David Archuleta Idol Legacy Challenge

Thanks for posting this, Ali! 🙂

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  1. Thanks, Ali and HG. Thrilling to see that mention, and not just because we’re all thirsty for news of him.

  2. Loved that mention too, but what was even cooler was that he trended worldwide and Kari posted it on his twitter account. This is where a great pr team would help to keep that momentum going. I just don’t see as it’s to early to start some sort of pr from his team in regards to him returning to his music career.

  3. Me too, I loved the David feature on Idol, the unexpected WWTT that followed, all the tweets, and mostly the excitement it generated. Was like old times…sort of.

    • liking Idol so far this year.. almost seems homey.
      fact #IdolDavid trended twice last night is good too. guess
      David still has ‘it’
      could be wrong but don’t think anything else about Idol trended last night.

  4. I like Idol this year too -kimak. Of course I am more than ready for the auditions to be over but I always feel that way-very dragged out. Anyway I think that the mention last night for David on AI was great. Thanks again for posting the video-Ali.

  5. In the grand scheme of things, D’s mention last night may not be a huge win but it is progress. I’m celebrating it!! 😀

  6. Yep, that mention at least is a little bit of excitement. The fact that his name trended world wide unplanned was what really impressed me.

    I know it really doesn’t matter one month one way or another, but I really am hoping that he is released earlier than his scheduled time, that would be such a nice surprise.

  7. On Snowangelz the post is if a genie granted you the wish to ask David three questions what would they be. I answered with what I believe many of the ODD fans seem to want to know – Has David met his MKOP yet and will he get married soon? Will he being going to college and if so will he do concerts on the week-end like Scotty McCreery? What will he do to jumpstart his career when he gets back from his Mission? I added a fourth one even though it was suppose to be three – what is the exact date he is coming home from his mission? I guess eventually we will know the answers to all of these questions.

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