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davidI’m still in a bit of awe that it’s already 2014, which had seem such a long way off two years ago when we had prepared for David’s inevitable departure on his mission to Chile.

I guess that’s how quickly time flies because, though I don’t always have the time like I used to devote to this blog, I kept the site open and kept a virtual vigil going on, and I do appreciate that others of you joined me in the long wait (even if that often meant ongoing drama and disagreements).

I do wonder, however, now that quite a few of you decided to join in this “wait,” what are we waiting for?

I’ve been asking myself that many times over the two years of David’s absence from the music scene. The die-hard fan in me still clings to the stubborn hope that, when all stars align, David will get his chance in the spotlight and when he brings his A game: World, watch out!

The other, more realistic side of me keeps thinking of the declining music business, which has relied on everything but the music to keep their industry alive. In such a milieu, David’s talent alone is simply not enough, and if he doesn’t have the drive, ego, and cut-throat ambition to rise to the top, he may very well just have a “local career in Utah,” as some of you surmised (and even then, probably only a local career among a small community).

But, is that really what we’re waiting for? Don’t we secretly cling to the hope that he’ll be more than local? Maybe not a household name, but maybe something more?

And if that doesn’t happen, will you feel like you wasted your time?

So, here’s my latest poll, just to get a sense of what we’re all thinking. What say you, Soul Davidians?

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  1. Great Post,hg. ” In such a milieu, David’s talent alone is simply not enough”- So unfortunately true but it is David’s choice on what he wants. David’s choices for his music career or lack of when he returns will make or break his career.

  2. We shall see what happens. I’m hoping that Bliss is right, and David’s music career takes off. I’m also a realist so I know that Peter could be right in that David may mainly have a local career. I think that it will probably be somewhere in the middle of these two options. I answered the poll question with choice #2, although I will be disappointed if David’s career doesn’t take off, but I don’t feel that I have wasted my time waiting these two years. I’ve enjoyed all the fan-sites and the posts that the admins have come up with for two whole years. Thanks HG for keeping up this blog. The comments here are the most entertaining to me of all David’s fansites.

  3. I’m a combination of the above choices. I’ll never feel like I wasted my time because this has been an entertaining ride. I’ve reached the point where I don’t have expectations; I want to see him succeed at whatever he attempts to do in life. I hope he stays in the public eye because I find him interesting and I really like him as a person.

  4. Great poll once again Hg, thank you.
    I’ll be honest, I voted for # one, I will be disappointed if his career goes nowhere, his talent is way to good for that unfortunate direction to happen.
    As far as disappointed that I waited and what I wanted for David didn’t happen, heck NO, this wait has been a lot of fun, frustration at times, but always such fun.
    Yes, the voice will not be the only factor that will give him a successful music career. We’ll see if David is willing to do what is needed to even attempt at a successful career, I sure hope so. One thing that I’m sure of, it will be a fun ride when he returns to his career, or it will be frustrating like it had become after the release of the second album.

  5. Desertrat, you said exactly what I wanted to say but couldn’t say well. Thanks.

    I too think he’ll be somewhere in between superstar and local LDS singer. I think that for him, the mission was a rite of passage and I’m excited to see ‘the new him he brings back.” See where that takes him.

  6. I’m with cq on this one. I voted for #1. I will be disappointed if his career goes nowhere, and even more disappointed if he stays in Utah. But, that doesn’t mean I wont be a fan of his voice. I can’t imagine dicthing out on the most beautiful voice in the world! I just want him to have the capability of producing great music to show off that voice. I’d also like the chance to see him in concert again which will only happen if he comes my way, I’ve decided.

    As far as regretting the wait, No way! I’ve enjoyed this site although it brings out many different emotions in me at times. It is the only one I frequent. Hg, I love reading what you have to say and the way you’ve handled these crazy but honest and forthright conversations has been amazing. I appreciate that you allow these issues to resolve themselves… or not.
    The past 2 years has actually been a much needed break for me. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

    • sorry about the spelling errors. I do realize that I make them often. I don’t always correct them. “ditching”

    • Wow. Loving what you said to HG. HG, I feel the same way. You have been a wonderful part of the wonderful parts of being a David fan. Thank you.

  7. When I hear “local singer”, I want to laugh. Frankly, I think he will be heading to Asia right away because he is significantly more popular there. Concerts, TV, and appearances I believe are already in the works. Probably in the works before he left. Popularity in Asia might help him somewhat in the US. I would love some Christmas appearances at the end of the year; maybe some interviews about his mission if that can be worked out by his Team.

    None of the past 6 years has been a waste; I’ve loved every minute. It’s been interesting. I realize the mission is something he had to do for himself and I respect him for that.

  8. With the exception of some radio polls a few years back (oh to have those hours back!), I’ve never felt that anything David-related has been a waste of my time.

    I wait because I believe in David’s talent and I think he’s a unique voice in so many ways. I’m excited to see where things go when he comes back.

  9. lol, I view the poll to see where fans have voted and one vote for I didn’t wait, I moved on. To me, if you are still viewing a David Archuleta fan site clearly you still have some sort of interest. Perhaps that one should be I moved on, put still curious, lol.

  10. omg, haha!speaking of FB searches i just found david’s old high school crush! the girl who stupidly rejected him and then after he went on idol she tried to get his attention on myspace but he ignored her(publicly, anyway. privately, who knows??). 🙂

  11. maybe she’s still “the one”! she was supposedly the inspiration behind ALTNOY.

    • What, this is to funny, I though he never had a crush, hahahaha!! Must of missed that whole conversation back then, lol. 23 year old David might just be a bit different than a 16 year old David.

  12. CQ, you post, “We’ll see if David is willing to do what is needed to even attempt at a successful career, I sure hope so.”

    Do you think that David hasn’t been working his tushy off already to get to this point? American idol was like boot camp, and David did “what was needed” to get to the top of that minefield. He’s released 6 Cds, has performed in countless venues worldwide to thunderous ovations, starred in a 25 episode Miniseries in which the producers sought HIM out despite having no acting experience, and was chosen to model for a line of clothing targeted to “cool” young guys.

    After all that, how can you believe that David will have to muster the will to “even attempt” to continue his career at a high level? It belies the evidence he’s already provided.

    • bliss, I get your point, maybe what I should of said was I hope hasn’t changed his mind on how to go for a successful career. Really doesn’t matter what I think, just happy to be sticking around because I believe in him, even though sometimes I voice apprehensions, but that only out of frustration, lol.

    • I remember a vlog where David talked about how things happened so fast and he needed to work on building a foundation. I think going on the mission is an important part of this foundation. Its going to be fun following David as he builds his career in music when he gets back !!

      • IMO, this Mission will turn out to be a boon to David’s career. By stepping away for a couple of years, he will return “new and improved” to a public that saw him only as “that kid from American idol”. From what we’ve heard at these recent devotionals, that golden voice of his is concert-ready, and he looks healthy, handsome and ready to hit the ground running. I saw an article online from a Disney site that was already anticipating his return in a very positive way. Once the full media gets the memo that David is on his way home, all notions of a marginal career will be, hopefully, put to rest.

      • I have said that many times, I do feel that this mission, whether anyone is aboard or not, is part of the foundation he needed to go through before he could move on to really put his full effect into his career. I know he was a hard worker and will away give it his all, but even when a person works hard at something, if something is holding him/her back because they feel they need to do before progressing, it doesn’t work completely, jmo. Let’s just hope that when David returns to his career he will have all his duck in a row (foundation) and is ready to take the world, especially US, by storm.

        As Bliss said he did have success before, but I still feel it’s also part of that foundation too and that we are in for a ride of lifetime.

  13. Older Fan, great post. David may have some trouble breaking through in the trash heap that is the current U.S. music scene, but the rest of the world will embrace him with open arms. David will go where the offers are, and like you said, he probably has copious gigs lined up already in the Philippines and other Asian countries, where he can barely escape the throngs at the airport.

  14. Trash heap, hum. Imo, there are plenty of quality singers out there right now that don’t belong in any trash heap, to lump them all as trash, is a bit unfair, imo.

  15. my favorite songs right now are- do what you want (lady gaga, r.kelly), dark horse (katy perry) , and say something(great big world), and all of me sung by john legend, written by ryan tedder. the songs i’m currently hating are- pompeii (bastille) and timber (kesha). the current obsession with taking an awesome song and turning it into a faster paced EDM song drives me crazy!!! oh i also hate that superman song (daughtry?).

  16. CQ, name some American singers who are great singers, highly successful (like the way you want David to be), and not, for want of a better word, “trashy”. Kelly Clarkson is the only one that comes to mind. She does not “sell’ her sex appeal primarily to gain popularity. She has actual singing talent, and it’s enough. Very rare today.

    • Justin Timberlake, whether you like his voice, his style some of his videos or not he is very successful and I wouldn’t put him in that trash heap. Yes, one of the top persons that comes to mind is Adele and of course, not an American, but has huge success in America. I love America and I do get a little huffy when people tend to think that everything that comes from this great country in terms of music is nothing but trash.

  17. A Great Big World that folks were talking about in a previous thread are great.. their cd was just released is #1 on iTunes.

    Say Something

    there are a lot of fabulous artists out there today.. and those that are there for entertainment purposes.
    bodes well for David going forward too.

  18. omg you guys can you imagine if christina and david sang contigo together?!! would we die or what?!! i have been hoping for a christina /david collab since 2008!

  19. I am not saying that there are not great singers out there today. The problem is that, in today’s musical environment, there are very few pure singers who achieve the kind of mega-success that some fans of David are hoping for and are worrying that he may not achieve. If talent was the only criteria for mega success, David would be at the top of the heap already. That was true in the past. Times have changed, and we all see what it takes to hit the big time. David will never put out music that does not reflect his core values. In order for him to become “that guy” in today’s music world, the public will have to embrace David’s values, because the other way around will not happen.

    • What are you saying that David will only put out religious songs because it reflex his high moral values?

    • can’t say I am all that worried about David’s career.. up to him. I think he has the talent to go as far as he wishes.

      • ITA-kimak. Not worried about his career either. I do have to admit that I will be disappointed if David’s career does not go anywhere but not surprised. Maybe it is better to hope for the best and expect the worst -at least for me. Bliss-I do agree with you about Kelly having actual singing talent. Of course there are others but Miley’s and Keisha’s and some others success does discourage me. I did name the Bieb’s as I don’t find him to have any talent. lol. Back to watching AI.

  20. I wouldnt change a minute of the “Wait”, its been quite an adventure, (well minus a few key drama lowlights) the fan friends alone have been such an unexpected plus to this ride. I dont really have any expectations, just going to see where this takes me…if it doesnt go anywhere then I will just fade off into the sunset with no regrets!

  21. CQ, why would you draw that conclusion? David did not become popular because he put out religious music. Having “values” does not mean that you are “religious”, and sing only religious music. David is not a Jesus freak. I think you need to go back and listen to David’s CDs. Except for the Xmas CD, there’s really no “religious” music to speak of. “Crush” didn’t sell 2,000,000 downloads because of its religious appeal. C’mon. You know better than that.

    • Bliss, here’s what I’d love to see. He returns, has some quality family time, moves to Nashville , writes music with Joy Williams, puts out some new music and does some touring. That’s all . haha

    • Actually I listen to his CDs all the time. What I was referring to was when he returns. I’m all for David putting out music that he wants and if it’s not preachy or boring and is catchy it will be accepted by all. I love David’s voice, but I’m still waiting for the phenomenal song that highlights that golden voice and has us all begging for more.

  22. Watching Idol, and these auditions tonight are pretty good. Can’t believe that girl hit the high notes on “Loving You”! Impressive! However, that dude who had the audacity to sing David’s audition song? Just. No!

    There ought to be an AI rule to retire all songs that David covered on the show since… you know… he now owns those songs. 🙂

  23. HG-my thoughts exactly! Pity the fool who “attempts” to sing a song now owned by David!

  24. I just saw that on AI hg and thought exactly the same thing. lol.

  25. And today is the six year anniversary of when we first heard David sing WOTWTC!

  26. i know! cannot believe it’s been 6 years already! crazy! 🙂

  27. loved Idol last night!

  28. OT, but I guess Bieber was arrested in Florida last night for drag racing while drunk and on drugs. Wonder what’ll happen next. Sad thing was, he was in Florida with his dad. I was sort of hoping a parent could help him get on track somehow.

  29. By on track, I mean, off the path of destruction he’s on currently. I think his time as a superstar is past.

  30. KH-I just saw that on the news, I was going to ask where his mother or some responsible adult was…then saw he was with his dad! Like the kid or not…he needs help before he goes further down the self-destruct path!

  31. hopefully david won’t need to get a DUI to get some publicity when he returns!!!

  32. Yep, I’m right there with you Candy, hope the JB helps some help. Of course hearing about JB destructive path, all I could think was if David had that kind of fame and money, he would be in such a different path. I could just picture him just trying to perfect his craft, doing as many charities as possible and generally show the world that fame and fortune can be used for good and not lead a person to a destructive path.

  33. The parenting needed to be done a long time ago. Now he is an adult. Probably up to Scooter or other people who might have some control of this career. He needs to get help so he doesn’t hurt or worse, kill someone.

  34. Sorry to burst your “America is wonderful” bubble, CQ., but here’s the inconvenient truth.

    Justin Bieber is the personification of the current musical climate that David will find when he returns. The more JB screws up, the more he is adored by the press and his “fans”. Girls love him because he’s “cute” , and guys love him because he “kicks ass”. This latest episode will only serve to enhance his popularity in the U.S. The good news is that the difference between JB and David is now less blurred. The choice will be there for the taking. JB and the garbage lovers, or David and the lovers of great music and even greater behavior. David has quite a challenge when he returns, but he never shies away from a good challenge. Watch him meet this one head on and find a way to succeed without compromising an iota of his integrity and values.

    David’s true fans will stick by him, no matter how long it takes, and will encourage him as he “climbs back on the horse”. The ones who tend to tap their fingers on the table impatiently muttering ” get with it already David, and do what you need to do to become a superstar for me” may have to endure even more of the frustration they have admitted they have felt so far.

    • Sorry bliss but you are not bursting that bubble, I still believe in American I truly love it. Nothing is perfect, let’s face it and the media and people in general like trash or else why would we have all the trashy, people behaving badly reality shows on tv. that are ridiculous but they are the latest and greatest, all the rich housewives show for example,
      I’m sorry if I’m a dreamer, but I’m going to keep the optimist attitude that there is a place for David and if he put out exceptional music, with the right team behind him, he will have success without having to be part of all that media crap and will be respected.

      I do however agree with you about JB, but again I have always cringed at the way some fans compared David to him…No comparison in my book.

  35. bliss- you are so right. justin’s not going to lose any fans over this. it’s just another publicity frenzy for him and his fans.

  36. I kind of think this latest event will hurt him. Didn’t his Australian tour do badly? Also, people upset because he was arriving late to concerts. I think I read this things.

  37. JBs popularity is like American Idol’s. Even a watered down fan base is still large enough to maintain a high level of popularity. AI has 1/3 of it’s peak viewership, but is still a huge money maker for Fox, so it’s still chugging along. JB is a symptom of the disease for which David Archuleta is the cure.

  38. I can’t say that I am surprised about Bieber’s arrest. I think that his “enablers” have been covering for him for a long time. I do agree Peter that JB’s popularity is not what it once was-That is for sure.

  39. Anecdotal evidence only, but my nephew is the spitting image of JB, and I once mentioned it to him, and he was horrified. Almost all of the kids in my kid’s and their cousin’s age group (18-24) have always detested him. The bad behavior hasn’t affected that one way or the other. I think it’s the much younger crowd that likes him. I’m always amused by Beiber’s large Jesus tattoo, lol.

    • Actually, let me amend that. My daughter and at least one of her friends have gone through periods in the past of liking him because he’s cute and they like many of his songs, but I don’t know a single young man who thinks he’s anything but ridiculous.

  40. That is true cc halo. I don’t know a young male that likes him either. I think he was trying to be cool but he goes about it in all the wrong way. IMO. I read that his father was with him when he was arrested last night and was helping with setting up the drag race. Real good parenting there. lol. Has anyone ever told JB no-I doubt it.

  41. Re. Biebs, I’m not surprised at all. He has people living with him to get him what he wants and to take the fall for him when he gets caught. Last week they found all those drugs in his home; Biebs wasn’t arrested but his housemate was.

    Also, I think Scooter (or someone else very close to Biebs) is double dipping into Biebs money. For example, Scooter is paid as his manager but he also has connections to drug dealers. The drug dealers give Scooter a cut of the money they make selling drugs to Biebs because he’s (ie, Scooter) enabling them access to Biebs. You can tell I used to watch “The Wire”, lol.

    • omh I sure hope that is not happening!! hope now that the police are on his tail also go after those that give him the drugs and whatever.

  42. JB needs to just go away for a good year whether in rehab or just out of the spotlight-I do think that his management/team actually is not helping that as they still want to make money off him and continue the constant spotlight/PR on him. If this behavior continues in another 2 years his career is not going to be in good shape. He does not have an older fanbase-it is still young girls. It is so obvious that JB thinks he can do whatever he wants to with no respect for authority and now that negative attitude is fueled by drugs and alcohol-Bad combo.

    • Good point Marie. There is always a fine line when it comes to a successful music career. I for one want nothing but the best management team for David, but of course, that team wants to make money, so I’m sure they would want David to do whatever it take to make him successful. Getting a management team that is well connected with integrity and gets David, hum let’s just hope there is still good people out there.

  43. M y cousin’s son who is very good looking went to Hollywood to become an actor, He would audition for a part and they wanted a favor from him and they would help him out, He went back home, The film and music business is a DIRTY BUSINESS! No surprise there.

  44. Rumors of such dirty business have circulated for my whole life. I figured there was some truth but never knew anyone who had a personal account! Hoping there are some people of integrity in the business, somewhere!

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