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VJ just gave me a flashback. 🙂

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  1. lol, thank you Hg for that flash back. I forgot how that went down. That expression on David’s face was priceless when Simon said his second audition wasn’t as good as the first. That smile like I better prepare to go home, lol. that was so cruel of Simon (I guess part of the drama of the show). David was a humble phenomenal boy back then and he is a humble, phenomenal man now.
    David is going to take the industry by storm, he just needed to do it his way.
    I believe that David will be so ready to handle anything that comes his way in regards to the music industry with true commitment and will always stay true to himself, anyway that is what I wish for him, lol.

  2. Glad that you posted that video. I had not seen that in a long time. David is just adorable as always.

  3. It brought a big smile to my face. I never would have guessed then that I would still be following David six years later. He was so young, cute, and charming in that clip.

  4. Sometimes I really miss the very young David. He was soooooooo precious. Kinda like how I feel when I look at old videos of my kids. Can’t believe how much he gas grown up. I’m so proud of him.:)

  5. OHMYGOSH-I forgot how adorable his expression and reaction was, he should have made it on charm alone but we all know it was his amazing vocals that helped nail a spot in the Top 24. WTW is wrong with Simon…not as good as his previous audition…Simon, Simon, Simon…hopefully having a GF solved your problem. 🙂

  6. And maybecoming a father

  7. Sorry. maybe becoming a father will have a positive effect on his life.

  8. That clip makes me smile because I remember it like yesterday. Little 16 yr old David Archuleta! LOL, he even tells them to “have a good day”.

    From the previous thread, I keep hearing so much about “House of Cards”; I’ll have to sign up w/Netflix so I can see the show.

  9. desertrat-I would encourage you to do that. Also I reallly enjoyed the Orange is the New Black show that is also on Netflix. Maybe becoming a father will be a positive for Simon as now that X Factor USA is cancelled he will have more time for a baby. lol.

    • marie, you convinced me to sign up for the free 1-month trial, lol. can’t wait to watch “house of cards”; i enjoy following politics so i’m sure this show will have me hooked. browsing thru the netflix site, i see that some artists have performances that you can watch. of course, i’m thinking about david offering an acoustic set via netflix. 😀

  10. Wouldn’t that be great if David did that-desertrat.

  11. I wonder which audition Simon thought was sub par . The first one,”WOTWTC” Simon thought was great, the second one, “Crazy”,Simon said was “incredible”, and the 3rd one, “Heaven” he told David that he “had so much going for him”, including having a “great voice”. AI does everything for dramatic effect, and they have no problem putting the contestants through whatever they think will create suspense for the audience. That’s why the show is called “boot camp”. For 17 year old David to endure all the stuff the show threw at him, and still dominate the show for the next 4 months, says all you need to know about David’s character, focus, and resolve. For all his “cuteness”, David is also, at his core, one tough sonofagun.

    • Good points.

    • yep, one tough cookie, that will go a long way to help him with his music career.

    • Simon had to come up with something to make David feel he wasn’t going through, so his comparison was relative. I think he was saying “Crazy” was so spectacular that even “Heaven” paled in comparison. Was “Heaven” better than any other contestant’s performance? I’d say yes. If you listened carefully to Simon’s critiques in the season they were always on a different scale than the other contestants’, comparing him to his own past performances, and only a couple of times mentioning how he was leaving the field of contestants far behind.

      • Barbsmsl, Season 7 created a dilemma for AI in that it was the only season where the clear front runner was established before the live shows began. Never before (or since, for that matter) had one contestant been anointed the “shoo-in” before the real competition began. To make matters worse for the Producers, David’s first 2 performances only reinforced that notion, and his 2nd performance, “Imagine”, immediately took on historic proportions, and all but ended the dramatic competitive edge the show relies on to maintain interest. David “saved the day’ for the Producers by botching “We Can Work It Out”, but by the next week quickly retook control of the show with his epic performance of “Long and Winding Road’, and never looked back.

  12. true!

  13. Hum, David saying that he always doubted his talent because he thought people were just being nice because he was little, silly boy, lol. I just hope that he no longer feels that way, not that he would be egotistical in any way, but just be confident in his talent.

  14. David never said that he was or thought other people thought he was a “silly” boy. He said that he lacked confidence in his talent as a young boy and assumed people were being nice to him because he was “little”. He said that on AI, which is now 6 years ago. David no longer lacks confidence in his talent. His stage presence on his last tour (MKOC) oozed confidence, and from what we saw in those recent devotional videos in Chile, he has put those boyhood insecurities behind him. David will return an evolved and mature man. The days of Teddy Bears and cartoon images of baby David have come and gone, thank God.

  15. CQ, all is forgiven, lol. It’s hard to be lighthearted online because people really don’t know other people’s sense of humor. Believe it or not, I have a really good sense of humor, even when it comes to David.

  16. Great new (old?) pics of David out of uniform:

    Jumping — yes, that’s him on the right!

    Arms raised

  17. Off topic but entertaining, Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing”

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