Daily Archives: January 31, 2014

Interest in David

Picture 1It’s hard to say if the fact that David trended Wednesday night on Twitter means anything for his eventual reception once he returns back to the music scene (and who knows when that will take place).

But seeing that Idol put up another “Idol Challenge” last night, this time about the other David, did anyone follow up to see if he too trended on Twitter?

Or, maybe the trending only happened because folks were watching American Idol – you know, the way various shows that people are watching end up as a trend.

I was just excited to get a glimpse of David on my tele, and I think it’s cool if enough people trended about David in particular.

But if this translates to interest in David again, who knows? We can only hope for the best.

In the mean time, any small mention of him in the media, I appreciate any and all posters here letting us know. After all, part of our blogging about David is to keep his name out there, right?

I mean, apart from commenting occasionally on his “thighs” or “eyes” or what-have-you. 😉

Oh, about that last point: Can I just say that, had I known that simply blogging a post about certain parts of David’s anatomy was the key to changing the dynamics in the comments section, I would have done this LOOOOOOOONG AGO.