The Morning After

Obviously, I had turned the channel since I didn’t sit through the entire Grammy awards, but I did get to catch up and wish I had seen this performance live:

Now, this is how you do a Collaboration! Nothing like rap and rock coming together! 🙂

Another highlight is the wedding of 33 same-sex couples (and some straight ones too, I believe?) celebrating to Macklemore’s “Same Love”:

In other news, Macklemore is feeling kinda guilty that he won Best Rap Album over Kendrick Lamar.  He has addressed this kind of issue before in a song called “White Privilege”:

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  1. Well, good morning HG and fellow archies. Just want to add my thoughts . I am a pretty conservative person, so the language does bother me. I think the performance with Imagine Dragons would have been even better without the bleeped words, but hey……that’s me. Also, I do believe only in traditional marriage, but I know many people feel very strongly about accepting other forms. HG, me thinks you were attempting to get people to lighten up on your previous post . I know how much you love and respect David. That’s why I’m here too.:)

  2. I didn’t like the bleeping out either (but that’s because I wish the networks had just let the words through since it disrupted the flow of the music!). I was really just enjoying the energy of that performance more than anything! I’m not exactly a fan of profanity (unless it’s used sparingly and for effect).

    As for “Same Love,” I get that David attracts conservative fans, but he also attracts those of us who think differently. I realize so much of my views have to do with growing up and living in the Northeast, as well as teaching at a liberal university, and having been exposed to so much diversity (race, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, and religious differences), so I guess I have a different take on stuff. I also am surrounded by church-going family and folks, so I also get how conservatives think, which is why I gently push (when I can). Folks aren’t ready to open themselves up until their ready, I realize. As long as they don’t shut others down in the process.

  3. I definitely understand where you’re coming from. I,too, am from the Northeast, but I’m the only conservative in my family. We try to avoid discussions on politics and religion becuz it always ends badly haha. Anyway, what I appreciate with this fansite is that you welcome all points of view as long as they are expressed with respect.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Lol …From one traditional-marriage believer to another, I’d just like to say ‘Hi’ Oliveoil. Thought I was the only one here. lol

    • You can believe in “traditional” marriage all you want, for YOU. You can’t not believe in it for others. I know two sick children that are now being protected by the marriage of their fathers, it would only be evil to destroy that family by invalidating the marriage.

      • Oh, I need an “edit” button for every single post I make…..”You can’t *believe only in traditional marriage* for others”

  4. Well what do you know !! haha. Just proves my point. David has a very diverse ( and awesome) fan base. 🙂

  5. Loved the Grammys last night…some of it wasnt my cuppa but I enjoyed just the same. The energy level on the song with Imagine Dagons & Kendrick was through the roof. As I was sitting there watching and semi comemnting here, it made me wonder where David will fit in all of that…a couple of my favs were Carole King & Sara B, and John Legend. Also loved the number with Stevie, the country with Willie, and Same Love brought the house down!

  6. As far as Traditional versus non-traditional…your eyes and heart take on a different prespective when it involves one of your children. Never realized how one-sided my thinking was until then…needless to say my conservative views went out the window! My choice was embrace what I saw as non-traditional or lose my child…it was a no brainer!

  7. loved that performance as well as many others.. great night! I love that two of the guys from Imagine Dragons went on missions but they can still put out current cool kicking music. posted a Mitt Romney/Jimmy Fallon video the other day and this reminds me of this performance in a way. Imagine Dragons and Mitt both stayed within their boundaries yet both Jimmy Fallon and Kendrick Lamar went all out. again I think it bodes well for David going forward.. as I recall he even said he wouldn’t mind a duet with Eminem.
    talk about cool!!

    I like Macklemore & Lewis too and Same Love but felt this performance was a bit contrived but that is ok too. message was there so cool.

  8. Candy, I don’t feel qualified to comment on your decision, cuz I have not experienced what you are going through. But I do know my love for my children is unconditional. As far as the music scene, I am very hopeful for David. There were so many genres of music that were being recognized and appreciated last night. David will bring his own uniqueness , and hopefully , he will have a successful career doing his own thing . ( Really enjoying the discussion today!!)

  9. Thanks Oliveoil, that realization happened many, many years ago, my daughter and her partner are now the parents of the happiest, most delightful little boy on the planet. I can’t imagine my life without him, or his “mommies” in it!
    I too think there is room for David, and plenty of it. Gives me “Goosies” as JLo would say, just thinking about it. Im more then ready for David to come home and cant wait to see and meet the “man he has become.”

  10. kim-I forgot that two of the guys from Imagine Dragons had gone on a mission, I love their music, it’s current, edgy yet not over the top. Would love for our man to tour with them! John Newman is another example of fresh, current, lots of room for David!

  11. Goosies !!! haha. Love that ! And yes, I ‘m really excited to see how David will be when he gets back. And congrats on your grandson!!:)

  12. So far the comments on this post show that we can have differences of opinion and be civil, and not keep beating a dead horse. We will never agree so sometimes you just have to let it go and “agree to disagree”. I have decided to quit trying to talk about politics and religion on David fan-sites. I’m not going to change anyone’s mind because we already have our opinions formed here as most of us are “older” fans of David.

  13. AMEN, GrammyJ !!! 🙂

  14. goodkarmaseeker

    Another great post HG! Loved the two performances that you highlighted from last night’s
    Grammy awards. I especially liked the Imagine Dragons/Kendrick Lamar collaboration.
    I had never heard of Lamar but my son, aged 24, knew all about him and said he’s a really up and coming rapper.

    Today as I was procrastinating about a variety of things, I turned to some old you tubes of David performances and I’ve got to say he surely could out sing most of what I heard last night!

    It would be fun to hear some of everyone’s favorite David performances.

    This is one I love:

    • Of all of the versions of this song I have heard, this is my all time favorite. I was lucky enough to be there in York for this performance! We found out later David was sick this night, wow and he still delivered this performance, it was stellar!

  15. my fav right now.. Emmanuel

  16. Goodkarmaseeker


    • Gorgeous vocals by David on O Ven Emmanuel. Not surprised as he always excels when he sings inspirational music.

      Watching David very closely, I noticed he glanced every so slightly in one direction a couple of times towards the girls in the first row. Looked to me like one of those young girls caught his eye. Barely noticable, but still.

      Just cause he’s on a mission doesn’t mean he’s blind. 🙂

      Didn’t watch the grammys but read about them & viewed some of the best performances on the Internet. Maybe someday we will see David on the stage as a nominee at the Grammys. If ex-missionaries Imagine Dragons can do it, so can David. 🙂

      • ha not sure I see David glancing at the girls but sure hope he looks. guess we will soon see what he will do.. maybe a collab like that will be Enrique.

  17. I was a little disappointed in the Grammys. I wished that Bruno and JT performed. I was glad that Taylor did not win. I loved Same Love and it’s message on equality for all in marriage. My brother is gay so it was a special song for me. Agree that Imagine Dragons was good. I enjoyed Sara Bareilles and Carole King. Not a Daft Punk fan at all. Just not an electronic dance fan with Robots-Is that even what is all about? lol.

  18. Oh and Madonna needs to stay away from anymore plastic surgery. She just did not look or sound that great.

    • ha that she does. Madge isn’t looking like herself lately.
      I like Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams.. have that cd. did think Sara B was going to win though.
      JT wasn’t nominated for the bigger categories maybe that is why he didn’t go?
      Bruno my guess because he is the half time performer at the Super Bowl?

  19. I was following twitter on my ipad as I watched the Grammys. One of the funniest twitter trends came up as Taylor Swift was performing. The hashtag was “Dear Taylor”. When I clicked on the hashtag this photo came up, lol:

    Also Colonel Sanders was trending when Madonna came out in that white outfit and white hat.

    Re. Bey and JayZ, they didn’t impress me, but I seriously doubt either of them would care if they knew, lol.

  20. lol-desertrat. Also thought it was so funny that Pharrell’s hat has a twitter and over 17,000 followers.

    • When I clicked on the “smokey bear” hashtag in Twitter, there were images of Pharrell in that hat. 😉

  21. Another visionary has died. RIP Pete Seeger. I think David could (and probably has) found plenty of likes within Seeger’s catalog.

  22. Goosebumps, Older Fan. Thanks for bringing over the video. I hadn’t listened to the song all the way through for some time, but I’m pretty sure I went around singing that song as a little girl.

    • I’ve always loved this song – I also grew up with songs such as these, with a message, written by songwriters who put themselves out there in the desire for a better world. Aww, the 60’s….

  23. Like David, I lean toward message songs. I didn’t know Pete Seeger co-wrote this. I just read that he also had a hand in “We Shall Overcome”.

  24. No frills, just good voices and a couple of guitars.

  25. Billboard gave an updated list of 2M+ selling singles from Idol alumni:

    4,957,000, “Home,” Phillip Phillips
    4,533,000, “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You),” Kelly Clarkson
    3,912,000, “Before He Cheats,” Carrie Underwood
    3,573,000, “No Air,” Jordin Sparks (Duet with Chris Brown)
    2,760,000, “My Life Would Suck Without You,” Kelly Clarkson
    2,736,000, “Since U Been Gone,” Kelly Clarkson
    2,482,000, “Blown Away,” Carrie Underwood
    2,425,000, “Home,” (Chris) Daughtry
    2,344,000, “It’s Not Over,” (Chris) Daughtry
    2,268,000, “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” Carrie Underwood
    2,245,000, “Tattoo,” Jordin Sparks
    2,127,000, “Crush,” David Archuleta
    2,118,000, “Cowboy Casanova,” Carrie Underwood
    2,006,000, “Whataya Want From Me,” Adam Lambert

    After Phillip Phillips giant hit, “Home”, David is the first solo male contestant on the list. Chris Daughtry has two singles that sold more with his band Daughtry. The last time we saw a sales number for Crush was 10.24.2012 — it has sold 45,000 copies in the 15 months since then. I have to admit I’m surprised that it’s still selling so many years after it was released.

    • wow Ali that is great.. saw a tweet this morning someone asking how come Demi hasn’t had a single of hers sell that well but David did! he needs another one!

  26. Wow. Interesting. Especially since I’ve heard many of those songs on radio (heard Jordin’s Tattoo just recently) but haven’t heard Crush, unless I’m playing it, since it came out.

  27. That is interesting, Ali. To me “Crush” was the perfect pop song for David. It was the right song at the right time. AI expected Cook to have that success with a single but he never did. They obviously picked the wrong winner for S7. David just needs to find another song that will have the same success when he returns. That is easier said then done. lol.

    • David’s CRUSH was played on the radio during the first year after it was released. After that, nothing in most areas. Now every once in a blue moon you may hear it in a drugstore or grocery store. I could never understand it cause it’s a really good pop song. At least it was 5 years ago.

      One thing though & I don’t know if it’s just me, but I always thought Crush was not an easy song to sing for David. It seemed to me that he struggled with some of the higher notes. Crush was the only song which I thought he did not sing better than the recorded version. But that’s just my opinion of course.

      We should give credit where credit is due, to a faction of David’s die-hard fans who bought muliple
      copies of Crush & some who are still here probably still do. Not just the single CRUSH but everything he’s released including his book, gifting to friends & family or just to show their support. Even without the support of his die-hard fans Crush still would have sold over a million though.

      Wonder if fans of the others on that list did the same thing?

      • Yes, die hard fans of many artists purchase multiple copies and do gifting. I remember one infamous story of a Christina Aguilara fan who was so miffed at reports her album wouldn’t sell well that he went out and bought 1,000 copies. That’s right, one THOUSAND copies.

        In truth though, fan gifting campaigns and multiple purchases really make very little difference in overall sales. It’s just a small number of fans that do it — and there are actually stop-gaps in place to keep very large quantity purchases from counting. For digital purchases, they will usually only count the first 4 or 5 of one song or album. For physical copies, I believe it’s less than 10 at a time for them to count. I mean, obviously the money will still go to the record company (and eventually a little will trickle down to the artist) but for sales numbers, SoundScan won’t count them.

        P.S. I agree with you about Crush. It’s one of the few David songs that I prefer the album version of. I think my exception to that is the the guitar acoustic version that he did with Mike K at a radio station in Kentucky. It’s amazing.

      • Senseless, ditto on Crush. I really prefer the songs on TOSD, especially TOSD,SBLand MKOP.

  28. It would be great if David could have another hit single, but it would be even better if he had a mega hit album like Adele, JT, Bruno, to name a few. He just needs the right material, the right producer and the right managemenrt who will know how to promote it. And David just needs do what he does best & bring it on like there’s no tomorrow.

    It’s so quiet now that I wonder what’s happening, if anything, behind the scene with Team David?
    Something? Anything? Nothing? 😦

  29. he needs ryan tedder to write a song for him! guaranteed hit

  30. Ryan Tedder or maybe the lead singer of The Frey would be great song writers for David.

  31. The Crush MV still gets 12k to 15k views per DAY. Someone is still listening to it! I think the issue with it live is that the layered production for the last third of the song just doesn’t translate well to live performance.

    • I will say that, considering the lack of radio airplay (even when the song was at it’s peak but especially now) it’s surprising to me how much Crush sold and is still selling and how much the video is still viewed. It kind of has a life of it’s own. I’m very surprised that there have been 45,000 digital downloads of the song in the past 15 months. It was released in July or August of 2008, right? So that’s 5 years later that it was still selling a decent amount. There are many songs that haven’t sold 45,000 downloads in their entire life span.

  32. Crush used to get regular airplay on the Delilah radio show; I miss those days. I’m surprised that Cook’s “Time of My Life” and Fantasia’s “When I See U” didn’t reach the 2 mil mark.

    • The last number I saw for Cook’s TOYL was 1.463 million — that was back in Oct 2012 at the same time we got the last Crush numbers. I guess it’s possible it might be at 1.5M by now but I’m not sure what rate it’s still selling at. It can vary quite a bit from song to song…some hold up to time better than others.

  33. David needs to sign with a major label in order to have any hope of a hit on the radio. Not sure if he will get that opportunity again. Also, Ryan Tedder co-wrote a song with Cook which was not a hit, so writing with him is not a sure thing either. In fact there are no sure things in getting a hit on the radio. It’s really hard. There are lots of great songs that never become hits and quite a few not very good songs IMHO that do.

  34. The question is can David return to his music career and re invent himself as an adult singing artist. I really think that he was poised to become this big teen idol, but we all know that didn’t happen. I really don’t think that it was so much about David not being comfortable with the idea other than things just didn’t work out. I think the number one thing was that Jive was hanging by a thread and just didn’t have the means ($$$) to really give him the support he needed. Yes, his ultra conservative side might of played a part in it, but somehow with the right backing it could of been worked out.
    He still have some fans that will stick with him no matter what happens (read that some want him to even stay away from music to find himself for a few more years and that they will be happy to wait, lol), but can he re invent the wheel to go a complete different direction with his music career.

    • I don’t think he has to reinvent the wheel as he does have a fanbase, although a smaller one. He needs to build from there. FOD had an article yesterday about the Grateful Dead and how they built up a fanbase and have been able to have a long music career despite the fact that they only had one big hit. David needs to tour to build up his fanbase because he is so good live. He can start quickly after he gets back by getting a band together and touring clubs like Cook, Kris Allen, and Crystal have been doing. His ODD fans will get to see him up close and personal plus he will be performing which I think he loves. That’s my two cents on what he should do for what it is worth!

      • You have a good point, I actually know that he would have no problem having that type of career, there is a huge number of artists that are doing just that, not just ex AI stars but, lol, of course, I’m thinking of a bigger career.

      • I’m not saying he can’t have a bigger career. This is the starting point when he comes back, and he builds from there. He started out quite big because of AI, and now he has to build back up after being gone for two years.

  35. From MJ’s:

    “One of the new twists for Season 13 has Randy hosting a two-day workshop for hopefuls who survive Hollywood Week.” ….. “Randy has chosen to ask popular American Idol alums to participate! That, according to Season 5 rocker, Chris Daughtry, who tweeted a photo of himself with Adam Lambert from the taping!”

    I can imagine that Carrie and Kelly don’t have time for this but me thinks Jordin Sparks is being snubbed.

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