Big Gigantic Yawn

American Idol Season XIII debuts, and all I can muster for the first episode is…meh.

Maybe I’m just missing David intensely.

Or maybe it’s just not an exciting concept like it used to be … 12 years ago!

At least Harry Connick Jr. is the most interesting of the judges.  We’ll see.

What say you, Soul Davidians?

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  1. I really liked Harry on the AI. I knew I would. Harry is going to be the break out judge this year-that for sure. The judges have good chemistry and the show was entertaining-probably thanks to Harry. I always think that the auditions and Hollywood week are kind of drawn out. The talent was OK. I don’t expect there to be another David-or even close. I will continue to watch.

    • Marie – I agree with your assessment. I loved Harry and am enjoying the chemistry. I dunno, I just have a soft spot for the show regardless – so I watch but don’t necessarily enjoy the auditions. They are too drawn out but nice to see new talent get needed exposure.

  2. All that does for me with all the talk about AI is miss David that much more, lol. I know that there will be some good talent that will interest Archies, which is great, really. I know there is plenty of singers out there that are extremely talented, not just David and I do enjoy listening to their songs, but there ‘s something about David that really is so uniquely different that I haven’t found in no one else,I just can’t wait until he returns and gets back to his music career.

    • CQ, I feel exactly the same. There are so many good singers and performers,but for me, no one can touch my heart like David. I will watch AI but it will be bittersweet.

  3. Maybe I shouldn’t put in my 2 cents cause I didn’t & have no intention of watching AI. My question is about Harry Conick. Being that I’m not a fan, have never listened to his music & don’t know anything about his music. I have seen him in movies though, Hope Floats & Independence Day but I digress. My question is does he still record? He may have a great personality but musically speaking, what credentials does he bring to the panel of judges? Maybe I’m out of the loop and just aren’t familiar with his music. He is not “pop” so I’m assuming he sings songs like the old standards? I dunno. We know Keith is country (not my cuppa tea), & everyone knows Lopez, not my cuppa tea either but I “know” their music even though I would never buy their music. What has Harry done musically lately? I think his type of music would be considered Adult or like Broadway showtunes maybe, but does it sell? Really am curious as I don’t know much about hm.

    At least The Voice has judges who are “current”, popular & very successful making them a more credible panel of judges. I guess it’s debatable but JMHO of course.

    Have a great day!

    • LOL, I was just about to ask the same questions. I have no idea who he is, what he’s known for or why he was considered a judge for Idol. Not being snarky or a hater, but I honestly don’t know anything about him other than Hope Floats. I caught part of the show and he did seem to give good advice. I looked at MJs and 75% of her posters voted him the fav judge.

    • Senseless – Here’s the wikipedia synopsis of Harry Connick Jr.:
      Joseph Harry Fowler Connick, Jr. is an American singer, conductor, pianist, actor, composer, and television music competition judge. He has sold over 28 million albums worldwide.”
      He’s probably more qualified as a judge than any of the judges AI has ever had. He really knows music and is also an actor. Read his “wiki” page. He has been very successful. I thought he did a great job last night. He gives good advice and is also extremely witty. I’m looking forward to watching Idol this year as the judging panel is great IMHO. They have a good chemistry together. I just hope they pick some good contestants.

    • dun dun “What have you done for me lately?” dun dun oooooooo.

      I won’t give you his resume as you can read if for yourself. But, I can tell you his musical resume trumps the panel of judges this year and is right up there with the likes of Mariah Carey and Aarosmith. It also trumps the resumes of the judges on The Voice. Only looked up Maroon 5, so if I can be proven wrong, please do.

      As far as being current in music, not sure that matters. I mean when did Simon and Randy put out their last album?

      One of the films Harry starred in recently which I just loved him in, was a family flick “Dolphin Tale”. I recommend it for your viewing enjoyment.

  4. didn’t choose anything on the poll.. wasn’t about the talent but I loved it!
    I choose Harry!

    • lol! I choose Harry too, and just to add to my comment on the last thread, he is quite handsome himself. Love the baby blues.

  5. Here is Harry’s wiki page,_Jr. He also made a lot of funny jokes about the contestants not knowing him last night and knowing the other two. Harry is a very talented guy. Very multi-talented. I really think Harry is going to help boost Idols ratings this year. Another thing I noticed from last night – the number of contestants that played a guitar while they sang. I always hoped that David took some time out to brush up on his guitar skills while he was way.

  6. For the first time in MANY seasons, I actually enjoyed the auditions, they seem to have left the crazies on the cutting room floor, and the judges have a great chemistry. Harry was entertaining, very knowledgeable and gave great feedback to the contestants. I too think he will give the sagging idol ratings a boost.

  7. I’m chime in on Harry, love him and know of his musical talent (bet David would know who he is, lol) and I love his sense of humor (loved him on Will and Grace). He’s not going to make me watch AI, but I just wanted to put my two cents, lol.

    Marie maybe we’ll get another WMWG winner, lol. I know what you mean about David, a guitar for some of his songs would be nice.

  8. I don’t mind Harry. He’s handsome and talented. I also like Keith Urban. They don’t wow me, like David does. And I’m just no longer an Idol viewer, so I probably shouldn’t comment on a post about the Idol season opener. ;/

  9. David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 2h
    I think it’s time for a #tbt picture! Here is a never posted pic from back in March 2012. Have a good day! (KS)

  10. I agree about the hair GrammyJ-It does look good at that length.

  11. Love this picture of David. As Ram said handsomely fierce.

  12. Just was checking the reviews of the AI show online. Looks like many really liked Harry. He seemed to be a hit on most of the reviews I just read.

    • That doesn’t surprise, he is good looking, extremely talented and has a charming personality, however, I guess the ratings were even low than last years.

      • I think the ratings are lower for all shows on the major TV networks. They are now competing with various cable shows,NetFlix, the internet, ect. It was still the #1 TV show on last night even with the lower ratings for a premiere show. I don’t think 15 million people watching is that bad ( all things considered). lol.

      • your right Marie, was not really putting it down, just read the article. 15 million people is still good. It will do just fine. I know that some shows have been on the edge not being renew, that includes my SYTYCD, lucky to have one more season, but who knows after this year…really love that show. It is different for show with all the competition.

      • Actually I am glad that David was on AI when he was on it. AI did have a larger viewing audience 6 years ago- which gave him a larger fanbase. Now I am waiting to see what he does with his career when he returns.

      • Marie, that’s the million dollar question. Whatever happen with David’s career, I know it will be a fun journey, a lot more fun than the last two years that’s for sure, lol.

  13. Thank you CQ, and no problem.

  14. OK! OK! I get it! Harry is THE BOMB! He’s BAD! (do the kids still say that when they like something or someone?). Anyway, thanks for all the feedback on Harrry but I’m still not gonna watch AI. 🙂

    That photo of David…allow me to repeat what I posted on The Voice, some of his photos are so HOT, they Sizzle!!! Could he be any more photogenic?

    Gosh, I hope I wasn’t being disrespectful of David. Not my intention, honest! Anyway, it’s Kari’s fault & should know better than to post a never before seen pic while he is on his mission!

    Seriously, that photo is very nice. 🙂

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