American Idol Auditions in Salt Lake City

It’s amazing how David Archuleta led the show to audition in a place like Salt Lake City (as they are airing auditions from there tonight).  Remember David himself had to travel to San Diego to attend one of these auditions?

Of course, David doesn’t get a nod about previous idols who did well during and after the show.  Then again, I noticed that the show hasn’t reference previous idols at all – not even their most recent winner, Candice Glover.  What is THAT about?

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  1. I am watching AI and waiting for them to mention David but do not think it is going to happen. In regards to Candice I have not heard anything about her. Did she even release an album?

  2. That doesn’t surprise me about no mention of David. The only way that they would mention him is if he had that kind of celebrity status say as JB. I’m actually thinking that a lot of people (non ODD fans) think that he has walked away from a music career. Of course we know he hasn’t but a very small group, cool wonderful group, but small, lol.

  3. SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They just showed David a minute ago! Oh my heart! 😀

  4. They DID? Yay! I hope some wonderful fan grabbed video. 🙂

  5. I missed it. I can’t believe it.

  6. Color me shocked. I about fell off my couch when David’s face came on my screen lol. And apparently it trended in the U.S. and Worldwide on twitter after!

  7. Great he trended. Now could someone post the video cause I missed it. lol.

  8. Bet FOD will have it tomorrow. I read that Pastel recorded it.

  9. Yes, David was in the trivia question – who’s hometown is Salt Lake City? David or Kris Allen.
    Such a hard question for us lol.

    Candice’s album comes out in February. The release date was pushed back twice. I follow her on twitter, and she has had very few opportunities compared to David when he started out. In fact I think David sang to more people at the Christmas concerts in Chile than any audiences that Candice has sung to since AI.

  10. Wow, Idol got the ole adrealin pumping tonight. Featured David then shortly after #IdolDavid was a #1 WWTT. The man still has “IT.”

  11. I sent a twitpic to pastel with David as the #1 Trending Topic.

  12. So awesome to see him on my T.V. tonight! Such nostalgia. He was sooooo cute! Couldn’t help but say that out loud in front of my family, haha.

  13. Here’s a video of it for you, Marie!

    • Thanks -Ali. I watched most of the show and switched it over when this was on.

    • It was a very nice mention and unexpected of David on AI. I did see that David mentioned it on his twitter-that was a smart move.

  14. Ali, thanks for posting that video clip!! I didn’t expect that of AI.

    Re. Candice, I feel bad for her. AI has repeatedly pushed back the release of her album until many have forgotten who she is. Seems like she’s not receiving “AI winner” treatment which is probably due to the decline in the popularity of the show and its impact.

    • desertrat-I think you are right, with AI seems you have to ride that wave before it crashes on the shore. Make the most of things while it is still on peoples minds. Candice has a nice voice…wondering who she will appeal to, who will buy her music.

  15. We’re all thrilled and delighted and falling off our couches because AI asked folks if IdolKris or IdolDavid is from Utah?

    As a result of being the answer to a trivia question, did any of David’s songs chart? Did any of his albums chart? Did he get any exposure for his music?

    Last year the AI tour didn’t go to Utah…& the year before it was the lowest selling show on the tour. This is what thrills and delights me. Excuse me while I pick myself off the floor.

    • Yeah, I was excited by it. No qualifiers or apologies. It made me happy to see David’s face on my tv. Not sure why you seem to feel the need to make people feel bad about that. If that excitement makes me not cooly disapproving enough to reside in your airspace, then so be it.

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