Tuning into Idol

So, all’s quiet on the Archuleta Front. 🙂

David can’t return soon enough for me!

In the meantime, I guess we have American Idol to tune into this season (or are you?).

I think it’s time to add a new post (and new poll!), this time about American Idol. I’m curious to see if anyone’s tuning in this year.

What say you, Soul Davidians?

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  1. I say it is too quiet on the Archuleta front, I wish we would get even a little tease.

  2. I am watching AI but I are more than ready for them to get it down to the Top 10. I always feel that way. I do think there are some very promising contestants. I love Harry as a judge and it looks like Randy Jackson is going to be getting more involved next week. I think that Randy as the mentor is a good new role for him. It looks like Adam Lambert and Daughtry are going to be on next week too so that should make it more interesting. I read that the Olympics are winning in the ratings over AI but I have not watched much of them this year for some reason. No interest. I will watch the figure skating. I just have been busy working and trying to get through the snow everyday but wish there was some David news.

    • I’ve never liked the Winter Olympics but once the figure skating finals get under way I may start to pay attention.

  3. Yep to quiet on Archuleta front, like potluck8 said, would love some kind of tease. The curtain contest was ok, but really only for anyone that attended and not really to wake up sleeping Archies, lol. Those are the ones that need to be excited. I think that anything tease related to his music career would be awesome.

  4. BTW, Happy Valentine’s Day HG and all the wonderful Archies that comment and lurk.

  5. I picked “maybe”. Except for Season 7 and the season w/Fantasia, JHud, etc., I haven’t followed the show closely but I’m interested in seeing how far the young lady that sang w/Richard Parkinson will go (ie, Austin Wolfe). She’s talented and has an interesting voice.

    CQ, thanks for the Valentine’s Day wishes — ditto from me to everyone too!

    • I will have to pay attention to Austin. I remember her as she is just 16 and does have a good voice. Grammyj- glad that you mentioned the men’s figure skating finals are on tonight. I will have to watch. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

  6. I’m a winter Olympics fanatic. I love the winter Olympics more than the summer ones. Maybe it’s because of my Nordic heritage (Dutch & Swedish) or because I grew up in Minnesota, but l love the figure skating and am amazed at the tricks the snowboarders and skiers can do. The Men’s figure skating finals are tonight. In fact there has been figure skating on almost every night. The David connection is that many of the athletes live and train in Utah. David sang for Ashley Wagner at a skating show and she will be competing for the U.S. for the women.

    The latest David rumor posted by Snowangelz is here: http://why-rush.com/concert/david-archuleta-tour-dates/ I hope some real tour dates actually get posted. The site actually seems to be legit. We shall see.

  7. Not watching, and never will.

    They are still trying to make Glambert happen?

  8. cq, I’m very curious. How would you wake up sleeping Archies without David being home? And how would you know they were awake? lol Pics seem to do well with Facebook likes. Contests are for those of us making our “we’re still here” photos. What else is there? Do you think the music vault holds something better than what we’ve heard? He can’t do TV, for example, without actually being here.

  9. I hope everyone had a happy Valenines Day. It was really nice to have a “new” pic . I wonder what Valentines Day is like in Chili when you’re on a mission. Haha

    • Valentine’s Day Traditions in Chile:

      The people of Chile celebrate the Valentine’s Day with intense pleasure and excitement. They decorate their house with handmade crafts, balloons and streamers, on this day. The shops use to be flooded with a lot of gift items long before the arrival of Valentine’s Day. City streets are decorated with lights and balloons on the day. People love to go out to a restaurant or café with their valentine or friends or family members. Several music concerts get organized on Chilean Valentine’s Day to encash the spirit of romance. Many international and local bands come to Chile for making the Chilean crowd groove.


      • Sounds similar to the US

      • I just googled Valentine’s Day in Chile & that is part of what came up. And here I thought only in America do we go overboard in the commercialization of just about every “holiday”. Spend, spend, spend. 🙂

  10. Senseless, thank you for the information. Sounds like a lot of fun in Chile. 🙂

  11. cq, I want to apologize for my tone since it seems like I thought you were trying to be controversial or I was or something. I was just honestly looking for ideas! I would love to see interest in David growing again but I feel at a loss for how that could be done without a bazillion dollars behind him. Now if I won a bazillion-dollar lottery I’d be happy to help Team Archie with that PR stuff, not even kidding. Who are the right people and how does one get their attention?

    • lol, just a little sensitive I guess. I truly love to comment, but I don’t want to go down any road that might offend, which it has in the past. I see what you mean, you are probably right, only when David is back and working on his career could that happen.

    • I think if a true concert date for David was posted on David’s OS that would cause some excitement. It’s not too early for that as summer concerts are being announced for other artists, and David could definitely have a concert by summer. Here’s crossing my fingers that he does have concerts this summer. I’m not one of his fans that thinks he should take lots of time off from the music scene when he gets back. To me that’s crazy. If he wants a music career he needs to come home and get back out there singing all he can.

  12. Very off topic but I just started binge watching “The House of Cards”on Netflix today. Not to give anything away but that first episode of S2 was really kind of shocking and epic and bold. lol.

  13. I dunno…I’m just not into AI this year. Made the mistake of watching them decide who’d go to the live shows; all I could think of was you-know-who. I was remembering how shy & polite he was, & the look he gave the judges when they acted like they might not say yes…Then to realize at my first concert that this person in front of me was real, and the show was playing with “real people’s” lives…Now I just feel bad for all of them, I guess. lol. Win or lose, their lives are changed forever.

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