with David which in itself is unusual to see so openly for so young an artist.

    I admired rascal back when I lurked at ND. His articles, even the one’s I didn’t agree with were brilliantly written. I liked that he wasn’t afraid to tell it like it was or give his own opinions about David and his artistry. In that sense he reminds me of HG. Both brilliant writers who obviously admire David but not afraid to give critical observations when they feel the need. I don’t believe rascal has changed his mind about David’s talent or potential because he may not be visible as far as we know but he is still listed on TDC. I don’t think he ever gave up on David. He’s probably still waiting like the rest of us to see if David ever meets his full potential. Hopefully now that David will soon fulfill his commitment to his church, he will have the freedom to work on his career.

    Bliss only sees Unicorns & Rainbows where David is concerned. Nice to be so optimistic thinking David will take the world by storm, however the truth is David has a long road ahead if he wants a real shot at a career here in America. Reading some of the comments by Bliss about David make me roll my eyes because as much as I would like all he says to be true it just is not. Even David never thought he was as perfect as Bliss or other fans make him out to be. David, I would think, would prefer to hear critical truths, rather than sugar-coated, undeserved in his eyes, critiques from his fans who may mean well.

    David did lose fans when he left. Lots of fans for different reasons. To think hundreds of thousands of fans will miraculously come out of the woodwork when he returns would be hilarious if it wasn’t so very sad. Some will come back, but many have moved on to support other artists who have since come on the scene. Especially the young ones who we can hear screaming on the videos from David’s performances the two years after AI. Young fans who tend to be fickle moving from artist to artist, not like his fans, 30+ years old & up to 60+ grandmas. Yeah, the fans who are still here and who Bliss still thinks it’s OK to insult & degrade. If not for these same loyal & visible “older” fans who comment on the fan sites, there would be no fan sites for David.

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