Does David’s Team Have a Plan?

What are we to make of this most recent tweet, which is supposed to be a guessing game on what the picture is supposed to be?


In other news, did you catch Jimmy Fallon’s debut on The Tonight Show? (Thanks for the video share, Desertrat!)

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  1. That picture is really familiar to me, but I can’t think why. Keep thinking it’s a part of a game or something. Cover of the box? But that doesn’t make sense.

    Loved that bit from Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith. And I like Jimmy Fallon in general. I’ve never watched The Tonight Show (Dad never missed Johnny Carson, back in the day) but maybe I’ll watch when I can stay up that late. Heh. Early riser.

  2. Part of a fan cruise poster?

    • Ha, ha, Peter. I like your anwer. On FOD there is a list of a whole bunch of answers that were tweeted. Some are really funny. Can you imagine if David did agree to do a cruise? He’s be stuck on a cruise ship with a bunch of his ODD fans. The thought of it makes me smile. Actually it is getting to be quite common for even big name artists to sing on a cruise ship. it’s not the put down any more that Simon made it to be.

      I have no idea what kind of plans David’s team has for him when he returns. There hasn’t been any thing except the new “old” pictures of David, the curtain give away and this guessing game. I believe that things aren’t going to start up again for David’s music career until he is back. I guess that makes sense except I was hoping for concert dates to be revealed before he was back.

      I think the picture is of something that David signed that fans can bid on for charity.

  3. Sort of sarape or maraca, maybe a piñata… Some sort of latinamerican theme!!!

  4. Does this sound plausible Grammy J? A few months home with family and friends while he sets up a few concerts. Does a few concerts for us so we don’t lose our minds. Works on some new music and hopefully a Spanish album. Has a big Christmas concert in SLC. Meanwhile his team is getting him some new amazing management so that his new music will be played and properly promoted to American and Latino markets. David will continue to do music and his fans will continue to support him. His career will continue to grow .

    • I know you’re talking to GrammyJ but your comments seem a little out of proportion when the big contest is giving away pieces of a curtain.

      However, if folks want to swing off the Spielberg chandelier, who am I to quibble?

  5. Does anyone else wonder why we have these little teasers and contest type things: March Madness, curtain give-aways, photo guessing pastimes and the like?

    Do other idol fanbases have this type of stuff? Other artists? I really don’t know.

    Is it because there are a few fans who campaign for this stuff all the time? Is it the folks David has running his website? FOD? His team? Is it David himself who thinks these things are a good idea?

    Not many folks wanted a piece of curtain. Why do they keep this stuff up when it just falls flat?

  6. Not sure about wanting a piece of curtain. lol. Is that what it is? Peter-I like your answer-a cruise poster. LOL. I have no idea who thinks this stuff up. Seriously- I really hope that David can be on Jimmy Fallon when he returns-at least at some point. Love Jimmy and that would be great for his career.

  7. Well all I can say about the curtain give away and now this guessing game…at least it’s something. Not sure about how much buzz it’s creating, but glad we have something. It does seem that new (old) pictures seem to create more of a buzz… I said, just glad that the crickets aren’t chirping as loudly, lol.

    I’m with you Marie, would love for David to be invited to the Tonight Show…love Jimmy Fallon. I do think that something pretty big has to happen to David’s career for that to materialize though.

  8. IMO, The problem here is that David’s handlers view his fan base as restless children in need of being “kept busy”.. As a grown adult who happens to love David and admire him as both a human being and a singer of unmatched quality, I find it insulting to be treated like this. Moving forward, David needs to be viewed as someone to be taken seriously as an artist in order to attract more supporters of his music. All this childish stuff will make David radioactive to the demographic he needs to attract, and who would otherwise love to be part of his fan base. Fan sites can be instrumental in creating a more mature view of David, but it is David himself who must project a more “adult” persona when he returns.

    • Theory #1: Restless children

      Theory #2: More g&s for Skari and MelHel.

      • You got me, what’s “g&s”?

      • Is g & s giggles and snickers?

        I would guess that some of the fan base are happy to have something even these diversions. But not such a great way to introduce what the future landscape might look like.

        On my teeny tiny phone. No telling what this post may look like.

      • Thanks RAM. I thought it meant “gold and silver”; you can tell I’ve been watching the olympics.

  9. Anon, I like your observation haha. My comments were a blend of possibility and wishful thinking. I like thinking positive cuz it’s more fun that way. Re the contests, there are lots of people that like that kind of thing and its nice of Kari to provide a little diversion. It’s not my kind of thing, but so what.

  10. Off topic -but I am watching AI. So glad that it is finally live. I am enjoying the show. It is entertaining. Think that the ratings probably will not be as good until the Olympics are over next week.

    • The woman w/the knit cap (MK?) was great!

      Re. the curtain, I would have squealed like a fangirl if I had won that square, lol.

      • I agree that MK was the best of the night-by far. I really liked her as she was different. What does- g&s- mean. lol.

      • Also found it entertaining that they have non denominational spiritual advisors on AI this year for the contestants. Are they kidding? lol. I thought that Adam and Daughtry did a good job as mentors.

  11. Anon-Whether I agree with your comments or not, they are always interesting…

  12. I’m okay with the guessing game and give away for now. Like CQ said, at least it’s something. Only the ODD fans are paying any attention to it anyway. No harm in it. I just hope there are some opportunities for David when he returns. I liked Oliveoil’s ideas. I guess we just stay tuned……

  13. hay anon- i would like to know what g&s means too!

  14. Turn the picture upside down and you’ll see number 13.
    David will be on AI 13 as guest performer.

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