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Picture 1It’s hard to say if the fact that David trended Wednesday night on Twitter means anything for his eventual reception once he returns back to the music scene (and who knows when that will take place).

But seeing that Idol put up another “Idol Challenge” last night, this time about the other David, did anyone follow up to see if he too trended on Twitter?

Or, maybe the trending only happened because folks were watching American Idol – you know, the way various shows that people are watching end up as a trend.

I was just excited to get a glimpse of David on my tele, and I think it’s cool if enough people trended about David in particular.

But if this translates to interest in David again, who knows? We can only hope for the best.

In the mean time, any small mention of him in the media, I appreciate any and all posters here letting us know. After all, part of our blogging about David is to keep his name out there, right?

I mean, apart from commenting occasionally on his “thighs” or “eyes” or what-have-you. 😉

Oh, about that last point: Can I just say that, had I known that simply blogging a post about certain parts of David’s anatomy was the key to changing the dynamics in the comments section, I would have done this LOOOOOOOONG AGO.

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  1. Don’t jinx it, HG! (LOL)

    About the trending, I wasn’t on Twitter last night but saw a comment that after the DC mention, he did not trend on Twitter. I think a more generic #Idol trended? Not sure if that means anything but I do take some satisfaction from knowing that that short clip of him caused a big reaction.

  2. As far as I could tell Cook did not trend, so that leaves our man with the sole honor! I too was just a wee bit excited to see a glimpse of David and the trend that followed. Have no idea what that means…but it did show that fans around the world are awake and anxious for his return!
    About them thighs…that may be my most favorite blog ever…for obvious reasons!

  3. Oh and that picture posted with this blog… 🙂

  4. HG , do you like to push people’s buttons ? Haha. Re David on AI, I think it’s a great reminder to people watching the show how adorable he is. It might also introduce some new viewers and get them curious enough to look him up on YouTube. Then they can personally experience his voice, personality, and gorgeousness!! Plus being a nice boost for us fans. It’s all good.:)

  5. Hg, I’m such a big fan of your writing and now I’m a fan of your sense of humor, David’s thighs, lol.

    Don’t watch AI, but was so happy that like mention was recorded. It might not have any impact on this career, but it sure gave us fans a nice boost. The fact that Kari posted the trending on his twitter account was a good thing too.

    As far as the latest picture of David from 2011 that Kari posted, hmm, nice but dang I’m getting a little tired of reliving the past, (all though that AI mention was ok with me, lol) I know that’s all we have, but I would just like some hints as to what is already in the works for when he returns.

  6. I’m hoping that that mysterious 2nd new song that was supposed to be on BEGIN was saved as a plan to Wow us when he returns, even though I know that’s a lot to hope for.

    I think being an “obedient” missionary does not allow him to plan, or write, or even think about a music career while he’s devoting 100% of himself to his mission. And I wonder if it’s even possible for him to be prepared for giving us any new music that has evolved from his experiences there… any time soon.

    I do hope there is a plan being made by people who are great enough to manage him. And maybe we’ll hear that 2nd song we were promised very soon!

    p.s. thank goodness for David’s thighs 🙂

  7. I think we have 2 months or so left to relive the past–but maybe, maybe there will be some stepping up of activity so we can feel the excitement. The AI mention was exciting on a season when they’ve done so little reliving of the their part.

    I wanted to say I’m always behind the thighs but that doesn’t sound AT ALL like I meant it so instead I’ll just deny I even thought it. Oh wait…

  8. I don’t see how David could be performing in those concerts in Chile this year which were more like real concerts than last year (it seemed to me) without falling into his musical concert way of thinking. Plus I like that he has probably been hearing Chilean music and you just can’t take the music out of the Archuleta even if he is trying to concentrate on his mission and not actively “work on music” or “plan” (even though I imagine since he has been hearing from Kari, his family, and fans via letters, that he is not as removed as he would be if he were just a “normal” young guy .

  9. I think that one of David’s friends, that is a singer, wrote a song while he was on his mission. They do have a personal day, maybe while his clothes are washing/drying he could do some writing, lol.

  10. I think the twitter trending after mentioning David on AI was a very positive sign. I have always felt that David was one of the few Idol alum that people do actually remember and miss. I just do not think David Cook or Kris Allen fall into that category but David does.

    • I agree with you completely Marie. I think the reason is of all the idols, including Lambert, most people thought he was somehow robbed of the title and should have been the winner of his season. While Cook gained momentum toward the end, David as we know did outsing him in the Finale. Since a finale usually brings the most viewers, and AI then was still in its heyday, David is probably remembered as the most unjust decision in AI’s history. I have been revisiting some of David’s old vids recently and I cannot tell you how so many of the recent comments are that they miss him and his music or others just finding out about him. Maybe with the recent discontent with Beiber and Miley, demise of Jonas Brothers, and soon 1D, David is poised for a bigger return than even he has anticipated I am sure.

  11. Wowl – The Year of the Archuleta is already trending Worldwide!

  12. Great that – The Year of Archuleta- was trending.

  13. As mentioned above, I care about several of the idols but David is the ONLY one I actually miss. Of the young contestants, Allison Iraheta is the one I thought would have the most commercial success.

    Below is a link to a recent interview (:16-:22 min) where Allison discusses what it was like being on the Idol tour (huge arena crowds) to opening for Adam L. (small clubs). She also says she learned she was dropped from Jive via twitter. One day the label was telling her that she was the best and the next they had nothing to do with her; they didn’t even inform 19 mgt that she was dropped. Being so young, she says she hit the ground hard and that it almost destroyed her.

    Misc. but re. that photo incl. with the post, when it first came out, I recall the young fans jokingly comparing it to Zoolander.

  14. Just read at FOD that David told Kari not to send him the birthday book to Chile because he wants to keep it, and already has too much stuff to take home with him from Chile. That explains why he hasn’t sent a thank-you. I knew there had to be a reason because he has also shown so much appreciation to his fans even if he thinks some of us are creepy – lol.

    The trending shows David still has ODD fans. I’m excited to see what happens when he returns. Here’s hoping he has some great opportunities coming his way.

  15. Thanks DRat for that great interview link. When I opened it up I was amazed to see Whiskey-a-Go-Go as one of the places her band would perform. I also checked the vid out on YouTube and saw that she made 2 official vids one in English and this one in Spanish. That is a good cue and opportunity for David in the future with his newly acquired fluency.

    • So Joymus, are you hinting that David will re-launch his career at the Whiskey A Go Go singing Spanish tunes? 😉

      • lol desertrat. We know that David’s manager Gina has some kind of connection to the Whiskey A Go Go so it could happen. I agree that Allison is very talented. I have always liked her. I have no idea what the deal is with David’s team or even who they are or what they are doing.

      • Haha! DRat, You NEVER know. Sorry for the late reply. I was out being a wedding singer for a time. I found it so ironic till recently I did not even know what that term meant till someone researched Gina Orr’s clients. I thought it was the name of a band or something. I was also intrigued how Allison recorded both Spanish and English versions simultaneously and the implications for David’s reboot in the industry.

  16. I posted the English version by accident. So enjoy anyway, lol!

  17. Desertrat, thanks for posting that link to the interview by Alison. She has many parallels to David – started singing publicly as a child, won a talent show (in Mexico) before her stint on AI, signed to Jive, and can sing in Spanish. She found out she was dropped from Jive on twitter and it hurt her deeply. She said one day they were telling her she was the greatest and the next she was nothing. So tough for a teenager. If you have the time I recommend listening to the interview. I think it is a must for any contestant going on AI. She is in a good place now with her new band and loves playing the clubs.

    • I thought it was a good interview too. Without being bitter, she just put it out there what it’s really like when you’re young coming off of idol and trying to establish yourself in the music industry.

      Re. Kari and the b’day book, 5 yrs ago when I was uber ODD, I would have made it my business to tweet and ask her why it took a over a month to tell us what happened to that book, lol.

      • Glad she finally told the fans about the book, but don’t get why not give that info earlier. I really don’t get a lot of things pertaining to what is going on now, so that doesn’t surprise me.

      • cq, i don’t get a lot of things either. i was thinking, maybe Gina/Kari are quiet because D has moved on to new management, e.g., scooter braun (just kidding)

      • just a thought.. Kari is working with JT now might be busy?

        lol Whiskey A Go Go!?
        wish I didn’t live in NC so would want to go if David performed there!

      • I think Scooter Braun is too busy handling all Beiber’s troubles to have much time to manager anyone else lol. Yeah, Kari has been busy with JT. Just hoping for opportunities for David when he returns. Latest rumor is possibly a TV movie role in the Philippines. I’m sure someone will say that’s a terrible idea, but, really David will have to go where someone wants him and will promote him. If that’s in Asia, I say go for it.

      • My understanding is EVERYTHING she does in relation to David is with David’s direction, approval, OK.

        It makes sense, with people sending gifts and other items when she/he asked for only cards or postcards, he probably has a ton of stuff there or will have to throw away stuff before he comes home.

      • Scooter Braun already manages others besides Justin. I know he manages Arianda Grande and I think there are others too.

      • I agree with you Grammyj that if David’s opportunities are in the Philippines/Asia then he needs to go for it. Yes-Scooter does manage others and I am quite sure that any of them have to be a breathe of fresh air compared to Bieber. lol. I am really looking forward to seeing Bruno tomorrow at the Super Bowl. I bet he kills it.

  18. I have thought since David left that he might have made arrangements or that there were clauses in his contacts in the Phil. (both TV and Bench) that would allow those companies to do something with him upon his return if they felt that it was economically a good idea. I have pictured him doing things there fairly soon concurrent with other things. And we know because of his whirlwind last months of working, that he can do a huge amount in a small amount of time. Of course, I know nothing, but that is what I think might happen.

  19. Did you guys see the funny new post at SnowAngelz? TOfan is so funny!

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