The Collaboration Dream Wish

Like many of you, I confess to being intrigued (but not super-excited by the idea of an Enrique collab). Let’s face it (and I realize I’m totally biased as a David-centric fan): David is miles hotter and can sing a gazillion circles around Enrique.

Where Enrique triumphs is in his sexy swag. But that’s pretty much it.

So of course it got me to thinking: Just WHO do we deem “worthy” enough to do a collaboration with David (even though David, considering the state of his music career, needs all the reaching out he can get from whoever is in the pop music biz)?

Here’s my latest poll, Soul Davidians! 😛

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  1. Very interesting poll Hg, thank you.
    Hmm, of course my vote would be for Adele and I still hope that down the road they will collaborate but being she is in hiatus to jump start his career, I went with the one that has his career on fire right now, JT. How about a duet with JT for the mainstream market and a duet with Enrique for the Latin market, hey while I’m at it, super hot, catchy songs that will capture everyone’s attention for both and a single from David that will skyrocket his career, hahaha.

  2. cq-I admire your honesty and support of Davids career. I used to be a lot more honest, maybe open is a better word, (and according to ray a lot more fun) but after being subjected to be browbeaten into group think, I no longer bother. Yeah, I know I should put my big girl panties on but at this point, it isnt worth the aggrivation that ensues! For me or for the mods!
    I voted for David & JT although Adele would be my first choice but shes inactive so went with what I feel could give David a huge career jump start and boost in the US…Mr Entertainment himself…JT!

    • Ignore the attempts at brow beating! Fire away Candy. Speak up.

    • Candy, I know what you mean and understand why you feel the aggravation isn’t worth it. I love your honest and always supportive comments regarding David’s career too and I hope that you will feel comfortable again to just, as ALC, lol, put it ‘fire away”
      I truly believe in David’s phenomenal talent and want a big successful career for him, but with that being said, doesn’t mean that I am abroad with everything he does. I know that the industry is extremely tough and it will be hard for David to return to his career, but actually I feel that he has something more to overcome than the industry that stands in his path.

  3. I voted ‘another artist’, the one and only, Stevie Wonder. It may not reach the top of the charts but I believe their voices and style complement one another.

  4. I voted for another artist, thinking of maybe Jason Mraz or James Morrison. I could see him dueling with Adele though.

  5. Ariana Grande? She’s young (20?) up and coming singer (People’s choice Award for Breakout Artist won just last night). Shes hsd a top 10 hit this year. She’s got pipes (four octaves) and I think she sings songs in Spanish ( check utube) since she’s from FL even though she’s Italian descent. She was in a broadway play (13). They have some same musical influences ( Mariah Carey) . She’s got a good girl image and is currently (Nichelodeon) costarring in a show with Jennette McCurdy. Most importantly (beside being a good singer), she is cute and petite and would look great with David with they do promotional appearances or music video together. They would look believable together.

    • Ok so I went with realistic dream. Not ultimate Dream collaboration. My dream is that he collaborates with some who is currently hot but not a legend, who can help showcase David’s voice, might consider collaborating with David and who David might consider collaborating with and if it a female, look about David age and size (not someone who is 20-23 and looks 30! Like Adele) and if its a male, well…. that gets complicated. I guess I’m hoping for a love song of sorts (pref mid-tempo).

    • I knew nothing about Ariana Grande but you sold me. I’ll add her to the collaborations I’d like to see list.

  6. I voted for Adele, becuase I prefer her voice and music over the others. I agree though that touring with someone like Justin Timberlake who’s really hot right now or even Enrique would be a great start for David. He can definitely sing circles around whomever he colloborates or tours with, but I do like the prospect of him singing a song in Spanglish with Enrique, even if it’s just a song they sing together while on tour together.

    cq, you said on the last thread you are hoping David wants to go for it and reach for the stars basically with his career. You mentioned you hope he doesn’t just settle for a mediocre career. I couldn’t agree more with you. He has the chops to make it big. He should go for it. If he’s done what he can and still ends up with a mediocre career, than so be it. At least he went for it, went the distance. For him to just settle, while that’s his perogative of course, would be unfortunate imo. And I’m not wishing this upon him for my own selfish purposes as some have accused certain fans of on this site. I’m wishing it for him because he has what it takes to do it.

    Here’s the thing, David has shown us in the past that he loves music, singing, performing on stage and music is basically his life. He’s told us that he would not leave music, that he would come back to it after he returned. We also know him to be an extremely driven and determined person when he puts his mind to something. I think he’s going to put his mind to his career when he comes back and will do everything in his ability to reach his highest potential. He’s also told us in the past that he wants to share the gift he has with others. He sees music as a way to reach out to others and bless them. I’m sure he feels the more people he can share his gift with the better.

    Sorry, so long, I just think we are in store for some wonderful surprises very soon here and a David Archuleta who is going to do what he can to jumpstart his career. I don’t think compromise is needed. He’s got the talent!

  7. I voted another. Would love an unexpected combo like Rhianna.

    • Oh i commented before reading your comment lol but i’d love a collab with Rihanna

      • Rihanna would be great! Super popular. Only i really dont think shes a good singer but definitely gorgeous. Only downside, they could never promote the song. She like 6 ft tall and would tower ridiculously over David in her high heels!!

  8. What about an unexpected collaboration ? like a song with Eminem for example

  9. Is Sarah Bareilles too old? I loved her song “Brave” this year. Wish David could have done a cameo in it!

    I’m thinking in a different direction. I think David needs to do a little fronting of a Rock Band. Not for the coolness factor but for the opportunity to take a melody and run like hell with it without stepping on anyone’s ego. I have trouble thinking of artists with whom David could blend because his pure tone will stand out so much. But rocking out? Oh yeahhhh. I remember when rock was young…

  10. The more I think about it, the more I don’t like the idea of him collaborating with an older guy. He’d be the kid again, in comparison. And I’m so sick of people writing him off because he’s an idol kid, he’s so not that, especially now.
    Sara Bareilles would be my choice.

  11. I voted for Adele but I think JT just might be the most realistic choice. We all know that both JT and David are on very good terms for Kari and she works for both of them so there would be a connection. This is a tough poll as I love Kelly and Bruno too. So I guess I would have picked all of the above with the exception of Miley as she just annoys me to be honest. lol.

  12. I don’t think that David has to hitch his wagon” to anyone else’s star to “jump start” his career. IMO, it’s not a matter of “who” he should duet with, it’s “if” he should duet at all.

    The notion that David thinks in terms of “settling” for a mediocre career or going for a “great ” career is not the way David thinks of music or his career. I know this because David has said so on numerous occasions, as well as documenting it in his book. If need be, I will quote David chapter and verse in “Chords of Strength”, where David makes it crystal clear what his priorities are in terms of his career. Why some folks persist in ignoring David’s own stated goals is beyond me.

    As for some fans superimposing their own goals for David’s career onto David’s stated goals, I see it here and elsewhere every day. CQ, I believe you have stated on this very site that you want David to achieve great success for your “selfish” reasons, and your post from the previous thread clearly shows that you expect David to “get crackin’ ” ASAP in achieving that end, even if it means compromising his values and standards to do so. Dream on. David will NEVER compromise his values to appease the fantasies of any fan or group of fans, and I for one respect him, without reservation, for doing so.

    • Hi Bliss, I said there is always compromise in general, but when it comes to a career that comes more into play , but I didn’t say anything about compromising values and standards. So although you have every right to your opinion, please try not to add negativity to my comment.
      Lol, don’t understand why you continue to call me selfish just because I want David to succeed, I want him to succeed because he is phenomenal and deserves success, just that simple. Btw, when I did say that in a comment, it was me being snarky.

    • I don’t see “fans superimposing their goals” onto David. That would only be true if he actually read these comments! The way I see it, we are all here doing some wishful thinking or running the scenarios.

  13. CQ, when I referred to you as ‘selfish” I was merely quoting what you had posted about yourself. I didn’t realize you were being snarky. Anyway, since you stated that you feel that David needs to make compromises in his professional life in order to succeed , could you itemize specific ways in which David should compromise in order to achieve those career goals? I just don’t get the whole concept of compromise when it comes to David’s career.

  14. I personally feel david will def need a star to hitch his wagon to, his career here in the US wasnt exactly soaring before he left. Yes, he has the talent to rebuild and go it alone but a colab with an artist who is established would sure help. The real proof of putting something on paper (COS) is to turn it into a reality. Desire and means are two totally different things.
    Cq-Im convinced you are the “flavor of the month.”

  15. compromise=put himself out there, not be afraid to self promote, tweet about a career rather then pet cats, find someone other then family to manage career, be a little bolder in song choice, (not sleezy, just edgier)

  16. ITA-Candy. Could not agree with you more.

    • I guess I was a little confused about the use of compromise as well. Sorry cq. If it means what Candy mentioned, then I’m for it.
      Not sure I want to do without “pet cat” tweets and the likes. Maybe he could tweet about both?

    • To me what Candy just mentioned is not just about compromise but also about growth as a person and as a music artist. He can still tweet about his pet cats, ect. but- yes- also tweet about your career. Change can be a good thing as can personal growth yet David can still be true to himself and above all maintain his sense of humor. I think that is important too.

    • got my vote!!

  17. Candy, we all have our points of view as to what David will do when he comes back. Collaborations with other artists are fine, but I don’t agree that David’s career was on life support when he left, so I don’t think it’s needs a “mercy duet” from another artist to breathe life into it. David’s career was on the rise when he left. It wasn’t in the U.S., but so what? Success in the U.S. is not the be all and end all of success. The U.S. has less than 5% of the world’s population. David’s music and persona is better suited in Asia and Latin America. He’s already set the Asian market on fire. Now that he has roots in Latin America, they are the next frontier. America is too crass and crude for David, and his style of music isn’t sexy enough for current American “tastelessness”.

    I look for David to return to the Philippines, where he is adored and appreciated for who he is, both as a person and an artist. I’ve never read one post or tweet from an Asian fan expressing what they think David should do to make himself more appealing to them. American fans are going to shoot themselves in the foot and lose David with all their expectations and foreboding “suggestions” about what David needs to do to save a career that does not need saving.

    • US might have 5% of the world population but it has probably closer to 60% (exact numbers???) of the music buying public. Privacy is rampant in Asia and I’m guessing South America too as most those countries are developing countries.

  18. Let’s face it. When you say “compromise” you’re really saying that you want David to shake his booty on stage so you can be more turned on by him. Can’t you find another young male singer to do that for you? David is not into that kind of stuff. How many different ways does David have to tell you that he’s not that kind of artist or that kind of person? David is on a Mormon Mission, for Pete’s sake. Show some respect. He’s not a toy that can be adjusted to meet your prurient enjoyment.

  19. CQ, what did YOU mean by “compromise” before Candy defined it for you? What would you have said if Candy hadn’t said it for you? After all, you raised the issue before she gave her definition of the word. I was really interested in your thoughts.

  20. Bliss-ABSOLUTE LY NOT or I would have said so. Booty shaking has nothing to do with what I mentioned in the least! Get turned on…for Gods sake Bliss get real!!! Your comment is crude to say the least! If I need toy it sure as hell wont be a 23 year old kid!!!!!!!! Sad comment to say the least!

  21. Vile comment, Bliss.

  22. Candy,”I think the lady doth protest too much”. All the code words like “compromise” and “growth” , etc., etc, etc. cannot hide what’s really going on. Your false outrage falls very flat. The masquerade is over. David will be home soon. it’s time to clean up the fan base so David will feel inspired to produce the kind of music that reflects his values.

    • Bliss-I am the one that mentioned growth. Are you kidding me? You honestly do not think that David needs to grow and change as person and as a music artist. He was a young somewhat sheltered teen when he was on AI. I am not talking about his sexuality-I just do not even think of David in that way but I would hope that peers that are his own age do. Who’s values are you talking about?? The conservative tea party fanatics? The music/entertainment industry is very liberal and open minded and that is who counts and that is the industry that David is in. Like it or not. You need to have a smart business head this day and age and be able to market yourself to every segment of the population to have fans not just a small conservative portion. Fans and the peeps in the music industry make the music artist.

  23. Anon, what IS vile is the way David is spoken about on these fan sites. There’s one site that shows videos of David while they “chat” about his body, his sweat, and point out all the ways that David turns them on. Your outrage is misplaced.

  24. Bliss -your support and adoration of David is to be commended, but what I have a problem with is your disrespect for fans…especially older women. For me that’s a red flag, and if it isn’t for other women…it should be! I would never, ever speak to someone my age, or any age for that matter the way you do! You are welcome to your opinion, as everyone is, but there is a huge difference between disagreeing and the way you demean women. And yes, I take it personally!
    I have just copied all of the comments from the bottom of this thread and will send them in a letter to David. As you are so proud of your support, Im sure you wont mind if he reads what you wrote!

  25. Candy, please do, and also please tell David that I love him, respect him, and cannot wait to enjoy his wonderful and inspiring music.

    The only reason that it seems like I am demeaning only women is because it is women who are making the comments that are so disrespectful to David. If men were making the same comments I would have the same reaction. Respect is a gender neutral quality.

  26. Bliss- I dont know what sites you frequent but I have never seen comments like you continue to bring up here, on FOD or anyplace else I read. The only time I see those comment is when you bring them up. And why lump all women in the same pot…your comments are misguided to say the least, direct them to the people making the comments. Go where they are and TELL THEM…you’re preaching to the choir here!

  27. Candy, I am not lumping “all women” together. David has many female fans who respect David’s wishes not be spoken about in a sexual manner. However, since David’s fan base is almost exclusively female, the offending posts are, naturally, coming from female fans. The use of code words, or expressions like “wink wink” are used to cover up the “real’ intent, and only those “in the know” are supposed to get the real meaning. Anyone who challenges the “party line” is immediately singled out, ganged up on, and an all out attempt to eliminate them from the site is initiated. I’ve seen it many times , and I have been the target of it myself. That is why there are so few people who want to post differing points of view. They don’t want to mess with the “Archu- Mafia”. They’re afraid if they post anything that is not lock step with the agenda of “wink-wink”, they’ll get wacked. I have received numerous DMs of support for my “lone wolf” support of David from people otherwise intimidated to post publicly.

    • Ok, Bliss,we get it. But no one on this thread has said anything or intended anything along those lines and yet you unfairly accused a couple of them of doing just that. You have misinterpreted, read something into their comments that just wasn’t there. The only one I hear it coming from is you. I agree with Candy. You should go to them and if they chase you away, don’t take it out on the commenters here.

      I could say more about the “elephant in the closet” as you once put it, but since Candy’s sending these comments to David, I won’t, lol.

    • Your ganged up on, hmm and your feel like fans want to eliminate your from sites. Weren’t you the one that said: it’s time to clean up the fan base so David will feel inspired to produce the kind of music that reflects his values. To me it sound like you want to make a lot of fans go away.

  28. Bliss- again I will say go tell the people making the comments, why continue to make it your point, or mission, to do it here and other sites (FOD ,The Voice) where it disrupts the conversation, and at times like this totally derails it. No one on the sites I metioned is making those comments. You are missing your target audience.

  29. Candy, You’re kidding right? The only sites I know of are the one’s you mentioned, and it is those very sites where I have read all the comments to which I am referring. Go on The Voice Unplugged on Saturday Night at 10:00 (Click on the pic of David on the homepage wearing the cowboy hat). That will gain you entry into their weekly not so secret “chat room” where they play slo-mo MGR videos of David walking across the stage in his “sexy” tight pants while these “ladies’ collectively drool, wink, sigh and otherwise hyperventilate over their little “sexy nacho” who is currently on a religious Mission to serve his God. My problem is that all the people posting on fan sites during David’s absence are on board with this, so I am “out there” on my own in defense of David.

    • The last time I looked we were fans of David the music star not David the saint. lol, somehow I feel you would be very happy if you were the only fan left for David to sing to…no matter how much you feel that, I’m guessing most of fan that are still here waiting, are inappropriately behaving it’s not going to change. How can you profess to be such a big fan and still feel so comfortable about wanting to clear house of what you perceive as “bad” fans. I’m guessing you would be happy to have a list of rules of behavior in order to have the honor of being a David fan, lol.

    • Bliss he is in a mission to convert people to his church way of thinking because his church thinks that it’s the only correct way, so to me it’s more about the church than it’s about God, imo.

  30. Bliss, who ARE you? Your protectiveness of David makes me think you are either a family member or close family friend.

    In any case, your contempt of David’s current female fans speaks volumes. I hope you will take a moment to reflect on this. Judging others based on your concept of what makes a ‘good fan’ does nothing to advance your cause and is potentially damaging to David’s fan base, IMO.

  31. Vicki, I’m just a fan of David’s who respects him, his love of music, and the impeccable way in which he treats others. You don’t have to be a family member or close family friend to see what a special person David is, a person who deserves that same treatment by his fans, especially the ones old enough to know better.

    I realize that I am the only male fan who is posting on a regular basis while David is away, and that I’m up against a stone wall of resistance by the ‘Sisterhood” of women who would never let a man call them out on their behavior. David “belongs” to them, and they’ll be damned if they will let some lone man tell them how they’re going to feel and talk about David.

  32. Putting anyone on a pedestal is never a good thing. Bliss you keep on saying how David would be unhappy with all of us ‘bad’ fans, but, imo, I have a feeling that he might be a bit taken (and I’m being kind) back by your adoration.

  33. I am an “Older” female fan of David’s, I frequently I find it embarrassing the manner in which David is referred to by the fans posting. It is so widespread it’s considered normal and okay. Each plays off another’s comments. I see it on fansites and twitter. Whether David would find it appropriate or not we will never know as he would never say. But for me, I would never refer to any young man in his twenties the way he is referred to. I work with male twenty-somethings and to think of them as “hot” or “smexy” “sexy” sensual” is beyond my imagination. Maybe it’s okay for others.

    I occasionally write David but would never, ever, bring up what is commented on in fansites or especially tell him what another fan has commented. I don’t think he would appreciate that either.

    • Your absolutely entitle to your opinion, but just because you feel that way doesn’t make other worse fans. No matter what is said about David (and to me nothing that would be what I call x rated) is part of being a star. I know that every other good looking star is talked about in the same why that some fans talk. Being that I think David is no different than other star, and believe you me, I totally feel that everyone fans that might admire his assets respect David. And when I say he is like other stars what I mean is as a person, he’s head and shoulders above everyone else in talent, lol.

  34. Interesting how ones views are interpreted and categorized. I am an older female fan, probably older than Bliss. I don’t know how you can see David sing without appreciating how he ” lives” the lyrics and how that music courses through him and around him, such that he moves naturally and organically at the same time. That combination of magnificent voice plus physical beauty simply spells “sexy”. I may be old but i hope i never stop appreciating a sensual, natural artist no matter who he is. I think that it is most electric in David because he doesn’t try to be sexy and he doesn’t have swagger. He just naturally embodies these things without affectation.

  35. In other words, for me you can’t separate the voice from the man. They are one and together are what I hear, feel and see when he sings. In my opinion he is in no way demeaned when we appreciate the total person……voice, physicality, and inner goodness. A complete package!

  36. bliss most of the time i agree with you,but i think your are a little over the top,on this woman crusead,.to me thats just lady talk,and no harm is done to david.

  37. I guess I’m not surprised. Saw the numerous comments and came to find out why this thread grew exponentially overnight. Ugh.

    I’m also an “older-ish” female fan. Bliss, I wish you wouldn’t find it so easy to generalize about a group you do not belong to. Male fans of all ages are just as capable of objectifying David, and I’ve seen plenty of evidence of that. It’s a part of any fandom. I try not to judge anyone who ‘goes there’ because it’s a part of the experience for them. But scooping everyone into that category when we are all individuals with our own thoughts of beliefs is unfair and unhelpful.

    I don’t know what David would think. He’d probably be embarrassed. He probably knows such adoration comes with the territory and protects himself from learning too much. I think that’s a very healthy response. David is smart in that way (as well as many others.)

    I trust him to be better than me about deciding what parts of fame/career he can take on without compromising his values. Absolutely, I trust him. More than I’d trust stars who let go of chunks of healthy psyche in order to achieve fame. (And I hope he always blogs about the cats. I find such realness very charming.)

  38. *thoughts and beliefs

  39. love Enrique’s version of Stand By Me.. pretty hot but then again everything he does is just that. tried to find a version of David’s SBM to compare to it and this is what I came up with.

    both versions are good and do hope a duet comes to be one day even if it is a live one. should be very interesting indeed!

    also wouldn’t mind a duet between Xtina and David.. Beautiful or a Spanish song would be lovely!

  40. there are many ways for David to be a little more current or edgy and not be inappropriate.. Pentatonix, Passenger, even my new fav artist for the moment John Newman for example. someone mentioned rock and that would be cool too.. his pals are Imagine Dragons so you never know. it will be fun to see what David will do.
    most Spanish performers I see like Prince Royce, Enrique, Pitbull, Marc Anthony love the women lol a lot so not sure where that will leave David but I guess he can always try and break new ground going for that. count me in on that too.. there is just something special about him singing in Spanish!

    Love Me Again

    his voice does not really compare to David’s but what I see with him especially in his live performances he is quite soulful and can move!

  41. been stuck on this live vid of John Newman’s.. soulful and from what I have heard he wrote these songs about his girlfriend. cd just came out here in the states and is still in the top 10 on iTunes and he is 23 like David. lol
    supposedly some call him the male Adele.

    John Newman – Cheating (Acoustic)

  42. I like him, Kim. He reminds me very much of a young Gavin DeGraw.
    Thanks for posting it.

    • yes I guess you are right.. from what I have seen so far he is still pretty raw but is talented. think he will be on Ellen next week if you watch her.

  43. When David comes back from his mission I expect to see him be even more determined and committed to being a positive and inspiring performer. He will continue to be his funny, sweet, sometimes awkward self, but with more focus and confidence. He’s not going to compromise his values for temporary reward. IMHO

  44. Perhaps I have not expressed myself clearly enough. Let me try again. IMO, it is perfectly appropriate for a fan of any age or any gender to express that they think David is handsome. He is, in fact, all that and much more. However, I take exception with anyone, old enough to be his grandparent, discussing him as an object of their PERSONAL sexual desire, and objectifying his body for their own pleasure. That does not happen on this site, nor did I ever intend to imply that. But, since this is the only site that allows honest, and yes, controversial issues to be discuss, this is where I post these thoughts.

    Having a group of women in the 50s and 60s pointing to David’s private parts and collectively sharing their “reaction” with posts of “ooooh, aaaah, and wink-wink”. and making thinly veiled references to what they would like to do with those body parts, is intolerable. There is so much more I could share, but I will spare you the gory details. If a similar group of older men went on a fan site for Selena Gomez, and drooled over her breasts, thighs, etc. it would be scandalous.

    The issue here is respecting David’s wishes. The fact is that David has stated on many occasions his discomfort with being seen in this way. This is not about what I think. I’m just a fan. It’s about respecting David. Why is this so hard to comprehend? There is so much about David to enjoy that doesn’t betray his wishes. We are the grown ups in David’s fan base and he’s thrilled to have us as fans. We should be leaders in showing respect for David. David is our dear friend. Would you want a dear friend of yours treated this way.?

    Older Fan (3:36AM), thank you for expressing your support. Posting points of view that the majority disagree with invites the kind of vitriolic responses you see here and have caused many others to discontinue posting. I appreciate and respect your courage in this matter.

  45. David, the person, not much sexy going on there…dorky, geeky, humble, sweet, awkward, yes, absolutely. In fact, David the person makes me want to be more humble and a better person. I have worked on my prayer life because of David the person. However, David the singer, yes there is something sexy going on there. And I don’t mean sexy in a naughty way. Probably more of a sensual way. You see, watching someone sing with raw, uncensored emotion can be quite a sensual experience. Why do you think so many not so good looking singers/rock stars get the pretty girls. I love watching Getty from Rush sing…very HOT for me, and he is not good looking by any standards, but when he sings it just does something to me. The same goes for watching David sing. He transforms into something way different than the person we see in interviews and when he’s just talking. I suppose it has to do with the emotion that he shows when he’s singing. It’s always sexy when a guy can show the more sensitive side. Another for instance would be, for me, John Mayer. Love his music and watching him sing. Love the emotion and sensitivity in his songs. John Mayer as a person, not a fan. Although, I am a fan of David the person, but I see him as very humble and spiritual when he’s just being himself. Hope this makes some sense. I guess when David sings, I don’t see him as the young guy that he is, but as a wise, sensitive, older soul. Oh and yes sexy, but only because of the emotion that he puts into his singing!!! Don’t mean it in a creepy or disrespectful way at all!!

  46. Oh, also, I’ve been checking out live performances of Enrique because I never really checked him out much before. Same thing about the sexiness when he sings. Although, he’s got lots of sexiness going on when he’s not singing!! I’ve always been a fan of tall, dark and handsome, which is part of the reason I fell in love with my husband 🙂

    Also, Enrique really seems to get into his audience and respond to them. He is definitely a great performer. He has sweetness going on at his concerts, as well as some hotness!! I think a tour with David as the opener could really help David…and a collaboration might be just the boost David may need. Enrique definitely has credibility in the business.

  47. I agree with everything you said ,dreamerjulie. David , the performer, seems to morph into a different person. But here’s the thing. It happens naturally. He’s not TRYING to be all that, he just IS !!!haha I would really like for him to perform more with talented people his own age like Jordin Sparks or Tori. They have similar styles and seem to be pretty wholesome. No Enrique. (awkward)

  48. CQ, you say at 11:53 AM: “Bliss he is in a mission to convert people to his church way of thinking because his church thinks that it’s the only correct way, so to me it’s more about the church than it’s about God, imo.”

    You have been demeaning David’s Mission since the day he left. You have nothing but contempt for the Mormon Church and have no respect for David’s participation in it’s teachings. I am not a Mormon, or a Christian, but I respect David’s beliefs, and find your endless repeated snipes at his religion and beliefs to be the height of disrespect. For you to question David’s motives for going on his Mission, based exclusively on your contempt for the Mormon Church, is outrageous.

    David has stated that he went on his Mission to “give back to God for all He has given him in his life”. What part of that do you disbelieve?

    • Bliss, I never made any bones about my feelings, but really does it make me less of a fan because I don’t respect what he is doing. I’m not a fan of his religion, I’m a fan of David the singing star.

    • You brought his religion up bliss, not cq. In your tirade against David’s women fans, you keep throwing his mission in our faces. She was just responding to that.

      I’m not trying to be derogatory about his religion at all. Just making an observation.

  49. Im starting to wish David was an Athiest!!

    • Candy, lol, it sure would make our life a lot easier, but then again, it would also make David a whole other person. His “beliefs” are what have created the sincere, humble, thoughtful young man we know and love.

  50. KH, I do not lump “all women” into one category. There are numerous women who I have spoken to online and met at shows that treat David with the utmost respect, and who do not objectify him. It’s a case of “if the shoe fits, wear it”. Disrespect is not an “opinion” that people have the right to express. David’s fan sites should not be a place where people click on a pic of David and go to a secret room where they show videos of him and talk about him in a semi-pornographic manner. Do you approve of that? It happens every week. Does that bother you?

    • It’s something that I can’t control — I mean, David is well known and if we all had our druthers, he’d be MUCH more known. Objectification in all of its forms is going to happen. My response is to stay away from it because, yes, it might make me uncomfortable if I saw it. However, I actually think all objectification is not great, coming from all ages and sexes. But that’s me. I’m not everyone.

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