American Idol: The Audition

In anticipation of American Idol’s debut this week (and to deflect from the genuine foolishness that is the comments section on this blog – you have noticed that I do “Ignore” nowadays, rather than push any “ignore” button, haven’t you?), here’s another flashback/throwback. Just ’cause, we always need The Voice to remind us why we “wait.”

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  1. I LOVE Davids audition, could watch it a million, zillion times and would love it just as much each and every time! Not only did he get a golden ticket to Hollywood, that ticket came with an added perk…a ticket straight into a million peoples hearts!! I will definitely be watching, have been a loyal “watcher” since the first season, have to admit last year was the first time the interest just wasnt there. I still watched though. Looking forward to seeing what (if any) new talent will be discovered.

  2. I have always wondered if the “judges” are told by the producers who to put through beforehand? I think the “judges” are given a history of the contestants who are going to audition for them like which other competitions they may have been in like David on Star Search. Surely they knew David won the Junior competition on Star Search. I think they were set to put him through before he even started singing. I say this because Simon especially has no patience for the ones who forget lyrics. Great save by Randy when he started singing with David because he was so nervous. I just think the producers already know who they want on the show & it’s not always for their singing ability. I used to watch the auditions before David’s year on AI & they passed on som pretty good singers and put through others who were obviously put through for reasons other than their singing ability. Remember Sanjaya? Not the greatest singer so why was he put through? There have been many others.

    Anyway, they knew David was special so even when he “messed up” a little, it made no difference. He was going through. Little did David know not only was his life about to change, the lives of so many others would be taken in a direction they never expected! At least mine did. 🙂

  3. I mentioned this on the previous post-I am really looking forward to seeing Harry Connick Jr. as a judge on AI this year. I really like him and Keith Urban too. JLo is OK-not a big fan. Senseless- I do think that on AI and actually all the reality talent show the judges are probably told by the producers who should be put through or at the least who the favorites should be. I do think that they knew that David had to be put through as they saw the great vocal talent behind the nerves.

  4. Senseless-I’ve often wondered the same thing…they had to know who David was, I remember reading somewhere that the producers pick the contestants that go on to perform in front of the judges. I’m guessing some are probably picked for their entertainment value(if you want to call it that) and others because they actually have talent.
    Marie-I really like the panel this year, and am glad they are back to only three.

  5. HG-I was thinking about you when “Twelve Years A Slave” won best picutre. I could picture you standing, applauding and shouting a big YES!! 🙂

    • I did! Esp. when it looked like 12 Years was going to walk away empty-handed. 🙂

      • I saw 12 Yrs — glad it got an award. I hate to admit it but the man that played the disgusting slave master would probably be considered for an award too if his movie character hadn’t been so despicable. He’s a very good actor.

      • It deserves awards, IMO. Great movie. Important movie, and wonderful acting. I waited up until the end of the Golden Globes, hoping against hope that it’d win the big award, and when it did, I felt like shouting too.

  6. I’ve always felt that the producers have a profile of what they want in the show and that David was profiled as one of maybe 10? young, cute, male pop singers who were to be sent thru to Hollywood.

    Re. “Imagine” missing from Seacrests’ list of top performances, it’s time for me to again dish out my dislike for that man, lol. He’s all about the money and what’s hot at the moment. If Cook is on the list, it’s because to not include him would mean that Idol had no credibility in creating idols. I could go on but I must go to work. 😉

    • I agree with your theory, Idol wants to portray an image this year after all it has been struggling and the list was made of up of past performances that reflex image they want to portray and David’s Imagine just didn’t fit that imagine, maybe?!?!

      The only reason I wish Imagine had made that top 20 list (at the top 10 would of been the best) is that it would be good pr for David that will be returning in a few months and might create some buzz about his return to his music career. So having the AI watchers maybe seeing that list and then hearing about his return might be helpful in recreating interest, lol, man talk about thinking things through a little to much, lol.

      Loved David’s audience, so sweet, with such charm with killer vocals, how can you not fall in love with that young man. Now all that David needs to do is show the world that young man has grown up to a handsome (restraining myself, lol) even better singer that is ready to take the world by storm.

  7. That list on Seacrest’s site was likely together by some intern. I can guarantee you that Ryan didn’t sit down and take the time to pick out performances. Those things are pretty much just link bait anyway, like the polls are. The majority of the people that read that sort of thing are die hard fans because they want to make sure that their fave got the credit they deserve lol.

    Re: the discussion about Idol, the producers absolutely cast each season. It’s not just random luck or pure singing ability as to who gets through, as has been documented. Look at last season. After so many years of a WGWG winner, Idol was determined it would not happen again so every guy they put through to the voting rounds was pretty deeply flawed. It’s a tv show and the producers heavily dictate how it goes down. Before voting, they decide who will go through. After voting starts, they control how a contestant is portrayed, have pull over song choice and arrangement and have power over the final edit. While I enjoy watching Idol and The Voice, I understand that what we’re watching is not actually reality. Then again, there are very few reality tv shows that are truly real.

    • Ali, yes, you are so right very few reality tv shows that are truly real, actually I’m thinking that all of them are not all completely real. They are entertainment and reality tv did start off as kind of looking at real day to day lives of people, but now it really has become somewhat scripted, they are still fun, but not to be taken so seriously. Still love my SYTYCD, DWTS, all competition cooking, fashion and cooking shows, but know that it’s a show, not complete reality, always have my favorites and hate when they don’t win, lol.

      I’ll be forever grateful for AI because that is where I discovered David (one of the most phenomenal voices I have ever heard and following his career has been a hobby of sorts for me), but AI was just a stepping stone and I feel he needed.

      Star Search, AI, NA, tours, recording, hit song, and now his mission will all help David with that foundation that he talked about in order to move on with his music career, imo.

  8. This is when David captured my heart. I wasn’t going to watch AI that year, only the auditions because I get a kick out of them. David stopped me in my tracks as I was walking through the living room. I have to admit, it wasn’t his voice that caught my attention, it was his sweet charm as cq put it and his cuteness. Low and behold, his voice was so beautiful, I had to watch the rest of the season just to hear him.

    I love the judging panel this year! Maybe the best ever?! Keith Urban is so sweet and eye candy ( I mean handsome) for sure. Harry Connick Jr.!!! Wow! What a singer, musician, personality. Very classy. I prefer JLo over the dueling divas from last year, although I love Mariah Carey. I just kept longing for her to sing.

  9. Thank you HG for this fresh post. I love to read here but stopped a while back because of the “foolishness”.

    For me ,the last time I watched idol was the year of the Davids. That year I followed it so closely that I realized how fixed it was and like Ali says: “they control how a contestant is portrayed, have pull over song choice and arrangement and have power over the final edit.” I just can’t stomach it anymore!

    As for the show naming the “Seacrests’ list of top performances” and leaving out Imagine… What!?!? Just another reason why I can’t watch that fake show 😦

  10. I guess around this time every year, the season 7 memories become stronger because of the start of a new season of AI. I loved that season so much, but I will confess that when it came down to the final 10, I did not watch all the singers, but always was so excited to listen to David, lol. I guess I was already getting a little bored with the show, but man, David had me glued to the set when he was on, lol.

    Can’t wait to see what he has in store for his fans.

  11. I don’t watch AI and have not since the AI7 finale. It just never interested me again after David. Still
    doesn’t. Don’t care who the judges are. Besides, isn’t the show supposed to be about the contestants?

    I do watch The Voice. I thought this last season was the best season so far but that could be because the most talented singer with the best vocals AND MY favorite won! And I like Adam too. 🙂

    Strange how I remember the first time I saw David on the AI tour, I wondered what he would be doing 5 years from then & what he would look like. I was talking to a couple other fans & we all thought it wouldn’t be long before he would skyrocket to the top. We were so positive! Him being on a mission five years from then was the last thing I ever would have dreamed. One should never assume anything about David. He is so unpredictable but even so I wonder what he will be doing & what he will look like in 5 years? Time really does fly by.

    Good night…

    • Actually time really does fly as it will be 6 years very soon. AI S7 was in 2008. I still watch AI and I am really looking forward to the new judges. These reality talent shows are what they are-just entertainment-not to really find a music superstar. But they do give the contestants a fanbase. I would never even have heard of David if it was not for AI and I am sure that goes for many of his fans. So David does owe his fanbase and his hit Crush and top selling first album to being on AI. JMHO. I also am a big fan of The Voice but how many successful music careers has that show created? All these shows don’t do much for the contestants and even winners in some cases after the show is over and in helping them sustain a long term career. It is the Judges that benefit from these talent reality shows-just the way it is.

  12. Senseless, thanks for your comment. Reading it just made something occur to me…about watching him on the show and the expectations of skyrocketing success after. I’ve seen other people mention that as well and then the disillusionment after when he didn’t become the next huge thing and it occurred to me that maybe one reason why different fans view his success differently could be where they were introduced to him.

    I didn’t watch David’s season of AI when it was happening. I’ve gone back to watch it since but I didn’t discover him until 2009, when he was just a musician — not some guy I voted for and became invested in seeing become a star. So to me, when I found him he was already what he was. I wasn’t expecting some change in status, you know? LIke how it is when you discover any other random singer or group that you like.

    I think in some cases, coming off Idol can be such a hurdle to overcome for these artists. It’s like, you start at the top and there’s not much room to go from there. They spend months on tv in millions of living rooms. Even huge stars don’t get exposure like that. And then the expectation when they come off the show is that they will continue on into the stratosphere because going backward from Idol would be a failure, right? But how can you top that kind of introduction and time spent with the viewing audience? Yes, Idol has fallen much in the ratings now but it’s still seen by about 17 million people a week. In David’s season, I think I saw a posting that it was over 30 million viewers a week. So while Idol is a huge launching pad, it’s definitely setting the odds against someone. Relatively few contestants have retained the kind of spotlight they had on the show years later. I’d say Kelly and Carrie are the only ones so far. Sure, other still have careers but not with huge exposure.

    Anyway. I don’t think I really had a point here…just kind of rambling. Interesting to think of the unique challenges of being an artist who is “discovered” by the world in such a big way and how you proceed from there.

  13. Good points, Ali. Think it probably also changes some parameters for the musicians. If David had made his way into and around the music world without Idol, he’d likely have been (arguably short-sightedly) marketed to people his age, too, which would mean he wouldn’t have so many of pesky middle aged or older female fans who make up the majority of Idol’s audience. (That was snark, and I didn’t mean to start anything back up. But I am in that demographic and since Idol season 7 I’ve heard enough comments, from many sources, about this demographic to know it is considered odd. I believe that talent is talent and ears are ears. I see nothing odd about any person admiring talent of that caliber.)

    • I agree, KH. Because of AI David has a fanbase and many are middle-age women. It’s the same with any popular contestant coming off of American Idol. Yes, David probably would not have the large amount of middle aged women fans if he had not come off AI because he would have been marketed to tweens like Justin Bieber. I doubt Justin has a big middle aged women fanbase except maybe some moms of his tween/teen fans.

      As Ali stated our hopes for success were inflated for David because of AI. I have learned to lower my expectations. David has great talent and charisma. He should be a superstar IMHO, however, that is a extremely hard thing to do. It involves so many factors besides talent. I believe that David worked his tail off after AI and took advantage of many opportunities. He did have some successes and was able to record six albums. Now we just have to wait and see what happens when he comes back from his mission.

      • GrammyJ- I am glad that David was not marketed like JB. Teen idols tend to have a very short shelf life. lol. The Biebs and the whole egg incident just to me proves that he is a very spoiled teen who very shortly is no longer going to be a teen. So the excuse that he is young is to me over. JB has some major issues going on there and I just have never seen the talent with him anyway.

  14. I’m enjoying reading all the comments and agree with them. I think the demographic in David’s season was a little different than the demographic now, considering there were twice as many viewers. I believe it covered the spectrum from teens to the elderly and possibly more men at that time. I do believe Season 7 was the climactic year for American Idol and from that point on the ratings have gone down hill. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    I too, haven’t watched AI much since David’s season. At first it was difficult because of the nostalgia. My favorite singer was no longer on it. Since then, I’ve been able to catch a few episodes per season and frankly, the only reason I did this was because of the judges. I wanted to see Steven Tyler. I wanted to see Mariah Carey. Problem is, they never performed until the end of the season so, it was kind of a bummer. I will tune in this year a couple times just to watch the judges, but unless Harry Connick Jr. is performing each week, it wont be a priority.

  15. Very interesting comments. I am a fan that discover David from AI, so at beginning after the end of the season, I felt (as senseless said) like he was going to be a superstar. To be honest at that time, it was somewhat because I wanted to show everyone that the wrong person won, lol, I have given up that notice a long time ago, not that he deserves to be a superstar, but it really has nothing to do with my personal satisfaction regarding a silly reality show. I often wonder where his career would be if he never had gone on AI. I’m sure that David is very grateful and wouldn’t change the experience of AI, it did give him the means to put out a hit song, tour, record at an age he thought might happen until he was older, or maybe not at all.

    This is an off the wall guess of course, but I feel that AI really ‘sealed the deal’ for David that he wanted to have a music career.

    I’m excited for David to return to his music career which in some way will be like a fresh start in his singing career journey.

  16. “…and to deflect from the genuine foolishness that is the comments section on this blog.”

    HG, and all this time I was speculating that you’d given up on reading the comments to your own blog. It’s either a ping pong match between the Bs and Cs or a pro scarf rally.
    PS: To the other Anon posting here I say Hallooo.

  17. 2 Anons? So, how can we tell you apart? Are you the one that’s pro (or anti) scarf? 😉

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