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Hey everyone, Happy 2014 once again!

I’m just now returning from a holiday trip this past weekend, and now trying to keep warm in this sub-zero temperature. In the mean time, I need to catch my breath and get a hold of my senses to see what I really think about possible David collaborations.  Especially with none other than …


I wonder what Enrique is thinking here? What cross-pollinations will come from this?

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  1. Lol, don’t know what will come of this, but it sure is a fun thing to speculate. Heck, it’s been such a drought this year (I know expected) regarding anything to do with his career. This was one thing that gave me hopes that David’s team might just be working on something to get his career going again.

  2. ITA-cq. I am a fan of Enrique so I do hope that something does comes of it-even if it turns out to be a duet at a concert or some special appearance. I would like it.

  3. I hope something comes of it too. IMO, he’d have no reason to tweet such a thing if he didn’t mean he wanted to work something out with David. SO excited for David’s return, regardless. I mean, we know he will blog, don’t we?

  4. That first vlog will be so welcomed. I’m thinking that he must of be informed (I know only on very limited time because of there very restricted communication blackout) by Kari, family and friends about fans waiting for his return, so it stand to reason that he would make a vlog to his fans a priority when he returns.

  5. During the holidays, I’ve been listening to Josh Groban’s and Brian McKnight’s gorgeous version of “Angels We Have Heard on High”, even more than David’s version. I think a Latin-flavored duet between David and Enrique would be awesome.

    • I know the one cc halo. This year I broke down and finally purchased this cd primarily because of that song.

    • No matter how great David is, there will always be someone or two, lol, that will do a better job with one song or another, doesn’t take away from David’s phenomenal talent in anyway.

  6. Although I love David singing serious Christmas music and religious song, I really can’t wait for him to step away and sing fun, romantic, non religious inspirational, and yes, even sexy songs.

  7. Wonder if Enrique actually tweets himself. My guess is that someone in his camp that knows Kari tweeted that message. I’m trying hard to manage my expectations but gotta admit, I’ll be a tad bit disappointed if nothing comes of this, lol.

    From Snowangelz, I see that Embe (remember her? 20 something David fan from Finland who was in a local rock band) is now a contestant on Finland’s “The Voice”. She auditions singing David’s version of “Crazy”! Sure wish we could go on the show’s website and show international support for her.

    • I’m thinking that maybe more successful artists might not have the time to do all their own tweets, especially when it’s regarding their career, but maybe the team has to run the tweet by them before tweeting, anyway that would be my guess.

    • desertrat- I was thinking the same thing about the Enrique tweet. I would not be surprised if someone in his camp knows Kari.

    • Thanks for sharing. Gosh, I feel so proud of her. The lovely and talented Embe used to write such sweet and heartfelt things about David. She was also funny and cool. I am so excited for her.

  8. Archuleta Ave Malaysia has an interesting take on what may be behind the tweet. Also, one of the posters there shared this link to Enrique singing “Stand By Me”.

  9. At the link are some excerpts from a missionary blog that are interesting and complimentary to David. It shows again how you have to hear David live. He needs to tour when he gets back.

    • Grammyj yes that was a very nice thing to read about David. Actually he his giving his talents for free for his church. Actually, imo, the church is benefiting so much and they are using (and I’m not saying that his is being used, he made the choice) his talent for pr.
      I read where this real nice fan in another site stated how nice of the church to provide all the devotional video, I really think the opposite is true, it really nice that David has provide his voice to give pr to his church.

      • It only makes sense that the church would have him use his talent in his mission. I’m actually surprised that he isn’t used even more. David is dedicating this time for service to his church which would include his singing.

  10. OT, but if David would listen to my plan for his life, lol, he would ask to be released one month early from his mission and send out his first vlog from the Vina del Mar Song Festival in Chile February 23-28. He would meet up with some members of his family there, and then fly home in plenty of time for the birth of his niece.

  11. Enrique is a good-looking guy and all but David can sing rings around him. I just don’t think Enrique has that great a voice at all. But he does have a world-wide following, thanks in part to his last name which hasn’t hurt his career, so if doing a duet will help David get exposure then I hope it happens. Not disrespecting Enrique at all since he is successful & very popular. I’m just not a fan. I do think touring with Enrique as his opening act would be awesome & great for David if he would even agree to do it.

    My hope is that Kari does have all the clout and contacts we all think she has with some big names and that she is working on getting David some appearances. I do think it would benefit David greatly to open for any well established popular artist or group as I’m not sure he could pull off a solo tour on his own here in the USA unless it’s on a small scale. David will need as much national exposure as his team can set up for him when he returns. Which TV talk shows are still on? Or late night? OR SNL? Not likely cause I don’t think David would ever agree to do it but what a coup that would be! Or there could be guest appearances on AI, DWTS or better yet, on The Voice next season! Exposure to let America know he’s BACK & better than ever is the name of the game.

    • The ball is in David’s court whether he want to go for a career or not. One thing I would hate to see David do is settling for a mediocre career. I would like for him to at least go for a big successful music career. I’m waiting for the man that he said he was so excited to bring back to us in 2014. The man that will understand that in life and especially in his professional career, there is always some compromises.

    • I agree, David is more talented. I don’t own any of Enrique’s music but if he’s going to be on on TV, I normally adjust my schedule to see him. I think it has to do more with his looks than with his music, lol.

  12. I checked my itunes tonight to see if I actually owned anything by Enrique and found that I have one song! I like the danciness of it:

    I agree about David being able to sing rings around him but I def would not be upset if he went on tour with Enrique, especially if David’s serious about wanting to get into the Latin market. Enrique has toured extensively in Latin and South America, as well as in Europe and North America.

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