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Remember how David discovered this song from Eva Cassidy, when it was performed at Salt Lake City’s Winter Olympics? Now that the games have started, just thought to take a trip down memory lane:

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  1. I loved Fields of Gold and of course when David sing it, I love it even more. Thank you Hg for going down memory lane with this gem.

  2. Gorgeous vocals! And David looks oh so young compared to now. I believe he was still 19; someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    • I think he was 18 here (but just barely!). He turned 19 right after the CFTH tour.

      I love the tenderness he sings this with — definitely an homage to the way Eva sang it. The other cover he did on this tour, The Riddle, was also a favorite of mine. I think it brought out a great tone in his voice.

  3. Great Memory!! It was Michelle Kwan who skated to Fields of Gold and David was introduced to the song and Eva Cassidy.
    An interesting side note: Michelle just got married in January and reportedly included the song in her wedding.
    David has since sang at a skating event Michelle hosted, so am sure he shared his love of that song and Eva.

  4. RIDDLE ME THIS.q. i am the beginning of the end and the end of time and space i am essential to creation,and i surround every place who am i

  5. As a passionate, long-time fan of Sting, I have to throw some love in the direction of the original artist–not that Eva didn’t have a lovely voice.

  6. I never make promises lightly —
    and there have been some that I’ve broken —
    but I swear in the days still left
    we’ll walk in fields of gold.
    We’ll walk in fields of gold.

  7. I melt when David sings “FOG” the way he caresses the word Barley so tenderly, I never knew that barley could take on such a beautiful meaning. I had the privelige and honor of being in the first row in Baltimore when he sat on a stool about five feet in front of me and sang this…I could barely breathe, it was so definitely a magical moment. I learned of Eva through David and am now a huge fan.

  8. Because of David, I used the Eva Cassidy version of FOG as one of the songs in the video I made for my mother’s memorial service a few years ago. I liked that it was less known than the Sting version.

  9. I believe that if David recorded his version of “Imagine” that we’d see skaters skating to it. His version of Blackbird would be another great skate song.

  10. West Coasters, if you have a chance watch the Beatles 50th Anniversary tribute, it was FANTASTIC. No bleeped out words, no bizzare acts, no semi-nudity, it was 2 1/2 hours of pure musical enjoyment!

    • We watched it too, Candy. Best entertainment show I’ve seen on TV in a lonnnng time.

    • This is true, but while we have rosy memories of those times, don’t forget that the Beatles used heroin, cocaine, LSD, not to mention pot, and wrote about it in their lyrics. The times weren’t really that innocent.

      • yep a great show. I do agree with you cc halo, things were not all that innocent back then too. How about Woodstock, lol. I do feel that everyone, including me, really remembers the good and kind of forget the bad.

  11. Candy. I am sorry I missed the show on the Beatles. it was nice to grow up without swear words. nudity and sexual content, I know it was out there but we avoided it. I also realize that times have changed but I am glad I grew up when I did.I am hoping that David doesn’t cave into the pressures of today’s Hollywood.

  12. Don’t Let Me Down John Mayer from last nights Beatles tribute

    • Woooo! Go Keith!! I admit I’ve never been interested in Keith Urban ecause he’s “country”, but wow! He can sing & play that guitar like nobody’s business! Goes to show no matter which genre an artist chooses to sing, like Urban, they can sing & do justice to any music, given the right material. I thought he was better than John Mayer & I really like Mayer!

  13. Always can count on cc halo and cq to bring us back down to reality. Thanks guys.

  14. Great Beatles show last night, with some fantastic performances of but a few of their unmatched body of work. Folks”of a certain age” (like me) remember that day as a watershed moment in their lives, and little did we know that the world would never be the same from that day forward. 50 years later, the Beatles are still relevant, current, and their music resonates with artists of today. Props to Keith Urban especially. He is no mere “country singer” after all.

    David is a throwback to that era. His songs are “about something”. They have distinct melodies, lyrics that actually matter to the song, and are sung by a singer with a genuinely beautiful and passionate voice. Last night we heard what great music sounds like. David is now the age that the Beatles were when they took the world by storm. I cannot wait to see what David is going to do with his enormous talent going forward.

    BTW, I got a kick out of seeing Stevie Wonder performing his terrific interpretation of one of the Beatles’ classics “We Can Work it Out”. We all remember cringing as young David struggled through his cover of it on AI. That was the night that we all found out that David was “human”, but he bounced right back the next week with one his best performances, “Long and Winding Road”, and never looked back

    One day, I’d like to see David tackle that song again at one of his concerts. I think everyone would get a kick out of it, and I’m sure he would nail it.

  15. CQ and CChalo, no one who was around during the ’60s could say, with a straight face, that it was “all that innocent”. That was the whole idea of the ’60s. It unmasked the hypocrisy of previous generations, and put it to really good music. The times they were definitely a changing, and the music reflected and chronicled that change. The Beatles evolved very quickly from a pop group who sang about love, unrequited and otherwise) complete with the required hyperventilating girls (see the Ed Sullivan footage for proof), to a group who sang about the changes going on around them. They took their message seriously, but not themselves, so they remained very likable and approachable throughout their 6 year reign. Yes they experimented with drugs, as did practically everyone in those days, and my guess they also had their share of sexual encounters, but, hey, they couldn’t spend all their time enlightening the world.

    The Beatles were true Superstars. Today, we have Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus,Nicki Minaj , among others, in that role. it just goes to show that evolution sometimes has to go backwards to go forward.
    As for David, I hope that he will be allowed to “be himself” and produce the kind and quality of music that we saw and heard last night. If anyone can turn this thing around, it is Senor Archuleta himself.

  16. Thought this was so inspiring what Bruno Mars said about his Super Bowl gig:
    “Listen. Any young, aspiring musicians out there, if music is what you want to do, if music is what you love and your passion. It doesn’t take a fragrance, it’s not about the tabloids, it’s about you putting in the work, practicing every day, practicing your vocals, practicing your instrument, practicing songwriting,” he said. “Hopefully one day you write the song the whole world wants to get down to and I promise you, I promise you one day you’re going to have your moment to shine and you’re going to have a lot of people saying that you can’t do it and you’re not good enough. But I promise you, if you go out there and sing and you put your heart and soul into it and you follow your dream, one day you’re going to be sitting next to Ellen DeGeneres, talking about how you broke records and rocked the Super Bowl. Stand up America!”

  17. The Beatles were the right band, in the right place at the right time in history. Their music grew and evolved and began to reflect the mood of the times… I was underwhelmed by the CBS special last last. I only began to enjoy it when Paul and Ringo took the stage. I felt none of the stars did the songs real justice. I find the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors for Paul more electrifying and the talent chosen to sing his songs 1000x better than the Grammy special last night. Yes, I’m one of those unapologetic obnoxious Beatles snobs, lol… I blame the Fab 4 – they set the standard, it’s hard to find many or anyone else to measure up… Watch this and draw your own conclusions…

    • Wow!! Thanks for posting this, Beauxcefus!! One of the things that set the Beatles apart from their contemporaries was that they were fearless about ranging into a wide variety of musical genres & making it their own. David, I believe, has similar innate abilities!

  18. Beauxcefus, I just watched the video and you are so right. I did enjoy some of last night’s performances, but the one’s in this video are on another level. Yes, they did set the standard, and because it was so high, they made everyone have to be better than they thought they could be.

    50 years later and along comes David Archuleta to do the same thing for today’s singers. Like the Beatles, David is in a class by himself. He hasn’t changed the world yet, but give him time. One day we may be seeing a tribute to all the classic songs of David Archuleta.

  19. Beauxcefus – Thanks for sharing this. Like I told someone before, this is the music of my life. I remember being a young girl with only the radio & television to make a connection with this music. No internet: twitter, facebook, etc. etc. Then high school, college years, and on and on. The music of the Beatles was always there. These performances were extraordinary; as you can see by Paul’s reaction to many of them, seemingly with tears in his eyes. He is remembering the young man who wrote these songs, his buddies, his mother Mary, his Linda. Here is a music career where the artist didn’t succumb to the dangers of fame, he didn’t “crash and burn”. May God bless the rest of his life.

  20. Speaking of music with lyrics that mentioned drugs, back in the 80’s my parents asked my siblings and me if we’d heard about this song that encouraged the use of cocaine over heroin. To their surprise, we owned the single. It was a huge dance tune. Below is Laid Back’s “White Horse”.

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