MLK Day!

In keeping with the inspirational theme for today, how about some inspirational David? 🙂


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  1. For me, BEGIN will never grow old because all the songs are such classics. I just watched a documentary on MLK by Tom Brokaw; at the end, they played a nice, piano driven version of Pride (in the name of love) that I’d never heard before. I googled and learned it was John Legend.

    From the previous thread, Grammyj, I did the bad all by myself, lol. I won’t say anything more on the matter because as someone stated, it would be a repeat of comments made dating back to 2008.

  2. Great inspirational song to honor such a great inspirational man…I have a dream…

  3. MLK was very inspirational and I have the day off from work-which I enjoy. ITA-desertrat-It does remind me of 2008 but with a very big difference. David is not coming off of a very popular season of AI and he has been away for 2 years. desertrat-You were not the issue on the last thread-that is for sure. lol. But it is probably best to ignore someone that is seeking attention. All I can say is that Gina and Kari have their work cut out for them-Good luck to

  4. Marie ITA, Kari and Gina, if that’s the team, but who the heck knows, they do have their work cut out for them.
    Totally agree with Marie, desertrat you were not the issue, lol. actually thank you for that happy picture.

    It’s so funny how things are going right now. I really thought that ones the new year hit that the excitement would start building with a lot more things coming from David’s camp.

    • Me too, but there is even less from David’s camp. Not even a thank-you from David for the birthday book. I’m giving David the benefit of the doubt that maybe he hasn’t received the birthday book yet. He always has been so good to his fans even if he thinks we’re creepy lol. He will need all of us and more if he wants a career in music. I’m starting to think that there will be nothing from David’s team except old pictures until he is back.

      I watched the movie “The Butler” this week-end which was a good movie to watch for Martin Luther King Day. It was really good and chronicled the civil tights movement.

      Hey Deseretrat I knew we’d get blasted for daring to check out Facebook for info on David’s new stepdad. Oh well….we are the Archu-detectives. As I said before, it was easy to find. Unfortunately for everyone privacy is a thing of the past for all of us because of the Internet. It’s not just David’s family.

  5. ITA-Grammy. Like I posted in the previous thread- that picture is the very least of David’s problems in regards to his music career. I am a fan of the reality talent shows (even with all their flaws. lol) and I just watch the thousands of young folks that would love to have the opportunities that David has had due to his exposure from AI. He did get his fanbase due to AI S7 (whether you like AI or not) and what he does with that from here on is on him. I am going to end it at that. lol.

  6. REALLY??? He really said that?? I don’t care what his family members think about us fans but, for him to say were creepy?? I REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY!!! SAD

  7. Right now it’s so sad in regarding to David’s career that anything that is new would be so welcomed. All though I loved all the performance from Chile and it did give us a hint of his maturity, it still was not about his music career, it was David the missionary. Having a few crumbs coming from things he did before he left, is ok, but at this time, getting a little old, jmo.

  8. Actually- I do not know what David said at the time but I have always stated that David needs a professional management and PR team behind him to guide him with public statements and interviews and even twitter. I don’t believe that he always had that in place as he had family members/friends involved in his career. Not so sure what he will have when he returns.

  9. I could be wrong, but I don’t expect anything career-related from David (or his “team”) until after he gets back.

    As far as what David said or didn’t say, at this point it’s all hearsay from an anonymous commenter. I wouldn’t get all wound up about it. I have to say though, if he doesn’t think some of his fans are creepy then I’m a little afraid for his sense of self-preservation. Because. You guys. I think we all know there’s some creepy fans…we probably don’t even want to get into ranking by degree lol. (I’m sure I’m somewhere on the list.)


    Re: the video HG posted today…when he sings “Memphis skyyyyy”. Yes x1000.

    • Ahem. The Memphis sky part would be the song desertrat was talking about (Pride). Sorry I got distracted between that post and the bottom of my comment lol.

  10. Martin Luther King was a brave man to stand up for equal rights in a peaceful manner and to not give up. I hope that all the advancements made to this point remain in place and that other marginalized groups will benefit from what he struggled so hard for.

    Ali- “at this point it’s all hearsay” I would agree with that 100%.

  11. Agree, Ali. He has creepy older fans and creepy younger fans. I would imagine all artists do. Some people just don’t understand boundaries. And if David did say that (I’m not ready to concede that he even did) I think it stems from the fact that he can’t wrap his head around the fact that we’d take such an interest in all that he does. Hmmm..that sounds creepy. lol

  12. Well, if the fans that have stuck around for these two years are creepy and should go away, I’m thinking that David’s career is in the tank. Or, maybe he just needs to re invent himself and only allow non creepy fans to follow him and buy his music…hahahahaha!!!!

    • Ha! I think he’ll be plenty happy that some of us have stuck around. I won’t let one person come here and change my opinion of D. A person who supposedly cares about him and his family, but was so willing to throw him under the bus.

      All those years of meeting up and talking to fans, not one bad word has been spoken of him. I’ve met him a couple of times and observed him ( see? Creepy again haha) with other fans. He seems to be just as advertised. Of course, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. I’m just saying, he might have potential as an actor, but he’s not that great. lol

  13. I agree with Ali, we don’t know what he said. I also agree with the fact that any popular musician has some “creepy” fans both young and old. I am just looking forward to seeing what happens with David’s career once he gets home. I am not expecting anything much to happen until he gets home in the spring. Even then it will probably take some time to get things going. We just need more patience……

    • Oh heck I know that nothing is going to happen until he is home for a while, if anything at all this year. At this point it’s just me (I guess a creepy fan) expressing frustration, lol, because I so what him to have things in place to wow us with his new music direction.

      • Don’t get me wrong – I would love for things to start happening now. Even a little thank you for the birthday book. Anything…..

      • That does seem strange that he didn’t acknowledge the birthday book, even just a simple thank you through Kari. I just hope his direction to get back to his music career is still the plan. If he has changed his mind and will go for a simple non public career, I just hope he let’s us know. Man, that would be very sad though, that voice really needs to be heard by millions.

  14. I’ve linked it before, but I love the last one down:

  15. David thinks his fans are creepy ? Really? Tell that to the elderly fans he gives that little special attention to. Tell it to the small children who he gives extra time to, and all the children he supports through his charity work. Tell that to all his international fans to whom he shows the utmost respect. And tell that to his American fans who he is always reaching out to through tweets,blogs,vlogs, concerts, unexpected album releases, ect. As far as creepy fans, I’m sure they may exist out there. Some may come on a little too strong or touchy-feely for David. But we all know how reserved he is. David is the real deal. I don’t know him personally, but every interview I’ve ever read about someone who knows him have nothing but respect and love for him. I believe this 2 year wait will be well worth it !!!!

  16. well said oliveoil. i’m saddened and shocked by the fact that some people will blatantly lie and make up stories just to promote their own agenda with no regard whatsoever for the truth or other people’s feelings.

    • The poster NO said “You wanted the truth? David thinks most of his fans are CREEPY. He is nice out of politeness. Believe me or don’t. I’ve heard it straight from his mouth”.

      So I can only assume the poster IS a family member who has a BK account. If David did say that & it may very well be true he did, but it was in confidence never to be repeated, especially not on a site dedicated to him. He is smart enough to know without his fans who are still waiting, he wouldn’t have had a career such as it was. David is human though & like all humans, he’s not immune to saying things without thinking. This kind of thing, the bickering between one of his siblings & David’s fans is nothing new. It’s happened in the past more than once. I’m not saying it’s the same sibling but it could be. It’s just too deja vu.

      I don’t do the FB or the Twitter thing. Why anyone who values their “privacy” would want to share their life in a forum on the Internet is beyond me. I admit I have been curious about some members of David’s family. For example, his dad because like it or not, he was a major part of David’s career for the first few years & may still be, so yes I have wondered if he is behind the scenes taking care of David’s interests. Also I wondered about his Aunt Laurie because she was with him at his AI auditions & accompanied him on a few appearances and David lived in her home when he had business in LA, then she just vanished from David’s life it seemed. Then there’s Daniel, because he backed David on guitar at the Sundance appearance so he is musically talented although not like David & I thought when he finished school he would be part of David’s band but that hasn’t happened, but it still could. Even though I am curious, I don’t surf the net to find info on them. I’m not THAT curious. As for the rest of the family, his sisters, & mom, I couldn’t care less about what they do, who they marry, or who’s having babies. Truth be told, his family is not that interesting. With the exception of his brother & mom, none of them have musical talent that we know of? Maybe the best thing we can do for David’s family is give them what they want. Anonymity and total privacy. Of course David will have to do his part & never mention any member of his family either because if it wasn’t for David, we wouldn’t know anything about them. If you think about it, not many celebrities talk about their familes as much as David has. It’s his fault they lack “privacy”.

      Speaking of being creepy, the sonogram posted on David’s twitter has got to be at the top of the creepiness gauge. I wouldn’t even want to see a sonogram of David’s first baby! That is a totally private thing to be shared with close family & friends, not everyone on twitter!!

      The smartest thing David can do is relocate to where the music action is. Nashville, LA or NY. Staying in Utah will only hold him back. I guess we will see soon enough.

      • ITA, once again well said senseless

      • I hope that it was just a misguided troll/fan and not a family member cause even if David does decide that he does not want a music career there is one thing that you do not do-You never blame the fans. Ever. You just do not blame the fans as they are the ones that make or break your music career and “buy” the music and the concert tickets. JMHO. Yes- Senseless- I do agree that David needs to relocate to where the music action is.

      • I agree that that sonogram being posted on David’s twitter was just strange.

      • That sonogram is gross. I don’t understand why they chose to post that.

      • Frankly, I’m surprised any credence or attention is being given to the “creepy statement” made by this one time, anonymous, angry poster. We have had 6 years of David’s music, actions and words, always going the extra mile for his fans, always kind and respectful, even when he is exhausted…and in a few words from an anonymous poster, we’re ready to believe him over David? For me, 6 years of actions speak louder than a troll’s words on a blog.

      • It’s a sibling, just like past incidents, I’m sure. Question is same one, or a younger one this time?

        JMO, but people who think sonograms are “gross” don’t seem to get out much, lol.

      • cchalo, that’s just so sad if it is a sibling. After all that David has said about how he loves and respects his siblings, how could this one betray him that way, so, so sad.

        As far as the sonogram goes, I don’t thinks it’s gross at all, it’s a beautiful first look at life, but if the family professes to want all this privacy, by posting it on David’s twitter page, is as far from wanting privacy as you can get, imo.

      • That poster (No) on the previous thread sure wanted everyone to believe that they were a family member even if they might not be- so it sure could very well be a sibling. All the more reason (not that I need any more) that David’s family/friends should in no way be part of his management team. Don’t have the skills or knowledge or connections to deal with the fans and media and that includes his dad. If by chance David no longer wants a music career then that is his choice not the fans. There are sure thousands of folks out there that do want a music career and would have no problem dealing with everything that goes along with it (including lack of privacy). At this point I can say I can’t be a die hard fan as I just don’t care anymore. I really have no interest at all in his family members and David should not talk about them at all when he returns-no need to. To be honest I just like this blog-SD.

      • There are sure thousands of folks out there that do want a music career and would have no problem dealing with everything that goes along with it (including lack of privacy).

        So true. And same here: I just like this blog. I hope David’s career will “skyrocket,” but I think he will have a local career in Utah.

        As for his relatives, perhaps bitterness is setting in, because the money has stopped coming in.

      • This is a great blog and I too enjoy it very much. I will say that I am still a fan of David because of his phenomenal voice and still have hopes that he will find that magic combo of management, label and pure luck to get his career soaring to new heights. Who in heck knows what his future holds, I’m sticking around to find out. Imo, there is something that is or still will hold him back and it’s not his fans, I’ll just leave at that, which to me is a real shame.

      • Shanny in Australia

        To me, the person was implying they were a friend, not a family member. I don’t think its fair or right to assume it’s a sibling.
        In fact, there’s no real reason to assume the person is legitimate anyway. For instance….they said their facebook page has been hacked thousands of times. That sounds a bit far fetched to me, like it was made up on the spot in response to the conversation.

  17. Cotton Candy, you are so right! So let’s keep looking on the bright side and keep supporting David and each other because he needs his fans as much as we need him !!

  18. Anon, what exactly is gross about a sonogram?

  19. i have no problem about the sonogram, however if No, is a family member i do agree that he/she has not helped David.

  20. kimak, If this is a member of his family you would think that they would be concerned about his career and not do damage control , on the other hand who knows? we will probably never No!

  21. O BOY it was the fans who wanted to know about david fam.and he obliged them.,and some say they don,t care anymore,but like the blog,which is all about david,hip O crits.i don,t get that at all

  22. InnerCircleQueen

    True, it very well could be one of his sisters. Teenage girls are notoriously emotional and prone to dramatic rants/behavior. I do remember being like that and driving my mother crazy! Lol

  23. Again Rooster, blanket statements about fans do not help David. Not all fans are crazy to know about, talk about and follow the life of David’s family. But since Jeff was rightfully accompanying David on Idol and then he became part of his team, as well as other family members, they became part of David’s public life. His voice keeps me here as a fan not his family.

    I personally don’t believe in giving No’s comments any legitimacy.

  24. got me who it is.. could be someone pulling our chains and doesn’t even know David at all.

    I just know I love his voice.. one of the prettiest I have ever had the pleasure to hear live and he always has been really sweet. gosh I would say too nice sometimes.
    as for David saying fans can be creepy.. truth is they can be.
    but they can also be really great folks too and so much fun when we finally get the chance to see him sing.
    I have yet to see any fan do anything inappropriate in person so I can’t speak to that issue.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Lol – this conversation about creepy fans keeps reminding me of how I had 3 david dreams during the first week of this new year (think my subconscious associated 2014 with david? lol)

      If people were dreaming about me, I’d find that a bit creepy lol

      (But obviously if people talk/think about a person like we do as fans, it would be completely normal for that person to pop up in dreams, so not really creepy…..well as long as the dreams themselves weren’t creepy I guess 😉 ……)


    Listening to A great Big World sing Say Something. Makes me think it is more than OK to think big for David.

    • FYI -Watched AGBW on Good Morning America this morning Mountain time. West coasters might still catch it at the very end of the program.

    • Say Something A Great Big World is fabulous.. and popular.
      yes more then ok to dream big for David.

      • Wow, Ram, thanks for posting the A Great Big World link. You are right Kim; that was really fabulous.

    • Saw this MV this weekend on VH-1. It’s ranked in their top 10 in think (memories lol). Loved to see Christina take the secondary role here; I know someone else she could do this type of duet with lol

  26. They are fabulous! I saw them on GMA too, and had seen them perform before with Christina.

  27. Peter you say, ” I hope David’s career will “skyrocket,” but I think he will have a local career in Utah.”

    I realize that you are entitled to think whatever you want and post it anywhere you want, and you’ve posted that prediction on a number of occasions. Could you give us some some indication of how that would play out? I mean, what would that look like? Gigs at shopping centers? Supermarket openings? High School Talent shows? If he becomes successful in Utah, would he then have opportunities in Wyoming? How about South Dakota?

    Pardon my sarcasm, Peter, but the notion that David Archuleta will return from this Mission to only a “local career in Utah” has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have read among the sea of other ridiculous “predictions” and ideas about David during these past 2 years.

    • Something along the lines of R. Parkinson.

      My comments have no effect whatsoever on anything, including his career. I hope he will be hugely successful. Perhaps wonderful opportunities are piling up for him as we speak.

      • I don’t think anyone really believes that what is posted on a fan site has any effect on David’s career. At least I hope not. On the other hand, it is indicative of the attitudes that fans have about David and his career. The lack of confidence I have read here in David’s ability to come back and generate a viable and successful career when he returns has been, and continues to be, disheartening, at best. As a fan of David, who believes in him and his abilities, I have decided to challenge some of the pessimism I see on this site,in case someone comes on the site for the first time and leaves feeling all of that negativity.

        The posts I read on the other sites, although they can be a tad “creepy” and inappropriate at times, are at least pro- David, and, for the most part, devoid of the lack of confidence and nay-saying that I see here all the time.

        I must say that Twitter,overflows with daily anticipation for David’s return, from all corners of the globe, and is much more reflective of the reality of how David will be received when he gets back. The fans in Asia cannot wait for him to return to their countries, and when he does, they will treat him like the superstar he has been there for years. Of course, he will have to tear himself away from all those primo gigs at the Gateway Mall in SLC first, lol.

      • ITA-Peter. I hope that David is hugely successful too but you just do not know. Time will tell and I hope it tells well for him. lol. David is in control to make the choices that will help him have a successful career.

      • what joke that is,lol

      • Optimism and cheer leading for David is great, but Peter is right, we don’t know, and there’s nothing wrong with sharing our thoughts and concerns here. Different strokes for different folks Many of us wouldn’t enjoy this site if it was a clone of another positivity-only site.

  28. sometimes, like right now, just for this moment, i think i know exactly how david feels 😦

  29. I might be in the minority here but I enjoy reading everyone’s opinions and comments-even if I do not agree cause I know many do not agree with me. And that is OK. Actually more than OK. lol. I am putting it the past but I just did find the comments by “No” a little disturbing due to the level of bitterness that I sensed. I really hope that it was not a family member or friend-for their sake not mine. Anyway I think David does not need to be “protected” by anyone as he is no longer a young boy or young teen.

    • Marie, in the immortal words of Nancy Reagan, I would “just say no to NO”. By every indication, David loves all of his fans, appreciates their devotion to him, and can’t say or do enough to show them that he does. Why else would he record CDs that he knew would not sell well, due to his absence and no other promotion, in order to make sure that he didn’t leave his fans with nothing while he was gone.

      Yes, David may be a little creeped out by some of his overzealous fans, as well he should be. But he still appreciates their support of him, and does not “pretend’ to like them. Anyone who has looked David in the eyes to thank him for all he does will agree that those eyes staring back at you have the sincerest look you have ever seen. I’m a New Yorker who knows a phony when I see one, and David Archuleta does not have a phony, insincere bone in his body.

  30. i agree marie. i found it disturbing also, especially if it’s true, although even if he said it, it was probably just out of frustration dealing with sudden idol fame. what’s more disturbing is if his friend or family member told us that with no thought of how it would make us feel.

    • I think the creepy comment was said with the intent to hurt us. However, I cried myself out over that and similar years ago.

  31. well said bliss 🙂

  32. and just who is NO?? They were having a hissy over a picture, give me a break. If Claudia can post her sonogram on “DAVIDS TWITTER” account for his 1 million plus followers to see, we arent the only ones with creepy issues. I dont find the sonogram in itself creepy just that it would be posted to his one million followers. I understand the excitement of having a baby, but to post it on your brothers twitter acct when he isnt even here…was a tad OTT for me!

    • I’m not going to defend NO’s actions, but I would like to clarify one thing. The problem was not the photo itself that was shared; the problem was the manner in which it was found. While Facebook privacy is somewhere between a joke and a tragedy, the photo of David with his now-stepfather was meant to be a “friends only” kind of thing. Would a respectful friend have shared it further? I would hope that my friends wouldn’t. Is it “right” to search the deeper reaches of the internet for information that’s not on an official site? This is surely a gray area.

      • Exactly – that is what he/she was upset about. Perfectly expressed. Just because you can, you don’t have to or maybe you shouldn’t.

  33. people are focusing on FB right now but i’ve seen way more personal stuff posted on twitter by his family and friends and their twitters are public so i assume they want to share with everyone otherwise they would be private so it really doesn’t make sense for them to get upset over FB but not twitter. ????

  34. could that gray area possibly be a result of family posting pics of David in his Pj’s, the infamous mission tweet, the sonogram, does that give fans the impression that perhaps the family doesnt mind the attention? Not saying one way or the other that it is a good or bad thing…just wondering.

  35. idk. I just do not see it as a big deal in the whole scheme of things but that is just me. However- I think the comments by No were just not right. I will leave it at that. lol. I agree with you about the sonogram-Candy. Isn’t that kind of a double standard that some things that should be private are allowed but others are not? Makes no sense to but then again it does not have to. lol.

  36. Marie- Im with you, not much of being a fan makes sense, hasnt since the beginning. But Im ok with that, there are times when I find David doesnt make sense either! So I guess that puts us and David on an even playing field. 🙂

  37. The sonogram tweet lowered the bar on acceptability to ground level. A sonogram is not a photograph, it is an X ray of a “patient” taken for medical reasons, to be evaluated by a doctor. If that was deemed “tweet-worthy”, then any photograph, taken for strictly aesthetic purposes, of David and/or his family, anywhere in the world, is totally acceptable.

    • I don’t disagree with any of this, but I will say that it really depends on what’s the norm in one’s culture. I would imagine that in Utah, the land of many babies, sonogram-sharing is as common as can be. (Correct me if I’m wrong). It’s not unusual in my suburban So. Cal. culture either. Having an objection to it was a new one for me.

      • The problem is that the tweet of the sonogram of David’s sister on his twitter account makes David look childish and ineffectual, 2 misconceptions that the public already has, and reinforces the notion that he is not an artist to be taken seriously. Also, given David’s predisposition towards modesty, I cannot imagine that a “picture” of his sister’s reproductive organs would be acceptable to him. Either way, it makes David seem like Claudia’s ‘kid brother”, and not someone poised to take the U.S. music industry by storm in 2014.

      • Several music-type sites saw fit to share it, which surprised me, but I think hardly anyone saw it as a negative thing for David . Clearly, he did approve because it was on his twitter, and he saw no relationship with issues of modesty.

      • Kari I don’t believe would post anything on David’s twitter without David’s OK first. He probably agreed because it was something his sister requested. She was probably excited and happy and wanted to share. Family is a high priority with him.

  38. I think the whole sonogram-gate is a matter of perspective. I saw nothing in that tweet that indicated to me that David is not an artist to be taken seriously. I saw that he loves his family and wanted to share happy news with his fans, whom he also cares about. Twitter is a very relaxed environment. Celebs tweet about everything from hook ups to hangnails to food to due dates. It’s a different kind of relationship than artists had with fans 20 years ago, 10 years ago, in some cases even 5 years ago. In no way do I think that sonogram made David look childish. Why would it? I also highly doubt that it was posted to his account without his prior approval. But I guess we’ll never know that one for sure.

    While I see no big deal with a sonogram, I found out to my great surprise afterward that some fans apparently hold strong opinions on them. Who knew. I respect those opinions but I don’t think the majority gave it even a second thought.

  39. I will admit to being a clueless “guy” about the whole sonogram thing. It’s just not the kind of thing guys would do, but obviously it’s something women like to do, so I’ll respect that and uncharacteristically keep my mouth shut about it. I will, however, return the second someone says anything about David that pisses me off, lol.

  40. The sonogram is no big deal, but what really is the issue is that how the whole family wants and feel they don’t get is privacy, but are ok to put something like that on David’s twitter account. I think sonograms are great, but a congratulation to David’s sister and brother-in-law might of been a more private thing to do, jmo.

    • Shanny in Australia

      ”but what really is the issue is that how the whole family wants and feel they don’t get is privacy, but are ok to put something like that on David’s twitter account. ”

      I think we have to be careful about calling assumptions facts. Just as we don’t know if ‘No’ was a fan, a friend or a family member, I don’t think we really know how David’s family feel about levels of privacy etc and therefore shouldn’t make judgments about them. However, I think its just common decency to err on the side of not invading their privacy.

  41. They forgot to turn on autotune. 🙂

    • LOL … even I sound better than this and I absolutely can’t sing. I ‘m sure this must be a joke.

      Re. social media tools, like it or not, college recruiters, employers, customers, security personnel, etc., are ALL searching Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., for personal information on people (and businesses) to inform their decisions. If they find something that stands out, good or bad, they share it.

      To me, the creepiest is LinkedIn. I have an account and when I log in, I can see the names of individuals who have searched my profile. Consequently, I barely use LinkedIn. If Facebook and Twitter worked the same way, I probably wouldn’t use those forums to search for info on people and businesses.

  42. That is funny. Harry Styles sure knows how to play the media game or is being coached on how to play it. First he was dating Taylor and now is on to a Kardashian. I am sure it is all real just like Bieber and Selena were. LOL. I do think that it is not too soon for David’s team to have things in the works for him. That is really the bigger issue. David is no where near as popular as he was in 2008 coming off of AI so I think this whole family privacy thing is just no longer relevant. I am no longer going to discuss something that makes no sense to me. JMHO.

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