Idol Flashback

This Idol season is so subpar that I can’t really muster up enough excitement (or support) for anyone, well except for Majesty Rose. She has the most star potential, IMHO.

So, of course, that lends itself to Idol Flashback time! 🙂


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  1. Great song choice for David, he hit it out of the ball park. Hope to see more of this from him.

  2. really..
    I am so missing David and his talent right now
    Shop Around still to this day is one of my favs.. David was on fire that night!

  3. Yes hg you are right that the talent is sub par. They just did not pick the right ones. I like Majesty, Sam, and Alex(true musician). The rocker Caleb will be popular as he is the only one that knows how to entertain the audience. MK might be interesting-not sure yet. They should have kept in that cute guy( forgot his name) from last week. Randy has his work cut out for him as their mentor. lol. Harry was right in that most did not even sing in tune. The Voice is looking better and better to me. lol.

  4. Do you think this will be Idols last year?

    • I don’t know. They should have called it quits after Season 10 but sometimes folks don’t know how to end on a high note.

    • Not a chance. We are on the 80th Bachelor, aren’t we? AI = Bachelor with a guitar and the ladies with voting rights.

    • I don’t know why they would call it quits when even their worst rating is the 16th most-watched show, when the top 7 are the Olympics. That’s still pretty good.

  5. Yeah, I had high hopes for this season, but now…………………. 😦 sad face

  6. Epic performance by young David. Such a great song choice; it really sent him on his way! Still one of my favorite Idol performances by him. Paula really got him; she could totally see his potential.

    I don’t really watch Idol now. Hard for me to forgive them for their manipulative ways. I can watch David’s mission announcement video easier than I can the winner announcement of Season 7! Yes, I need to let it go lol!

  7. MK is the only one worth watching in my opinion. hope she wins! awesome that she sang satisfaction by Allen Stone, love him! how can JLo not know who he is?!

  8. Funny how everyone has such different tastes even though we all enjoy David. I am totally not a fan of MK. I just don’t see where she’s that good. She’s ok, but not anything more to me. I like Sam Woolf much better. But I like the kind of music that he does, so that’s probably why I like his voice so much. He has a John Mayer quality to him, which is totally my taste. I was watching some old videos of him on youtube and really enjoyed the smoothness to his voice and how he seems to have such natural talent. I felt very chill listening to him sing. Again, I think a lot of what a person sees in an artist is reflective of his/her own tastes in music.

  9. Ok, watched old videos of David… I MISS DAVID SOOOO MUCH!!! I hope he does some kind of singing soon after he gets back. I’d be happy with a vlog of him singing. Would really love to see him perform on Idol, but he needs something fresh to get out there and not sure that he would have time for anything that quick. But maybe at least that would get his name back out there. Maybe get people to start looking him up again!

    • You need to get your head straight and start bidding on the box

      • LOL! Oh yes, the box definitely has me hyped for his return…NOT! If that’s the only thing they got to hype the fans then we’re in trouble! Oh David, please hurry home and get some music going!!!

      • Well it is to benefit ChildFund. Nothing wrong with that.

      • My expectation for any hype for his return is down to zero, but am glad that this last thing coming from his camp was for charity. Am still hoping that he had a plan in place so that he would have some things going on regarding his career in 2014. One thing for sure, we will see in the very near future.

      • It ‘s nice that the box is to raise funds for charity, especially one that seems to be important to David. Personally, I would rather purchase a CD with his music and voice to raise funds for charity. Or even just a song.

      • Yep dremerjulie that would of been great, that would of been great for the charity and maybe help his career a bit too.

  10. It’s the same every year. We go into the live shows really excited about how talented everyone is, and then something happens. I think it mostly happens to us, not them–I think our expectations get unrealistic.

  11. I watched AI last night. Then I watched videos of David’s last 3 AI performances. He is just sooooo good !!! What is it about his voice that just knocks the breath out of me? Can anyone explain ?

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