Sixth Anniversary of “Heaven”

You know the story by now: back in 2008, on this day, I was flipping through my channels (having vowed to not watch American Idol that season) and happened upon this adorable boy who opened his mouth to sing this!

I’ve been slayed ever since.  And six years later, still waiting for “Heaven.” 🙂

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  1. Yes Simon…he was INCREDIBLE! Incredible at 16 and now as a 23 year old young man Im still mesmerized! Cant wait to see and meet the man he has become, hear what he has in store for us! Wont be long now…

  2. desertrat- I really don’t know what “g & s” stands for. Just threw that out there. 🙂

    Remembering that commercial the first time I saw David’s face. He looked adorable and I was hoping for a voice to go with those good looks. Boy! he delivered and I can say that his voice still makes me thrill with it’s awesomeness.

    Singing here: An……tion keeping me waiting….. lol

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  4. This is the song that made me go WHOOOO !!!! And I began my David journey. This song is such a great vehicle for David’s voice and ability to connect with the listener. I never get tired of it.

  5. “Heaven” was also the first time I “met” David. I was immediately taken with his warm demeanor and friendly manner. When he opened his mouth to sing, I was hypnotized and mesmerized, a condition that continues to this day, with no end in sight.

  6. These last few weeks are just D-R-A-G-G-I-N-G !!!! I hope David is excited about getting back to us too !!!!

  7. OK- I have to admit that I am not that excited about any of the contestants on AI this year. I think that the guys are stronger singers than the girls this year. Hope they all get better as the season continues and make better song choices. I would bet that Spencer Lloyd does real well as he is young and has the looks and talent but to me- Alex was the most talented musician.

    • I think that Sam W. will go through too. I would bet there is a very good chance the top 3 will be guys this year. The winner will for sure be a guy. Sure no David in the bunch or a performance like Heaven. The Voice begins next week.

  8. Im trying really hard to be enthused about this years AI Top 20 but so far it isnt working. For me the girls were Meh, the guys a hair above that. Hope things improve as they progress.

  9. I am trying to get into this top 20. Not too enthused with the gals. Guys are a little better, but that isn’t saying much. Bummer, as I do like the 3 judges. I can only hope the contestants are going through early Idol jitters. They also need to keep in mind how often the wrong song choice can send you home.
    We’ve been spoiled by the best! No one is ever going to grab me and my heart like David did with Heaven. He said he was going to make the judges understand the song. By the way he sang it, there was NO doubting that everyone in the room and at home GOT IT!

  10. AWW Heaven, love every single video of David singing this song. He had me as a fan at OH, lol.

    Hmm the mystery continues about what the picture posted is, I just hope it’s something that gives a bit of light in regards to David’s future music career. Have no guesses though.

  11. Interesting news out today about 19R suing Sony for failing to pay full royalties to some American Idol contestants signed under them.

    “The suit – which is seeking at least $10 million in damages – was brought by 19, which entered into licensing agreements with Sony for recordings by several former Idol contestants including Nashville residents and recording artists Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler.

    Other artists cited in the suit were Clay Aiken, Chris Daughtry, Jordin Sparks, David Archuleta and David Cook. According to the suit, Sony then shorted 19 and the artists on royalty payments because of “systemically incorrect calculations.”

    Even if 19 does win this, I doubt the artists would see much of the money. As always the label and the multitude of middlemen get the lion’s share.

  12. Need to know more about this SONY lawsuit, especially since David is named in it. On another note, I’m watching Idol and alternating b/t the Olympics. I’m actually rooting for Spencer to get picked as a wild card b/c the guys who made it are the blandest of the bland I’ve ever seen on an Idol season. We seriously need some kind of eye candy on the male side. Shallow, I know! 😛 At least, once again, there is ZERO threat to another Idol replacing David. 🙂

    • Oh well. No eye candy! So that means I’ve only got Majesty Rose to root for! 🙂

      • Majesty Rose is definitely a favorite of mine, but I thnk Sam Woolfe is also adorable in a similar sweet, shy way that David was.

    • ITA-hg. No eye candy there. lol.I was really surprised that Spencer did not make it. Different group of top 15. Maybe someone with a baseball cap (MK or Ben) will win this year. – Where is mic this year as he would fit right in with that group. lol. Couldn’t help but think of it. Interesting about the lawsuit. Not surprised that SONY would try to short the AI contestants of money owed them .

  13. After watching that “Heaven” clip for the millionth time, it’s still how unbelievably good he was at age 16. I bet the other contestants knew then he’d be the one to beat.

  14. I was really surprised the “cute” boy didn’t make it. May just be the tweens aren’t watching/voting. Although Spencer wasn’t the best singer, he certainly was easy on the eyes. Very strange top 13.
    I’ve had my eye/ear on Majesty Rose. I like her. Not goosebumpy like David, but a definite contender for the top 3.

  15. Crickets are chirping again, lol.

    • Yes, very quiet in Davidland. I just hope it’s the calm before the storm. I’m hoping for there to be lots to talk about when David is home. It’s pretty obvious that nothing is going to happen as far as his music career goes until he is back. I guess that is understandable. He needs to start building on his foundation again – get a band in place and a booking agent. Looks like Kari will be busy with JT until September so he will need a tour manager if he is doing concerts this summer.

      • The good news is that there is only a little over a month to go until David is done with his mission. The big question is what will he do then? How long will it be until his first tweet, vlog, appearance, concert? What will he do to try to jump start his music career?

  16. ITA-Grammyj. But-I just don’t see David doing a tour right way( including the summer) unless he was an opening act but even that seems like a very long-shot to me. He would need to have some type of record label to be an opening act IMO. Also they schedule tours months in advance and he has not even been here to do that. I wonder if he would even do a tour at Christmas at this point this year. I can see him doing special appearances and going to the Philippines. With just having no communication with him for the past 2 years- I just do not know what to expect from him. I can’t believe his team does not have some things lined up but there should be some PR by now. Maybe they do not. Not a good sign if there is not.

  17. If they can make celebrities out of these no talent reality TV personalities like the Kardashians and Housewives- then it is now all about PR and the management team you have behind you and connections and being good with the social media(twitter ect). The sad fact is they are making big money with appearances and product endorsments and investments. I can’t believe with the Kardashians are worth and none of them have any talent at all. David needs to have the right team behind him to have any kind of success in the music industry.

    • ITA, Marie. I just keep thinking about what David said in an interview that he already had some things lined up for when he came back. Wonder if those ‘things’ fell through or maybe he changed his mind.
      I just hope we don’t get another bombshell from David in regards to his music career…crossing fingers that he still wants a music career and is ready and has no other personal things he needs to do that would prevent him from moving forward with his career.

  18. We’re all growing impatient, aren’t we? It helps me to remember that PR and announcements might be best timed when David is back and ready to work, so buzz can be supported by more buzz. And as for Kari, who knows? She might have told JT that she could work with him until X date, when she had a prior commitment. Plus, even if we do have to wait a few months longer, while David gets his ducks in a row, we’re closer than we were.

    • Yup, I will admit that I am impatient and a greedy fan. I want David back to his music career pronto. You are right that it would be better PR to have announcements regarding David’s music career when David is back and ready to work. I really believe that David will be back to his music career very soon after he returns. He has always been a hard worker and not one to sit around. I do not think he will take a prolonged vacation once he his mission is over. All things he said before he left pointed to him wanting a music career. He has the talent and passion for music and no other marketable skills. I think he wil give music another shot soon after he is back.

  19. Yes, for me the frustration is because of impatience, lol. Yes, having David home and working on a solid career path is when we might get some action from his camp. I know that it won’t be right away after he returns…I guess that I have always thought that he had put some plan in place that would warrant some sort of PR…from what I’ve read from other artist, when they have a project coming up, the promo starts months before it happens. That thought that he had something in place (maybe HAD is the word) in no longer the case.
    Still very excited for what David will do when he is ready to return to his music career. I just will be happy that he is home and has freedom to work on his career if he so chooses.

  20. No promo happening rn doesn’t mean things aren’t planned. You don’t need months of promo on things now — word gets around so fast on social media, why would you need to spend money on months of advertising when people respond best when they are told of things closer to the actual date?

    I’m not saying that things ARE planned. I’m just saying the lack of PR now doesn’t necessarily preclude it. As was mentioned earlier, David being around to spread word of things himself is really the best promo.

    Honestly whatever happens, whether there are things already planned or not, I’m just excited for him to be home.

  21. GrammyJ, when you say “The good news is that there is only a little over a month to go until David is done with his mission”, it implies that this Mission was some sort of chore for David. Of course, it was not. David had no problem with leaving his career for 2 years because this Mission was well worth the sacrifice for HIM.

    You say “Yup, I will admit that I am impatient and a greedy fan.” Amazingly, David has many fans who have no problem admitting to being just that. Having to read the posts of these self entitled, “David exists for my pleasure”, “greedy fans” every day for 2 years is what has been a “chore” for those of us who were happy for David that he followed his heart.

    As if that’s not enough, you say ” He has the talent and passion for music and no other marketable skills”. I won’t even dignify that with a response.

    • You don’t know whether David had “no problem leaving his career for 2 years”, which I doubt is true, or whether he will consider his mission “well worth the sacrifice”, which probably is true. We don’t know him.

      • CCHalo, He made the decision to go based on his own values and what he felt was appropriate for his life. We “know” this because that’s what David said to us when he announced that he was going. I take him at his spoken word. Don’t you?

        Although we don’t “know him” I have been reading endless posts from people on this site about what they “know’ is best for him and his career.

      • That’s not the same as having “no problem”, which is very much the opposite of what he has expressed. On the contrary, he had said that it was a difficult decision.

      • Some people are just contrary and negative to everything.

  22. I think things are planned and were planned before he left. He is not going to do anything related to his career while he is still a missionary. As soon as he is released then the promo can begin and he can hit the floor running. Also, I’m sure everything Kari is doing is with his direction.

  23. Older Fan, ITA that David already has a number of gigs planned when he gets back, mostly in the Philippines, where he showed how multi talented he is by singing, acting and modeling, to rave reviews and tumultuous receptions. A tour of all of all the Asian countries who support him, fill up his venues and buy his CDs would seem to be an obvious choice. Another acting gig might very well be in the offing, as well as modeling for Bench. David will definitely not be sitting home watching soap operas, although he may very well be starring in one.

  24. “Im not going on a mission…Music is my mission, reaching people with songs, my message.”
    Words Spoken by David James Archuleta.

  25. CCHalo, why are you nitpicking? Nobody thinks that David did not have to give his decision a great amount of thought, given the career threat that a 2 year hiatus would create. However, once he actually made the decision, he said that that was doing it because it was something that he needed to do, no matter what the ramifications to his career. Hence, whatever “problem” may have had in making the decision had been resolved, and the actual going on the Mission was no longer a problem for him.

    Candy, show me where David actually said “I’m not going on a Mission” He did say a while back that he thought that music was his Mission, but never specifically said that he would never leave his career to go on a Mission. If I’m wrong, please show me the documentation that proves that so I can apologize to you immediately.

    • Lol. The pot calling the kettle black. I guess I’m not in a mood for argument, so need to stop responding when someone is clearly spoiling for one.

  26. Candy, I believe it was always Davids intention to go on a mission. As soon as his 3 year contract with Jive was up that’s exactly what he dId. Now he can really concentrate on his music and career.:)

    • I can understand how with him things were not settled until he did this. I know (by what he has said in the past) that he has been happy the last two years; to him being a servant to others is the way to true happiness. Happiness a lot of times is a choice. It will probably be bittersweet for him to leave. When he returns, he will still be a servant but in a different way; he wall bring joy and happiness to others. He’s not perfect; a lot of people live their life this way; I know several.

      Oliveoil – Thanks for your comment on FOD about David’s hair. Sorry I won’t leave this comment there; those sweet ladies can get feisty lol.

  27. CCHalo,No problem. If you ever want to have a discussion about any subject concerning David, I’ll be at the grown up table.

  28. Olive OIl, that would appear to be the case. The notion that David went back on his word by going on a Mission that he said he would not go on, and, hence, lied to his fans, is both patently untrue, and frankly, insulting to David.

    Also, why would someone who feels that David lied to them remain a fan of his?

  29. Bliss- Much to your surprise I dont have documentation of every word David has ever uttered. Not going to get into a urinating match. My point was, life changes, people change, due to life circumstances things said in ernst sometimes have a way of evolving into a different perspective. It would be a sad state of life if they stayed the same from birth to death.

    OliveOil, I agree 1 zillion percent, David has probably known since the day he was born he would go on a mission, never anticipating he would have a career when it came time to go.

    • There was a visual in that post that I didn’t need lol. Stayin’ classy!

    • And I’m sure that it was a huge sacrifice to put everything on hold. Just goes to show what a strong person he is .

      • So very true OliveOil, Im sure it took a lot of soul searching and talking to himself as to when he would go. I personally think the timing was perfect, it gives him a chance to come back, regroup, get a fresh start… I cant wait to see how it all unfolds. 🙂

  30. AMEN !!! My feeling exactly. 🙂

  31. Candy, getting into a “urinating match” with me would put you at a distinct anatomical disadvantage, lol.

    I was merely challenging the quotation marks that you put around words that you presented as a direct quote from David. By doing so, you were saying that these were David’s actual words. If that were true, then his going on a Mission would brand David a liar, something which is, in and of itself, a lie.

    Now that you’ve explained that you were not quoting David, but trying to legitimatize your post by fabricating a quote that was never made by David, we can hopefully move on.

  32. I also remember David saying that music was his mission but alas, like Candy, I do not have the proper documentation, so I often wonder, did and does David regret his decision? I’m sure we’ll never know!

  33. Bliss~ David certainly does have the capacity to lie, inadvertently or intentionally, given the fact that he is just a normal human being.

  34. Cotton Candy, I disagree. Lying is a willful act. One cannot inadvertently lie. Of course, anyone can provide unintentionally false information or express something that they think is true but turns out not to be. That’s why they call it a “lie detector, and not an “assumption detector”.

    As for David being capable of lying and being a “normal human being”—bite your tongue, lol.

  35. Some amusing comments. lol. “urinating match”.LOL. Kind of off topic but I did not get a chance to watch JT on Jimmy Fallon last nignt and I just watched the show on demand. It was a great show. Those two are just so good together. That JT sure is one talented guy. Since Kari will be touring with JT- wouldn’t it be great if David performed a song with him at one of his shows on his tour this summer.

  36. omg Bliss, please! lol! he could have meant it at the time and then changed his mind. which is what i think probably happened.

  37. Yes, we all remember that David did give the impression that he saw his music as his Mission, but he certainly did not make any specific claim to that being his “final answer” on the subject. The baseball sensation, Bryce Harper, who is 21 and already a star in the major leagues and a Mormon, was asked thr same question about his career. He has stated in no uncertain terms that baseball is his Mission (whatever that means) and he will not be going on any other Mission, now or ever.

    The reason I gave Candy a hard time on her post was that it was presented as a direct quote from David, and that David “said” that music would fulfill his Mormon obligation to do Missionary work. That’s a whole other kettle of Thai food.

    I don’t think this Mission would have been so problematic for David’s fans if it hadn’t rendered him incommunicado for 2 whole years.

  38. David should hold a post- Mission press conference with his fans, where he is asked all the questions that we have been asking each other for 2 years. I think we would all be quite surprised how off base we have been on many subjects. Wouldn’t it be a hoot of David really didn’t want any pics or mentions of him during his Mission to be posted online?

    • Yes, it would be a hoot considering how many pictures and videos of David the mission itself posted online.

    • I have never believed he wanted pictures or mentions of him during his mission to be posted online. I don’t care to debate it because it’s been done to death. I just think he wanted his privacy during this time. It didn’t happen obviously. Not sure why it would be a hoot to find that out.

      Regarding the issue of privacy, my father always said to me that one man’s rights end where another man’s begin. I think our own definitions of privacy matter only until they conflict with another person’s definition.

      • I think you’re right about that. I think he probably wanted his religious life to be separate from his career, like most artists, except for those in the Christian genre. Of course, his leaders were likely eager to capitalize on his presence to attract attention, because that’s their whole purpose. (I don’t mean that in a bad way). It’s a dissonance that I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around. The goal of a mission is to attract and convert as many people as possible, and yet it’s his personal, spiritual journey. I think it will be even more interesting when he returns.

  39. Bliss~ i agree! would love for David to do exactly that. he could clear up alot of things for us if he really wanted to!

  40. Since David seems so happy in Chile and since he’s been able to keep singing while still doing what missionaries do, which is to proselytize to the chileans for his church, what makes us think he’s in a hurry to return? What if instead of coming home, he has asked to have his mission prolonged by 6 months or even another year? Could explain the lack of any PR from his team. Also, the lack of PR could be due to the lack of interest in the media about David’s “return” which also goes right back to the lack of PR. Something to think about.

    While some fans believe he is a big star in the Philippines so it would be reasonable he would naturally go there when he returns. If he does have contractual obligations there which were made before he left, where is the buzz in Asia? If David is due to return in a matter of weeks and if he has plans to continue his career in Asia instead of here in his own country, why is there no indication of his big return to Asia where as Bliss said “David already has a number of gigs planned when he gets back, mostly in the Philippines, where he showed how multi talented he is by singing, acting and modeling, to rave reviews and tumultuous receptions. A tour of all of all the Asian countries who support him, fill up his venues and buy his CDs would seem to be an obvious choice. Another acting gig might very well be in the offing, as well as modeling for Bench. David will definitely not be sitting home watching soap operas, although he may very well be starring in one”. Truthfully, David can do better than doing another cheesy soap.

    Granted, after some alone time catching up with family & friends, he may have to go where the money is because if David wants to make his living in the music industry, unfortunately at least this year, he may not be able to do that here. That was indeed the sacrifice he made. I firmly believe, if he had not left when he did, and if his MKOC tour performances were any indication, he very well could be one of the most relevant & respected artists in the industry today or at least on his way to writing his own ticket. Now he will have an uphill climb if he still wants it. Lets hope his team will work to get him on the right track again. We have seen that being a great person with an immense talent does not guarantee anything in the music industry. It will take a lot of luck & perseverance as well as the best people he can afford who believe in him & his abilities to make it happen.

    Question now is does his current team really think having a contest for a piece of a backdrop or a guessing game is really the only thing they can think of to do to garner interest in David’s return? This is the time when a really good team would use the media to make this a time of excitement & high anticipation by reminding people about who David is. Of course, it takes money to get some buzz out there unless a celebrity news show like Inside Edition or Entertainment Tonight thinks David’s “return” is newsworthy.

    • does David really have a team or a lot of faithful friends and family?

    • Senseless, why do you have such contempt for the Philippines? Is success in the Philippines “less’ valuable than success in the US? .Do you think that if he hasn’t made it in the US , he hasn’t really made it. Your post oozes with cynicism and contempt for David’s Mission, “Nandito Ako”, his desire to return to music, his team, his prospects for the future, etc etc. Is there anything about David that you feel good about?

  41. At the moment part of his “team” is in JT’s pocket. He is on tour for the next 7 months nationally & Internationally, plus hes mighty fine. Business is business…you have to go where it pays the bills. So to answer your questions…ha, I dont have a clue.

  42. BTW, David is not a household name in the Philippines and other Asian countries. There are many “provinces” in those countries where he is not well known or even known at all. So to think he is a huge star there comparable to the popularity of artists like Elvis, MJ or others like JT here or worldwide is simply not true. He had and may still have a fairly large segment of fans there who followed him just like he did here the first couple of years after AI. Like it or not, if he had not left when he did, he would have no shortage of fans here and he would not have to be going to Asia for financial reasons like he did just before he left on his mission but simply because he just wants to like the first time he went there.

    • Senseless-ITA. That is the truth. David would also never say if he ever had regrets regarding this mission negatively effecting his music career as he had no communication with fans for 2 yrs.. But I think that it has-How could it not?

  43. Senseless – I have to say I disagree with your opinion that if he had not left for his mission he would have no shortage of fans here or have needed to go to Asia for financial reasons. His popularity in the US was waning long before the mission. The fall off in his US popularity was happening even before TOSOD came out in 2010, thus the album sales.

    Whether he will find a way to turn that trend around when he comes back, that none of us know. I am hopeful but nothing is guaranteed. I hope that he will come back feeling like he’s accomplished something very important to him on a spiritual level and feel like he can focus 100% on rebuilding his career. We’ll see.

  44. Kari did mention that when David comes back he would be bigger and better, or something like that. I am hoping that was just not wishful thinking on her part. As for the going on a mission, in the Life Story magazine that came out when he was 17 he say, “It’s actually a choice we have and it is something I’ve always wanted to do, but the point is to serve and to just be able to share the gospel and spirit with others, and I kind of feel that’s what I’m doing right now.” at that time in his life by sharing his music it was his way of communicating with people and touching people, and he also did say. “So I feel this is my mission. I’m serving a music mission and this is is away I can best do what I do.” I do think he did think that H e went on to say :you do a lot of talking and communicating on a mission, and I suck at talking! But I’ve always felt this way in my life- when I sing, that’s the way I communicate with people.” I would never consider his thoughts at 17 a lie, his career then took a nosedive and he changed his mind .

    • Thanks Potluck8-I knew I read that before, just couldnt remember where. And you are right, he was 17, and felt then he was best serving his church and his fans by being on a music mission. His career following AI was sky-rocketing, Im sure the downward sprial later gave him an option and opportunity to go. Like I said people and life change…

    • Very well said.

      Candy, I think someone owes you an apology 😉

  45. Please excuse the typos.

  46. Candy, I kind of think he would have gone on the mission even if things hadn’t slowed down. Maybe his label and management knew he was planning some kind of break and didn’t see any reason for promoting his music or career. But who really knows.

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