David’s Thighs


Just to have a post that celebrates the body (and you know whose body needs celebrating!).

And just because. 😛

Talk about a blast from the past, nostalgia, and all that jazz! 😀

Now to get ready to watch tonight’s Grammys. Feast away, Soul Davidians!

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  1. rofl and that they are.. gorgeous!

  2. lol, he’s a runner…it does the body good!

  3. Hahahaha!! Thank you HG! I love David’s voice. I love his goodness. I love his maturity. And I love his thighs too. But today… I mostly love YOU!!!!

  4. Feeling’s mutual! 😀

  5. Shanny in Australia

    HG, we were just talking about being respectful to other fans on the previous thread…..this post doesn’t strike me as being respectful, whether you agree with Bliss et. al or not.

    …..as I said previously….this site needs to be respectful in everything or just a free for all. Otherwise it’s not a place where free speech can flourish at all.

    Again…I vote for respectful in all things.

    • You’re entitled to your opinion. Carry on! 🙂

      • Shanny in Australia

        HG, I tried several times to be as.tactful as possible in what I said. That was my best shot unfortunately, without losing clarity. If only you could have heard the gentleness with which I was speaking…..

      • I heard you!

      • Shanny in Australia

        Then I will presume you were speaking gently to me too. Thank you.

    • Shanny in Australia

      And I guess to clarify, I’m talking about fan interactions more than i’m talking about david’s thighs. lol
      Btw, david’s thighs do nothing for me, nor does his sweat. lol Maybe I’m asexual like cchalo mentions. Only I don’t know how I ended up with 6 kids then. 😉

  6. LOL-I just about choked on my diet coke! Dare I speak the truth…the man has got some mighty fine thighs!!!

  7. thanks HG! lol 🙂 david’s thighs are magnificent!

  8. Despite the problematic lyrics, I absolutely love Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love,” so glad she’s opening the Grammys!

  9. Not sure I care for this new look of Bey’s. 😦

  10. HG, I didn’t mean I disapproved of the above. It just seems like fans are uber sensitive. I love your sense of humor and most of us “get it.”

  11. I haven’t been here for a while – for no particular reason other than I read the blogs, but don’t post a lot anymore. But in seeing all the discussion about respect, I remembered the exact same discussion on TDC several years ago. Here is the post: http://www.thedavidchronicles.com/2009/07/respecting-david/

    Bliss – you may want to read your comment of July 5, 2009.

  12. I just don’t get, I knew exactly what this post was suppose to be.. lighthearted and fun, why, why in earth would anyone want to bring everyone down. I for one think this was the perfect let’s move on and have fun. We are talking about a pair of legs, lol.

  13. thanks marlie!
    well said bliss! 🙂

  14. I am reminded of a certain play called Much Ado About Nothing.

    I say let each appreciate David in their own way. If you appreciate David, I’m already convinced you must have excellent taste 😉

    Watching the Grammys and hoping for some good performances! And, because I’m me, imagining what kind of performance David might do there someday. You may say I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one.

  15. David looks great in that picture-thighs and all. lol. Glad you posted it hg. I am a Macklemore and Lewis fan. Can’t wait to see their performance of Same Love and of course The Beatles tribute. Also like Hunter Hayes.

  16. Man, apart from Bey and Jay Z, these other acts are just so… GENERIC!

    David, please…please hurry up and return! Music needs you!!!!!!!!!

  17. Shanny in Australia

    Lol – I guess there was no need to delete your comment after all HG, since everyone is discussing it now. Including yourself.

    Here’s my 2 cents then….I LOVE satire. Particularly political satire but also satire that makes fun at things I identify with. True satire has a message behind it. It is a social commentary. If this post is satirical then what was the message…..?

    And i’ll leave it at that. I understand people get sick of the drama. I definitely do too. Plus we’ve got a birthday to celebrate here. Peace to all.

    • Party Pooper! 😛

      • Shanny in Australia


        Hey btw, I was just looking back at something on a previous thread and kinda just had to say…the ‘(D)evolution of a teen star’ title was a very very clever play on words. Me likey. lol

  18. I have liked Lorde and Hunter Hayes so far. (HH not for his performance but for the heart in the song.) And Lorde is fierce. Maybe I’m easy tonight.

    And HG I applaud your continued feistiness with this post.

  19. Robin Thick just butchered some of my all time fav songs by Chicago, 😦

  20. I really liked Robin and Chicago. Much better than when he was performing with Miley. lol. That is what I like-the unique pairings on the Grammys.

  21. I am so tired of Taylor. Enough already of her. lol.

  22. This John Legend song is gorgeous.

  23. John Legend is just so good. Great vocals

  24. I don’t know about everyone else but the more I watch the Grammys the more my heart is hurting. Why did David not like enough of what he had to do to reach this level. John Legend just knocked it out of the park with a simple acoustic. The business is not all silly all the time. There are so many great collabs in the making IF he chooses to. What did not help was I was listening to some AI vids of David and reliving the hope and promise of what we thought would be for him on that trajectory. Sooo many young singers tonight are on stage just doing their thing you know? I know he is still young enough but I am not encouraged by the track history of his team so far. Rant over.

    BTW I think Pharrell Williams would make a great collab for David right about now.

  25. Fist pump for Paul McCartney’s collab w/Dave Grohl winning the Grammy! More Paul and Ringo please!!!

  26. Marlie7, thanks for that trip down memory lane. Your desperation to discredit me has sent you scrambling into the archives, but the message is still the same.

    Once again, thinking David is sexy is not the same as pointing out specific body parts on a video to be ogled, swooned over, and then treating him like he’s performing at a strip club. Marlie, how about the one where Abrra slows down a MGR of David, with the sound off mind you, walking across a stage in tight pants to a chorus of squeals from “the ladies of the Voice”, and pointing out where on those pants they are looking.

    David is extremely sensual, so what? Sensuality is a good thing for a performer. He is not, as has been demonstrated every Saturday night on your favorite site, someone to dehumanize into some dancing sex toy for the collective amusement of a bunch of women who “may be old but we’re not dead”.

    I have tried to end this discussion, but all of you guilt wracked women will not let it go. It’s time to quit while you’re way behind and accept the fact that you have misbehaved badly and clean it up. I know it’s hard to hear that from a man, but someone has to do it, so I’ve been willing to be the pinata on behalf of David. Please don’t make me give any more examples and name names. Some of them are really creepy.

    • I wish my life was as good as yours that such a trivial matter was all I had to worry about.

      If you would like to make a real difference in this world, there are much more serious matters that could benefit from your attention and be a much better use of your time. You seem to enjoy a good fight. There are children in this world that would love, are praying every day, for someone to fight FOR THEM.

  27. Pink is amazing. As always.

  28. Ha, I dont smoke or drink but Ive come to the conclusion that posting on a fansite could make one become a chain smoking alcoholic! And move to Colorado to partake in some of their green medicinal substance!!!

    • Finding someone to be sexy or sensual is a far cry from injecting them into one’s own private fantasized sex life, and talking about it publicly. David is not a loaf of bread. He’s a vibrant, vital human being who inspires all kinds of emotions from people. It’s a gift that probably blows his mind that he even has.

      The Orly site that was brought over here to apparently prove my point was run by young girls who were obviously in love with and attracted to David. That’s what young girls do, and have done since the days of Frank Sinatra in the ’40s. The teenage girls that i knew growing up did the same thing over the Beatles, Bobby Vee, and god knows who else. It’s age appropriate, and is unique to teenage girls. Boys do not squeal in public over female stars. Their friends would never let them live it down.

      It is not, however, and never has been, part of the aging process for women in their 50s and 60s, especially when the object of their desire is younger than some of their own children and, gasp, their grandchildren. David has specifically said that it, for want of a better word, creeps him out. That should be enough for people old enough to understand his wishes to not do what creeps him out.

      It’s not rocket science. David has politely asked you not to relate to him “that way”. If you know it and do it anyway, it is the definition of disrespect. it’s that simple.

      • If the Orlyy writers are young girls, they must have married young, because they talk about their husbands often enough.

      • You are a real case for EEO. It’s not the objectification that bothers you so much, it’s the age factor. And women. Young men may not “squeal” over female stars – but they certainly do whistle, hubba-hubba, elbow each other, call them “hot” and all sorts of other things. It seems you think women are somehow unable to control themselves, but men can. And God forbid an “older” woman should see anything at all when looking at David other than a nice young missionary boy. I think we could do that if David just wore that ugly brown suit and sang religious songs. But he didn’t before his mission and he won’t when he comes back.

        I also must correct you about the MGR. Of course we love to watch it – have you ever seen David swagger more than in that video? He looks great – his abs are flat and his thighs are taut and he looks just confident and cool. The jeans are low-slung and he’s loose-limbed as he saunters across the stage. But one thing about most women, Bliss, is that we are actually not turned on by the parts you think we are (sorry to burst your male ego). Muscles, abs, taut runner’s thighs, hair, skin…we do like to comment about these parts. The part you are trying to imply…not so much.

        I didn’t intend to hijack this thread, so if you want to continue, Bliss, go to TDC and I’ll continue this conversation there, so these lovely people here can enjoy the conversation about David’s thighs. 🙂

  29. Joymus, we know David has the voice and talent to deserve a Grammy. It may not happen right away, but if he keeps working hard and continues to grow as an artist and performer, we may see it happen. Regardless, I am so glad we can participate in his musical journey!! ( truth…… I have a hard time enjoying the Grammys cuz David’s not there.so I don’t watch them.)

    • Thanks! I thought I was the only one. I’m afraid he might wish to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Who knows how open he will be to try anything different on his return. People enjoy seeing their favorite stars on television performing or winning awards – nothing is wrong with that except David happens to be my favorite star, lol!

  30. How cool was that seeing Yoko rocking ourt while Sir Paul & Ringo performed! Good times!! OMGOSH now Willie!!! Love all these old country songs…sung by legends! Yeee-Haw!

  31. about them thighs…they sure are purdy!!

  32. On a completely different note, someone just shared this mission pic

    That smile! 😀

  33. Stevie Wonder!! GAH!

    And the robots from Daft Punk are way cool! Afrofuturism baby!

  34. Like I said earlier…Pharrell Williams is so current right now. He’s having a great year. David and Pharrell anyone? LOL!

    • first I saw of Pharrell thought of that.. love him! only thing I think after this and the fact his ‘Happy’ song is up for an Oscar bet David won’t be able to afford him. bet David will check out his music when he returns.. Lorde was great too and think David will love her cool style. Imagine Dragons was wild and them being friends maybe a collab some day. loved The Grammys last night.

      also loved John Legend!

      interesting no JT.

  35. The irony of having a pic of David’s warm and trusting smile while on a religious Mission, shown on a thread that exploits and objectifies him, cannot go without mention.

  36. The irony of having a pic of David’s warm and trusting smile while on a religious Mission, shown on a thread that exploits and objectifies him, cannot go without mention.

    What irony? Praise God for David’s thighs! Hallelujah! 😀

  37. Wow! Talk about “Same Love”!! That was powerful! And with Queen Latifah and Madonna presiding?!

  38. That was powerful. Amazing.

  39. Now thats the way to start a marriage, sharing the experience with millionssss of people all around the world and then getting to say Madonna & Queen Latifa sang at your wedding!

  40. His thighs! Yes, he’s got it goin on there! Honestly though, because they do affect me, I try to avoid them. For example, I had to close my eyes for the first 2 songs of his last Christmas tour. Traveled a thousand miles to see him, didn’t really expect him to come out wearing pants that……..yada, yada, yada, felt like I was at a ballet. That’s just me though.

    His smile on the other hand! I just realized it has so much more of an affect on me than his clothing.

    Hg, love your spunk with this post, lol! You made me laugh.

  41. Marlie, you say “I also must correct you about the MGR. Of course we love to watch it – have you ever seen David swagger more than in that video? He looks great – his abs are flat and his thighs are taut and he looks just confident and cool. The jeans are low-slung and he’s loose-limbed as he saunters across the stage”

    I rest my case. You have dissected him within an inch of his life, and I’m sure “the ladies” and you have micro analyzed every second of that video. Why was the sound turned off when it was being shown? Was the music an distraction to the point of showing it.

    Bottom line. It’s not what I think that matters. It is what David has expressly said makes him uncomfortable. You know it, HG knows, but you don’t give a damn what David feels about it. It turns you on, makes you and your “sorority sisters” feel all gooey inside, and the hell with David. You CAN do it, so you WILL do it. No amount of restructuring and making it about me can change that unfortunate fact.

    David has a whole bunch of fans. He’ll just have to live with the reality that some of them, old enough to be his grandparents, and old enough to know better, blatantly and knowingly ignore his wishes and use him as an internet boy toy. I guess it comes with the $195.00 VIP package.

    • Sigh. See, and this is why straight males are sometimes not allowed to hang out during “ladies night” (whether they be bridal showers, bachelorette parties, or just hanging out on a fansite to appreciate the male form of one’s favorite artist). Next time I’ll be sure to subtitle this post: STRAIGHT MEN, BEWARE: ESTROGEN LEVELS HIGH, PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK.

      • HG, I always wondered why you rarely posted comments on your own site. Now I know. You didn’t have to because you had all your minions doing it for you. The fact is that you’re totally on board with the “David exists for our amusement, and if he doesn’t like it, too bad” crowd.

        The empress has no clothes. This thread has unmasked you, and it ain’t pretty. Unfortunately for me, I am an army of one on behalf of David . I wish all the people who have DMed on Twitter me their agreement and support and their disgust for you and your disrespect for David would come on here to share some on the onslaught of denial and guilt based damage control that I have been dealing with alone.

        Either way, I will never abandon David and allow him to be mistreated, no matter how many abusers crawl out from under their rocks to do so.

      • Yeah, whatever. I think from now on I and my “minions” will just have to treat you as that old fogey, outdated macho man in the corner of the room who occasionally blurts out sexist, slut-shaming comments from some bygone era, someone who wandered into the club because he’s all by his lonesome since he doesn’t have enough fellow male fans to hang out with and form his own party.

        Dude, either join in the fun, recognize the ways you can participate (or not), or go SKIDADDLE!

      • bliss-I mean this is the nicest way possible but you might want to think about maybe “lightening up” a bit. I mean this is hg’s blog and I support your right to express your opinions 100% but you might want to just think just a little before you post. Not that you have to -just saying. lol. But I support your right to continue to post. I actually used to be more kind of intense about David but that changed for me a long time ago when he left for his mission. It is David’s career and David’s life and nothing that is written here is going to change anything for him. It is on David now. It seems to me that there are “issues” with folks/fans that go back several years ago on different fan sites/twitter so I am guessing that is what is going on here. Don’t really care. lol. It is no longer relevant as David has been gone for 2 yrs and is not as a popular as he was coming off of AI. Who knows if he ever will be? That is just the truth and “reality”- Maybe that is what upsets folks-just guessing. I was disappointed with the Grammys. I just did not think that the performances were as good as in past years.

      • Bliss, you might think about your own obsession for David, not just David the singer you are obsessed with the whole package, before you criticize others.

        As I have said many times everyone is entitle to there opinion, but what the heck, HG does not deserve your rant. She has given a place to voice your opinion, why bite the hand that allows you to do that.

    • You might have to learn to live with that too,bliss. And I mean that kindly.

  42. *pouring a shot, lighting a cigarette, moving to Colorado*

  43. ha seems like I missed a party!

  44. David himself has talked about doing the “you know you want me” pose. He knows.

    • P.S. David, like most guys his age, are probably creeped out by the idea of their parents or grandparents, or anyone that age having sexual feelings–it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have those feelings. Like I once pointed out to my son, he won’t want to give it up when he’s 50, so he has to grow up about it.

  45. If David starts putting out cool edgy music say like Imagine Dragons, Lorde, John Newman or Pharrell he will attract younger fans.. right now his music is conservative and even as he said ‘easy listening’ for most mainstreamers.
    can’t see a lot of his older fans rocking out like what Imagine Dragons did last wild.
    ha was outstanding!

    • ITA-kimak. That is what David needs to do if he wants success.

      • he has fabulous taste in music.. one of my favs was Marina and The Diamonds I Am Not A Robot
        talk about message and pretty darn cool

        will be interesting going forward what he chooses to go for.

  46. sorry.. did last night was wild.

  47. sure has been a long wild ride.. imagine this is just the beginning of it all too.

    old post up top and Rascal reminded me of one of them
    time he went all after the fact David was looking at a guy in a certain way in the Crush MV that was leaked.
    talk about firestorm.. ha cracked me up.
    folks go on about the dumbest stuff sometimes.

    anyway looking forward to it all and hopefully with all of you and all the David fans everywhere.

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