Let It Go!

Yep, that’s what I’m gonna do about speculating on David’s return (even as I breathlessly wait for his first vlog in two years!).

In the mean time, check out Idina Menzel (not “Adele Dazeem”) with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots:

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  1. I loved Frozen, and IM’s performance of Frozen was not a small part of that experience. Loved her performance no the Oscars and John’s Travolta’s flubbing of her name became such a fun meme. My Travoltified name is Katy Herdson. (http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/low_concept/2014/03/john_travolta_called_idina_menzel_adele_dazeem_what_s_your_travolta_name.html“)

  2. LOL, Desert Rat Travoltified becomes Derren Rozz.

    RE. D, I really don’t want to know the exact date that he’s returning. Guess I prefer the element of surprise. When he does make his first return tweet, I hope it’s at a time when I can read it and make a celebratory response.

    • haha, haven’t been online much lately, but now find myself constantly checking in to see if David connected yet. Don’t even have verification that he’s home yet and ODD is already kicking back in!! I’m in big trouble once he’s back online…better get house in order now while I can.

  3. Just saw the several errors in my post. Glad I wasn’t sounding too harsh about Travolta’s mess-up. 1. Idina Menzel’s performance of “Let it Go” from the movie, Frozen.
    2. On the Oscars.

    I don’t think I need to know exactly when, either, although knowing that it could be any minute does excite me! Trying to focus on some at-home work, and largely failing.

  4. Thank you Hg for the fabulous video, LOVE IT!!!!
    As far as the speculating about David already being home, that was fun, nothing more nothing less. It really doesn’t matter, but if indeed he did come home yesterday, I’m thinking that it must of be arranged that no one would meet him at the airport and he came in disguise, or else, somebody would of caught taken a picture. I’m not even saying a fan, I’m just saying someone that knows him and would want to share…again it really doesn’t matter when it’s a few weeks and he will be home and hopefully we will hear from him soon after he is home. It’s been a long two years, just glad it’s almost coming to an end.

    • If he did come home yesterday, (and that’s a big IF) it’s likely that he wouldn’t actually GET home until today. That is, if he left Chile yesterday he would probably still be traveling because I think they do most flights overnight from South to North America. Kinda like if you fly to Europe. That doesn’t mean some flights don’t leave during the day but it’s not nearly as common. My sister went on a business trip to Brazil last year and both her flight down and back were both overnight.

      If wish I could be more zen and not care if he’s coming home this week or not but it’s been 2 years and I care A LOT there’s no use denying it lol. Of course we’ll find out in our own time but it’s exciting to think about. I think that as a group, the fans have been pretty patient 😉

  5. It is kind of exciting to think he’s at least back home now, wherever that may be, and that he could make a connection with fans soon. Waiting can be oh so difficult…the anticipation…I’m getting chills just thinking about it!! 🙂 🙂 Wonder if David even realizes how excited his fans are??

  6. The idea that David will be free at last to connect with his fans is to me, exciting in itself.

  7. Yup, it’s the anticipation that is fun. When will he reconnect? What will he do?

    The crazy rumors are already starting. I thought the “Soul David” crowd would get a chuckle out of the rumor that popped up on FOD. One comment said that Jennette McCurdy was in Utah. The next person posted “and those lingerie shots were just her way of saying welcome home.” Well it made me laugh. Perhaps Idolfan has changed her name, but then she was always shipping David and Charice.

  8. lol-That is funny Grammyj. Thanks for posting the video,hg. I love that song.

  9. I just visited FOD; looks like a couple of funny trolls have come out of the woodworks, lol.

    Re. Jeannette, if she didn’t leak the pics herself, my guess is that it was her ex (ie, the one prior to the basketball player). That ex allegedly did drugs; maybe he sold her pics for money.

  10. I guess David added new peeps he is following…mystery continues….

    • Or Kari added them….

      • Yes, Grammyj that would be my guess, but why not wait a couple of weeks when David will (lol, a guess) be home and can do it on his own. I’m sure he must of ok’d it, but still…I find it interesting.

      • It is possible that he is home too. If he is I wonder how long it will take for someone to spot him. I’m sure he needs some time to rest and reconnect. I feel that he will start getting back to his music career in April.

  11. Yes Kari may have added them, (Harry Connick, Jr., The Civil Wars, American Idol, Justin T., Kari, Gina O., and Child Fund) but not without David telling her to or agreeing that he should do it. I also noticed that Harry Connick Jr. just added The Civil Wars to the people he follows. Ok, I can’t believe I actually went to Harry C.’s twitter to look for that. ODD a little haywire, better go pay some bills or something real!

  12. maybe indicative of plans for an appearance on amer idol?

  13. That is interesting about David adding new people he is following. Did that just happen? I am guessing -yes- but just thought I would ask. lol.

  14. Glad to see he is following his management team (Gina and Kari) finally. lol. Hope that he makes an appearance on AI. That would be epic.

  15. I actually think that AI might need for David to make an appearance more than he might need it this year. lol. Watched AI tonight and thought that there were no stand out performances-kind of all just bad. AI did not do a very good job picking the contestants this year.

  16. I agree, Marie, about this year’s contestants on Idol. I’m not impressed with anyone yet and it feels almost like a chore to make it through an entire episode. I guess we’ll see if it gets any better…

    Regarding the new follows on twitter, it’s my understanding that it was sometime yesterday that it happened. I don’t know that it means anything about David being home but it is interesting to see who was followed. Harry Connick and the AI account…but not the other two judges? And I’m still scratching my head about The Civil Wars. David was already following Joy Williams so idk. It’s a mystery. And JT? I honestly have no idea what it all means but I guess the confusion gives us something to chat about til David surfaces.

    • It seems like his team is helping him prepare to re-enter the pop music scene, which should be comforting for people who fear he’s going to only sing religious music upon his return.

    • Thanks for the info- Ali. That is all very interesting about who was added. Are the Civil Wars back together as I thought they broke up for some reason awhile ago.

      • Yes, it is interesting who was added. I wonder if someone hacked the account just to drive fans crazy with speculation, lol. If it was hacked, I’m thinking that someone from the team would already inform us, but then again who knows how closely his account is being monitored. At least it gives us something to comment about, lol.

  17. Lots of talk over on twitter this morning about the new follows. A fan tweeted Kari (in kind of a rude manner) telling her she wasn’t allowed to follow new people for David and Kari tweeted back saying that she didn’t do it but if she had, she would have had permission to. Hmmm.

    So we know now that Kari didn’t do it. And we know that it wasn’t hacked because she would have unfollowed those accounts otherwise once she realized it had happened. Not sure who else has access to his twitter. Maybe Gina? Or another “team” member? Or that leaves David, if he is indeed home. Curiouser and curiouser…

    If David IS home, I don’t begrudge him having time with family before jumping back into the public phase of his life. Two years is a really long time to be gone and I’m sure he wants to spend time focusing on the people who mean the most to him. It’s all good. I will say that if he is home and trying to be stealth about it, it probably wasn’t the best idea to follow new accounts on twitter where there are many ODD fans watching every mention or move lol. But then it might not have occurred to him that anyone would notice. All conjecture though since it’s entirely possible he’s still chilling in Chile 😉

  18. I do not understand why the big deal about the followers. I don’t believe that anyone on his team or Kari would ever add to his twitter followers without him asking them to or saying ok.

  19. All conjecture, of course, but I think David added the followers to his twitter. He always was the one to add his own followers (no handler like other celebrity accounts). Since he will be “home” in 2 1/2 weeks; why add them now? Why wasn’t Enrique added to his account if someone else was doing it? I always thought they might let him come home at an unexpected time; knowing there were eyes watching for his return. Someone said on another site he may have come home with the film crew who was there filming him for the Mormon Church. It would save any possible disturbance for the other missionaries and their families who would have returned with him.

    All speculation, of course, but fun. Wherever he is, I’ll be here lol! Time flies so fast, it really doesn’t matter!

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