Music Video Flashback: “Wait”

Since the “Wait” is almost over (we’re hoping), how about a little music flash back?


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  1. I just checked out that list. How quickly they forget. “Imagine” was not only one of the best performances in AI history, it was also the most “famous”. It created a media firestorm, and made David Archuleta a household name for the rest of S7. David completely dominated that entire season, both musically and socially, unlike any contestant before or since. The producers used his unprecedented buzz to milk the ratings, and then threw him under the bus at the end so they could give the title to an “edgier” contestant.

    Oh well. It’s ancient history now. BTW, I still feel that although “Imagine” was fantastic, David’s gripping performance of “Love Me Tender” remains the single best performance in the history of AI or any other similar show.

  2. WOW. I just cannot believe David’s performance of Imagine (the first one) is not on that list!! And what about DLTSGDOM?? Who determined which performances were the most memorable anyway? I do agree wth some of those on that list but David certainly should be on there too. I just don’t get it. 😦

  3. Responding to Older Fan about VIP’s: I never thought I’d go to a VIP, until my teenage daughter/concert buddy put her foot down (lol) and said no more concerts, unless it’s a VIP. I’ll admit that I would have probably been uncomfortable without a companion, but David just couldn’t have been sweeter. You would totally find it worthwhile, if you’re really a fan, plus he gets a substantial part of his income from them–if you care about supporting him that way.

    I’ve told my story a few times, but to abbreviate it, my daughter, who has a physical disability, marched up with her David t shirt from a past concert, and he crouched down, hugged her (I think) and posed. I was too shy to be photographed with him, but I went up and shook his hand and it was he who cajoled me to pose, and he put his arm around me so tightly I thought he was trying to keep me from running away, lol. It was nice to be able to say how much I liked his Dapo version of Drummer Boy (just out that day–which he didn’t know yet) and I didn’t see anything but normal, nice behavior from anyone (not that I was watching anyone closely).

    • P.S. The closest I’ve come to out-of-control fan behavior was a Kris Allen fan at the dress rehearsal of that year’s AI finale. She just lost it when he came out, screaming and screaming. She seemed so calm and normal beforehand, lol.

      • cchalo lol my first crazy fan experience was GG.
        now that she isn’t around guess I can say that and not be afraid she’ll take me out. 🙂
        didn’t know it was her until a couple of years later.
        AI concert standing waiting for David to come out and sign and when he did all hell broke loose. folks were wild for him.
        some very tall lady comes flying from behind us saying.. make way I gotta see my David!!
        oh and lol we did there was nothing stopping her!

      • Lol! Maybe we’re more mellow here on the west coast, or maybe we were oblivious to anything but David, ha ha.

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