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  1. I was just listening to David’s Beautiful this morning. and it is beautiful, desertrat, Scotty may be performing at the ice skating events which is nice for him, but if you are interested in the skaters Jason Brown is the one to watch .

  2. I love it, but almost every time I hear it, I ponder why he changed the first chorus from “I am beautiful” to “You are beautiful”.

    I love almost all of the BEGIN. songs, but I like them much better if I don’t try to listen for, and interpret, his “why I went on a mission” meanings. It kind of ruins them for me.

    • cc halo, I also love almost all the songs from BEGIN, but like you I have stopped analyzing and have been able to enjoy it more. I only skip one song and it’s not because he doesn’t do a great job singing it, but that one makes me think more of what he is doing than anyone of the other song. Now the duet I do love what David does to the song and she is good too, but somehow I just don’t care for her voice. I just don’t think it’s in the same caliber are David’s, again, lol, I know I’m in the majority on this one.

      I only hope is that I’m going to love the man that comes back to his music career. What I mean is that he brings back a grown up David, but not a different version (I guess more conservative and even more religious is what I mean). I miss the dry sense of humor, fun and now that he is an adult, being comfortable in his skin.

    • David often changes words or phrases he is uncomfortable with. I guess he doesn’t want to say ” I am beautiful.” He prefers to focus on others.

  3. Beautiful is well…simply Beautiful. The ohhhhss, mmmms in the beginning are dreamy, and his vocals are sublime! I try not to look for underlying messages in his songs, otherwise I would drive myself crazy, so I focus on the glorious vocals, and leave the interpretation to those inclined to do so.

  4. Ugh, I really need to figure out how to get rid of that old avi, grrrrrrrr

  5. me too, Candy. I have been trying to figure out how to change my name on twitter and everywhere else but it is so complicated. It is funny that it is David’s fault! When he was on Idol and I realized that people were talking online I wanted to make a comment and was paying college bills at that very moment for 2 kids. I thought “I’m just a collegemom” and typed that in. Little did I know that my annoyance about paying college tuition bills would follow me for all these years!

  6. collegemom-heres hoping a tech savvy fan can help us out. I never gave a thought to using anything but my real name when I first started commenting, little did I know I would be in the minority. I dont have anything to hide, but realized as time went on that perhaps people dont use their real name to avoid creepy people finding personal information.

    • Anon (The Other One)

      Candy and Collegemom, If you’re using WordPress it’s fairly easy. Go to the site and sign in. Click the little avi at the top and go to settings, then to public profile. You’ll see the “public display name” line and a link that says change next to it. It can be edited there if you want to change it.

      I hope this helps.

  7. Love Beautiful. Love True Colors more. With Beautiful, he sings it similarly (style-wise) to how Cristina does, but True Colors is very different than the original.

    • KH, True Colors is one of my favs too. I just love the soft vibe and the way his voice moves around the music.

  8. Bruno Mars just gave an amazing performance at the Super Bowl. I knew he would. Also very sad to hear about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death. Such a very talented actor and he actually grew up not far from where I live-everyone liked him so much. Addiction is such a horrible struggle. On a more positive note- Go Seahawks!

  9. Bruno was excellent! And this is coming from someone who only recognized one of the songs he sang, lol. Lots of tweets about how he was channeling Jackie Wilson and Morris Day and the Time. I think Bruno is more talented than them.

    Re. Hoffman, I had been trying to figure out who he was. I just googled and recognized him in “Boogie Nights” and “Scent of a Woman”. Very sorry to hear of his passing.

  10. Go Bruno! What a performer he is! Shades of Prince & James Brown. A lttle bit pop, a little bit R&B, & & a lot of good old fashioned Rock’n’Roll! For those who had no idea who Bruno Mars is. they do now!

    I remember Bruno appeared at the same fair event with David when they both were just starting to make waves in the music world. He came on right after David. At that time, seeing both performances, one after the other, I never dreamed Bruno would be the one who would be as successful as he has been with so many hits, a Grammy and a coveted Super Bowl halftime gig a few short years later! He also has been able to keep a level head, no scandals and his personal life private. Goes to show not all successful young singers today need constant drama to be successful.

    My favorite songs from BEGIN are Angel & Somewhere Only We Know. He needs great material like the songs on BEGIN and the covers he’s done like Crazy and many others. That is if the direction he takes when he returns is secular music. David is unpredictable so who knows?

    • I enjoy Bruno Mars and I’m not too righteous about the artists I enjoy being squeaky clean but I wouldn’t say Bruno has had no scandals. He was arrested in a rather high profile drug case in 2010, after he was busted in possession of a fairly large amount of cocaine in a Vegas bathroom. And, in an example of the difference money can make in how things go down, his lawyer managed to broker a plea deal for him and avoid a conviction on his record by agreeing to pay a fine, do community service and stay out of trouble. I haven’t heard of any legal issues for him since then though so I hope that in this case he really was scared straight. It’s especially relevant after hearing about the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman today. So many creative people have lost their lives (both literally and figuratively) to drugs.

  11. ITA-Senseless I have often thought the same thing about Bruno and David. I thought that David was the one headed for that kind of success too. Bruno also is smart that he surrounds himself with very talented people. His band is great and backup singers are all first class.

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