Feeling Proud

Stayed up for the entire Academy Awards broadcast and actually got all my Oscar predictions right (should have entered a pool this year).

Dedicating David’s “Pride” to the big winners of 12 Years a Slave (powerful film) and all others who took home awards:


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  1. Sooooooo. Is David coming home today?

    • hmmmm, i wonder if the D rumor has anything to do with Jeanette McCurdy’s leaked photos, lol. I’m behind on pop culture news but i wonder if she’s trying to pull a “Miley”.

      • Saw Lupita on Ellen and she is stunning in just a casual top and pants. Glad she won. She is the new “it” girl.” What is up with Jeanette? I think that she wants attention a little too much-like Miley so I agree. lol. So I take it there was a David rumor-maybe coming home early?

      • Well, of course I had to look up the news on Jeanette McCurdy. She broke up with her NBA boyfriend because he was a bad kisser. Racy pictures of her were leaked online today.

        There was a missionary blog from an Elder in Arizona that said David was coming home today. Then Kari tweeted “Oh happy day”. Not sure where the Elder got his information or why Kari is having a happy day….

  2. Hg, it’s always fun to predict winners and for all of them to be correct, even more fun, lol.
    Ali, well wouldn’t that be great! now we get a tweet from Kari saying ‘oh happy day!’.
    The idea that we might get a vlog from David or even a tweet (from him directly) soon is getting me very excited!!!

  3. He told me he was coming back this week.

  4. He could be home this week, but wait to announce himself? Either war, should be ‘soon’. Haha. Excited! These days, when I sleep or go to work or out, I wonder if he’ll say that first ‘hello’ while I’m offline. Aaahh!

    • We ODD David fans are currently on David watch. I’m obsessively checking his fan sites and twitter to see if there is any news about his arrival. Wouldn’t it be nice if they would just tell us when he is flying home.

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