When Twitter is More Fun than the Super Bowl Game

Check out this meme, which had me ROFL! 😆



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  1. I had lots of fun on twitter during the Super Bowl. Okay, I live in Seattle and we CRUSHed them. Bruno Mars put on a good half time show but the Red Hot Chili Peppers were awful. #GoHawks

  2. LOL at the meme and so true; Seattle was determined to win. Congrats to the Seahawks.

    Re. the RHCP, I couldn’t tell if they were awful or if I just didn’t like their music. Now I know —- they really were bad, lol.

  3. I agree that the RHCP were not that great but I am sure they appealed to some of the viewing audience -it just was not me. lol.

  4. Loved Bruno’s half time performance and he sang live. His dancing moves were great too.

  5. loved Bruno.. my hubs a musician liked Bruno. he felt him coming out playing the drums gave him street creed.
    poor Peyton though but hey congrats Seahwaks!
    also think Renee Fleming was amazing!

    • Bruno is getting rave reviews for his Super Bowl performance and he deserves it as he is very multi-talented. I think he has worked hard to get where he is today in the music industry. I enjoy seeing someone with talent like Bruno getting the attention he deserves as opposed to some others like Miley,JB ect that to me are just not as talented and have some issues.

  6. Bruno Mars was incredible! Where did he learn to dance like that.?? He was so much fun to watch and yes, he sang live and sounded great. Not many artists now a days can sing high energy songs live that well. We’re fans of the best though, aren’t we! 🙂
    Love his style of music too. I think David would sound great doing some cool sounding, funky stuff like that.
    Red Hot Chili Peppers, sp?, is an old band. They had some great songs back in the day. I kind of enjoyed them, lol.

  7. Bruno Mars was definitely the hi light of the Super Bowl, unless you’re a Seahawks fan, lol. He really is a rounded entertainer and a fabulous singer, no lip syncing and retro killer dance moves.
    David doing a duet with Bruno, killer!!!!!

    Hmm been reading a few comments about how David wouldn’t want to duet with Bruno because of some of his songs being inappropriate. Well dang, he was not at all inappropriate with his performance last night, so why would that make a difference to David. They could do a duet that is totally ‘G’ rated and still be a huge hit. To me if David wants a mainstream adult singing career, he does have to compromise and I still believe he can do it and still keep his personal beliefs.

    Another thing that a lot of fans say about David is how they admire his high morals, even some saying that is the first thing they like. Which brought a thought to mind…wonder if these fans would still be fans if David wasn’t know for his high morals and squeaky clean reputation, but just a normal guy with this phenomenal voice.

    • The fan opinions that David wouldn’t want to duet with Bruno or any other artist because of the content of some songs they sing are just that — fan opinions. I can see David not being ok with singing something he doesn’t find appropriate himself but I don’t think he’s judgmental about others singing what they want. He is the one who said in interviews that it would be fun to work Eminem or Nicki Minaj.

      Speaking for myself, I don’t need David to be squeaky clean for me to be a fan. I’m a fan of plenty of people who are not. I just hope he always remains true to himself, whatever that is and however that may evolve.

    • I didn’t watch the game, but I did look up Bruno’s performance, and he was great! It would be fantastic if David had the oppornunity to do anything with him. I agree it could work out.

      On your last point, it’s David that I’m a fan of… his voice, and also who he is as a person. I think it takes both for me to be here waiting. But that’s just me.

  8. Cq and Ali, I just don’t think David would want to be an opening act for Bruno Mars bc there is a lot of
    sexual content in his newer music . The fans who come to see David would then see Bruno perform. Many of us are fans of David AND his voice. I love Bruno Mars voice, but don’t feel comfortable with some of his stuff. I am only speaking for myself.

    • I thought we were talking about a duet? Or maybe I’m mistaken from cq’s comment.

      As far as if he’d be comfortable opening for him, who knows. He has played a show with Bruno at least once before — in Wichita. He also opened for McFly in the UK, who are apparently infamous for the occasional romp around onstage naked. lol. So, yeah, who knows.

    • Yep I was talking about a duet, but as far as touring with Bruno, wouldn’t mind it at all.

  9. David opened for one of the most off the wall, outrageous groups out there “McFly” their on stage antics were def X-rated. He didnt seem to mind what they were known for. Im not going to rule in or rule out anything. I just hope he “has” some opportunities.

  10. Ha Ali- I just said the same about McFly…they dont get much more outrageous then they are! Being naked on staeg was mild compared to their other ‘tricks.”

    • were they naked on stage with David?
      all I remember that was wild was a bra hanging from a mic when he delivered a pizza.

  11. I enjoyed Bruno and the Chili Peppers! I also enjoyed the so called grunge era spearheaded by Nirvana and Soundgarden and Pearl Jam and them in the early to mid 90’s. The Peppers sound was/is heavily influenced by funk pioneer George Clinton, they married rock and funk and punk into a very risque, grungy, hi energy stew that made them one of the biggest bands in the world – they still have a huge following, but I can understand how some may be put off by them, lol. Different strokes, different strokes. Lead singer Anthony Kiedis I’ve found alternately quirky and SEXAY. I loved the mash up w/Bruno and hearing how their and Bruno’s band’s old school funk sound melded together. Lot of funk music at the core of both bands. This is one of my favorite Peppers song… the lyrics aren’t for the pearl clutchers in the base – the bass line, the melody and the groove is SICK.

    • Groovy, lol love it thanks beauxcefus.

    • thanks for the rhcp videos. the mention of george clinton took me back to when he and david took a pic together several years ago.

    • yeah, not a fan of the lyrics. I must be a pearl clutcher, lol! But I love the music. I remember the funky guitars with the the strong bass line. Always loved his voice too. This is the kind of music to me that never grows old. It still sounds new.

      It was cool how they mixed the old with the new at the half time performance this year. Bruno has been great at making new fresh music but wtih a throw back kind of feel. Mixing him with the Chilli Peppers was sweet.

      I just keep thinking Chilli is spelled Chili now. Chili is has been on my mind a lot for some reason.

  12. lol, completely forgot about David opening for McFly…from the videos and what he had to say, I think he was completely ok with performing on the same stage as McFly.

    The question will be is he going to still be that same person when he returns and still feel comfortable, after all he has been nothing but 24/7 indoctrinated by religion for the past two years. One thing for sure, we might get that answer in a very short time.

    • One thing I think is for sure – he has to come back with MUCH stronger material than he left us with… Bruno Mars is an example of how “everything old is again new” can be pulled off… his sound is an overt homage to the James Brown /Jackie Wilson brand of old school soul and RnB substance and showmanship, cross pollinated with echoes of Prince and Michael Jackson – while sounding utterly modern… it’s a mystery how Bruno makes it work, but he does. I wouldn’t mind if David studied Bruno’s model for making old school sound fresh and new. I won’t hold my breath in the interim, but I’ve at least put it out in the universe.

  13. I think Jive pretty much controlled David’s tour agenda the first 2 years of his 3 year contract.

    • Still looked like he was having a pretty good time though.

      • You are right! And he became good friends with Tommy, if I remember correctly. But I also saw videos where David said he needed to start standing up for himself and be more of his own person. That was his last year with Jive.

      • Well yes, but that could mean a huge number of things.

      • One thing I’m thinking is if David comes back and wants to go for a mainstream music career, if he starts putting a lot of specifications when he is negotiating for whatever is needed to get his career going again, I thinks not to many doors will be open for him.

  14. 2nd fave all time Peppers video – a classic! What can I say? Anthony Kiedis made me a little shallow – yum! 🙂 Bruno is kinda hot himself… thank GOD I love them both for their talent *wink*

  15. CQ ………. That’s true. Could be lots of things. Oh we’ll. guess we’ll just have to wait and see . 🙂

  16. re. bruno, i’ve been reading up on him and see that he has really paid his dues. he came to los angeles at 17 yrs old to launch his career. later he was signed and dropped by a label within a year. he began writing songs but industry folks wanted his songs for other artists, hence, they didn’t want to record him singing them. i think he’s very entertaining and i’m glad he’s seeing huge success now. i can’t really see david opening for bruno, they seem like very different artists to me.

    • I don’t see him opening for Bruno either… I DO think there’s a lot in Bruno’s approach to shaping his career and his kind of retro/modern sound that could help David and his “team”, to use that term loosely. Also begs the question of how open to new ideas and approaches he or they may be. Oh well, he’ll always have Utah 🙂

  17. hum wondering beauxcefus and desertrat what artist would you be ok for David to tour with and I’m talking about an already very established artist that is hot right now.

    • Adele is a no brainer, but she can have pretty colorful language also.

    • Prefaced with not knowing what his plans are career-wise upon his return, these are my thoughts – unfiltered and unvarnished. I don’t think he’s going to be in a position to warrant touring with anyone when he returns. He’s going to have some re-establishing – and lots of it – to do… you don’t walk away from a pop music career and come back after 2 years ready to hang with the Adele’s, or even the likes of Enrique Iglesias, whom I think talent-wise is not on par w/David even after a 2 year absence. That’s all I have to say ’bout that 🙂

      I know all we are doing in the interim is speculation, conjecture, projection and sometimes wishful/hopeful thinking, coming from the highest and most sincere intentions. That’s all good, we must pass the time in some way, be it deemed constructive or not. I’m one not banking on much of anything until after he returns, and I see and ascertain for myself, from his actions, what his career aspirations will be. But I won’t kid myself into thinking that he is going to be able to jump right back into the game and hook up with the latest or hottest singers, producers, etc. That I’m reasonably certain isn’t going to happen. Like the well worn phrase, time and his actions will tell us all we need to know after he returns. Until then, no harm, no foul in some harmless speculating, conjecturing, projecting and wishful thinking… it’s allowed 🙂

      • I agree with you beauxcefus. David won’t be opening for any big act when he comes home after being gone 2 years and with no major label. The best we can hope for right after he returns is a headlining tour in clubs and smaller auditoriums until he builds back up.

      • I understand where you are coming from and of course all that is so true. I was looking at it in a totally different perspective.

      • Anon (The Other One)

        Beauxcefus, I agree. I think we might expect a few appearances during his first year back along the lines of the “it’s not a David Archuleta concert” type event to start getting his name back out there again. I also think it’s possible there may be some sort of “BEGIN. Again” comeback concert event, probably in Utah, sometime during the first year for the diehard fans. But opening for a big name is something I don’t see in the cards unless there is a major label that has faith in him and even then they would most likely want new music to coincide with the tour.

      • I also don’t see that in the card, but what I was getting from comments was that would never be a possibility because David would not ever do it giving his high moral standards that would prevent him for even doing it if (and that’s a HUGE IF) the opportunity presented itself.

      • The fun part for me in being a David fan is that he is unpredictable. Just when you think you know what he is going to do he does something you wouldn’t have guessed. I never thought he would do a mini series and model in the Philippines. Hope he has some really good opportunities when he returns, and he goes for it.

      • Anon (The Other One)

        CQ, I see what you mean. I guess it would depend on what David wants from a career, which only he knows. For a major career, he will need to attract lots of new fans of all types.

        I was always under the impression that the purpose of being an opening act for someone was not just so that your fans can see you and to share expenses, but to pick up new fans. If it’s to pick up new fans, would David care if they are fans of an artist who is a little more “out there” than he is? Fans are fans as long as they buy his music and buy tickets to his concerts.

        While I agree that opening for an act with questionable lyrics, language, and antics may not be for the youngsters and those of his fan base who are more prim and proper, I think there are many who would not have objections to seeing the other act as long as it’s not as OTT as Miley swinging naked on a wrecking ball, (LOL I would personally draw the line at complete nudity or extreme continuous vulgarity). Not to mention, if David is the opener, fans have the option to leave after his set as some did during the David/Demi tour.

        With David’s level of talent, I think he has the potential for huge success in the years to come. What David is willing to do towards that end will remain a great big question mark until he comes home and shows us what he is or is not willing to do for success.

        As GrammyJ said, David is really unpredictable. You never know what he’ll do. I’m excited for the future and looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

      • Yep Anon (the other one), great comment.

  18. Language is not as much an issue, I don’t think, as other behaviors. Drug abuse, for instance. But I think David could hang with just about anyone. He appears to be truly nonjudgmental or at least very discreet. With Bruno, who appears to strive for street cred, I think he might not choose David as an opener. In Wichita, I got annoyed with Bruno because he took much longer than other performers (and he wasn’t the closer) and did a lot of covers with a deejay.

    I’d certainly vote for Adele.

  19. At least Adele follows David.

  20. A lot of great comments!! Its pleasant, and enjoyable, to be able to discuss back and forth, listen to the others thoughts and take out of it what works for you. Without any added hoopla! I too feel this will be a year of “regrouping” for David, a show here and there if possible, and maybe a Christmas Tour. Im excited for whatever lies ahead.

  21. Pay no attention to that man behind the (red) curtain!

  22. I hope he gets to do some jingle balls and other group tours. Oh….I would Love for him to open for Sara Barellis!!

  23. cq (1:41), I wanted to clarify that my opinion re. David possibly opening for Bruno had nothing to do with D’s morals, religion, etc. It’s just that they seem to be such different artists. In the same way that Sara Barellis probably wouldn’t open for Beyonce. My guess is that someone who opens for Bruno would probably be a dancer (e.g., Jason Derulo) as well as a pop singer.

    I could easily see D opening for Sara B. or John Legend.

    • thanks desertrat for clarify your comment, I do understand what you mean. Although, lol, would love for David to be comfortable enough to show is his hot moves that I know are part of him whether he wants to admit it or not…

      • lol agreeing with the no Bruno Sara B part.. not that I don’t agree with cq’s take on David’s no ‘I know you want me’ stance dance moves.

  24. maybe he’s opening for miley this summer and we don’t even know!!! 🙂

  25. Enjoying the comments on this thread as well. I never thought David should open for Bruno, or Enrique for that matter, although it would be nice if he did. It would be cool if he played around with some songs that sounded a little more funky, cool, energetic, like Bruno. It might also benefit him if he could tap into a style/genra that is new/fresh and yet a bit of a throw back. R&B suits him very well. Maybe he could revive an older form of that genra. Or maybe do a spanglish version of R&B.

    I liked what Grammyj said about a smaller tour in clubs. This thought gets me excited!

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