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  1. NO- you still didn’t explain why we would “bury our crazy heads in pillows and cry”. so you think david’s fans are crazy?

  2. IMO Nobody is checking for David or his family all that much in 2014 like they may have been from 2008 up till his mission. David really is not on anyone’s radar except his core diehard fanbase – for that fact alone he and his family should be grateful, because his decision to basically give up his career for 2 years was a “suicide” move for anyone in pop music who had not established themselves as a star or hitmaker before taking a leave. I’m not excusing bad behavior on anyone’s behalf. There are a-holes in all fanbases, it comes with the territory when you agree to move from the private realm into the uber public realm of television and pop music. If his family hasn’t learned how to handle it by now, I have no words for them. But I still have a hard time believing that they’re getting the same kind of attention or scrutiny from fans they might have gotten during his Idol days and shortly thereafter. Frankly, I’ve never found anyone in his family the slightest bit interesting, and could really care less about any of their private lives. I’m not immune to reading a little gossip though, so if there is any, then do tell, heh.

    • ITA-beauxcefus. I agree about David’s family -really no great interest there either but that is just me. lol. But a that pic is no big deal.

  3. HAHA, riiiiight NO. The old bob and weave when challenged to be forthcoming with any real so called info… funny how that works, huh? You are not voicing an opinion – you said or alluded to having some of that old “insider knowledge” that somehow quite never gets revealed when challenged to do so… this fanbase and some folks in it are nothing if not consistently FOS when it comes to the old I know something you don’t, bit if you only knew, lol… Spare us the dramatics… either come out with it, or STFU about it. No one I feel has a problem with anyone voicing opinions. Reiterations of the same old BS is just old. 🙂

  4. I see no problem with that picture at all. When David returns to his music career that will be seen as the very least of his problems. Management team, possible record labels (if he has that option), how to attract more fans. ect. ect.-those are to me his real issues for his career. Have to keep it all in perspective. You have to have fans in order to have a music career-that is just the way it is. David is no longer a young teen-he is now a young man. I just do not understand the need some feel to protect an adult. If he does not want a music career than that is his choice. JMHO.

  5. well said marie and beauxcefus.
    i’m starting to think these posters who criticize david’s fans are JB or 1D fans!

    • It could never just be a pissed off friend or family member right? That’s just not possible!

      • of course you want everyone to leave David’s family alone, but do you want us to also leave David alone and not buy his music and I’m sure that you know first hand that he is horrified that we think he is a hot looking guy too, lol. I guess from what you say No, we fans better just pack up and leave because when David comes back and sees how horrible his remaining fans have be acting, he will give up his public singing career because it’s just to painful for his family and him, lol.

  6. ITA Marie and beauxcefus.

  7. No-Do you have an inside scoop on plans that are in the works for David’s music career cause that would interest me.

    • If I did I wouldn’t tell anyone here because I’d just be accused of spewing BS and told to STFU.

      • This is not 2008 – IMO his family has had ample time and opportunity to learn how to deal with David’s “celebrity” and all that entails/entailed. He and they had to have had many opportunities to consult with and seek advice from those in the business with FAR more fame and celebrity than he. It’s kind of laughable that his family and “friends” would be whining in 2014, at a period when, for all intents and purposes, his pop career is on life support, about fans and their intrusions into their privacy. Really? Methinks someone doth protest tooooo much, or someone is stuck in yesterday, or Waiting for Yesterday, when there was more action, buzz – and more than a handful of folks on internet blogs actually gave a dam about all things David. I’m just being as real as real can be. I’ve seen a lot of this same old same old BS played out in this fanbase, on lots of David boards since 2008, and it’s just tired and old. If this same old same old is the way it’s going to be GOING FORWARD after his return, if he chooses to try and resurrect his career? Not an appealing prospect at all.

      • Well-I guess that is fair. lol.

  8. NO- if you really are a friend or family of david’s you would be happy and grateful that david has such devoted fans, not pissed off.

  9. Beauxcefus-I think I love you! And I agree!! If his family is so pissed why not do what I do…put the damned facebook page on private or friends only! Solves the problem!! Plus, They have never seemed to shy away from being in the limelight.

    • Candy- I have put my fb on private a thousand times and people hack into it constantly and change it to public. So many privacy measures have been taken and somehow it doesn’t matter and people seem to keep changing it.

      • If it’s that much of a hassle – delete your facebook and find other means to communicate with family and friends… gee, what did people do to keep in touch w/friends and fam before facebook? I do not understand the whining about people “intruding” into one’s privacy, then giving them the means and access to continue “intruding”? People with FAR more fame and celebrity than David have found ways to keep their private lives private – IF THEY REALLY WANT TO. If it’s that much of an intrusion – get off social media, it’s that simple. Betcha no one would care, or even notice.

      • You must looooove being an asshole! You’re a good one!

      • Oh my goodness, now No we are still suppose to believe that you are either a family member or a close friend after that ‘sweet’ sentence, lol. Now how would David feel about that sentence, lol.

  10. No- I can understand the frustration, but there are ways around it, they (and you) must know someone who is tech savvy enough to set up firewalls to prevent that from happening.

  11. NO- so you must be famous too if people are allegedly hacking into your account. you still didn’t explain why we would cry.

  12. If you have a facebook page…say under the name Lupe Archuleta. or anyone using that last name, I would think that would be an open invitation. Not saying she does…just making a point. Lupe Smith might work 🙂 David has been in the public eye and limelight since he was 8 years old, I would like to think or hope his family would have adjusted in the 15 or so years. it doesnt take a brick wall….or does it…not blaming them…just saying it comes with the territory.

  13. You have NO idea how much an asshole I CAN be. I’m in a good mood tonight actually, heh. I just have no time for anymore of the IMO unnecessary repetitive BS that seems to keep repeating itself in this fanbase – namely the meme you’ve taken tonight with the uber old and tired “stop intruding or stalking David and his family” spiel… . Too many folks like being polite for polite sake in this fanbase, dancing around speaking the truth, or being REALLY REAL and honest about how they think or feel in regard to David, his career, etc. I don’t give too many f’s what people have to think or say about how they perceive what I have to say. I call it as I see it, I try to be as respectful as I can in doing so. This whole convo is so 2008… does else feel sad about that? Why do any of us even need to type out our comments? Just go revisit old Idolforum forums, cut and paste – voila! Convo in 2008 relevant in 2014. SAD.

    • Saying that it pisses me off that people intrude and invade my privacy is not unnecessary BS. It’s how I feel. I don’t give 2 sh*ts what you think. I don’t care if you believe me or not. You wanted the truth? David thinks most of his fans are CREEPY. He is nice out of politeness. Believe me or don’t. I’ve heard it straight from his mouth. And now I’ll leave. Bye!

      • Such great pr for David, with friend like you David doesn’t need enemies.

      • No-You need to remember this-what is commented on this site or any fan site or twitter really does not have that much impact to David and for his career. It is extremely important that David have fans but what they speculate about is not going to have any effect on his music career one way or the other. IMO. beauxcefus is right – “David really is not on anyone’s radar except his core diehard fanbase.” That is an issue for someone who wants to be an music artist. I am a fan of many music artists – not just David- but I happen to like this blog.

      • Really. Out of this whole conversation, this upsets me the most. How do you think it would make David feel to know you are speaking for him, and making a black and white pronouncement of a feeling surely more complicated. Most of his fans are creepy. Hm.

  14. THAT’S ALL YOU GOT? We’ve known, those fans that have been really paying attention, that he thinks of his fans as creepy. This is no revelation. And soooo 2008. And if he is just being polite as you say… you have done him NO favors, as it does not speak very well for his honesty and truthfulness or integrity, does it? Those still a little tender over what they perceived as his less than truthfulness regarding his mission announcement/plans will not look upon this “revelation” as something to cry over… just another stripping away of the pedestal and labels of “perfection” that have been thrust upon him. He is and has always been human. All humans are imperfect. Some just learn to hide their imperfections behind megawatt smiles and airs of what you say is fake politeness… Adios amigo – let’s do this again when you have some real tea. 🙂

  15. cq- i agree. if this kind of crap continues it will be a miracle if david can resurrect his career. 😦
    maybe NO is an ex -girlfriend who is mad because she won’t get to live the glamorous life, lol!

  16. Beau-I give you credit, you have said your piece and have done so without making it personal…just stated how you feel. Good for you.

  17. Gessh David thinks holding hands is creepy…so what else is new! If what you say is true about him thinking his fans are creepy…he better continue to perfect that smile to the point it continues to hide his inner feelings…or his career will be fliipping burgers in some joint!

  18. No, as a friend you sure are painting a picture of David to his fans not very favorably. As Candy said if he continues to think his fans are creepy, he better perfect that phony smile to be able to hide his inner feelings. So him smiling and telling us fans how much he cares for us and so on, is just an act. Wow!

  19. Candy: Great point .

  20. Me thinks giving credence to No’s comments is dangerous. Someone who would come to a fansite to say David thinks his fans are creepy probably doesn’t have his best interests at heart. Even if this person has had privacy issues, there would have to have been a better approach than to come to one the fan sites to voice their objections.

    If this was true about the creepy fans, why would David have all these VIPs and allow access from some of his so called “creepy fans”? This just doesn’t make sense to me.

    • He does it for money. They pay well.

      • cc halo-I do think part of it, and probably a big part at that, is the money along with the fact he loves to sing…perhaps for him and his family “creepy fans” just come with the territory. And I agree, No’s little tirade sure didnt do David any favors, and Im sure that was their point. Sounds young and immature.

  21. No, I’m late to this thread so you may not see this comment, but you sound like a troll looking for attention, and you got it. However, if you are an associate of David’s, your little temper tantrum only made him and his friends and family look foolish and selfish. I hope your behavior isn’t indicative of the prevailing attitudes of those surrounding David–that would be so difficult when those who should be supportive are actually undermining you.

  22. No- Yes, I think I recall him saying ” his older fans are creepy” that was during his interview after idol. I just don’t remember what radio station when he said that. He was very young then and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t feel this way now . I’d like to believe david loves his fans.

  23. If you are one of his family member, you must control you temper. Were not perfect and you should be glad he still have devoted fans that loves him and waiting for his return.

  24. woah interesting comments.. reminds me of way back.

    don’t post anything you don’t want out there.
    will always get out.

  25. no, had to set his or her FB account to private a thousand times , wow! We creepy fans must be more interested in him/her than we are in David,Lol

  26. Wow, I guess I started the firestorm with my remark about finding David’s stepfather’s Facebook which was easy because it is under his name. I’m sure Lupe knows that fans look this stuff up and would have told him to make it private if she didn’t want any of David’s fans to find it. I know that I’m too interested in David’s career which probably makes me one of his “creepy” fans, but I truly want the best for David and his family.

  27. I don’t see the harm in viewing a few pictures of his family off Facebook. They looked very happy. I just don’t see how I was disrespecting them. Everyone knows that posting on Facebook is not private.

    • was a lovely picture.. so excited for David to come back and he must be too! I bet he misses his home, his family, his friends and gosh his momma a ton!!

  28. I don’t have facebook but my friends see what I am up to from my sons.. from the pics they post.
    that being said we have pajama gate, the mission ‘hack’ tweet, David’s lol first kiss tweet dropped right into our laps.. not to mention a whole slew of ‘other’ things along the years. seems not only his fans are creepy so are his friends and family.

    am I being snarky you bet cha. people love to gossip and people love to read all about it.
    especially about folks that are interesting.. like David.

  29. and if I remember correctly, those tidbits that were dropped in our laps…were done so by his family & friends! pajamagate-one of his sisters, mission hack- family or friend as we sure as heck wouldnt be privy to that information! And we’re the creep ones?

  30. on the outside chance David’s peeps really do read this blog..
    if David wants to attract a younger crowd maybe he should put out music and put on shows that attract them?
    like Imagine Dragons for instance, Ed Sheeran, Jake Bugg, Pharrell WIlliams, John Newman, Lorde.. the list is endless.

    Pharrell Williams Happy

    appropriate cool music, used in the movie Despicable Me, Top 10 iTunes and was just nominated for an Oscar!!

  31. Two things come to mind after reading this thread. 1. I still love me some David Archuleta (nice try, No) 2. I really hope he moves to Nashville.

  32. I hope he move to Nashville too or any other state that will help him to move on with his music career. omo, he needs to spread his wings and staying in Utah would be very limiting for him. Now I’m not saying that he can’t have a home there to hang out every once in a while. Now I’m only saying this in regards to his music career.

  33. Ironic that someone complaining of fans invading privacy by viewing a publicly posted, posed photo, would invade his privacy even more, by revealing a harmful private comment, never meant for public knowledge. Yes, young and immature.

    KH makes a good point–it’s probably not a black and white thing–it’s complicated having fans, especially at his young age, so it does him no favors to tell us something likely stated in moments of frustration. Maybe it’s not even coming from a sense of superiority to us.

    However, we ARE pretty creepy, haha. It’s not like we’re fans of someone normal like Elvis or the Beatles, lol. I rarely tell anyone IRL that I’m a fan of his, so I guess I do feel weird about it.

  34. I’ve often done things I regret in a fit of anger lol – mostly opening up my mouth. Then regret it later. That’s why we count to ten lol. Who knows if No is legit; but it’s possible. I can totally see David saying we are creepy and still be the wonderful person he is. He’s not Jesus after all lol. But I believe he does love people and knows that they come in all shapes and sizes and attitudes. I’m reasonably sure he does love his fans who love what he does.

    No one I work with knows I am a fan to the extent that I am; they would think I’m creepy lol. So I don’t mention it. I know others do and say that they get teased. Some of my family know.

    PS – Facebook recently changed privacy settings; anyone can be searched. I have all the privacy settings I can have but my name comes up in search when it used to not. So what I have on my page is well thought out.

  35. It’s likely true. I have been referred to as “creepy” regarding my “thing” with David. Whatever…

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