David Giving Us the Gift of “Crazy”

Remember when we Archies kept wondering what David’s rendition of “Crazy” would sound like since it didn’t air while he was auditioning in Hollywood? Now that Idol is doing the Hollywood rounds, I got a bit nostalgic and am deeply appreciative of the way David will satisfy his fans by giving us his own David-style rendition:


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  1. As anyone who has happened upon my random tweets knows, I am crazy about “Crazy” and am always tweeting a link to it to random new David fans. Usually I tweet this one because I love his interaction with the audience after singing 19 or 20 songs for them and how relaxed and in the zone he is and as usual, the ending says it all about David’s amazing voice.
    “David Archuleta Crazy Kuala Lumpur 11” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZCpmvMHa_g

  2. I’m crazy, crazy, crazy for David’s rendition of Crazy! thank you HG.

    Collegemom thank you also for bring that wonderful performance. He was on fire and his voice was so on point even after all those songs. He puts his heart and soul into every song.

    It’s going to be an exciting 2014 our man…I feel it in my bones, lol!!!!!!

  3. Now that was soulful! Thanks for taking us back down memory lane.

  4. Ive always felt if they had shown Davids verison of Crazy during Hollywood week there is no way Cook would have won, the competition would have ended right then! I will never understand why it wasnt shown, I get the whole clearence thing but they sure seemed to be able to clear every other song! So does that make me craaaaazaaa…probably!

  5. I’m so0000 happy this morn because my job is going to let us go home early due to snow! So does that make me craaaaaazaaq too? probably! 🙂

  6. Oh yah!!! What a way to start my day (both renditions).

  7. It’s so quiet in David land. Some off topic humor, Honda’s President’s Day car commercial. At first I wondered what was going on, now I find it hilarious.

  8. That video is funny. I have been working long hours and like everyone else the weather has me kind of tired all the time. Watching AI tonight. Hope to hear something (anything) from David’s team soon. You can hear crickets right now as far as what David’s career plans are. lol.

    • The announcement for the winner of the MKOC curtain piece was announced on David’s twitter, Facebook and OS today. The end of the post said this: “To those who missed the contest or who did not win, please stay tuned to DavidArchuleta.com, because more excitement is coming VERY soon.”
      I have no idea what the “more excitement” is but gives us something to speculate on. I wasn’t excited about the contest so I hope it’s something better than that.

      • Here are my guesses:

        * we get a chance to win the boots he actually wore during the MKOC show

        * we get a chance to win one of the MKOC “Little Drummer Boy” drumsticks


  9. Just because I came across this, I need to post it – even at a young age David knows what he is doing and here it is in Don’t Tell Me (young David) which I had not listened to for a long tine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bn3mz8w0qJg I love the end where he talks about where he belongs is up on the stage “and take my place” and “do my thing” even then

    • Thank you collegemom for the video, so good, kind of sounds a little like MJ when he was young. He put so much heart and soul into the song. I think that maybe some of the songs that he has written and recorded after AI might of not been as intense with the soul as when he was younger. I’m hoping that when he gets back to his career with a new found confidence and maturity that deep soulfulness will be front and center.

    • So quiet & still in Archuletaland. Kinda like the calm before the storm?

      I was thinking David’s “Dont Tell Me” would be a fitting song for David when he returns. Who knows? It could be pretty relevant if he feels pressured to go in a direction he doesn’t want to go in. The lyrics are basically telling “whoever” that he will do what he wants, when he wants, & how he wants, so back off! For that reason, I think he should re-record it. And for another reason, because I just like the song. 🙂

      Crazy is one of my favorite covers by David. The great thing is he has performed it many, many times & each time he changes it up with fantastic results and it’s always been better than the original…sorry Gnarls Barkley. He totally owns it and it’s a shame his AI performance was never aired at least nor yet! It has to be in the AI archives and someday someone will leak it. 🙂

  10. Just read this article on MJ’s with comments from Randy Jackson re. his new role on the show and how it is working with Daughtry and ALambert. It’s kind of sad to me because he’s been on the show so long and now he’s pretending that his new role (in the background of the show) carries the same prestige as being a judge. He then talks up Daughtry and Lambert as if their careers were on the level of Carrie and Kelly. Randy seems delusional to me, hanging on by a thread to whatever role AI threw at him. When I see pics of the AI crew, I see Seacrest, JLo, Keith and Harry — nowhere are Randy, Daughtry and Lambert. I could be wrong, I haven’t been following the show closely this year.


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