The Collaboration Dream Wish

Like many of you, I confess to being intrigued (but not super-excited by the idea of an Enrique collab). Let’s face it (and I realize I’m totally biased as a David-centric fan): David is miles hotter and can sing a gazillion circles around Enrique.

Where Enrique triumphs is in his sexy swag. But that’s pretty much it.

So of course it got me to thinking: Just WHO do we deem “worthy” enough to do a collaboration with David (even though David, considering the state of his music career, needs all the reaching out he can get from whoever is in the pop music biz)?

Here’s my latest poll, Soul Davidians! 😛

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  1. CQ, you say,” Bliss, I never made any bones about my feelings, but really does it make me less of a fan because I don’t respect what he is doing. I’m not a fan of his religion, I’m a fan of David the singing star”.

    If you are “not a fan of his religion”, why do you constantly post disparaging remarks about it? Frankly, it is very disrespectful to disparage anyone’s religion. Mormonism is part of who David is. Whether you “approve” of it or not, it’s important to HIM. If you care about him, that should be enough.

  2. Bliss-Well, thats news to me!! Never been there, not saying it doesnt happen but why continue to go there weekly if it upsets you to the point of becoming frustrated, demeaning and crude to other women who have nothing to do with that conversation. Im beginning to understand very clearly why the mods on FOD had to shut the comment section as you just kept at the conversation and belittling a poster much the same as here, even after being asked to be respectful. And why you are blocked (or at least were) from posting on The Voice. Theres a big difference between visiting a site that allows more freedom of speech to express an opinion and using it as your personal podium to preach to the sinners (in your eyes)

    • Bliss-I really do enjoy reading everyone’s comments ( that includes yours). I even like reading the ones that I don’t agree with at all- but I do think that Candy does have a very good point. It is OK if you don’t agree with other fans actions or comments- and you might have very good reasons to feel that way- but I get a little concerned if you are getting judgmental to others. I am sure that you don’t mean to come across like that. I do at times agree with you but just not on this subject. I know that not eveyone agrees with me at times( and that is more than OK with me) but sometimes you just need to let it go.

    • If you keep going back for more of what you don’t like, here’s one of David’s favorite videos:

  3. hair, attire, music, religion, politics, sex.. will always be something.
    why I don’t care.. just going to be me.

  4. David just naturally has it.

  5. CQ, I notice that you like to say “well said” whenever someone agrees with you.

    Candy, FYI, I was never blocked from posting on the Voice, nor am I blocked now from posting on FOD. Regardless, how would you know if I was blocked? Do you have “friends in high places” there too?

    Bottom line, what we have here is a clear case of a group of people who do not and will not engage in intelligent debate about any issue they disagree with. Instead they focus on demonizing the messenger, and make him (me) the issue. It’s a tactic that I learned in a debating class in college. I do remember the professor telling the class that when people continuously refuse to address the subject matter of the debate, it means that they have no rational responses to the matter at hand, and they create side issues in order to appear to be engaging but are really avoiding it.

    This is the only fan base where the artist himself is fair game for all sorts of written abuse, but the abusing posters are off limits to any challenge of its strict, uncompromising rules of engagement. Any poster can say anything about David, his career, his family, his religion, his management. If they are challenged as to the substance of their statements, the challenger is treated like an invading virus, and is immediately surrounded and an all out blitz the get rid of that poster ensues. I am not the first,nor will I be the last to suffer this punishment.

    I guess my uncle Sidney was right when he told me that you cannot win an argument with a woman by using rational thinking. I wonder why that is.

    • lol, yep I do say well said, in fact I’ve said to you, what’s wrong with that, not really any different than you thanking someone that is behind your comments. Hey we are all David fans, I just don’t understand why you feel we need to change, I’m not asking you to change and I don’t agree with everything you say about David.

  6. CC Halo. I admit to being a glutton for punishment, but since I’m doing it to defend David’s honor and integrity, it’s something that I do with pleasure. David teaches his fans many good life lessons. I encourage you to partake of your first.

  7. Wow bliss so I’m guessing David has hired you to defend his honor?

  8. I’m sorry Bliss, but you are being incredibly disrespectful to women. Maybe you’ve been burned by one in the past or something?? It’s curious to me that you go near any of those “secret” chat rooms if you find them so repulsive. I have never been to or read any of those things you are speaking of, and if I did and didn’t like what was going on, then I would simply leave. The same reason I have not read any of the 50 shades of grey books. I know what they’re about and choose not to go there. Not for me, but some people enjoy them, good for them. Please leave the women here alone. Thinking most here have not frequented those “secret” chats.

    Oh, and the only reason we may not be rational at times is because we have just been awed by the glorious voice of one Mr. David Archuleta. 😉

  9. Bliss, I have noticed that you often back up your rational arguments with statements that begin, “This is the only fan base where.” I am curious as to how you know that. Do you do research in fan behaviors on many sites worldwide? How do you find the time to do that while remaining so engaged with David’s sites? Or do you have access to some wealth of fan behavioral studies that the rest of us have not yet found? I’m seriously curious, because every time I see a statement like that I focus on the word “only” and regret to say it distracts me from your point. I doubt I’m the only one this happens to, but perhaps I am.

    I genuinely regret that I never had the pleasure of taking a debating class. I am sure that’s a very useful life skill.

  10. dreamerjulie, I liked what you said and especially agree with that last sentence, lol. I was thinking the same thing. Women are not always rational when it comes to certain things.

    missbianca, lol, about the debating class.

    Listen, I think people have been speaking about this subject as adults and have engaged in a good discussion about it, while at the same time being respectful. I appreciate what olderfan said, although I can’t relate to it. I appreciate how eloquently Carol described what it’s like to experience David, and yet not let our minds “go there”. I love what dreamerjulie said. These ladies were able to state the obvious, at least to a majority of the female fans, without disrespecting David or “going there” with their comments.
    Candy has said some very “rational” and even nice things to you as have others. Many others have made very good points! I appreciate them and agree with many of them. Like, maybe we shouldn’t judge each other. Maybe we shouldn’t generalize so much.

    I wasn’t aware of a place where women have talked about our singer in such blatant terms, but the way you misconstrued perfectly innocent comments spoken on this thread makes me think that you are reading a whole lot into the “lady talk” you’ve been privvy to other places.

    Overall, I agree with, I think it was Marie, when she said she likes to read everyone’s comments here including yours. I do think you spice things up a little and sometimes it’s fun and sometimes you just tick me off. But, I’m glad we have a place like this where we’re freer to disagree, debate, and discuss.

  11. Ok – I have been out of town for 3 days and I am now worn out reading all this. These are my actual immediate thoughts after reading all this.
    1. Oh Bliss. I have loved all your comments on youtubes for years well before you came to the fan sites. I still love you.
    2. Oh Bliss. Please don’t worry about all the random off-the-wall comments on the fansites. (sometimes we women of all ages let that silly teenage girl slip out but no big deal). Rather than getting so very upset (even when baited by others) (which you all know that we all have from time to time over the years on all the fansites for David). I think that you are at your most helpful for David in the eyes of the world at large by continuing your very amazing, beautiful and insightful comments about David and not let yourself get pulled in by the ebb and flow of quirky fan comments. David has 3 sisters and many aunts/cousins (and of course Daniel) and has heard all there is to hear from women (and Daniel’s guy-comments) on all things, I am sure (not knowing any of them). I am sure that by now he has heard everything said about him good, bad, funny, hurtful, etc. by fellow idols in jest, rude, salacious disk jockies and teenage girl fans shouting things that I can’t believe they would even be thinking and even cool rockers asking him at dinner about his opinion about the musical Book of Mormon (actually treating him as an adult with adult questions!). I have found that it is better to let things slide and take most of it with the tongue-in-cheek way that many comments are meant. David really won’t care and it is so much more fun. Just keep loving David and his music and know that we all have our quirks and they come across so strangely on line. I don’t want all the worry about David and what anyone says about David to get to you, Bliss, and spoil your fun and enjoyment and amazing comments about him and his music because I am hopeful that when he gets back his star will REALLY rise and that means more comments by the world – good, bad, and very, very ugly – because that is the way of stardom and fame and people knowing who you are whether you deserve those comments and David will just have to go with the flow which he is really good at.

  12. Collegemom, love you too. Your post is the most reasonable, thoughtful and high spirited post I have read on this site. Thanks for taking the time and effort it took to compose your sincere and friendly words of sanity and sense. In a few short months, the focus will once again be exactly where it has always belonged–on David.

    • well said to both you and collegemom.

      • Can’t wait for David to get back to his music career, than the fabulous fun career journey will once again be what is the top of conversation, it’s getting closer, closer now, lol.

    • Bliss I totally understand what you mean. Thanks for being the person who says the things other people think but dare not say. It made me feel sick to read that David was an ‘aphrodisiac’. Yeah. It was said here. And I think it is SO ridiculous to even think David will care or have time to read the crap that goes on here. Threatening to send David comments is so childish.

      • Exactly so why does anyone need to be criticize fans for what they feel and say when David doesn’t care or have time to read any of the crap, lol.

      • You are so right, cq. It’s so silly to worry about how people converse among themselves, especially in “secret” chats late at night.

        Collegemom is right that he’s heard it all IRL. I remember a video where a girl starts to come around the barricade during the AI tour. She offers him oral sex, and he goes, “WHAT?!!” and laughs and almost falls over. Thank goodness David Cook was there to “rescue” him.

      • Well said, lurker. Lol

      • Oh my gosh, never heard that one cchalo, but it is very funny. I also believe David is very capable of handling himself and I’m willing to bet that with these two years of experience, he is even better equipped to do just that.

      • cc halo- I had never heard that story. LOL.

  13. Thank you collegemom.

  14. And thank you cq and Bliss for your wisdom and courage to disagree. It is well for us to remember that forgiveness is liberating and moving forward with love of David is really what counts here, at the end of the day.

  15. I thought with David being gone for almost two years there would be nothing to comment on – was I ever wrong. Can’t wait for David to get back to his music career so we can focus on his music again.

  16. This site definitely has, by far, the most interesting discussion threads of ANY fansites on the Internet! I know I can always count on the subject of the article HG posts to be derailed & go off on a
    different direction. Never fails. It’s nothing new that the sites for David have always been “policed” by a fan or fans who think David needs or wants to be protected or defended but in reality they come across as holier than thou Bullies.

    I do know and have visited as a lurker the chat site Bliss mentioned. It was not for me so I simply left because that’s a prerogative we have on the Internet. BTW, that chat room is owned by The Voice fansite which BTW it’s common knowledge that fansite is owned by one of David’s fellow (OMG!) LDS. When I visited “Unplugged” a long while ago I didn’t witness anything said which was any more disrespectful than what has been said about David on other sites but I was on there for a very short time & got bored so maybe it was an off night for the “chatters”. lol.

    Maybe tonight would be a good night to check it out again just to see what the “dirty old ladies”, who objectify David, are saying about him which is making Bliss have fits of rage. Just kidding…about
    visiting Unplugged. I’m going to bed.

    I like all the ideas for a collaboration with David. Christina is also a Latina & speaks Spanish. Could make some beautiful music as a duet I think, in both Spanish and English. I think David admires her or he wouldn’t have chosen her “Beautiful” for his BEGIN.

    Of course David’s rendition of this song is superior. 🙂

  17. Interesting comments or one could say maybe disturbing.

    I have something to add Bliss, just not tonight, not right now.


  18. c c halo…The Voice posters and administrators are of all religions, all faiths, all beliefs. No one religion any more visible than the other. They have worked 24/7 since David has been away bringing open news, stories, music, and comments from around the world to national and international fans. Communications with international sites who await David’s return are constant.

    Now that I am here…To Bliss…you have no idea the days and nights that have been spent bringing articles and news to David’s fans. The planning, the meetings, the time spent allowing for the doors to David’s fans to remain open. Time and endless efforts are contributed to keep the flame in the window lit to help in the continuation of his remarkable career.

    On the other hand, expressions of discontent and disrespect for individuals does absolutely nothing positive for David.


    • Sandy-I have no doubt the work that goes into keeping the David home fires burning, which I wholeheartedly applaud, what I find incredibly sad is that a “fan” would degrade that time and work by saying that the site has a “secret chat room” where the “older women” hold sexually explicit conversations about Davids body parts…sadly it makes it sound like a porn site rather then a gathering place for fans. I am deeply saddened that some playful talk(in my opinion) by female fans has become fodder for continuing conversation here because this site allows “more freedom of expression.” I personally feel that a fans use of that freedom has seriously tainted the reputation of a very nice and decent group of people that freely give of their time to run The Voice. All at the hands of a disgruntled fan that doesnt like what happend there and openly express his contempt in the name of “Defending Davids Honor.” Very sad indeed.

      • amen amen the way its, not a secert room,,and i for one find it very entertainting,,they are all great people,and have done a lot in davids name

      • I agree that it’s a very bad idea to call out a fan site. Not good for David at all and these fans would throw themselves in front of a bus to save him if they had to. They would never mean him harm. I do know the person who started this site, have chatted with her both online and in person. She’s very witty and a lot of fun. I can tell you though that she would not let the comments get out of hand. I think this is a case of someone reading much more into the comments than is there and/or not able to accept harmless banter about David’s good looks.

    • SB, I always read and enjoy the beautifully written articles at The Voice.

  19. Bliss, in Gilbert Atizona a few years ago, a large sport’s bag was given to David. The bage travelled thousands of miles to reach him. On the morning of an appearance, fans from several sites gathered at a restaurant, nearly filling the entire place. On a table close by, the bag remained open. Fans from everywhere added cards, letters and small gifts for David. One fan in Gilbert had been receiving mail to add to the bag from fans around the world including Asia and Germany. It was to become a most memorable day.

    The effort was made because David had been away for months and an expression of fan support was greatly needed.

    Fan sites have been doing support minded projects over the years. If your concerns were to be placed in proper perspective, they would probably no longer exist.


  20. This conversation and comments about fans and fan sites has been interesting and at times very entertaining BUT I just do not believe that it impacts David’s music career that much. I mean great to have the fan sites but- Bliss- do you really believe it matters that much in the whole scheme of things what fans write or do on fan sites or is it just your own issues. just saying. However, I do support your right to comment your opinions here. Here is what I think matters if David wants a music career-The choices he makes in his music management team (please no family members/friends with no connections), music/record labels(indie or major), song writers, music producers,ect, ect. That to me is what really matters for his career. Yes -David should be flexible,open to change, and compromise “if” he wants a relevant music career in the music industry. He needs all kinds of fans. All Kinds. What David does not need is to be put up on this high pedestal where he can do no wrong. JMHO. Even Josh Groban(who I just am not a fan of to be honest. Don’t care for his voice.) has had to change. Did you ever see the bit he did on Jimmy Kimmel about Kanye West’s tweets. It is funny.

  21. Regarding the Voice, I lurk at that site and have and will continue to occasionally comment (holidays wishes for fans etc) and I find that site very nice and really enjoy reading the posts. As far as the chat room goes, I find it not at all inappropriate, just fans passing the time away waiting for their singing star to return to his music career, imo.

    Marie, ita. In order for David to have a career he does need fans to buy his music, but as far as his sites go, especially at this time (few and small group of fans), it will not effect his music career. It really is up to David as to what he wants as far as a music career goes. This year will be very telling as to what will happen.

    As far as all of the sites that are active, I’m over the moon grateful for all of them, it has kept me here still waiting and made the wait really fun (as I said before, it’s one of my hobbies, lol), especially SD where I call home, lol. Totally respect and appreciate all the hard work that goes into keeping these site up and running and am very thankful for all the fun and yes, sometimes heated discussions.

    I’m very excited to see where David’s future career will go and am hopeful that it will be at the level that matches his phenomenal talent, but we all know what a crap shoot that is, lol, so whatever happens, happens.

  22. My older but still sharp memory holds on to the proven concept that one so unhealthy apple at the bottom of the barrel can indeed be destructive to that really nice barrel of apples.

    Just checked on google. It still holds true!

    So in keeping with the topic of this article, I would like to hear him perform a duet with Andrew Bocelli. Bocelli has performed duets with many well known singers, ones yiu even like to call ‘edgy’. This would be awesome and in keeping with David’s musical talents. One December not long ago, 84, 000 people repeatedly stood in ovations to David’s classical performances.

    Back to your drawing board posters.


  23. A lot of interesting and well-thought out comments. Thank you.

  24. i was thinking about forty years from now ,cq and i sitting on a cloud throwing stars at each other saying i told you so

  25. I’ve been on that site. Everything Bliss says is true.

    • hmm do you mean that you think that we are all a bunch of dirty minded old women that should know better than to behavior such a horrible way and need to clean up are thoughts or leave and never return because we are not worthy to be his fans, lol. hey whatever, you of course, are in title to your opinion.

    • Yes, it’s true. I lurk there all the time and there was a lot of suggestive talk; usually it was the same 2 or 3 commenters. As of late, though, they’ve seemed to clean up their act; especially since their moderator warned them a few months ago “to keep it rated G”. There was always the warning of “soap” if they got out of hand.

  26. ahh I see you all are still at it.. all I have is I think The Voice is great. not always there but when I have been there everyone has been pretty wonderful and that goes for lol that secret room you are talking about. also would assume these type convos will get even more intense once he returns the man that he obviously is now.

  27. Why the need to demonize one site or type of fan? David is an adult and people are going to think about him how they want to. Some only think it’s appropriate to see him in pure terms and others see him in other ways. That is each person’s prerogative because thoughts are free and if we’re talking about a society or a fanbase that is “controlled” by a thought police then that’s a pretty scary proposition.

    I personally think David is pretty freaking hot (especially when he’s performing!) and I’m not afraid to say it. Even here, where I was once told that was “beneath” the ideals of this site by a certain commenter. Lol. I’m not ashamed to admire David’s inner and outer beauty. Gilded cages can be confining.

    But really, who cares how anyone else thinks about David? The only thing that’s really important is how you think about him, staying true to yourself and letting others do the same.

    We need more love in this fanbase and less finger pointing. But that is just my opinion 😉

    • The “no finger pointing” works both ways. Bliss pointed fingers and several women commented pointing right back. He talks about older in women general and gets the personal finger pointed directly at him. Who’s “right” or “wrong” is immaterial.

      (My comment at 1:33 was posted because it was implied that Bliss was exaggerating or making stuff up.).

      • ***older women in general***

      • Older fan- the finger pointing for me crossed the line when a comment was directed to me saying I used the term compromise to mean that “I wanted to see David shaking his booty on stage so I can get turned on.” Really?? He’s a 23 year old kid!!! I would never and have never said anything even remotely close to that, and yes I was offended!! In my book, that crossed the line, especially when I VERY specifically had stated what compromise meant to me. And yes, you are right, it goes both ways but I felt that since it was me being singled out I had the right to respond and clarify what was said. And I did!!

    • ha Ali.. hope folks wake up and see all that he is and all that he offers. which is a heck of a lot!!

  28. Obviously The Voice chat room is not secret. Everyone’s perspective on the chatting is a matter of interpretation. It sounds like its a few women that are a bit too explicit in one man’s opinion in admiring David’s assets. He is a good looking guy and I’m sure that kind of talk happens with fansites of all good looking singers. It goes with the territory. I’m just thankful for all the work that the admins of David’s fansites do to keep them up during his hiatus. David is not reading any of them as he is not allowed to during his mission.

  29. What surprises me with all this is that you all continue to entertain Blisskasden. Haven’t you all figured it out yet?

    He comes here looking for a fight. He wants the posters all stirred up. He’s BORED.

    He said in an earlier thread that (paraphrasing) maybe he’ll leave you all alone once David gets back and he has something else better to do. (Really?? This is how you plan to pass the time? Sad.)

    He enjoys putting everyone on the defensive. He feels powerful making those insulting comments, and you who debate with him are his entertainment until his precious David comes home.

    He sees this forum as a debate forum where he has to win. It’s supposed to be a DISCUSSION, no winners and no losers. It’s not a competition. At least it never used to be.

    JMO and hey, we’re all entitled to state our opinion, right?

    (So much for HG’s well intentioned site rules about attacking others.)

    • Again – it works both ways. I’ve seen personal attacks all over on this site and not just by Bliss. Oh and thanks, but I know when I want to discuss or comment, No one makes me.

      Also, if you are the Anon who makes personal comments about Kari, you need to take your own advice.
      “(So much for HG’s well intentioned site rules about attacking others.)”..

    • Anon, quite true. Way up thread I used the “t” word on him, and his posts fit the definition:

      “to submit a deliberately provocative posting to an online message board with the aim of inciting an angry response”

      But there have been a ton of posts since then, so we must take a perverse pleasure in the discussion ourselves, lol.

  30. ANON- Your comments (for me) summed things up perfectly! Its a sad state of affair when it comes down to this and I find myself drawn(suckered) into his “DISCUSSION.” I need to make a new resolution, thanks for the reminder!!!

  31. I appreciate all the work & dedication not to mention the cost in personal time that goes with keeping the sites open & running while David is on his mission, however even if all the sites dedicated to David had also taken a hiatus while he is gone, I don’t think it would have an impact on David’s career on way or another. The sites have been here FOR the pleasure of the fans still here and it’s been great to have a place to talk about David.

    David made a choice to take 2 years off knowing full well his fanbase at the time he left could also take that time to focus on their own lives. It was a risk he felt was worth taking. I don’t think he expected the fansites to stay open and I’m sure he would be humbled & appreciative. BUT he stated more than once that his mission was a step in his PERSONAL journey and asked that he be given the space & respect to the privacy which he felt he needed while on his mission. He was in effect telling his fans he would have no communication and wanted the fans to understand. He was open and honest but at the same time promised he would be “back to music” and was excited to see “the man he would become” as a result of his PERSONAL haitus but for now it was goodbye & see you in two years. He knows he has a mountain to climb when he gets back. He’s good for it. If he wants it, he will work for it.

    The question is, what direction will he take? One thing is for sure. David will do what David wants to do. What the fans who are still here want will have no bearing on what direction he takes. David will do what is good & right for David. As a fan, I have not always been on board with some of his decisions and there’s been many a time especially in the last two years I have asked if he’s worth my time. The answer is yes. David is an enigma, a very interesting, intriguing old soul. Not perfect as some fans like to think, but strong in character and convictions. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if David drops another bomb & shocks the heck out of his fans when he returns, but then it wouldn’t be the first time. 🙂

    About speaking the unspeakable, I recall the auditions on AI when he wore loose fitting clothes. Then he appeared on stage wearing the now famous “tight pants” and continued to wear them. He knew exactly what he was doing. He could have refused to wear the form-fitting tight jeans which caused many fans, females & males alike to get all aflutter. Come on now! David being a red-blooded male liked the attention & adoration and the effect he has on his fans when he’s on stage and the clothes had a part in that. That may change though. He may come back & continue wearing the suit & tie on stage. That’s OK as long as he grows his hair longer please!

    • Very well stated, with one little quibble. He did say that he would try to stay in touch with the fans during his mission. I suppose he couldn’t really foresee the full extent of what it would be like until he was there, and reading the other missionary blogs, and seeing their mindset, makes me see why he didn’t find himself comfortable communicating with us.

      • He said that? hmmmm? Don’t recall him saying he would stay in touch but maybe I just missed it. Being mostly a lurker, I probably missed a lot.

        After he left is when I researched his religion because I was curious why he would risk it all. I found out more than I wanted to and more than even the loyal members of his church will ever know since they are discouraged from researching or reading anything which is can be regarded as anti-Mormon Much of what I read was taken straight from the church history in their archives. One thing the missionaries were not allowed to do is have complete freedom to call friends & family whenever they wished. Now with the Internet it made sense they would relax those rules and allow them to have blogs which the missonaries who wanted to could keep their families abreast of their daily experiences. David COULD have done that, had even a monthly blog to keep communication open with his fans. Just to say “Hey, David here! Today I got chased by a dog. haha! “. Or a personal greeting on holidays straight from him & not Kari. The closest personal communication we had was the photo of him with the birthday book a year ago. Other than that, everything else has been from others or pre-recorded before he left. But as I said, I may have missed some things.

        Won’t be long before he’s back and we all find out where he’s headed. Personally, I think he just may come back a lot sooner than expected & secretly. Like in February or early March which would give him the opportunity to decompress & spend time with family peacefully until he’s ready to get started and also would allow him to grow his hair first! lol!

      • Senseless would love for David to come home early. It really will be interesting where his head will be. Have read different returning missionary stories and some of them, hum., of course won’t go into it, but just let me say I have my concerns.. I just hope we get that wonderful, funny (without trying), sexy guy back. One thing that I know we will be completely blown away will be how his voice has actually gotten better, if that’s even possible, lol.

      • Yes, in Asia, he said that he would have to check with his mission president to see how much he could communicate. Since plenty of other missionaries do communicate, I think he has his own reasons. I would guess that there’s such a divide in missionary work between Mormon and non-Mormon–believers in the One True Church and those of us that need saving–he didn’t want to alienate most of his fans by talking about it. I could write a whole essay about what it’s like to grow up in a non-mainstream church and the feelings of defensiveness and “us vs. them” that I think he could have.

      • cchalo, that’s what I think he must be feeling. Being that as a missionary he is having to say that his church is the only true church and he knows that a lot of his fans our either not religious or belong to other churches, so I’m sure he has to tread a very fine line in order to not alienate some of his fans.
        To tell you the truth, I really wish he wasn’t as involved with the church as he is, I do believe that it would be easier to work with people in the music industry, again, only voicing my opinion.

  32. Way off topic but the Tosh.O episode with David just aired! Nice seeing D on tv. I was googling to see what the crying girls were up to day and a stumbled across this video they shot during their visit to Hollywood. I had never seen it before; there are pics of them w/D near the end. Enjoy!

  33. Saw this today on FOD – hadn’t actually seen this old one – love soulful David – hoping he lets that soulfulness that pours out of him shows up when he returns along with everything else musically-David! Of course, this is my favorite (sorry to digress here):

  34. Loved those videos that you just posted collegemom. Had not seen those ones.

  35. This is interesting. To me anyway. lol. Anyone else noticed that on Gina Orr’s (David’s manager) twitter account she has @ginaorr
    @crystalbowersox, @davidarchie, @lukepottermusic, @coltondixon, @NomfusiSA, @thewhiskyagogo
    Santa Monica, CA -Does that mean that she is managing those artists too? Maybe it means nothing. What do I know? lol. Gina also tweets with Melinda and Johnny Wright from WEG quite often. I think it is a very good thing if Gina is involved or managing other music artists and has connections with other management teams.

  36. OK I just checked out @lukepotter and his twitter account is interesting. Here is the link:

  37. desertrat: LOL. Good Point!

  38. I’ve been doing some light research. He is from the UK and like David, enjoys writing songs with a message – all about being the person you want to be e.g. One Day. He also seems to enjoy exploring places to eat per his blog. He’s no David vocal-wise but I quite like his voice.

  39. Good research-joymus. I had no idea who Luke Potter was either. lol. I do know AI alum- Crystal B. Colton D. but I have never heard of Whisky A Go-Go or Nomfusi. lol.

    • I did a little research and Whisky A Go Go is a nightclub in Hollywood. Nomfusi is a singer from South Africa who has a part in the Nelson Mendela movie “A Walk to Freedom”. She has a very good voice and has been singing around the world.

  40. Good work-Grammyj. That shows how much I know. I thought they were a band and it is a nightclub. Now that is too funny. LOL.

  41. In David’s own words, this is what the “Wait” video means. (P.S., he confused me even more with his references to dreams and symbolism, lol.)

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