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  1. omg candy LOL! it is comforting to know that someone as filthy rich, sophisticated, and worldly as priscilla(and probably have any man she wants) also found david simply irresistible, just like us!!! 🙂 we have excellent taste in men and we are not alone! lol

  2. Re. GOrr, she keeps a low profile; I’m not too surprised she deleted her tweet. Also, she used to be affiliated with Jive and Amer Idol. Maybe her connections in the industry have faded. If that’s the case, I’m concerned. I’m curious as to how she makes a living if she’s only representing D and CBowersox.

    • maybe she does other things on the side? got me.. whether it happens or not this was great buzz for David and us!

    • She probably keeps a low profile cuz she doesn’t want to get bombarded with stupid tweets by obsessive fans. I don’t blame her one bit.

      • ha well then.. get out of the fire if you can’t stand the heat!
        Kari has it going on.. and JT knows it!

      • She doesn’t have to keep a low profile because no one knows her anyway.

      • I’m with you peter, lol, low profile, get out of the business if you don’t want to deal with ‘stupid tweets by obsessive fans’, honey that comes with the territory for any artist, not just David fans.
        To me if she want to keep a low profile means that she is not a good fit for David…he needs to find someone that understands him and his fans, jmo.

      • Actually, I don’t care if his team keep a personal low profile on themselves as long as they do a good job promoting and getting David the recognition that he deserves. I just don’t see to much from Gina that give me the feeling she is doing a good job for David, but hey, that is JMO.

    • ITA-desertrat. I wonder if Gina’s connections have faded too. She is obviously still friends with MelindaWEG as they tweet back and forth. I do not really have an issue with that. I am OK with Melinda. I would be more concerned about the lack of connections. I would guess that David’s father is still on the team with Gina as he was before David left. Just a guess. I believe that Gina was Britney Spear’s publicist when Britney was either going through her very high profile mental meltdown or just before it happened. That must have been an interesting job at that time. lol.

  3. desertrat- been wondering the same thing!

  4. peter- true and so strange. why would you want to FUTR that low if your job is to promote?? i don’t get it.

  5. kimak- yes thank God for kari or us fans would be completely in the dark with no hope.

  6. The answer was B.

    My understanding is that Gina Orrdinary Management went underground after she had to deal with the Kris Allen fans. It’s interesting that she has come up for air. She needn’t have worried. I’m sure some David fans are already sending her flowers and Girl Scout cookies — cuz that’s what they do.

  7. Let us hope that the day will come when David has no fans.

    • You’ve already pontificated that he has no career, haven’t you? Why does one with no career need fans?

      • And you have already pontificated, on countless occasions, that you hate his fans, but I’m sure he can somehow have a career without fans.

    • Peter-You are so right. You can’t have a career as a music artist without the fans. So true.

  8. how would kari be able to tweet from enrique’s twitter? is that what you meant? and thanks for that interesting tidbit on gina! why does she want to be a publicist or whatever if she’s so shy? what did the kris fans do anyway?

  9. kimak- oh haha! you made kari sound like a delicious florida orange ! 🙂

  10. anon- who is shanaynay? it that an inside joke?

  11. Don’t call me ‘honey’. And she’s been doing pretty well staying out of the spotlight. Fact is a lot of fans are overly obsessed. This includes annoying tweets constantly. I feel bad for Kari. Do you really think she likes getting incessant tweets by the same fan over and over? Bet not. She is professional and would never be rude intentionally. Like David, I’m sure she gets annoyed but needs to remain polite.

    • I don’t feel sorry for Kari at all.. I am jealous of her! one lucky lady indeed getting to work with such great artists!
      ha I hear Kris Allen is doing a cruise.. maybe David should do that too!!

    • lalala, if you are referring to my remark, I wasn’t calling you ‘honey’, sorry if you read it that way. I was stating that about Gina.

  12. if you are a manager and annoyed by fans on twitter than you are in the wrong business. no one has a career without the fans!

  13. Does anyone know what the fans did to her that upset her when she represented Kris?

    • If you go thru some of Kris Allen’s Idol Forum posts, you will see that GOrr was his publicist when he was with Jive. Allen’s fans thought she didn’t do enuff to promote him and they were happy when she moved on to manage Bowersox. They were constantly trying to find a picture of her because she stays away from cameras. The only pic I’ve ever seen is when MelWEG tweeted one of her when she was with D and Allison Iraheta at their post idol finale performance several years ago.

    • You can read thru the Allen/Orr fandom drama here, lol:

      • I read it. Would idol forums be a good place to catch up on David’s history too? I have picked up that there must have been some early drama with his father and fans.

  14. Cotton Candy, what does FUTR mean (re. your 4:25 post)? Thanks in advance.

  15. Thanks desertrat… I am late to these fan sites
    and there is so much I don’t know. I often pick up bits of info but it doesn’t always make sense.

  16. desertrat- Fly Under The Radar aka keeping a very low profile (like gina does)
    which in my opinion does not bode well for david 😦

  17. Neither David’s management nor his publicist (whether he has both or they are one and the same) need to have a high profile. David does. That will be the trick.

  18. what i see here is a bunch of armchair managers

  19. yeah so? and where is jeff in all this? i miss him 😉

  20. I believe it does go back ultimately to what kind of career David wants. Lots of exposure, publicity, etc. (please let’s not go back over that this doesn’t include Miley, Bieber, antics. all that has been hashed over ad infinitum) or a more low key -getting my music out there, touring and having a private personal life.

  21. Would Gina O have been the one to set up the Phillipines tour and the tv series? Or was that Kari’s work? Is it possible they work together on David’s behalf? I am not making a point with my question, rather am trying to get up to speed and understand some background history.

    Thank you for your patience and your answers.

  22. i think that at one time mel was mad at gino for hireing kair to work with david,the way i see it is kari works for gino for david,i ma be wrong

  23. well how weird because melinda and kari seem like best friends(from the sound of their trips/partys, etc). oh to be that proverbial fly. must be VERY interesting, lol! i think yeah gina stole kari away from mel or something like that.

  24. They all tweet each other now-Melinda,Kari, and Gina -so whatever issues they might have had with each other in the past (if they even did) appear to be gone now. They all seem very friendly with each other on twitter. Gina just was not on twitter much before- but she is now. I don’t even have twitter . I just check it online. Of course none of these tweets are going to help advance David’s music career. lol. Except the one from Enrique- if it was legit.

    • Why wouldn’t it be legit? It’s still there on his timeline. Whether it will actually turn into anything, who knows but it was tweeted from his account.

      • Ali think it was the first pretty big artist who did something like that with David no? wonder if Kari had anything to do with it?

      • Well if she did then A+ for her. If David really wants to make a run at a Latin career, Enrique is definitely someone that has connections. And the fact that he’s known outside Latin music as well is a bonus. Whether a duet happens or not, I’m encouraged by the sign that doors could open for him in that direction.

      • Enrique included Kari in the tweet so she must have had something to do with it. Kari has alot of connections and seems to be very well liked.

    • Of course it’s legit. It came from his verified account. There’s been plenty of time for it to be removed. Now Enrique follows David and Kari (this happened recently) and Gina and Kari follow Enrique. I’m sure there’s been a discussion. Only time will tell how far it goes.

  25. Melinda works for WEG. Kari and Gina are independent contractors and neither one is employed by WEG, however they have worked with Melinda and seem to be friends with her.

  26. My guess is that there has been all sorts of negotiations going on in the U.S. and in other countries to jump start David’s career. I can’t imagine that Kari has been paid a salary to do just the stuff we have seen on Twitter, which, with all respect, hasn’t been all that much. David’s hard core fans have done much more, out of sheer love of David, to promote David and keep his name out there during his hiatus.

    Kari is an employee of David’s and has a job to do. I’m sure she has been doing her best to get him gigs, etc when he returns. If a big name star like Justin Timberlake has her as an employee, I’m sure she’s good at what she does. Most of what she does for the artists she represents is done behind the scenes, and I’m sure David is no exception. I’ve noticed that only David’s fans tweet her, so she is probably unknown to the fans of her other clients.

    Let’s see what Kari pulls out of her bag of tricks for David. I trust that there’s more to Kari’s job than managing David’s twitter account and sending him fan mail.

  27. Joymus, thanks. This year David looked more like an entertainer on stage at those devotionals than he did in 2012. I think David will transition seamlessly back to civilian life in April,and, although his Mission was was rooted in religion, I believe that the end result will be a new found worldliness and sophistication in his personal and professional life.

  28. Carol at 5:46 — David’s Idol Forum posts do go back to when he started as a contestant on Idol. You will find a lot of good info there. Be careful, that sight used to give my computer viruses:

    Another site I suggest would be The David Chronicles. I consider that site an archive of David’s post idol history. Re. Jeff A., my take is that for the most part he initially had collegial relationship with fans in the U.S. Once D’s career didn’t take off like many of the U.S. fans hoped/expected, you’d begin to see random comments with regard to his father’s managerial capabilities. Note, I emphasize U.S. fans because I don’t recall fans from other countries being as critical as the U.S. fans.

    • Thank you so much!!

      • Jeff also fell out of favor with many fans when it was made public that he got arrested in a massage parlor. Soon after he filed for divorce from David’s mother. David was without a manager for a period of time and then hired WEG. He was only with them for around six months. We didn’t know who his manager was then but Jeff surfaced as managing him again. Right now his manager is Gina Orr. David is always pretty quiet about who is on his team so the fans speculate.

      • I recall that he had a twitter account for a while, but his tweets were a little irritating–kind of braggy. Then he was hacked–I think it was something about being proud that David had his first kiss. I’m sure it was Daniel who hacked it. He deleted the account after that.

      • P.S. You can kind of get an idea why David might have gone on a mission, from a family-dynamics viewpoint, lol.

      • cchalo, funny that you mention that. Aside from a mission to Mormons not being required, but highly recommended, I too believe that family dynamics might of had something to do with him going. I know that again, aside from the fact that it’s been instilled in him from the time he could talk that a mission is part of his religion, it has been blamed on the industry and of course blamed on his fans for being to demanding that added to his decision. I really feel that it was the need to meet his obligation to his church and possibly family dynamics might of played into it too.

  29. Hmm interesting that Jeff was the one that filed for divorce.

    • That is interesting!! Also interesting that fans got mad at him. Did he ever come back online after his arrest?

      • The fans were mad & were in disbelief that his father would jeopardize David’s career. It was crazy because his career was not in the least harmed. He’s not his father’s keeper & can’t control what his father or any other members of his family do. My question is why bring up that drama now? It really had nothing to do with David. What was curious is why it became public months after it happened coincidently a couple of days before the start of the Demi Tour. It seemed to me the arrest was leaked to the media in order to hurt & embarrass David. But David didn’t hide & went on with a great show in show at the Del Mar Fair in San Diego. (I met the then famous fans Rascal & Silverfox there). The David went on to open for Demi and we all know he was fabulous throughout the tour.

        As for Jeff, I’m sure he had to do some serious repentance and groveling for forgiveness from the family especially David. I recall Daniel refused to believe the whole thing & accused the media of printing malicious lies. David’s “haters” were loving it though but David did the right thing by ignoring the whole thing with the exception of one performance shown below which fans thought was aimed at his dad. BTW, I’m sure Jeff will always regret his transgressions & will continue to “pay” for it with David’s fans. He isn’t the first man to get caught in such a situation and won’t be the last.

      • That whole Jeff drama really never had anything to do with David….heck actually it got him some buzz, granted bad, but people were talking about him and I bet some actually were curious and maybe even became fans of David voice. I do say voice because as far as David’s music goes, I do believe we are yet to hear David’s sound. With all the album he has recorded, to me anyway and it’s jmo, he still searching for his direction, of course, with the except of the Christmas album. Begin and Forevermore were covers (expect Broken), so maybe those wouldn’t count.
        I still have faith that we are going to be treated with some fabulous music from David that matches his fabulous voice.

      • I actually never had an issue with Jeff”s transgressions. That to me is his own personal issues. I do think that the media went OTT over the whole incident but isn’t that what they always do. I just questioned Jeff’s ability to manage or even co-manage David’s music career with no connections but I could care less about his personal life but not all fans feel that way. I have my own problems. lol.

      • I totally agree with you Marie, David needs good professional management that is well connected.

  30. I am very happy for Lupe that she moved on and remarried because otherwise some fans would have continued to speculate that she was going to reconcile with David’s Dad. I don’t think that was ever going to happen as they were going to separate even before David went on AI but then did not. Jeff/#mic was not blameless with some fans- for lack of a better word- dissatisfaction in his involvement in David ‘s music career. I am being diplomatic. That is all I have on that topic. lol. I agree with you cchalo and cq regarding the family dynamics.

    • Always remember that there are 2 sides in a story and only one side was shown. Funny nobody else’s past came back to haunt them…

      • You mean the other party to the divorce. It’s entirely true that there are two sides to any story–it’s just that only one person got arrested–and nothing else was anyone’s business, so only one person got blamed.

      • Exactly. People only saw the person in the public eye

  31. I only brought the whole massage parlor thing up because Carol wanted to know about Jeff’s relationship with David’s fans when he was David’s manager. It did cause a lot of buzz. Jimmy Kimmel even did a skit on it. As we know in pop music it is all about the buzz so maybe it was leaked when it did to get more buzz for David even though it wasn’t the kind of buzz he would have wanted. I agree that everyone makes mistakes and it certainly isn’t David’s fault how his father behaves. Jeff kept a very low profile after that for the most part.

    • Lol, Senseless shouldn’t have scolded anyone about bringing up the arrest and then gone on and on about it themselves.

      • cc halo-Honestly- that is a good point. LOL.

      • lol! Was not scolding. Just wondering why bring it up now after all these years. It’s old news. lol.
        I do agree there are always two sides to every breakup/divorce. Who knows what really goes on behind closed doors.

        But David’s Apologize video never gets old! Probably one of his best performances. His emotions, anger, disappointment, sorrow, were palpable. David’s fans were completely feeling him. I can never understand why his videos don’t get more views? Completely baffled. 😦

      • I’m baffles by that too Senseless

      • That is hard to understand about the videos.

  32. I love the power of that performance by David. It is the closest we have seen to anger lashing out in a song. It always me that David is a real force to be reckoned with both musically and personally and it reminds me that David is in the driver’s seat no matter how polite he is about doing what works for him.

  33. should be “It always reminds me….

  34. Thank you all for sharing some of the past events with me. I am trying to read and learn from the archives, which helps but is also confusing. I must say that these old events are quite interesting. And sad in a way, as i read the posts by Rascal which often elicited hundreds and some times thousands of responses. These must have been exciting and passionate times for fans back then. So many people involved in the early days . Marvelous writing too.

    I am grateful for all your responses. And i do apologize for causing a rehash of very old news. Back to the archives I go!

    • I know what you mean Carol, those early days were so much fun to read. I remember being so excited to see a huge number of comments, lol. that usually meant that something fun was happening with David’s career. Hope those fun days well happen again. Not that this isn’t a lot of fun, but in much smaller scale.

  35. I think it’s awesome to have a site like SD where David’s fans can have honest discussions about David. When I get home I can’t wait to see what’s going on at SD, not to comment neccessarily because most days I just lurk. I Have no interest in the other sites though, not even as a lurker. I can’t imagine being able to be totally honest, agree to disagree with each other or talk about our hopes as well as disappoinments about David’s career and some of his choices. It’s cathartic to have a place where we can be honest about our feellings and just to have a release. The other fansites which are still open for David, while nice I guess in their own way, I would bet THIS is the site of choice for those who want honest, open, discussions about David. It’s been like a roller-coaster since David left and not a very smooth ride at times & for the most part there is no pretense that all is rosey. When the comments are intense, creating intense responses, that is what keeps the adrenaline rushing wild. It’s all because at the end of the day, we all want the same thing & that is for David to just not disappear.

    So thank you HG. I think David would appreciate this site if he ever reads it. I really think he
    appreciates honesty even if it’s honest criticism sometimes rather than always being praised about every single thing he does. JMHO.

    Good night. 🙂

  36. As David moves on with his life and career after his Mission, I think it will be important for him to over come the baggage of his “family life”. No other adult artist’s parents and siblings are seen by the public as the slightest bit relevant to their career. As long as Jeff and Lupe “matter” to fans, David will be seen as a child. David was extremely infantilized during AI by having Jeff with him 24/7, and it has carried over into his adulthood. David will continue to be seen as a child as long as his parents are seen as part of his personal or professional life. It would help if fans on all fan sites closed the book on Jeff and Lupe. They are no longer relevant to David’s career, and their marriages, divorces, affairs, massages, etc are mere gossip, and beneath the dignity of the very dignified David Archuleta.,

    • the thing is David keeps them in his career.. his blogs.. even brings them to his photoshoots and music videos. as long as he does that they will be discussed. guess it is up to David.

      his time in the Philippines was wonderful.. all of it and really hope he goes back there again. with Kari of course.

      • True. The music sites like Disney Dreaming recently posted about him becoming an uncle. I’m not complaining, but I did think it was a little strange–it’s not like he was becoming a dad or getting married or anything.

  37. Bliss- I agree 100% percent.

  38. Archielety, thank you. IMO, David’s #1 task upon his return will be to attract adult music lovers to finally take a serious look at David’s enormous talent. David, and his father, have been gossip mill fodder since AI, and it has rendered him a punch line rather than what he really is, namely, the greatest singing talent of his generation.

    • Yes bliss, I do see that sometimes David is seen as punch line by non fans and of course not taken seriously. ITA that David needs to attract adult music lovers, so I do believe he needs great adult songs that compliment his phenomenal voice.

      In regards to his fans being involved with his family, I think for some extent, it’s been David that kept his family in the spotlight. A lot of his vlog were focused on his family, sometimes to a point that I really wasn’t that interested, I really want to hear more about his career than about how great his family was.

  39. I like SD too Senseless for the very reasons you stated.

  40. There is plenty of discussion about the families of many young artists–like Miley or Jonas Bros. for example. Bliss overestimates the reach of fan sites. Honestly, only hardcore fans are aware of most of the fan sites like this one. Even FOD doesn’t come up until page 2 when you Google David’s name.

  41. CQ, you’re right. David has kept his family part of his public image. I think going forward, he might be better served by sparing us Vlogs about his kid sisters, pets, etc. This will make him more relatable to potential fans in their 20s and 30s, which is a fertile, but this far, untapped demographic for David.

    Once David gets involved with a significant other of some kind, the media will stop focusing on David’s childhood, which, as we all know, has ended.

  42. Jeff was made into the evil stage Dad on American Idol, and then the massage parlor incident didn’t help matters. It will be good IMHO for David to continue to not have his dad as his manager. Yes, his childhood is over, and he will be coming back as a man.

    • ITA- Grammyj regarding that David needs to continue to not have his dad (or any family member for that matter) as his manager for a number of reasons. Then his family would not be in the spotlight. I would hope that David’s management and David when he returns does read all the fan sites BUT I do not believe they do. I mean there are not that many fan sites left. lol.

  43. It’s sure a good thing David has so many people to let him know how to run his career 😉

    • You’re rather foolish if you think he reads these fan sites.

    • My statement was actually an attempt to be humorous in nature but thank you kindly for referring to me as rather foolish. It reminds me of one of my favourite quotes:

      “Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.”
      ― Euripides

      • It was obviously sarcastic, but not funny. You should resist the urge to diss people in the attempt to be funny, especially when there’s no one to appreciate the “humor”.

      • If you chose to take my comment as a diss then maybe that says more about you than about me. Peace.

      • Since I don’t make any of the type of comments you were referring to, at least not that I’m aware of, I didn’t take it personally. I just dislike it when people like to be snarky about people’s conversation. It was a condescending and mean-spirited diss of commenters here and I think you should save that type of thought for your own amusement.

      • The only comment I was referring to was my own. What comments were you referring to?

        We’re all adults here. If my attempt at humor came off as cruel to you, I apologize for the inference. That was not my intention. In fact, I was including myself in the original statement. As a regular commenter here I have also made some of my thoughts known of what I think the correct direction for David would be. Anyone who has read my comments knows this. As I was reading the comments in this thread, the irony of us all having our own opinions on this and how David would possibly incorporate all of that struck me. So I made an off hand remark about how it was a good thing he had all of us telling him to run his career. And, no, I don’t think he’s down in Chile reading the comments on SD and that is partially where I thought people would be able to see the humor in my statement. Clearly humor can be difficult to convey when you don’t have facial expressions and tone of voice to accompany. And yes it annoyed me when you called me foolish because I was only attempting to be funny and I would prefer if you didn’t attribute provocations to my comments that I did not express myself.

        I have no desire to continue any contention with you. I come here because I enjoy reading and talking about David. Some personalities will clash but I don’t see why your calling me foolish was ok but my attempt at humor was not. To call my words condescending and mean-spirited and suggest that I get amusement from such things is pretty rude and judgmental. Clearly I have been found wanting by the comment police.

        This is why I sometimes have to take a break from fansites.

      • Ali, I always enjoy your well thought out posts. I understood your humor. I have had my comments taken wrong in the past. I think we all have if we comment very often. Please keep commenting and don’t let this disagreement stop you from commenting. I love reading the variety of views on this site. It’s far more interesting than the all rosie views of other sites.

      • You’re right, Ali, that without facial expressions and tone of voice it’s difficult to tell when a comment is meant to be self-deprecating or is sarcasm directed at others. I do, unfortunately, know a person who is otherwise a wonderful person, but sometimes says blunt, sarcastic things to others. So I know IRL, that calling them on it in the moment would be the best thing, but I rarely am fast-witted enough to do that, so I simmer on it later. I apologize tor impulsively using the word “foolish”–in my defense, I followed up with a goofy face–a lame attempt to lighten it up.

  44. ITA=Grammyj. I know that I have had to have comments have been taken wrong in the past. In fact I know I have because I was told that. LOL. Don’t even worry about- Ali.

  45. I’m sorry, Ali. I re-read a part of the thread that I had just skimmed before, and I can see that you were part of the discussion and now I get your comment, which I was too quick to misinterpret because of the past.

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